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Are Gray Paint Colors Still Trendy (Cabinets, Walls & Exteriors)?

Posted on January 10, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

Is gray paint still in style or is beige the new ‘it’ color?

While gray was once the GO-TO shade for interior walls and cabinets, things are slowly shifting into the warmer end of things and we’re seeing much more greige, taupe, beige and cream.

So does this mean gray paint colors are OUT and the warmer shades are in? Drum rollllllllll….

Barn doors painted gray blue green blend Magnolia Day to Day, office built in cabinets painted Teak Cups Magnolia. Whitewash oak wood floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign CLIENT PHOTO

HECK NO! We’re not there yet…but we’re gettin’ darn close.

Gray is still kickin’ it in many parts of the world and I get requests for it daily in my E-Design adventures. HOWEVER, while three years ago, eight out of ten consults were on gray paint colors, these days, I’m hitting five out of ten…on a good day, which means it’s slowly on its way out the door.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, best warm gray. Cream drapes, dining room with small vaulted ceiling. Transitional style. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting advice

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Here’s the thing…

I’m not here to tell you NOT to paint your walls or cabinets gray. 

But if you’re reading this blog post, something tells me that you’re a bit worried about doing so (or you’re just here for my charm and wit, which is cool too). I’m just here to give you some well-intentioned advice that’s geared almost ENTIRELY towards RESALE. If you plan on living in your home forever and ever OR long enough that previous trends are irrelevant and your whole home will need updating anyway, then don’t worry – DO WHAT YOU LOVE, it’s your home! In fact, I’ll TELL you which grays are the most beautiful!

On the other hand, if you read the above and are still concerned, keep on readin’…

are gray paint colours trendy or timeless. Outdated on walls, cabinets and exteriors. Kylie M Interiors diy paint color and grey advice blogger

Should you paint your WALLS gray in 2022 and onwards?

I have pretty strong feelings when it comes to wine, Cornuts, Ryan Reynolds and trends. If you LOVE gray and have ALWAYS loved gray, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not – paint your walls gray. If your home ONLY SUITS gray and no other color – paint your walls gray. However, keep this one magical word in mind…



If you plan on selling in the next 2+ years, want to paint NOW, and don’t plan on repainting before you sell, don’t paint your walls gray. By the time you list your home, the world will be THAT MUCH CLOSER to the warmer end of things and gray will make your home look dated compared to more UPDATED homes on the market – gray is NOT timeless or trend-proof. Instead, choose a warmer neutral that suits the finishes in your home (hopefully) or at the very least, find your home’s best white.

Sure, if you want to do one or two rooms, it’s cool beans with me, but I’d think twice before doing an open layout or your WHOLE HOME in a gray paint color.


This living room was updated from the rich beige trends of the early 2000s with a soft greige paint color

I will say though, that ANY amount of time spent in a home where you don’t love the wall color is a LOOOOONG TIME. So, if you love gray and aren’t selling for a few years, consider painting your walls gray – definitely, but when it does come time to sell, consider repainting your KEY ROOMS a more modest warm neutral (I’ve included some great tips near the end of this blog post).

Solid wood custom front door, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray paint color on walls, oak floor, High Reflective White (Sherwin) trim and board and batten in foyer entryway. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray & High Reflective White


If your walls are already gray and you’re selling soon – don’t worry, it’s all good. Gray is still popular enough that your home won’t look outdated. However, if you have a room or two that need freshening up, I suggest transitioning into a more modest neutral or at least a good white paint color.

How to Make a Cool Gray Room Look Warmer

Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray, Kitty Gray feature wall with Ken Kirkby artwork and open shelving. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

Small bathroom with wainscoting, boa

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray

Why You SHOULD or Shouldn’t Follow Today’s Trends


I’m with you! I have four different grays in our home right now and THREE of them aren’t going anywhere (the fourth is up for grabs). I say – FILL YOUR LIL GRAY BOOTS, in fact, I’ve written dozens of blog posts on the best gray paint colors!

