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The 12 Most Popular White & Off-White Quartz Countertops

Posted on January 18, 2024 by KylieMawdsley
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The Best White Quartz Countertops (some that look like marble)

When choosing a white countertop for your kitchen, it all comes down to the type of veining you like (lots, little, none, or speckles) as well as the degree of WHITE you want to in the backdrop. And while you can get this look with marble and natural stone, when it comes to cost and durability, nothing beats quartz.

I love quartz…a lot. Why?

  • Quartz is stain-resistant, especially the mid to high-end brands.
  • It’s scratch-resistant (seriously, I don’t even use a cutting board and my countertop is pristine after 5 years).
  • As far as countertop materials go, it’s right up there in durability and popularity with granite (but if you ask me, most granites pale in comparison).
  • It comes in tons of different shades of white and off-white, giving you control over the end-look of your kitchen. This range of options gives you the flex to mix and match with cabinet colors, wall colors, and backsplashes.

So, to get the wheels turning, I’ve created a curated list of my favorite white and off-white countertops. I can speak to Cambria and Caesarstone personally, having had both in our home and LOVING THEM. However, I’ve heard mixed reviews on MSI, so do your research on them before committing. You’re welcome to grab a slab of these options and compare it to lower-end brands to find something similar, but buyer beware!

Kitchen, wood floor, MSI Miraggio Duo white quartz countertop, gold brass cabinet hardware, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Kylie M Interiors, online paint color consulting, marble subway tile backsplash.

These are all counters that my clients have used over the years and LOVED!

Now, you all know how much I love to talk. And while I chat a bit, this is more about getting you the info you need, so you can grab a slab and get remodeling!



Statuario Maximus is one of the more popular quartz countertops, and I don’t see that changing in 2024. As shown in this bathroom (below) Statuario Maximus (you can call him Max) offers visual interest without being bossy…

Revere Pewter, best warm gray paint color. STATUARIO MAXIMUS white quartz countertop, URBANE BRONZE,

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Maximus is popular thanks to its obvious, but not overwhelming vein pattern and soft white backdrop (not stark white). But don’t let him fool you, while he looks pretty modest here, he has a lot to say, especially on a larger scale (i.e., kitchen countertop).



Brittanica has been popular the last few years thanks to its slightly more graphic, but not drastic veining (I don’t have any drastic vein recommendations as they’re a passing trend – if you’re curious, they look a bit like this). This veining has reasonable flexibility as to the colors it can humor, as shown in this next kitchen…

Sherwin Williams Eider White painted kitchen cabinets, off white gray, Cambria Brittanica and a light gray quartz.

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray, greige taupe, red oak stained floor, Cambria Brittanica white quartz countertop, modern light.

The Best Off-White & Light Depth Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Just look at those glorious warm gray veins just waiting to be tapped into with the right cabinet and wall colors! While the veining looks grayish, there’s some nice warmth that can be pulled from it, which bodes well for the upcoming paint color trends.

The Best Trendy Beige & Tan Paint Colors

Is Gray Still Trendy on Cabinets, Walls, & Exteriors?



While I like the regular Brittanica, Brittanica Warm sits close to my heart as I chose it for our kitchen remodel.

Whereas Brittanica has a more traditional whiteish backdrop, Brittanica Warm has more of an off-white base color, with reasonably subtle veining throughout (compared to some of the quartz counters with stronger, high-contrast veins).

Pendant lights Wayfair , Cambria Brittanica Warm quartz countertop, Urbane Bronze Sherwin painted cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Dining room with modern farmhouse style furniture, Brittanica Warm Cambria quartz countertop, Revere Pewter warm gray cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting (1)

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – Is it The Best Warm Gray Cabinet Color?

I mean, don’t get me wrong – you can definitely see the veining, it’s just as graphic as some. Of the three Brittanica options, it has the most subtle vein pattern.

There’s another countertop in the Brittanica line called Brittanica Gold. Now this one isn’t for the faint of heart as it comes in pretty hot with its gold veining…

Sherwin Williams Basil green painted kitchen cabinets and island, Cambria Brittanica Gold & quartz backsplash, cherry red wood cabinets, travertine tile floor. Kylie M Interiors

I love how the countertop product was used on the backsplash too – a countersplash!

The Best Medium to Dark Green Paint Colors

My client (above) hired me to choose a new color for her main cabinets (and maybe the island too), and I can’t WAIT to see the after photos! The difference in depth of veining between Brittanica/Brittanica Warm and Brittanica Gold is pretty obvious. Gold is definitely ‘going for the gold’ when it comes to impact!



While some of the white countertop options on this page come in pretty hot with their veining, I do have a few that offer a more moderate, and even muted approach…

Calacatta Botanica white quartz, marble look countertop, white kitchen, Benjamin Moore White Dove painted cabinets, zellige tile backsplash, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Calcatta Botanica is one of those more muted approaches to quartz. As shown in this beautiful kitchen, Calacatta Botanica does the job a white quartz countertop should do, with a fraction of the veining shown in many of the other top choices.



If I say I love them all, it’s true, but I love some of them just a bit more than others (like my boyfriends – wink wink). Statuario Nuvo is another great alternative to marble with a softer vein than Maximus and a more narrow vein than the Brittanica series…

Kitchen with custom metal zinc range hood. Cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter darkened, Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo white quartz countertop, wood island & red oak floor. Kylie M Edesign (1)

Statuario Nuvo

Kitchen in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (painted cabinets darkened). Quartz countertops. Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo Red oak wood floor, Pendant lights, metal range hood, Kylie M Edesigns

The Best Off-White & Light Depth Paint Colors for Cabinets


Get the Online Paint Color Expert that DESIGNERS hire! 

