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KYLIE M’S COLORS OF THE YEAR: 2023 Collection (Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams)

Posted on October 13, 2022 by KylieMawdsley
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Wait, did I say ‘colour’ as in SINGULAR COLOUR? You KNOW I could never limit myself to just…one…colour. It’s like choosing your favourite child; you love them for different reasons. And yes, each of the colours below is like the love child between myself and either Ben or Sherm. Neither knows about my passionate love-fest with the other, so let’s just keep that on the QT.

Kylie M Colors of the Year Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, trending colours. Edesign

So, while each brand rolls out its chosen Colour of the Year, with Kylie M, you’re not getting ONE Colour of the Year, but TWO wild and wonderful colours to choose from. Okay, maybe they’re not so wild, but HOLY HECK, are they ever wonderful.

Sherwin Williams best green paint colour, Evergreen Fog, shiplap, white oak, Pure White walls and trim. Kylie M

Sherwin Williams hit it out of the park with their Colour of the Year for 2022, Evergreen Fog.

But first, let’s talk about what a Colour of the Year should be (according to me)…

  • a darn good option for more than one type of surface 
  • gets people excited to get PAINTING!
  • nods at coming trends
  • while it doesn’t need to speak to EVERYONE (no colour would), it needs to have a fighting chance in today’s average home

So, while the big brands focus on a LARGER-scale approach (and maybe a little shock factor based on some of this year’s choices)…

My focus is on YOU and what might inspire you to get out your paintbrush!

And while you might be nervous to see BEIGE back on the horizon, I promise you, this first colour is a gooder.


I can’t say ENOUGH about Aesthetic White and what it offers the average home.


Where do I even BEGIN? Let’s start with the basics.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White, best off-white paint colour. Bathroom with Quartz Cambria Wellington, free-standing white tub. Kylie M INteriors Edesign


With trends leaning warmer, many of my clients are ready to embrace the beige end of things. However, the builder basic beiges from the 1990s and RICH beiges from the early 2000s scare the pants off them – and I don’t blame them. Aesthetic White is a polite ‘pants on’ introduction to the warmer end of things (which I can’t say about my first date with Tim – JUST JOKING, MOM!).


Aesthetic White is an OFF-WHITE beige paint colour. Again, the b-word is a touchy subject for some; I get it. However, Aesthetic White isn’t like the others as it picks up a whisper of gray, taking that traditionally warm backdrop back a few notches.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White in bedroom with neutral bed linens, home decor, gallery wall. Kylie M client photo

In fact, Aesthetic White is so muted that many would argue that it’s HARDLY a beige at all, given how different it is from the others. This is my exact point; it’s my special child, and I’m playing favorites.

Is Aesthetic White an EXCITING colour?


Does Aesthetic White have a strong personality or the type of vibe you could get emotional about?

Not really.

Let’s be honest, it’s easier to get excited by photos of Ryan Reynolds in a Speedo with a buttload of wine in his arms more COLOURFUL options (btw, I encourage you to look up the word buttload). But just because a Colour of the Year isn’t TITILLATING doesn’t mean it’s not a great option for you and your home.

A Colour of the Year doesn’t NEED to be stimulating or exciting; it needs to show people the way forward.


Aesthetic White has an LRV of 73, winking at the off-white world while still offering a nice contrast with the right white trim colour. While we’re not QUITE out of the ‘all white’ world yet, trends are shifting. In the coming year, we’ll see some softness on our walls with these more moderate LRVs – maybe a bit less white, while still being bright. Oh yeah, and things are warming up too – for reals.

monterey omnia beige warm quartz countertop, Aesthetic White walls, beige tile floor.


Aesthetic White can be a great fit for those remodeling kitchens or bathrooms with slightly more outdated surrounding finishes. On the other hand, with the trending cabinet colours being on the softer, neutral side of things, Aesthetic White is definitely in the running for today’s modern kitchen, although this does make ye ole Ginger a lil twitchy.


