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The 8 Best Off-White & Light Neutral Paint Colors for Cabinets (PART 2)

Posted on July 4, 2023 by KylieMawdsley


Are you not a big fan of white cabinets? Do you want to update your wood cabinets with paint but want a softer approach? Well, have I got some beautiful shades for you!

HOWEVER, before we start, you know I ALWAYS have an opinion. The difference between MY opinion and that of your sister, mother, and nosy neighbor is that mine is based on experience and knowledge (seriously, I’m NOT trying to toot my own horn; I’m just keeping it real). This means that it’s not personal. What I suggest, or mention has less to do with personal tastes and more with helping YOU find the best paint color for you and your home. Heck, you’re the one that has to live in it, and I want to make YOU happy!

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The above is my lead-in to saying that while off-white cabinets are DEFINITELY in style and undeniably beautiful, they come with risks. And because this is a topic unto itself, I’ll summarize it here and give you a link to the full blog post shortly.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray painted greige cabinets, Pure White walls and trim. Kitchen with built in bench in eating nook. Wood floor, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Backsplash is TBA


  • They’ll GREATLY limit you in your paint color choice for your walls (you’ll learn why in the previously mentioned blog post).
  • They’re trendy NOW, but so were cream cabinets in the early 2000s (that most of my current clients are cursing and trying to change).
  • Some of my clients ask if their cabinets should be white or off-white, to which I say – your kitchen will give us the answer! However, if you’re starting from scratch and can coordinate everything at once, white cabinets are more timeless – off-white cabinets are trendy but will only be timeless in the odd home (let’s assume your home isn’t odd).

That said, I understand if you’re not swayed and can’t wait to pick your kitchen’s PERFECT off-white paint color. Remember, I have light-depth cabinets in my OWN home, so I get it (and they’re gray, so they’re a DOUBLE-WHAMMY in the trend-related world). This means that I’m preachin’ to my own choir (and they are WAY off-key); however, I chose colors I love, and that’s what matters to me!

The best off white light depth cabinet paint colours, Kylie M. gray, greige, taupe cream, beige.



Agreeable Gray can be a gorgeous choice for kitchen cabinets. Being a light depth greige with MINOR undertones, it accommodates a wide range of countertops and backsplashes.

In this next beautiful space, Agreeable Gray is on the kitchen island, trim, board and batten, and french doors, along with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace on the lower and upper cabinets…

Kitchen remodel, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace painted white cabinets, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray painted island, warm gray greige trim and board and batten. Wood flooor. Marble backsplash. Kylie M online paint color expert with Truley Home

Below is a close-up of the board and batten and window trim in the rest of the room…so stinking pretty!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace walls, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray greige taupe painted board and batten on lower walls and gray greige trim. KYlie M Online paint color consultant

Agreeable Gray is also a great choice as it’s not overly warm OR cold, giving you more flexibility down the road.

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray


Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



Because you should NEVER pick a paint color without comparing it to others.

Remember, even if colors share characteristics, there will ALWAYS be shifts in LRV (depth), undertones, or temperature (or all three). It’s about COMPARING colors to see which key features best suit your interior finishes!

Why Agreeable Gray is The Best Light Depth Cabinet Color 



If you want a slightly softer approach, Modern Gray is lighter and a bit WARMER than Agreeable Gray. However, it has a VERY similar look with passive warmth and subtle undertones.

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray painted kitchen cabinets, off white taupe greige with white quartz marble look countertop. Kylie M

While natural light distorts the bottom left corner of this photo, Modern Gray will look more like the top cabinets and far right.



Paint Color Review: Sherwin Williams Modern Gray

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray, greige taupe peel and stick paint sample with Kylie M. off white cabinet colour

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



White Duck is one of the FEW exceptions to my hesitation with off-white paint colors. Sometimes, a kitchen needs the subtle softness of off-white cabinets to suit the surrounding finishes. This is OFTEN the case with some of the warmer, popular granite countertops from the early 2000s.

Sherwin Williams painted off white cabinets with granite countertop. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting (1)

White Duck is like a MODERN cream paint color. While it has a yellow undertone, it’s grounded by a neutral base. This foundation has White Duck looking CONSIDERABLY calmer than the cream cabinets of the early to mid-2000s.