Kylie M Interiors, online paint color expert, consulding, edesign, Best Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Market (2)

I would love to give you all of the wall and cabinet colors in these photos, but my Online Consulting is how I support my family! Instead, I’ve included links to tons of blog posts full of awesome color ideas and inspiration. 



Another love of mine, Et Calacatta Gold is a super popular choice in today’s white quartz home (the Et stands for Eternal). Let’s take a look at Calacatta Gold from my blog post, ‘The 8 Best Warm Quartz Countertops for Upcoming Trends‘…

Calacatta Gold, Brittanica Warm and Taj Royale quartz countertops, warm off white (1)

Compared to the previously mentioned, Brittanica Warm (which I have in my home), Calacatta Gold is a bit brighter and has a bit more warm gray/taupe in its veins. Its vein pattern is also MUCH more subtle than many of the previous choices.

How to Choose the Best White For Your Kitchen Cabinets



Calacatta Izaro has shown up a lot lately in my Online Color Consulting adventures, and for good reasons!


The Best Cabinet Colors with GE Cafe White Appliances

Calcatta Izaro has a soft, muted backdrop color – it’s not as white as some of the other choices, but still suits the right white cabinets, as long as you like your countertop looking a bit soft in comparison. It also has thinner, graceful veining with some gray and even a bit of warmth here and there!

MSI CALACATTA IZARO, Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate, Sherwin City Loft, open living and dining room, beam separating. Kylie M online paint consultant

The 12 Best Light Greige & Taupe Paint Colors



Miraggio Duo is an elegant, classic take on marble. While it has gray veining, it’s a bit softer and gentler than some of the others and looks stunning in a white kitchen…

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace painted kitchen cabinets,MSI Miraggio Duo white quartz countertop. Wall sconce, gold brass hardware. Kylie M Online Paint Color, Truley Home colab

The 5 Different Types of White Paint Colors

As trends lean warmer, many of the quartz choices are falling in suit, including Miraggio Duo. While it still has the typical ‘white quartz/veiny’ look, there is a warmth to be found in those veins – all wrapped up in a simple white background! There’s definitely not enough to call this countertop overly WARM, but it’s nice to see a touch of balance.



Calcatta Idillio is for those who like a little drama on their countertops (and possibly backsplashes, too). With its soft white backdrop and striking, but not overpowering gray veining, Idillio is great for a kitchen where you want to make a statement without slapping people upside the face with it.

MSI CALACATTA IDILLIO, IRON ORE RANGE HOOD, Sandbar, beige tan painted kitchen cabinets, polished nickel faucet. Same quartz countertop on backsplash too

The Best Off-White & Light Depth Cabinet Paint Colors

In the above kitchen, my client hired me because the cabinet color she thought she loved, didn’t turn out too well. I say that it’s pretty darn close and the right idea, but gave her some new colors to explore in her consult.

Sample carefully before painting – I recommend SAMPLIZE Peel & Stick.

Delivered to your front door in 1 DAY! 




Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the veining and visual interest? Don’t worry, I’ve got your countertop right here.

5141 Frosty Carrina is a gentle soul. While this quartz countertop isn’t plain or boring, it has a fraction of the visual interest of the previous options and offers a more simple, soft white approach…

BEnjamin Moore White dove painted wood cabinets, Frosty Carrina quartz countertop, backsplash, Kylie M Edesign

I wish I had a better close-up of Frosty Carrina, but she still looks so darn good in this muted, passively warm color palette.

Painted maple kitchen cabinets. Benjamin Moore White Dove upper, Antique Pewter green lower cabinets. Maritime White beige walls, white quartz. Kylie M Edesign

A Cathedral Kitchen Cabinet Update 

If you want to see another subtle, low-key approach to quartz (with flecks rather than veins), check out the simple elegance of Cambria Torquay.



Inverness Frost is similar to Frosty Carrina in that it’s a bit less veiny than the others, but it still has some visual interest for those looking for a happy medium…

Edgecomb Gray paint colour on walls, dark cherry red stain wood cabinets, hexagon tile backsplash, Inverness Frost Cambria white quartz countertop. Kylie M Edesign (1)

The 8 Quartz Countertops for Upcoming Warmer Trends



While I don’t have a full kitchen shot of this bad boy, it’s definitely worth sharing. Vadara isn’t a brand I’m familiar with, but all the same, I fell in love with the warmth of its Sereno Gold countertop.

Vadara Sereno gold quartz countertop with beige tile floor. kitchen update ideas with Kylie M Interiors ONline paint color consultant and expert (3)

While many of the previous quartz countertops look a bit more like marble, Sereno Gold picks up a more natural stone look, similar to quartzite.

Also, notice the white piece of paper. 

While any white can look off/yellow/murky/gray compared to the stark, cold white of the paper, it at least gives you a general idea of the depth and approach of your countertop’s backdrop color. As shown above, the white paper helps us see the Sereno Gold isn’t as warm as some whites and has an almost neutral look.


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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing White Paint Colors

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The 8 Quartz Countertops for Upcoming Warmer Trends

Let an Online Paint Color Expert pick your colors for you! 

Kylie M Interiors, online paint color expert, consulding, edesign, Best Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Market (6)

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, signature, online paint colour consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. DIY update advice ideas


  1. Hi Kylie!
    I have reddish brown colored solid maple cabinets and Venetian Gold granite from the “Tuscan era year 2009”. What quartz or quartzite might work for those of us who want to replace dated granite but not paint our cabinets? Thanks a lot!!

    1. Post

      Now THAT will make an awesome blog post! If you’d like to send me some photos of your space, and if I can pull together a few more of similar kitchens, I can do a blog post on it, and use your kitchen as a case study!

      If that interests you, I’d love to see some pics! kylie@kylieminteriors.ca 🙂

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