Kitchen with painted off-white cabinets, Sherwin Williams, red oak floor, granite taupe countertops, black. Aesthetic, Kylie M Inter

Off-white, light depth, and mushroom-coloured cabinets are definitely trending. And while they’re beautiful, they’re also very limiting (read more on this topic HERE). However, there are a few exceptions as to when off-white or light-depth cabinets are a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom, for example:

  • you’re staying in your home long enough that ANY trend will be irrelevant
  • you LOVE the look and have the funds to change things down the road (if needed)
  • you live in an older home

This last point is important as many homes built in the last 30-40 years don’t suit white cabinets, making off-white/light depth cabinets the next best choice. This way, it’s not about what’s TRENDY; it’s about what suits the existing finishes and helps them look more updated.

But anyway, let’s move along…


Not only is Aesthetic White good for a single room, but it’s also a viable choice for an entire HOME (I mean, it has to suit your finishes, of course).

Bathroom wood vanity painted Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray, wall paint colour Aesthetic White. Bathroom update ideas


While white exteriors are still going strong (I wouldn’t mind seeing a LITTLE ebb in this trend), some are leaning into a softer approach, especially with black windows and charcoal roofs.


Let’s see how Aesthetic White does based on my high expectations…

  • Is Aesthetic White a good option for more than one type of surface? YOU BET YOUR BOOTY IT IS!
  • Does it get people excited to get PAINTING? I sure hope so!
  • Does Aesthetic White speak to coming trends? Absolutely, trends are leaning warmer.

And while Aesthetic White won’t appeal to EVERYONE (find me a colour that does…), it definitely has a fighting chance in today’s average home.

Best cabinet paint colour, Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White. Peel and Stick. Kylie M blog

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE

FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White



I have MAD love for Edgecomb Gray, and for those who follow me on Instagram, it should be NO surprise to find it in my TOP 2.

Again, in any COTY (Colour of the Year), I’m looking at how USEABLE it is for the everyday homeowner. There’s certainly a place for a more ‘creative’ COTY in the high-design world, but lord knows ‘high design’ is NOT what you follow me for (wink wink).


It’s YOU who picked Edgecomb Gray. That’s right, the demand for Edgecomb Gray has been HUGE. It comes up often in my Online Consulting as a colour my clients are HOPING to use or a colour that I’m SUGGESTING they use—winner winner chicken dinner.

Let’s check out some deets.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn) stone fireplace. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo


Edgecomb Gray is a colour NINJA, deftly straddling the gray and beige worlds like a 10-year-old gymnast. Not only that, Edgecomb Gray is a neutral paint colour with the LEAST UNDERTONE – minimal pink, minimal green – SWEET FREAKIN’ POTATO!

Accent chairs, dark wood floor in formal living room, travertine tile fireplace, white mantel. Edgecomb Gray, White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Kylie M Edesign, consultant and diy expert

And BECAUSE Edgecomb Gray is nestled so snuggly between gray and beige, she doesn’t CATER to the cool or the warm side. Sure, she offers a polite nod; a chaste kiss good night, but neither warm nor cool are going up for a nightcap with Edgecomb – she’s not that kinda colour.


Edgecomb Gray has an LRV of 63, which is almost SMACK DAB on my most magical LRV number. This LRV makes Edgecomb Gray a LIGHT depth paint colour, meaning you’ll see a good shot of contrast with the right white trim.

Where you want to be careful is that if you have a dark room, Edgecomb Gray can look a bit flat. Just remember…

There is no LIFE where there is no LIGHT

Give your dark room adequate lighting, and Edgecomb Gray can be an awesome choice.

Entryway and open layout hallway, living room, catwalk, painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray with Pure White trim, wood floor. Kylie M Edesign (1)


Edgecomb Gray is DEFINITELY a trendy choice for kitchen cabinets. BUUUUUUT (Kardashian-sized), even though it’s a beautiful colour, remember that off-white and light depth cabinet colors can limit you in the LONG-run (as discussed earlier).

Another important note is that Edgecomb Gray can look a bit warmer than expected because of the paint used on cabinets. This expectation is based on what you might’ve seen on a friend’s walls or Pinterest. If you choose Edgecomb Gray, before buying gallons and slapping it on your cabinets, get a quart in the type of paint/finish you plan on using to ensure it’s sitting JUST how you want it.