  • Sherwin Williams Shoji White is very similar but is a touch more muted with a wink less orange hiding in it
  • Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White is a bit more beige-inspired (mad love)
  • Benjamin Moore Ballet White, which is a bit darker and creamier/warmer than White Duck
  • Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Paint Color Review: Sherwin Williams White Duck

Sherwin Williams White Duck, off white cabinet colour, peel and stick sample with Kylie M

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



I love Classic Gray, and it’s definitely one of the more popular off-white warm gray paint colors. Just keep in mind that it can look a bit warmer than expected on kitchen cabinetry (there’s a reason for this, but I won’t nerd out on you…this time).

Maple dark wood cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, warm grey paint colour. Granite countertop, subway tile in taupe greige. Kylie M Interiors, online paint color consultant

Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

BEnjamin Moore Classic Gray off white warm gray paint color for cabinets. Peel and stick sample with Kylie M

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



BTW, there will ALWAYS be shifts in LRV (depth), undertones, or temperature (or all three). COMPARE COMPARE COMPARE!



Ahhhh, here is where my weakness lays (well, here and with Ryan Reynolds, who I’d lay with any time – just joking, Tim). Revere Pewter is a light-depth, warm grey (could be greige) paint color. With its subtle green undertone, it can be a pretty match OR complement to some of the popular white quartz countertops – INCLUDING MINE!

White oak flooring, Goodfellow engineered. Kitchen, Revere Pewter, Urbane Bronze painted cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

See our kitchen remodel HERE

That’s right; Revere Pewter is the color I chose for my cabinets. However, cabinets often look a bit lighter than you’d expect due to the finish of cabinet paint (satin is my recommendation for most kitchens). To account for this, I darkened my cabinets approximately 25%, just to put a bit more meat on their bones. My kitchen is above, and my client’s is below; BOTH are approx. 25% darker.

Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo white quartz kitchen countertop and backsplash, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter painted cabinets, metal range hood. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas (1)

See more of this gorgeous space HERE

Is Revere Pewter the BEST Choice For You & Your Cabinets?

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, for cabinet, warm gray. Peel and stick sample. Kylie m

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE





I LOVE Aesthetic White for walls and cabinets. Again, many granite countertops and tile backsplashes don’t suit white cabinets. In these cases, a soft neutral like Aesthetic White can come in DARN HANDY.

Aesthetic White is an off-white beige. However, rather than being a traditionally warm beige, it’s like it’s been gently dipped in GRAY.

Kitchen with painted off-white cabinets, Sherwin Williams, red oak floor, granite taupe countertops, black. Aesthetic, Kylie M Inter

You might not see this wink of gray; compared to most previous colors, it will look warmer. HOWEVER, as far as beige/tan paint colors go, it’s pretty darn muted.

Paint Color Review: Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Best cabinet paint colour, Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White. Peel and Stick. Kylie M blog

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



Because you should NEVER pick a paint color without comparing it to others.



While Moderate White isn’t one of the TRENDY choices, it’s often on the hit list when a home calls for off-white cabinets.

Why isn’t Moderate White as popular?

Aesthetic White, Moderate, Panda, Pure White. Sherwin Williams. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, paint colour expert. Off-whites

The more popular off-white cabinet colors are in the warm gray, greige, taupe, and tan families. Moderate White is a beige, so it has an ORANGE undertone. But holy heck, does it suit a lot of interior finishes!

This is because Moderate White has warmth without going too peachy. Sure, that point can be open to perception, but trust the lil Ginger – there are colors out there that make Moderate White look like a perfet neutral in comparison – it’s MODERATE and modest!

Black appliances, Benjamin Moore Ashwood Moss gray green painted island, painted cabinets, Moderate White, Sherwin. Travertine, granite countertops, orange tile floor. Kylie M interiors Edesign

I rely 100% on photos from ONLINE PAINT COLOR CONSULTING CLIENTS – thank you for sending yours in! 



If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…

Between colors, there will ALWAYS be shifts in LRV, undertones, or temperature (or all three). It’s about COMPARING colors to see which key features best suit your interior finishes!

Paint Color Review: Sherwin Williams Moderate White

peel and stick sample, sherwin williams moderate white, off white beige for cabinets with Kylie M

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE



With trends leaning warmer – not just on cabinets, but on walls, I see Egret White being a pretty big hit all around. And while it can be slightly warm for some of the popular quartz countertops, it could be PERFECT for yours!

Like Moderate White, I don’t have a sample of it in action on cabinets, but here it is as a sample (far right)…

Divine White, Aesthetic White, Egret White Sherwin Williams off-white cabinet paint colours with granite and travertine

This is a kitchen that DOESN’T want white cabinets! 