Living room, staircase, white spindles. Sherwin High Reflective White, Stonington Gray paint color on walls, Gray sectional. Kylie M Interiors diy online paint color consultant

I would suggest WARM GRAY paint colors over cool ones, as if you’re at all concerned about resale, warm grays will have waaaaay more life.

But hold tight if you’re thinking of choosing gray tile, carpet, countertops, cabinets OR wood floor with a gray wash. These finishes could limit you in the long term when it comes to either RESALE or REDECORATING.

The 10 Most Timeless Interior Finishes

Should you paint your CABINETS gray, is it a trend that will last?

HELLLLLLS NO! Wait, was that my inside voice? Now before all of you gray cabinet lovers burn me at the stake for the wicked lil Ginger witch that I am, hear me out…I HAVE GRAY CABINETS IN MY HOME!

Kitchen, red oak wood floor in Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore painted cabinets (darkened). Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo quartz countertops. Pendant lights, metal range hood, Kylie M Edesigns

Above – my client’s home

White oak flooring, Goodfellow engineered. Kitchen, Revere Pewter, Urbane Bronze painted cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

My home – see it ALL HERE

That’s right, I have gray cabinets and I desperately LOVE them and don’t regret them. When we remodelled our home four years ago, I knew I wanted gray cabinets so I CHOSE gray cabinets. However, here are a few things to consider…

  • if I were to re-do my kitchen today – four years later, I wouldn’t paint my cabinets gray, I would paint them white (I’m not on the greige/taupe/cream kick)
  • I love change, and when I originally painted my cabinets, I knew that within the next 5 months years, I would be changing them to my next color fetish (which is in my New Year’s plan – don’t tell Tim)

I’m not here to blow smoke up your – wait, there’s a better way to say this…

I’m not here to tell you what you WANT to hear, I’m here to tell you what you NEED to hear.

And you need to hear that painting your cabinets gray will immediately peg them as being painted in 2016-2021. While the gray cabinet trend might get you through the next one to two years, beyond that, I have my concerns.


Best dark gray paint colour on bathroom vanity cabinet, Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. Kylie M Interiors online paint color consultant

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Because more and more often, my Online Paint Color Consulting clients are looking for white cabinets or at the very LEAST, warm greige, taupe and cream cabinets (which make me INTENSELY nervous for the same ‘trend-based’ reasons). And what my E-design clients are looking for is what many of your future house buyers will be looking for in an updated home – again, gray is not timeless or trend-proof. THE SCALE HAS TIPPED, WE’VE REACH THE TOP AND HAVE ALREADY STARTED DOWN THE HILL. That’s right, gray is slowly on its way out whether you’re happy to hear it or not.


Kitchen wood cabinets painted Sherwin Agreeable Gray, Classic Gray walls. Kylie M INteriors Edesign online virtual paint color advice blog


If you don’t CARE about trends, then you fill yer lil gray boots – it’s cool beans with me! But if you care about resale, you better think twice.

If you LOVE gray and have ALWAYS loved gray, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not – paint your cabinets gray. However, I bet your booty that your cabinets will be better off painted a more timeless color.

Are you feeling worried about your cabinets which are currently painted gray? Don’t be, just keep on reading!

3 Steps to Pick the Best White Paint Color for your Walls or Cabinets

Should you paint your EXTERIOR gray or will it look outdated?

While walls and cabinets can be more finicky, when it comes to exteriors, gray is a color that will last LONGER than the average trend.


Light gray siding, James Hardie Light Mist, board and batten, shakes, white garage door, cedar wood soffits and beams, High Reflective White exterior trim. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

Well, when it comes to exterior finishes like roofing, brick and stonework, gray is often the BEST COLOR to suit these finishes. When the exterior of a home is well-coordinated, it will last longer. Exterior finishes also tend to have a longer lifespan in the trend world whereas interior finishes get a GOOD five to ten years…if they’re lucky.

Close-up, Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles, best gray exterior siding paint colour with white trim, white shutters, Cheating Heart from door, west facing, Kylie M Interiors Edesign.