Sure, you COULD use Edgecomb Gray as a feature wall if the rest of your walls are white, but MOST people won’t. Where Edgecomb Gray really hits its stride is on ALL of the walls in a room. Edgecomb Gray often fits well into an existing colour palette as a single room. On the other hand, if you want to paint your ENTIRE HOME one colour, Edgecomb suits various surfaces, lighting situations, and exposures!

Benjamin Moore Cloud White trim and Edgecomb Gray paint color on walls with striped carpet stair runner and natural wood hand railing. Kylie M Interiors

Vaulted ceiling in rustic style livingroom, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray paint colour on walls, wood trim. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, sectional

Kylie M with V1 Real Estate Photography


Trends aren’t just leaning warmer on the INSIDE of our homes; I’m also getting requests for more warmth on exteriors. Of course, gray will ALWAYS be a timeless choice if it suits the house it’s on, but for those who want a softer, warmer approach, Edgecomb Gray is a great option.

5 Steps to Picking Your Perfect Exterior Paint Colour

Just remember, colors can look DIFFERENT on exteriors compared to interiors. Expect Edgecomb Gray to lean away from its gray base and pick up a slightly creamy vibe!

And while I have MAD love for Aesthetic White, there’s one BIG REASON why you might choose Edgecomb Gray as YOUR top colour for 2023…


When it comes to changing from one trend (or style) to another, there won’t always be that one magical colour that helps a home transition into its next phase.


Let’s take gray, for example. Gray was overdone in the last ten years as a finish and a paint colour. This overuse often leaves gray so DOMINANT in a home that it’s hard to transition OUT of it. Or you can transition out, but you need more LARGE-SCALE changes along with paint (i.e., countertop, flooring).

And while not every gray-inspired home can handle the subtle warmth of Edgecomb Gray, it’s a great place to start for those wanting to warm things up a little.

Kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, walls lightened Edgecomb Gray, white quartz countertop. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas, wood floor

Edgecomb Gray (lightened) with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter cabinets

But we’re not done yet…

On the OTHER end of things, while trends are leaning warmer, many are still trying to get OUT of the richer, saturated beiges of the early 2000s and into something a bit cooler. And just like with gray, some homes (i.e., Tuscan style) are so overrun with beige that they don’t easily transition into a new palette – enter Edgecomb Gray. This doesn’t mean it WILL work, but it has a good shot as far as transitional colors go.



Let’s see how Edgecomb Gray does based on my expectations of a COTY…

  • Is Edgecomb Gray a good option for more than one type of surface? Definitely.
  • Will it get people excited to get PAINTING? Yerp.
  • Does Edgecomb Gray speak to coming trends? Yes. And while I expect to see more beige in the coming years, again, sometimes it’s about finding a TRANSITIONAL colour, rather than embracing a whole new look (insert $$$$ here).

Laundry room, white washer dryer, beige tile and brown countertop. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray best greige paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy advice,

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Samplize peel and stick

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE

FULL Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

When it comes to paint colors, whether they’re neutral or colorful, there’s never a one-trick pony – a colour that suits ALL homes and ALL purposes. All I can do is get you going in the right direction with options that have POTENTIAL!



I take a lot of my cues from my Online Colour Consulting clients. And while MANY of you are leaning warmer, this isn’t translating into the ‘all-out beige’ end of things…yet. In fact, I’m still seeing a TON of demand for transitional colors, including Sherwin Williams Egret White, Benjamin Moore Winds Breath, AND…Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.

Transitional style primary bedroom with Sherwin Williams Egret White paint color on walls. Warm grey, taupe greige. ceiling fan. Kylie M Interiors Edeign

Sherwin Williams Egret White ALMOST made the cut – maybe next year! 

Agreeable Gray is a greige at heart. However, it’s definitely open to perception as in some lights/exposures, it reads as a warm gray, and in others, taupe. It also has a WICKED awesome LRV of 60, making it suitable for a wide range of rooms.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray best greige warm gray paint colour, wood laminate gray wash floor, corner fireplace, white kitchen cabinets, Dovetail island.



Whether you’re painting your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity, based on today’s cabinet trends, Agreeable Gray could be an awesome choice. Being a good transition colour, it can help shift you out of the gray world (if that’s where you’re stuck) and into a slightly warmer look – all without alienating your finishes. Of course, this is assuming your finishes can handle this bit more warmth – try it out!