Egret White is a bit darker than Classic Gray, but it’s similar in approach: a warm gray/taupe that can lean warmer on cabinets than expected.

Here are a few other colors to compare with Egret White. In comparing similar shades, you can pick the color that settles JUST how you want…

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray and Egret White vs Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, best neutral paint colors. Samplize & Kylie M Interiors, online color consulting

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray / Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray


Including the colors shown in the previous photo, there are some GORGEOUS options to compare with Egret White. These all have their own approach toward depth, warmth, and undertones.

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Egret White

Sherwin Williams Egret White, peel and stick paint sample. Kylie M best cabinet colours

Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE

And lastly, let’s talk about Benjamin Moore’s Creamy White.



I have nothing against Creamy White; she’s a lovely gal and is used with GREAT success in the kitchen of Studio McGee. But just as with ANY paint color, this doesn’t mean she’ll work in your home.

Creamy White is warmer than the above options with more saturation (chroma/color). It’s still neutral but has more meat on its bones…very creamy bones (a slight flashback to the early 2000s in the wrong space). And it can look gorgeous, I get it, but here are only TWO situations where I would consider Creamy White…

  1. You’re doing pretty much EXACTLY what Shea has done. Unless you CAREFULLY COORDINATE, as Shea did, you could get some seriously clashing undertones.
  2. Your finishes specifically match Creamy White. MATCHING is different from coordinating. Shae coordinated warm/cool, which takes some serious skill. I’m talking about you having finishes that have Creamy White actually IN them to connect with.

Personally, I wouldn’t do Creamy White and have YET to consider it for my clients. But hey, you do you, boo. I’m just here to give you the best advice to get you on the right path! If I were to choose a color that politely winks at cream, I’d look at Benjamin Moore Natural Cream for a SUPER muted approach.


Get your PEEL & STICK sample HERE


SHOULD You Paint Your Cabinets an Off-White Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams Origami White: Paint Color Review

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The Best Wall Paint Colors with Cream Cabinets

How to Update Cream Cabinets or Trim: COMMON QUESTIONS

6 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Paint Your Cabinets White



The best cabinet paint colours from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Update ideas with Kylie M Interiors Edesign and diy decorating expert. Market

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, signature, online paint colour consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. DIY update advice ideas


  1. Great information as usual! Long time reader here; I love your in-depth analysis of colour and the insight you provide – so very helpful. Just wanted to mention though – the McGee project you link uses BM Swiss Coffee OC-45 throughout (including the kitchen cabinets), not Creamy White OC-7. They do refer to it as being “a creamy white” but definitely specify using Swiss Coffee.

    1. Post

      THANK YOU! I meant to link it to the McGee family kitchen which is in Creamy White, rather than the Cove which IS Swiss Coffee! Thanks for catching this – I’m fixing it right now!

  2. I think I have the perfect example of why off-white cabinets are tricky. We just moved into a new build. This townhome is open layout, 3 floors with loft on the 2nd, and the only spaces/rooms that have doors are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The cabinets are factory finished in a lovely off-white shade that has blue-green undertones. They coordinate beautifully with the quartz countertops which are carrara venatino. The builder chose the colors for the trim and walls and suggest that we don’t repaint the walls for a year, at which time they will come in an fix any nail pops and settling issues. The trim is bright white, the walls a creamy off white. Not only do the undertones of the walls and cabinets clash, but I’m willing to bet that they are similar LRV.

    So now I realize that the whole house wall color (undertones and LRV) is going to be dictated by my kitchen cabinet color! And, if I don’t want to paint all the trim in a year (which I don’t), the wall color will be limited by that bright white as well!

    I don’t even want to think about it, but have consoled myself that I will be consulting you in the Spring when we can paint again. Maybe it will make a good blog post!

    1. Post

      AHHHHH, Donna, I’m sorry to hear this! And yes, it’s the whole ‘similar LRV’ thing that can really throw things off-whack! And just saying, you COULD PAINT now and he can still fix the nail pops/settling in a year :), it will just be on a better colour!

  3. Shea used Swiss Coffee in the Cove Remodel, which she describes as a creamy white. I only know this because I’m slightly obsessed with that specific project. It probably works because the undertones are more yellow green and pull from the more golden veining in the Calacatta marble she used for the counters and backsplash.

    1. Post

      Ahhh, I’m probably looking at the wrong project – thank you! I do love Swiss Coffee too :). Now I’m going to figure out WHICH project was Creamy White!