5 Steps to Picking Your Home’s Best Exterior Paint Color

However, there are a few things to be careful of when updating your exterior…

  • Right now, it’s trendy to paint the trim and siding the same color (often dark gray) – this is a trend and will eventually be moved aside.
  • Dark gray and black exteriors are definitely trendy right now, but again, be careful as they won’t last (dark gray will last longer than black, for sure).
  • Black windows are definitely a trend, especially as it relates to dark gray homes with dark gray trim. And while I love them on white homes, in particular, white windows are more timeless.

Exterior front door painted Sherwin Williams Still Water, Pure White and Polished Concrete, mid century house numbers. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting blog

See the shocking before and after’s HERE

Are wood floors with a gray wash on them still trendy?

Hard no. In fact, it’s such a hard no, I’m getting a little excited…(wink wink).

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, off white warm gray. Brick fireplace white wash look. Gray wash laminat wood floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Gray wash floors are not trendy and started their downward fall a few years ago. While you’ll still see them used quite often in new construction and remodelling, you won’t see them for much longer (I hope).

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Classic Gray, Sherwin Williams Pure White cabinets, Mindful Gray island and white oak floor with wash

Sherwin Williams Pure White & Balboa Mist

This is more of a whitewash, but the same idea. LOOK at how it makes the floor look violet-pink! 

Are there still people who love gray wash wood or laminate floors, who see them as the epitome of an updated home? You bet, but as of the last few years, gray wash isn’t a finish that satisfies any type of mass appeal (which is the goal if you want to sell your home at any time).

The Top 10 Timeless Interior Finishes For Your Home

What’s next after the gray trend? White, greige, taupe or beige?

As mentioned earlier, while I still get many demands for gray, GREIGE and TAUPE are definitely the ‘new grays’, along with WHITE (with even WARMER neutrals nipping at their heels).


Greige and taupe are great hybrid colors, bridging the gap between the cool look of gray and the warmer beige, tan and cream end of things. And for the thousands of homes dressed head to toe in gray, we’re going to NEED a hybrid to get us to the next step.

As for white, it’s often a great solution when a home that’s committed to ONE trend, won’t translate into another; often, it’s the right white that comes to the rescue!

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn) stone fireplace. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

I’m also seeing more requests for MUTED tan, cream and off-white paint colors – nothing deep or overly warm, but more like ‘polite nods towards the warm end of things‘.

So, if you’re worried about longevity and aren’t sure if gray is the color for you, maybe you need to warm up to the idea of something a little warmer, or at the very least, consider a WARM GRAY paint color or WARM WHITE.

Review of Sherwin Williams Roycroft Pewter, dark gray paint colour. Fireplace with shiplap stone, round chandelier in living room. Kylie M Interiors Edesign (3)

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened and Sherwin Williams Roycroft Pewter (fireplace)

Is Beige Back? Is beige…dare I say, TRENDY?

Are White Walls, Cabinets & Exteriors STILL TRENDY?

Now, of course, this blog post will spawn a whole ASSORTMENT of questions and concerns, such as…

Kylie, I just painted my walls or cabinets gray and now I’m worried. 

Don’t be worried, it is what it is. This advice is for those who are THINKING about painting their walls or cabinets gray as a ‘word of caution’ (more like 1500 words of caution, really).

Benjamin Moore Collingwood, warm gray paint colour. Taupe carpet, split level home. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour expert advice

Benjamin Moore Collingwood

IF YOU’VE ALREADY PAINTED YOUR WALLS GRAY. Remember, painting a room is one of the least expensive updates. If you’ve painted your whole home gray and down the road, need/want to make a change, even changing a FEW ROOMS can give your home the shift it needs.

Also, I’ll be putting out a blog post pretty soon on how to transition a home from gray to greige or beige. In the meantime, read this bad boy.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood, popular warm gray paint color. Dining room dark wood furniture, oak floor. Kylie M Interiors edesign, online paint consulting (5)

Benjamin Moore Collingwood

IF YOU’VE ALREADY PAINTED YOUR CABINETS GRAY. Don’t worry. Would it be best if your cabinets weren’t gray? Yup, but it’s okay if you’re selling in the next two years or so. Will there be people who don’t like them? Sure, but there’s no product that’s totally fool-proof. Those who don’t like particular finishes will simply accommodate them in their future redecorating plans (but this CAN affect the offer they give you).