Kitchen with wood flooring, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray painted cabinets, URbane Bronze greige island, black pendant lights. Kylie M Interiors Edesign



While Agreeable Gray isn’t really the DEPTH to be a great feature wall colour, it’s a contender for a single room or an ENTIRE HOME, thanks to its ability to shift based on a room’s lighting and exposure.

Living room, tall windows and ceilings, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, best greige paint colour on walls, oak floor, taupe neutral sofa. Kylie M.



Agreeable Gray is definitely a consideration for your exterior palette. With its flexible undertones, Agreeable Gray nods politely at a wide range of brick and stone facades while also humoring a range of roof colors.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and Acier on exterior with stone siding. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online consultant


Soooo, why isn’t Agreeable Gray one of THE top colors?

It’s number three, so it’s doing alright for itself. However, Agreeable Gray doesn’t speak very loudly about UPCOMING trends, even though it might help you transition out of the previous one a bit easier.

Aesthetic White and Edgecomb Gray have the same potential to help you shift into a new palette (depending on your finishes, of course). Still, unlike Agreeable Gray, they’re giving a more solid wink and a nod to what’s coming down the pipeline.


Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE

FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

And you might think we’re done. But let’s be honest, the Ginger loves to hear herself talk/type. I also don’t want to leave you colour lovers out of the mix. So, I thought I’d briefly touch on a few COLOURS I see being popular in the coming year…



While trends are leaning warmer, on average, we’re not into the warmer colors as it relates to shades of yellow, orange, and red. Sure, I could argue for a rust-inspired colour, but for where trends are going and what we’re willing to try, a lot of us just aren’t there…yet.

Regarding COLORS (not neutrals), we still loooooove our cool hues, especially the blues, and greens. This is where Ripe Olive and Anchor Gray come to play.

Ermmmmm, Kylie, didn’t you say GRAY is going out of style?

Don’t get yer knickers in a knot re: Anchor GRAY. Just because a colour ‘says’ it’s something, doesn’t mean it IS. Sure, Anchor Gray has gray, but it’s a GORGEOUS shade of muted blue at heart. And let me tell you; I get a TON of requests for the best blue-gray paint colors – they’re trending hard.

Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, White Dove trim, travertine stacked stone fireplace, tobacco brown leather chairs, gray carpet. Kylie M Interiors E-design, online paint color consulting. Best blue paint


Ermmmm, Kylie, re: Ripe Olive, didn’t we do green last year?

You bet your BOOTY we did, but here are a few things to consider…

  • not all greens are created equal
  • not all greens are used for the same purpose
  • trends and focuses can easily transition from one year to the next; there doesn’t NEED to be a monumental shift
  • I see this colour being BIG in the coming year, regardless of whether we saw lighter versions of this particular hue in previous years

And let me tell you, Ripe Olive puts a WHOLE new swing on green compared to the softer approach of Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog and Benjamin Moore October Mist. But I’ll be honest; it was a straight toss-up between Ripe Olive and the slightly lighter look of Pewter Green. Seriously, I agonized. I mean, nothing a bottle of wine and a funnel didn’t help, but still.

green paint colours with tile on painted island, Samplize samples

Pewter Green (far right) is a STUNNER



I chose these two colors for very specific reasons (obviously).

1. While the previous three colors have more mass appeal for the average ROOM, I wanted to choose some colors that are specific to accent areas AS WELL AS rooms.

2.  It’s often easier to get an emotional response from looking at a color versus a neutral one.

Think about it.

When you see certain COLOURS, do you automatically have an emotional response, either positive or negative? On the other hand, do you sometimes have to THINK about neutrals a bit more about whether you like them or not (this is a generalization)? In my in-home experience, I saw these emotional reactions, or lack thereof, repeatedly (more so with women than men).

3. BOTH colors have a degree of gray in them – they aren’t overwhelming. While the world is definitely craving the more colorful end of things, choosing colors with a degree of gray is an approach that’s likely to suit more homes (and personal tastes) versus catering to the minority with a more intense choice.




