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The 4 Best WARM White Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore

Posted on July 14, 2023 by KylieMawdsley

The TOP 4 WARM whites for walls, trims, cabinets & more…

Have you been looking for the perfect shade of warm white for your home? Are you tired of sampling DOZENS of colors with no success? Your search stops here.

More than any other paint color, white can be tricky because the undertones are subtle and hard to see with the bare eye. In fact, when looked at independently of other colors, many whites just look like plain old white! This is why you’re DARN lucky to have a little Ginger in your back pocket (I pinch upon request).

Stairs. Reclaimed wood floor and treads, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Cloud White. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour expert (4)

But before we get into the Wild World of White, I want to answer a question that I’m asked ALL the time in my Online Color Consulting


Generally speaking, yes. There is the ODD good combo, but it’s like trying to find a wine that goes well with Kraft Dinner – it’s not easy. Because whites are highly competitive with each other, if they have different undertones, or if one is ‘white-white’ and the other has an undertone (which it will), they will go head-to-head and expose each other.

If you WANT one white to enhance the undertones in another, then, by all means, choose different whites – I just don’t recommend it. Most of my clients who want white walls and trim (and cabinets) want a cohesive look.

Want to learn more? Read this – White Paint Colors – Do My Walls, Trims & Cabinets Need To Match?

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant. Island in navy blue, Cyberspace, Pure White cabinets, bevelled white subway tile backsplash, white cabinets in the kitchen

All surfaces are the same white; any shift you see is in SHEEN.

But how do you CHOOSE the best white for your home?

Compare, Compare, Compare. 

Comparison is the BEST way to see the undertones in any color—end of story.



  • WHITE IS THE MOST REFLECTIVE COLOR. This means it WILL pick up colors from the environment and toss ’em back in your face. That green grass outside your window? Yup. Your northern exposure with its gray/blue light? Uh-huh. The red brick wall directly outside your window? You bet! So keep this in mind when looking at whites. This effect is reduced on the trim/doors but is MUCH easier to see on walls as they’re a larger expanse.
  • When choosing a white, exposure is a HUGE consideration. If you want to read more about exposures, I have blog posts about north, south, east, and west and what you can expect from the light they provide.

And most importantly, SHEEN greatly affects how a paint color looks. Even if you do the SAME white on the walls, trims, ceilings, and cabinets, you will see a subtle shift from surface to surface as the different paint finishes react to the light – very cool.

Check out this photo…

Kylie M Interiors E design, online paint colour consulting. Sherwin Williams Pure White walls, trim and railings in south facing room with open staircase. Navy blue accents and home decor

The walls, trim, and railings are all painted the SAME white (Sherwin Williams Pure White) and are only slightly different because of the change of sheen and positioning of the walls (shading on the ceiling, for example).

If you want to mix and match whites, do so at your own risk, but you better make sure those undertones are jibing!

Now that we have THAT out of the way let’s get into the guts n’ the glory and look at the 3 BEST WARM WHITE PAINT COLORS!The best, most popular warm white paint colours, Benjamin Moore, White Dove, Simply White, Cloud White. Kylie M Interiors Edesign



Remember, just because they’re POPULAR doesn’t mean they will work EVERYWHERE – they all have some serious considerations…



Cloud White is one of the most popular warm white paint colors for a few reasons…

  1. Its degree of warmth/yellow undertone suits a reasonably wide variety of shades, including warm and cool colors.
  2. Cloud White isn’t a very BRIGHT white (The 5 Types of White); it’s closer to the soft end of things (LRV 85), making it a popular choice for FLEXIBILITY.
  3. It’s been around a long time, so the name is familiar.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White, do you need same white matching on cabinets, ceiling and trim, kitchen with warm white. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Will Cloud White look like a TRUE white?

Generally, no, as its LRV and warmth set it slightly apart. However, as long as it’s the WHITEST white in the space, it will be darn close.



Cloud White is shown here with Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan on the walls. You’ll find that Cloud White works ESPECIALLY well with richer, warmer earth tones, but again, it’s flexible towards a variety of other colors.

Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan, Cloud White trim, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint coloru consultant

The Best Benjamin Moore DARK Greige & Taupe Paint Colors



Cloud White works well on cabinets and furniture and often suits some of the older granite countertops and finishes in homes from the 1990s.

If you have white appliances (including GE Cafe White) or a bright white subway tile backsplash, I would stay WELL away from Cloud White as they will be too ‘clean and cool’ for the warmth of Cloud White – white subway tile will make Cloud White look yellow in comparison. Instead, you might look at cool whites like Benjamin Moore Super White or Brilliant White or, at the very least, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Kitchen island painted benjamin moore cloud white, before and after some time. View to open dining room. Kylie M INteriors E-design and online paint color expert

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, cloud white kitchen cabinets, granite countertop, glass subway tile backsplash. south facing. online consulting



Cloud White can be gorgeous as a wall paint color as long as you’re comfortable with its warmth, especially if you have a south-facing room or a room with western afternoon sunshine.