How to Make a Cool Gray Room Look WARMER

Gray painted kitchen cabinets, Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray. Quartz white countertops, limestone backsplash. Kylie M E-design and online color consulting

Similar to Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray (less green)

Revere Pewter (warm gray) on painted kitchen cabinets. Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo quartz countertops. Stainless appliances, custom metal range hood, Kylie M Edesigns

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, an AWESOME & flexible shade of gray

If you’re selling in the next three+ years, you’ll hit even fewer tastes for sure, but again, life will go on and some people would repaint/replace them REGARDLESS of what color they are (people like me).

But I just put in a new countertop and it ONLY SUITS GRAY?

If you think you’re limited to gray, there’s a 99% chance that there’s a white paint color that will be BETTER than gray.

Kitchen with painted cabinets, marble subway tile backsplash, OAK FLOOR, Sherwin Williams white cabinets, LG quartz countertop, . Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consulting

3 Steps to Pick the Best White Paint Color for Walls or Cabinets

But I REALLY want to use gray on my walls or cabinets and now I’m feeling nervous…

Use gray, just consider using it in moderation, for example…


Secondary rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms are great places to add a color you love without committing to it on such a large scale that you have an ENTIRELY GRAY HOME. Basically, any room that isn’t in an open layout could be painted gray as it will be easy enough to repaint it down the road if needed. The KEY is to keep your hallways and open layout areas a color that is moving FORWARD with the trends, rather than backwards.

Benjamin Moore Trout Gray small powder room, rustic wood feature wall, shiplap in gray wash stain. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy online paint colour consultant

Benjamin Moore Trout Gray

 3 Ideas to Update a Small Bathroom


Accents walls are an awesome way to add a color you love to a room without a full commitment as feature walls are MUCH easier to change out down the road.

Feature or accent wall in Benjamin Moore Delray Gray with a warm gray sofa and toss cushions. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, masculine, guy condo style. Online Paint Colour Consulting

Benjamin Moore Delray Gray

Where Should I Paint a Feature Wall & WHAT COLOR?


If you love the idea of gray cabinets, consider painting the ISLAND only. Repainting an island in five years is MUCH DIFFERENT from having to do the whole shebang.

dark warm gray painted island with granite countertops, Sherwin Williams Dovetail. Kylie M interiors Edesign

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White and Magnolia Teak Cups island, white quartz countertop, whitewash wood floor. CLIENT PHOTO of Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Similar to Sherwin Williams Gris with High Reflective White

The 4 Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Islands & Bathroom Vanities


This isn’t one that I recommend lightly as, a) it’s a trend, and, b) it doesn’t suit every kitchen. However, if it suits yours, it’s a great idea!

Kitchen cabinets painted Sherwin Repose Gray, Benjamin Moore Metropolitan, subway tile, stainless steel, white counters. Kylie M Edesign, diy blogger

BTW, to show you REAL HOMES & REAL BUDGETS, I only use photos from my E-Design clients. Thank you for sending them in, you make my colorful little world go round! 


If your bathroom finishes suit gray, the vanity is another great place to get a dose of gray without committing to a project so huge that it’s hard to redo in a few years.

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White, small bathroom ideas with shiplap walls and gray vanity, round mirror. Client photo of Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Similar to Sherwin Williams Gris with High Reflective White

The 6 Best Paint Colors for a Bathroom Vanity

Is WARM GRAY more popular than COOL gray? Is it a safer choice these days?

HECK YES. As mentioned earlier, if you want to use gray in your home, warm gray will have more longevity than cool gray (as long as it suits the finishes in your space). The exception is the DARKER end of the cool gray range, including some of the popular grays with blue undertones, these are still kickin’ it as cabinets and feature walls.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Warm gray, greige paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting and E-decor services

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

The Best Warm Gray Paint Colors

There you have it! I hope this blog post gave you the answers AND INSPIRATION you were looking for!