Ripe Olive is coming in HOT with an LRV of 6. With this relatively low LRV, some colors can look a bit blackish at times, and while Ripe Olive will certainly look DARKER in a low-light area, it has a bit more chroma/colour, helping it rise to the occasion.

Here’s Ripe Olive in a simulated photo of my kitchen…

before and after painted gray cabinets, revere pewte to dark green with Brittanica Warm quartz. Kylie M Online paint color consulting cabinet rendering

As for Anchor Gray, it has an LRV of almost 12, making it a medium-dark colour (WINKING at the dark range). Again, a moderate amount of gray slows this colour down without hampering its style in a low-light space.

Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray with Collonade Gray, best navy blue paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant and blog


COME TO MOMMA! Seriously, if you decide to use Ripe Olive or Anchor Gray on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets – SEND PICS! In the meantime, check out Sherwin Williams Rosemary on these kitchen cabinets…

Green painted wood kitchen cabinets, granite countertop, Sherwin Williams Rosemary, white subway tile. Kylie M

SERIOUSLY, what an awesome way to update granite countertops and oak cabinets. And while I miiiiight do black hardware instead, this overall look is AMAZING!

While some greens can be a bit overpowering on a large scale, because Ripe Olive has some gray in it, it makes for a great green cabinet colour without going over the top.

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, powder room, small bathroom with gray hexagon tile floor and green painted vanity with gold accents. Sherwin Williams Pure White. Online paint colour advice and blog

In the above bathroom, Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines is GORGEOUS, but being a stronger shade of green could be overwhelming on a larger scale (see more of this home here).

The 8 Best Green Paint Colours


  • Would I paint an entire room Ripe Olive or Anchor Gray? AbsoTOOTLEY I would (and did).
  • Would I paint a feature wall in Ripe Olive or Anchor Gray? Just try to stop me.

Long story short, while they won’t suit EVERY home, they definitely have potential.

FULL Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray


While MANY greens are trending, including Sherwin William’s COTY 2022, Evergreen Fog, many of my clients have been asking for DARKER shades of green for their front doors. Dark green hues like Ripe Olive can complement various brick, stonework and siding colors.

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive, popular dark green paint colour. Kylie M's colour of the year

Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray colour of the year, Kylie M, best blue gray paint colour

Get your PEEL & STICK samples HERE (Ripe Olive) & HERE (Anchor Gray)

Well, this is impressive – I’ve even exhausted myself.


The 3 Best, Most Timeless Neutral Paint Colours

The 8 Best WHOLE HOME Warm Neutral Paint Colours

The 12 Best WHOLE HOME Gray & Greige Paint Colours

The Ultimate Guide to White Paint Colours

Not sure which paint colour is best for YOUR home?

Check out my Online Paint Colour Consulting – I’d love to help!

The best paint colors to update your home with E-Design and online paint colour consultant, Kylie M Interiors. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colours. Market

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors, decorating blog, e-design, online colour consulting expert. signature


  1. Hi Kylie! Great post! I love these colors!
    I have sw neutral ground in most of my open floor plan. Thinking of changing paint in our kitchen/family room from canvas tan to neutral ground OR aesthetic white. On the paint chip, it does not look like these colors are too different. Can you compare neutral ground to aesthetic white? (I have alabaster on the trim currently and I know you said aesthetic white would not do well with alabaster). Thanks!!

    1. Post

      Oooo, if you already have Neutral Ground in play, I would continue with it as Aesthetic White has a slightly different vibe/approach 🙂

        1. Post
  2. How would Ripe Olive work with travertine tile? I love greens!

    I’m in the process of painting my bathroom cabinets; the bathroom has travertine tile from floor to ceiling. I have painted the cabinets BM pismo dunes and it doesn’t look good at all. I’m at a dead halt after 1-1/2 coats of paint. I don’t know what to choose!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. TY, Kylie, for such a full post. I ‘m intrigued by the photo showing your use of Edgecomb Gray lightened. And I recall you mentioning that you have lightened up to 50% or more, if memory serves. What is the amount lightened in the photo? And what undertone shines through upon lightening, say, if in a southern location?