These exposures will enhance the warmth of Cloud White, making it look that bit creamier/more yellow. This is less the case in SUPER bright rooms, as the amount of natural light will wash out the walls.

Entryway, stairwell, reclaimed pine wood flooring, treads, white railing, white wainscoting. Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Gray Owl. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and decorating blog

Cloud White with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

However, as much as I love Cloud White, when my clients are looking for warm white or off-white walls but DON’T like yellow (a common request), I’m more likely to direct them toward Benjamin Moore White Dove (coming up next). Remember, Cloud White DOES have a reasonable, but not overwhelming, yellow-creamy warmth.

You’ll notice the mention of EXPOSURE in the above paragraphs. You have to consider exposure when choosing a white. A white that comes up JUST PERFECT in a north-facing room could look too warm in a south-facing room. A white that’s the perfect warmth in a south-facing space could fall flat in a north-facing room – sometimes, it’s about finding that perfect balance!

FULL Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore Cloud White

North, East, South, West – Which Paint Color is the Best?



  • If you’re painting one white surface in Cloud White, you’ll probably want to paint ALL of the white surfaces the same, as there is usually a decent shift between Cloud White and traditional shades of white.
  • If you have white appliances, you’ll notice the difference between your cabinets and your appliances as the yellowish hue in Cloud White will be brighter and warmer than the cooler tone of white appliances. While this isn’t a deal-breaker or particularly obvious to some people, ideally, you would have stainless steel appliances to avoid this altogether OR choose a brighter, cleaner white.
  • The warmth of Cloud White will help to neutralize a north-facing room and will look a bit warmer in a south-facing room.
  • Cloud White better suits warm paint colors or stormy cool colors. It isn’t always as great with icy-cold colors.
  • While Cloud White is a FAMILIAR color, there are ‘whiter whites’ out there and more VERSATILE whites – but this isn’t to say that Cloud White isn’t perfect for you and YOUR home!
  • Cool hues such as blue and green, as well as gray with these undertones, can enhance the subtle warm undertone in Cloud White.

The best white and gray paint colors for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors Online colour consulting. Home Decorating and diy ideas blogger



Simply White is another popular shade for walls, cabinets, and trims – let’s find out why…

  1. It’s the CLOSEST to being a genuine white (of the three warm whites on this page). This is due to its high LRV of almost 90.
  2. It has a yellow undertone, which makes it not as stark as more traditional true whites.

Benjamin Moore Simply White cabinets , Collingwood gray walls, oak flooring, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Simply White trim, ceiling, and cabinets with Benjamin Moore Collingwood walls

If you want a white that’s cleaner and fresher than White Dove (coming up next) and brighter than Cloud White, Simply White could do the trick. It will generally look white until it’s compared with stark white (like a solid white paper) – it’s via comparison that you’ll see its undertones rise, and those hues are YELLOW.

White Duck and Simply White, BEnjamin and Sherwin, vaulted fireplace with mouldings and brown stone.



Generally speaking, Simply White is a beautiful color for trims, doors, ceilings, and cabinets as long you’re okay with that wink o’ yellow. The undertone IS more subtle on trims than on cabinets/walls (as the surface area is smaller). If you’re trying to coordinate with an existing white in your home, be careful. If your current white isn’t a warm/yellow-white, it could look MUCH cooler up against the yellow of Simply White.

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan paint colour on walls, Simply White on wainscoting, door and trim. Kylie M Interiors Edesign and online paint colour consultant

Popular warm white paint colour. Benjamin Moore Simply White , Collingwood gray walls, oak flooring, Kylie M Interiors Edesign,

In the above two photos, look at how well Simply White plays with a tan paint color (top) and a warm shade of gray (bottom) – Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan and Benjamin Moore Collingwood.

Which White Paint Colors Go Well Together?



Simply White looks great on cabinets as it’s fresh and bright and ‘looks white’ as long as you don’t have a cleaner white nearby. It’s touch and go with some of the popular white quartz countertops simply because they don’t have the same yellow in them.

Best Benjamin Moore White paint colour for kitchen cabinets, Simply White. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo



  • If you have white appliances, you’ll definitely notice the difference as Simply White will look CONSIDERABLY more yellow against white appliances.
  • Simply White will be a brighter white than Cloud White or White Dove (next up).
  • If you want to enhance cool paint colors, Simply White is a great choice, knowing that the cool paint colors can slightly enhance the warmth of Simply White.
  • Simply White is a pretty shade of white for various beige/tan paint colors, as long as they don’t have orange-pink undertones.

 The Full Color Review of Benjamin Moore Simply White



White Dove is my PERSONAL favorite regarding Benjamin Moore’s warm white paint colors. So, let’s take a closer look at this bad boy…

  1. White Dove is a SOFT white, not a bright one, giving it a gentler approach.
  2. White Dove has a yellow undertone, but it’s muted by a neutral base – more so than Simply White.
  3. Regarding flexibility, White Dove is the MOST flexible of the three, humoring a wide range of wall partners, including many shades of beige, greige, gray, and more colorful hues.