      1. Post

        FOUND IT! I had it mixed up with the McGee family home kitchen project – which IS Creamy White – I tagged the wrong project! Thanks for letting me know :).

  4. Thank you for this! So much good info. Question – do you know the upper cabinet height and what size pulls were used on them in your first photo with “ Backsplash is TBA”? I love their size proportion with relation to the cabinets.

    1. Post
  5. Hi Kylie! I LOVE your blog! For our new build I’m thinking of using Aesthetic White for walls in *most* of our home paired with Pure White ceilings/trim. Our kitchen island will be walnut and I’m trying to determine if I should go with Pure White for our perimeter cabinets OR could I actually do Aesthetic White for a softer look maybe paired with Pure White on our hood vent? Off white cabinets do make me nervous but when done right, I do love. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hey Sophia, this is ALLLL sounding good. For longevity, I do LEAN INTO Pure White cabinets, even though Aesthetic can be lovely on cabinets. I just think you’ll get more enjoyment in the longterm :).

      1. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond! We have a very open floor plan so my other question would be, if I were to brave AW on cabinets, would you recommend I still carry it to the walls with Pure White trim/ceilings? Or at that point would another wall color fit better? Pure White on walls seems to stark for my liking. I did see a photo where the gal did Aesthetic White cabinetry and her walls were Alabaster at 75%. Thoughts on this? Thank you again, Kylie!

    2. Sophia – I am in the same boat!! Considering AW for whole house and darker stained island, but so torn as to either Pure White for perimeter cabinets or jump in to light depth. I’m not opposed to white cabinets so I’m wondering if the flexibility of white will keep me from taking the plunge. What colors are you considering to pair with pure white and AW?

      1. Hi Ashley! So sorry I’m just now seeing your comment. I am still undecided. Most recently I have concluded Pure White would be the “safer” choice then I came across a kitchen where someone had done AW cabinetry and I loved it. Such a hard choice! My husband prefers a little contrast on the walls so I’m almost thinking AW w/Pure White trim would be our ticket. That being said I think Pure White on the cabinetry would work well since the surrounding walls will bring the needed warmth being AW. We have a very open floor plan. Metal finishes in kitchen will be polished nickel faucet and brass pendant lights/cabinet hardware. What have you decided on?

  6. I’ve learned so much from your posts! Our Egret White kitchen cabinets will be installed next week and I can’t make up my mind whether to go with a darker or lighter wall color (or also paint Egret White). I was thinking about Agreeable Gray, but based on your other posts, it sounds like a larger 15-20 point difference in LRV is needed. Would love to go lighter on the walls and/or warmer, but worried that an LRV of 85+ would be too light. It’s a north facing room (relatively open floor plan), that also gets some light from east and from entry (south).

    Would love to do a color consult, but afraid I waiting too long.

    1. Post

      Oooo, that’s TOUGH with the depth of Egret White! I agree that with a north-facing room, white can be tough. I mean, White Dove is great for a north-facing room, but it’s not my FAVORITE choice with Egret White – I prefer Egret White with SW Pure White or BM Chantilly Lace, both of which lose some feels in northern light. How about getting a sample pot made of Agreeable Gray 25% darker, see how that looks? This isn’t a HUGE SHIFT, but it can be around 3-5 LRV points, which can make a nice difference. Even 50% darker can work (and isn’t nearly as drastic as it sounds, it wouldn’t get you even as dark as Anew Gray, which is the next shade darker than Agreeable).

      1. Thank you!!! I will try Pure White or Chantilly Lace. (BTW, I keep checking your openings for a full consult and will grab one when “back in stock”).

        1. Post
  7. My walls are all SW Creamy. I’m trying to pick a cabinet color and considering aesthetic white or white duck or even dove white. Any favorites when my whole house is Creamy? (Natural oak floors).

    1. Post
  8. Grant Beige doesn’t make your cut on recommended off-white cab colors, but I am seriously considering it. You say good things about it elsewhere. Is it worth considering for my kitchen? Thank you! Jane

    1. Post

      Ooo, that’s because Grant Beige is quite far off from the off-white world! To be an off-white, its LRV should be approx 73-81. Grant BEige has an LRV of 55, so not only isn’t it off-white, it’s on the DARK end of the light range – almost a light-medium!
      A off-white beige or tan is more like SW Aesthetic White, BM Maritime White, China White 🙂

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