  4. We had six SW colors to choose from for whole house paint on our semi-custom new home. I searched all of them on your blog and decided Aesthetic White was the best choice based on its versatility. I love it! It’s clean and somehow rich while providing a neutral backdrop that doesn’t feel apartment basic. It doesn’t have me chomping at the bit to paint every room a different color, it just fits!
    Bonus: We didn’t get to choose the exterior colors as they’d already been selected by the neighborhood designer. However, we totally won that lottery; our front door is Ripe Olive!

    1. Post

      Wahoooo, don’t you just love little coincidences like this?! They did a great job and YOU did a great job choosing Aesthetic White!

  5. SW Ripe Olive should have been Color of the year for SW, but Kylie you are one step ahead of the game by choosing this color! I love SW evergreen fog, but ripe olive is sw evergreen’s wicked cousin. My friend painted her nightstands this color and it is so elegant and rich. She paired this color sw mantra for the walls and sw pure white trim. This combination is very beachy and serene.

    1. Post

      YES YES YES, isn’t it so GORGEOUS? I’m so glad your friend loves it too as I think there are a LOT of us out there who are in love with this colour!

  6. I plan to do lower cabinets in Ripe Olive or Pewter Green. Which white for uppers would you recommend? Eastern exposure from the adjoining rooms (open floor plan) with 3 sun tunnels in the kitchen to help compensate.

    1. Post

      Oooo, a lot of this would come down to your COUNTERTOP and backsplash – it will be less about exposure/lighting/personal preferences. These greens are SO FLEXIBLE, but my fave choices would be along te lines of SW Pure White, BM White Dove and SW Alabaster 🙂

  7. Hi Kylie! I am gaining so much knowledge from all of your posts! We are currently building and I think I’m going to go with Aesthetic White for most of our home w/Pure White for the trim. Thinking most likely Pure White for our kitchen cabinets with a Walnut Island but I guess I could even do Aesthetic on those? My laundry room and guest bath will have SW Ripe Olive cabinetry and then my kid’s bathroom I am thinking of SW Roycroft Pewter (definitely open to suggestions on this, maybe even Sherwin-Williams Chelsea Gray?) for their vanity. My question is, in these rooms would it look better to use Pure White on the walls or still continue the Aesthetic White with the Pure White trim as I am doing in the rest of the home? Thank you!

  8. Hi!! I’m so glad to find your post-I was about to give up on finding a warm whole house color that isn’t white (or cream!) It struck me a couple of days ago that I was looking for beige but since it isn’t popular I couldn’t find helpful direction on Pinterest:)
    Aesthetic White is so beautiful!
    If I go with AW on our Spanish inspired 1984 home-interior walls, what color would you suggest for the ceilings?

    1. Post

      This is great to hear! It’s a colour that SHOULD be getting more exposure – it’s amazing! As for the ceiling, while some rooms can handle Aesthetic White on the ceiling (not textured ceilings thought)some people prefer SW Pure White. In our home I did AW with BM White Dove 25% lighter 🙂

  9. I painted the outside of my house Pewter Green 4 years ago! With SW Greenblack on the garage doors and accent areas and SW Natural Choice on trim. It’s been a success and 2 homeowners have copied my look. They stopped by and begged for my paint colors. So don’t let bold colors stop you!

  10. I painted my cabinets True White from SW, and Accessible Beige walls. Is TW a good white for beige or do I need another color?

    1. Post
  11. I like edgecomb gray but also like revere pewter. Would any of these colors go with off white cabinets and old Venetian gold countertop in a south facing kitchen?

    1. Post

      Oooo, I’d say of the 2 Edgecomb could be better, but it’s even MORE about how it jibes with the backsplash as it’s on the same vertical sight line as the walls :).

  12. I stumbled upon Edgecomb gray last year myself and it quickly became one of our go to colors for rental properties we own as well as our home. It is the perfect balance, not too gray and not too beige!!