The TOP Warm Neutral Paint Colors that AREN’T BEIGE! 

Why You SHOULD or Shouldn’t Follow Today’s Trends in Paint & Design

How to Make a Cool Gray Room Look WARMER

Is Beige Back? Is beige…dare I say, TRENDY?

How to Create a Timeless Home – 4 Part Series

The 12 Best WHOLE HOME Gray & Greige Paint Colors

The 3 Most Timeless Neutral Paint Colors



The best paint colors to update your home with E-Design and online paint colour consultant, Kylie M Interiors. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colours

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors, decorating blog, e-design, online colour consulting expert. signature


  1. Grey looks wonderful in the above pictures, but where I live everyone has a ranch home with 8 foot ceilings and not a lot of natural light. Gray looks depressing when I see it used foe a flip. I agree with the creams Greig and light tans. I painted my home in Eddie Bauer pecan 12 yes ago and now I’m going for a little lighter tan

    1. Post

      Well, you’ll definitely be going with the trends, as the light tans are coming in! And I agree, while some homes can pull off gray so well, gray is a TOUGH SELL in low light homes, that’s for sure.

    1. Post

      Hi Vanessa, I would love to see your home, but this is actually an Online service I offer, either via a Quick Consult (which is super fun and easy) or a full consultation (under the HIRE ME) section :). Thanks for reading!

  2. I am relieved by your advice to paint kitchen cabinets white over the newer trendy neutrals, as I agonized over whether to choose white cabinets or greige/cream/beige and ultimately went with white. The death of the white kitchen is always being heralded. So I am glad that you believe it still a good choice in 2022. Do you think brighter (but not cool) white cabinets can coexist with some warmer neutral wall colors/counters/backsplashes? Or is color the answer if you have brighter white hard finishes? I would love to see a future post about it since I am now agonizing over these elements. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Erin! You know it’s so funny, there are those that think white kitchens are trendy, but as far as I’m concerned they’re the most TIMELESS of all! And yes, I do think some brighter whites can exist with some warm toned finishes, it all comes down to WHICH white and which finish – how strong each are and where their undertones lean :). GENERALLY though, with brighter white hard finishes I lean into gray, greige OR colour :).

  3. Yikes, I’m days away from painting my lower cabinets and island in BM Cheating Heart…. Is this a mistake I should try to avoid? Uppers are finished already, in SW Pure White. At 60, there’s a possibility of moving in the next 5 years, but nothing set in stone.

    1. Post

      I’m personally obsessed with Cheating Heart. And it actually has more BLUE to it and less gray than you’d think, so I wouldn’t apply it to the whole ‘gray trend’ thing :). On the small scale, it can seem very subtle, but on the large scale with the satin/pearl finish of cabinet paint, the colour can come up QUITE nicely 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for all your valuable advice! My question is whether trends apply to lake houses. I feel like gray along with blue and white are traditional lake house colors. Is your advice about gray the same or different for this type of setting? While I’m not a gray fan, I do really like grey blues and have incorporated that color in some bathroom tile and paint (Sherwin Williams Passive and Storm Cloud). Is this a situation where you go ahead with more gray paint because it’s traditional and thus timeless for a lake house or would it be better to go with greige (or white) walls to avoid a dying trend? Thank you!

    1. Post

      Okay, SO funny that you ask this Pamela. We’re actually building a lake home and what am I doing? Almost ALLL WHITE – which is another ‘trend’ right now. I think there will always be some homes that can pull of trends, when the trends really do suit the TYPE of home they are (ie. homes in the country will suit a modern farmhouse style longer than ones in the City!). Sometimes it’s just about HOW MUCH of it you use. I don’t see a problem using any colour in moderation, as long as the surface you use it on doesn’t limit you down the road should you want to change things up. LONG story short (as usual), I think you’re totally safe, especially since it’s a bathroom not an entire home 🙂

  5. Hi Kylie, I used Edgecomb Grey in a sunny guest bedroom however in summer it reflects green which looks muddy. I like the photo above of Edgecomb “lightened.” Would that be lightened by 25 or 50% to get that look? I think it looks great – clean, a touch of warmth. Might be just the trick! Unless you think even lightened it would reflect green from outside?

