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So, you’re thinking of getting some help with paint colors, but you have some questions before you bite the bullet? I totally get it. And because I get a lot of the same questions, I’ve pulled together the main ones here to help get the ball rolling with your project.


I just purchased a Full Consult, where is my questionnaire?

When you purchase a package, I get an automated email sent to me. Within 24 hrs (but usually sooner rather than later) I will send you your questionnaire! If you haven’t got it yet, there are two things you can do…

  1. Check your junk mail
  2. Check that you’re using the same email account that you purchased your package with

If 24 hrs have passed and you’ve done all of that, then please send me an email and I’ll get on it ASAP!


I just purchased a Quick Consult, where is my questionnaire?

No questionnaire needed for this type of consult!  🙂  You’ll see a spot in your purchase confirmation to download all the info you need!


How long will my consultation be? 

It depends on which package you purchase. The average file is approx 3 pages long, but some can get upwards of 8-10 pages with the larger packages (PDF). These pages are filled with as MUCH info that I can give you to successfully start your project!


When will I get my consultation?

You will receive your consultation within 10 business days, I aim for sooner but this is the when you are guaranteed to receive it within this time. This time starts from when I get your completed questionnaire and photos.


Can I get my consultation sooner?

At this time, I’m running 7-10 business days. When my workload is lighter, I aim for sooner.


What will my E-design consultation include?

Your consult will include 2-3 paint colors (depending on package) that are personally picked for you. I choose these colours based on your questionnaire and photos of your home. Each colour will have an explanation so you can learn a bit more about it, as well as a link to it on Pinterest.

Your consult will also include other helpful info re: sampling, lightening/darkening, etc…

As for the number of colors…

  • Open Layouts, Single Room and Two room packages:  3 paint colors. For 2 rooms, these will be coordinated into 3 palettes


Do you hire out or is ‘Kylie M’ actually doing the work?

Your consultation will ONLY be done by me. Start to finish, every word – yours truly. I have my hubby Tim doing some of the admin work like sending out the questionnaire and organizing photos for me, but the personal and creative work are only myself.


What if something is ‘out of stock’?

When something is out of stock, it’s for two reasons…

#1 – It’s only lil’ ole me working on your consultations, so putting an item out of stock helps to control my workload a bit – particularly with the larger packages which take more time

#2 – I’m on vacation


Can I talk to Kylie on the phone?

At this time I don’t do phone consultations. I run a tight ship around here and have a system that I go through with each client. Inevitably, phone conversations run longer and usually get off topic from the package purchased. I may look into a system re: phone consultations in the future.


Does Kylie M do E-Design outside of Canada and the USA?

You betcha! My E-design and Online Paint Color Consulting travels have taken me to homes in England, Paris, Russia, Dubai, Australia, Turkey and more! Luckily, Benjamin Moore has branched out into the UK in recent years and is available in over 55 countries, making my consulting a possibility for many overseas clients. Hopefully, Sherwin Williams will do the same in the near future! 


What is your refund policy?

Within 90 days and prior to us completing your consultation we will provide a refund less a $25 administration fee. After 90 days or once the consultation is complete we cannot provide a refund.


I can’t find the package that fits my needs?

I’ve tried to make sure my packages are clear and encompassing as possible, I would say that 95% of the emails re: which package to choose can be referred directly back to my packages! However, there are some rooms/questions that just don’t fall neatly into one and in that case, I’m happy to hear from you! For me to figure out which package best suits your needs please send me a BRIEF and numbered/itemized list of the specific things you need help with.


Can you help with things related to decorating and design that AREN’T paint colors?

At this time, I’m sticking with paint colors. How a product (for example, tile) looks online vs how it looks when it shows up at your door can be two entirely different things. For this reason, I’ve decided to stick with what is more predictable.


I hope that answers the questions that you have! If not, you are welcome to send me an email, but please understand due to the number of emails I receive in a day I’m not always able to answer them right away. There is often a 4-5 day wait as I have to focus on clients who are waiting for their e-design package to be delivered to their inbox!

If you want to learn more about how I do what I do, read this article here… Online Decorating and E-Design: How I Do What I Do

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