  13. Hi Kylie! I have similar layout as Melissa [above comment] with large kitchen window facing south but have eastern exposure in the kitchen as well as western light from another room [open concept]. I’m planning sun tunnels too as my 1880 log construction house [which has been finished with gyproc inside] has 18″ windowsills [even in July and August, the house, so far, is VERY dark]. I have a ceiling to floor greige/taupe rough and random brick wall housing a wall oven, kind of orange-influenced yellowy cream laminate countertops with rust, greige and deep gray veining. My floors are deep brown with peachy/orange undertones manufactured wood. Do you think BM Swiss Coffee would be a good allover white for the walls? I’m thinking that or BM Hazelnut Cream as an alternative for the kitchen walls and possibly BM Chilled Chardonnay for the backsplash because atm, the backsplash is too yellow. I do like the roughness and size of the backsplash tile so I thought I might paint it, preserving the grout lines. Can you visualize this? Does it sound like it might work? Thanks in advance. I really like your thorough explanations, both in your videos and your articles, thankyou.🙂

    1. Post
  14. Kylie you are just spot on with the color suggestions. I am getting ready to paint my home exterior Accessible Beige with Bright White trim. I think I may be using the Aesthetic White for interior . . . thank you for all your suggestions, it is sometimes exhausting looking through so many samples. It really helps that you hone in on some really amazing colors. Thank you!

    1. Post
  15. Squeeeee! We re-did our family room last year and painted it Aesthetic White! I wanted a light color, a little warm, compatible with the brown and gray tones we have in the adjacent kitchen—but no yellow or muddy undertones—with JUST enough color to contrast with the white trim and white brick fireplace. And now it’s Kylie’s Color of the Year!! I bask in reflected glory.

    Seriously, it’s fantastic. It looks great as the light changes in the room from morning to evening, somehow keeping the same character throughout. It’s refreshing during the day and cozy at night.

    1. Post

      I LOVE to hear this – thank you! It is such a great, flexible colour. Thanks for your comment as it helps others decide if it could be worth sampling!

  16. Kylie, you nailed it, again! I’ve painted our last 4 homes based on advice from your posts, spot on every time. My husband is so happy not have to repaint because weird undertones are showing up! These colors are just what I’m wanting right now, so in love with Anchor Gray. You are “reading” our collective heart 💙

    1. Post
  17. How does aesthetic white work with BM White Dove? All the trim in my (OLD!) house is white dove but I have a bathroom that needs a bit of subtle contrast.

  18. Hi Kylie! You mention you have AW in your home – do you have a picture of it? I was thinking of AW as an all over color, but I am most concerned how it appears in Northern light. Do you get northern light, and does the color appear pink or lavender? How does it compare in Southern light, which I also get?

    1. Post

      Hi Christy! The main room I have it in is south-facing, although I also have it in my bathroom with east-facing light. I’m YET to see any pink or lavender out of it, but it would gray out that bit in northern light :). If you go to my Instagram, I’ve posted the odd photo of it!!

  19. EEEEK! I had decided to use AW for the smaller, less-lit areas of our new build and Agreeable Gray in the larger main living areas. Now you have me considering using it as a whole house color!! I tend to lean toward grays but trying to tiptoe into the warm side of things. Do you think it would look too washed out in an open concept living/dining area with both northern & southern light and pure white cabinets/trim with a stained wood island??

    1. Post

      Oooooo, I do LOVE Aesthetic White so much! I’m actually considering the SAME THING. We have open-concept living with MOSTLY northern light, but a bit of southern, and White Dove trim (and warm gray cabinets). Would it look too washed out? it depends on HOW MUCH light you get. If your room is washed with light – it could, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not PRETTY because, at this point, anything short of a solid light-medium depth will wash out quite a bit. Long story short, if i were YOU (but without seeing your home), I would do it 🙂

      1. I THINK IM GONNA DO IT! Thank you so much, Kylie – you’re a color ANGEL! I figure, if I don’t like how light it is I can always re-paint these smaller areas with a more medium depth color. Will keep you posted on how it turns out… 😬

  20. I am desperately seeking the “perfect” dark-ish green and dark-ish blue to love up the rest of our house. Are Anchor Gray and Ripe Olive the Holy Grail I seek? We are refreshing a big, old (circa 1853) house which got stuck somewhere in the 1970’s. With your help, Kylie, I have adopted White Dove trim and Edgecomb Gray walls for much of the house. (Grazie mille, dear Paint Goddess!) If I look from an EG hall to an AG or RO room will I sigh with happiness?

    P.S. Most of our rooms obligingly face south. The ones that don’t are getting a good talking to.

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