    1. Post

      Hi Carolyn, i THINK that’s when I had the walls Edgecomb 75% lighter! 25% would be more subtle. However, the lighter a colour goes, the HIGHER its LRV will be (light reflectance value, so it will reflect MORE light) and the more green you might see!

  6. This blog post definitely has given me anxiety! March of 2019, We painted our kitchen cabinets Gauntlet Gray! Not moving anytime soon and I will be hard pressed to convince my husband to paint again for a few years, if ever! 😩

    1. Post

      You know, I think these darker grays will have MORE longevity than the light cool ones. AND it’s a warm gray, which means it will be MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE when it comes to humouring the coming trends – I wouldn’t worry at all :).

  7. I have an open floor plan kitchen, dining and living room and my family was so opposed to a greige paint color (it was Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and when they saw it they called it “beige”) that we ended up painting the space Sherwin Wiliams Agreeable Gray, a green gray that I carefully selected to match my Black Pearl granite after determining from the two samples I purchased and researching what color they described it online. We purchased our kitchen on March 1st, 2021, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare with covid and bad cabinet paint jobs and endless replacements for our cabinets. I chose white shaker cabinets which match Benjamin Moore Oxford White. I know a lot of people don’t care for granite but I personally love it and think it can be stylish and updated if done right. TEN months later and we’re on the home stretch. Next Monday my granite will be installed and I’m nervous as hell over it wondering if I indeed paint matched the undertone of the granite correctly. Because of Covid and the fact that we live in New York and the granite is coming from Canada, we couldn’t pick our slab as they said Black Pearl doesn’t have veining and it’s pretty uniform so there’s no need for an internet viewing. I painted the rooms in the rest of my house Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper, Sherwin Willimas Sea salt and Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (I love it and if I wouldn’t have listened to anyone else’s opinion i would’ve done my entire house that color)! We installed medium brown LVP throughout. I’m hoping I didn’t place my home inside the gray trend but there is no way in hell after almost 29 years of golden oak windows, doors and trim and being stuck with warm or beige paint colors that I was going anywhere near those colors again. I sanded and painted all my trim and Doors Benjamin Moore Oxford White to match my new kitchen Cabinets and we are thrilled with the results! I think it’s the situation that you’ve had to live with that determines the paint colors you go for when you renovate and the Tuscan Trend to me is like looking into Medusa’s eyes. Noooooo! and I can’t go beige for a while, or ever, unless it’s a really fresh take on things.

    1. Post

      Oh Holly, it sounds like you’ve had a HECK of a time. I hear you, we’re trying to build a home and in our 9th month, we still don’t have drywall or siding – I feel your pain, but at least I don’t have to LIVE in it like you!
      And I’m just a BIG fan of the warm grays, in fact, I have a room in Classic Gray, one in Balboa Mist and another in Gauntlet Gray – and I have gray cabinets too! And while I want to update to white cabinets in the near future, I just LOVE my gray rooms. Sometimes it just comes down to HOW MUCH of something there is and i see NO problem with soft warm gray walls at all, especially if YOU love them 🙂

  8. Hello! I’ve lived in my house going on 5 years now and before we moved in the home was completely updated from oak to painted white cabinets (SW Snowbound), grey walls throughout the main living areas (SW Passive), and blue paint in the dining, bathrooms and bedrooms (dining room and half bath are SW Indigo Batik, Bedrooms are SW Dustblu and master bath is SW Gibraltar). We plan on moving in the next few years and I would love to paint to update some things but am nervous that I have to follow the cooler theme of the home. The colors that they picked feel on the cooler side to me so I feel like I have to stay with that trend, is that correct? I would love to paint my kids bathroom SW Sea Salt and my master bedroom an off white maybe Nebulous White or Olympus White? I feel like BM White Dove is too warm/yellow tones for my house. Also, i’ve been reading about sun exposure. My master faces the North (two windows) so the Dustblu just seems so dark. What do you think I should do? I want to do some updates as i’ve been staring at these same walls for so long (thanks covid) and want to do something new but don’t want to change the flow of the house decor too much if we sell and make it look out of place if that makes sense. Don’t have the budget to paint all the Passive walls off-white 🙂 Thank you!

  9. Hi Kylie! I have a question about E-design packages – looking for paint advice for my open concept kitchen / tv room / entryway mudroom area. I need one paint color for walls + advice on the island, entryway built-ins and TV room built-ins (currently 3 different colors). I know I need to select the open concept option, then do I simply add on the built-ins option? $275+200? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Kelly, thanks for asking!

      If you’d like the island/built-ins/tv room all the SAME colour then just choose one add-on. If you’d like them 3 separate colours, hmmmm. I would say get two of the built-in options and that I’ll cover all three for that 🙂

      1. Ok. Thinking 2 of the 3 (of the island, entryway built-ins and TV room built-ins) should be the SAME color, but I’ve made the paint choices in isolation instead of looking at the full picture. Which is why I need help 🙂

  10. Hi Kylie,
    Are you familiar with KitchenMaid factory painted colors. We just ordered kitchen cabinets in “moonshine”. It looks like a warm grey/greige to me. How would you classify it?

  11. Been gray before it became popular (and likely before your time). But ok, you’ve convinced us to upgrade from gray to BM Edgecomb Gray. But struggling with the trim. We have vinyl windows which, to my eye, are really close to Simply White (based on Samplize paint samples, which are fantastic, by the way). Will you ban me if we go with Simply White for the trim/doors/ceiling instead of White Dove?

    1. Post
  12. So, if we are staying away from painting cabinets grey, but we have warm grey countertops and black appliances what color do you put on the cabinets?

    1. Post

      Hi Piper! What about white??? I haven’t seen your home, but SW Pure White is usually pretty flexible! Or maybe a darker gray on the island for a bit of that interest you might like?

  13. SOOOO, you wouldn’t paint your cabinets gray today, but what about your island? My house and style are very similar to yours (except less amazingly decorated!) and I am in the middle of planning a total from-scratch kitchen gut job. (bye bye dark orange oak and green laminate!) I have warmy warm natural red oak floors. Planning for white permitter cabinets and a big ol’ focal point island. If you had to repaint your island with your cabinets white, what would you pick today? I’m considering a natural quarter sawn white oak island? Too much oak? Woods are hard to blend. Gauntlet paint and onyx stained oak are also on my list to try, but now I have to know what you are dreaming up for your next island color! Give me your secrets!!

    1. Post

      Oooo, that is a GOOD QUESTION! I would DEFINITELY be doing quarter sawn white oak. Some people get a slightly whitewash on it, but I wouldn’t do that, I would keep it natural.

      1. This is totally my instinct. DH is worried about it not matching or being slightly off from our floors and looking awkward since one is red oak and the other white, but that seems like not too huge a deal to me. Thanks for the backup!

  14. Is BM Kingsport Gray considered too dark for the current trend? I’ve gutted and rebuilt my 150 SF bathroom and was going to paint the 10′ vanity Kingsport Gray with a Miami Vena quartz countertop. The floor is Daltile Florentine 24×24. I am seeking a timeless, warmer, brighter, lighter feel in the bathroom. The north-facing window gets no natural light. The south-facing window gets a whole two hours of light and mostly just in the commode room. We’ll probably be in the house for at least another five years.

  15. Hi Kylie! How are you feeling about Agreeable Gray in general for walls (open concept, so lots of walls). We are painting ALL of our honey oak! Planning for Pure White on cabinets/trim/built ins and I am aiming for carrara marble for countertops. Does Pure White work with carrara and what about that Agreeable Gray? I don’t want my home feeling cool or icy, and I think marble is timeless, but would AG work on the walls with a carrara marble? A million thanks for your insight!!

  16. Hi Kylie,

    I am having some barn doors built similar to the ones you show leading into this office picture above. What color is this? We absolutely love it. Trade wind from SW?


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