Benjamin Moore White Dove, a popular warm white in a foyer hallway with arched doorways and high ceiling. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

However, whereas Simply White has a higher LRV, putting it closer to the TRUE white end of things, with White Dove’s lower LRV (83), White Dove most often LOOKS like a soft white. So, rather than being more crisp and bright, it looks more delicate and subtle.

Paint Colors & LRV – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Read

Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, White Dove trim, travertine stacked stone fireplace, tobacco brown leather chairs, gray carpet. Kylie M Interiors E-design, online paint color consulting. Best blue paint


SAMPLIZE offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are AFFORDABLE, EASY, & SHOW UP ON YOUR DOORSTEP IN 1 DAY!

Online paint color consulting, Benjamin Moore White Dove, peel and stick Samplize partnered with Kylie M Interiors edesign

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE



White Dove is softer looking than the shades of white that builders USUALLY use on trims and doors. So, if you have an existing white that’s BRIGHTER than White Dove and want to repaint one surface, you’ll likely want to paint the other white surfaces for consistency and flow.

Do My Trims, Walls & Cabinets Need To Be The SAME WHITE PAINT COLOR?

Stairwell with gray carpet and Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray, lightened by 25%. Benjamin Moore Gibraltar Cliffs feature wall. Kylie M INteriors Edesign



White Dove looks AMAZING on cabinets and furniture. However, when it comes to kitchens, it presents the same challenges as Cloud White in that it rarely blends well with other whites (trims/appliances) or with SOME of the more modern white quartz/marble countertops.

However, if, like my next client, you want a slightly more layered/less-blending approach, White Dove can be a STUNNING choice…

White Dove painted kitchen cabinets, zellige tile backsplash, Calacatta Botanica white quartz marble look countertop, counter stools cognac leather. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

SHOULD You Paint Your Cabinets White? A Fun Questionnaire



White Dove is my favorite shade of white for walls. With its passive warmth, it can settle nicely in a south-facing room, enhancing its warmth. On the other hand, it will look more subdued in a north-facing room as the gray light in the windows calms that warmth down a bit. Although, if you’re looking for predictable WARMTH, in any exposure, this might not be warm enough, and you’ll want to check out the cream colors or a white with more yellow in it.

Interior doors painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, white oak look flooring, black hardware. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

Oak wood floors in kitchen with wood island, red oak floor, Caesarstone Staturio Nuvo white quartz countertop, pendants, mural in eating nook,. White Dove walls. Kylie M Interiors E-Design

Comparing colors is one of the best ways to find your best shade. If you’re exploring White Dove, I recommend checking out Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (even though I PERSONALLY have mixed feelings about it, people love it!) and Sherwin Williams Alabaster (one of SW’s best warm whites), as well as Greek Villa.



  • If you choose White Dove, you’ll want ALL of the white surfaces in the room to be White Dove.
  • With white appliances, White Dove will look quite a bit warmer and softer – you may want to look at stainless steel appliances (or a different shade of white).
  • White Dove is great for any room – north, south, east, or west as long as you understand how it can shift from space to space (losing some warmth in northern or eastern light and warming up in southern and afternoon western light).
  • I find White Dove the most FLEXIBLE of the three whites when accommodating paint colors for the walls.
  • If you partner White Dove with cool paint colors/finishes, this will slightly enhance its warmth.
  • White Dove really loves to be partnered with warm earth tones, including some of the popular beige/tan paint colors, as well as many warm gray, greige, and taupe paint colors.
  • Of these three, White Dove is the best white paint color for the average home. I only shift to Cloud White or Simply White when I need a more noticeable warmth.



At first glance, Chantilly Lace doesn’t look warm, which is part of its appeal. This popular shade of white has an LRV just over 90, making it a bright white (but not a true white). And while it has a wink of warmth (yellow), you’ll hardly know it unless you compare it to a true shade of white like Sherwin Williams High Reflective White.

As shown in this gorgeous kitchen, the SUPER subtle warmth of Chantilly Lace shows up against the slightly cool tones of the marble backsplash and quartz countertop…

Kitchen, wood floor, MSI Miraggio Duo white quartz countertop, gold brass cabinet hardware, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Kylie M Interiors, online paint color consulting, marble subway tile backsplash.

This might have you thinking it’s the PERFECT white for your home; however, being a brighter white, it’s not what everyone looks for when they think of a typical ‘warm white.’ It lives in the green-yellow family. You won’t know to look at it, so don’t worry. It has such a LOW chroma that its backdrop is softer than a true white, with no obvious undertone. In fact, knowing that it’s in this family blows my mind, based on my hands-on experience with it in every type of home. I don’t like green-yellow hues at all…ever, yet I wouldn’t hesitate to use this badass beauty in my home.

Just remember, white reflects light thanks to its high LRV. And with Chantilly Lace being higher than many others, it reflects a LOT of light.

Check out this next photo – on the left-hand wall, you see a yellow (yellow-green) hue. On the left upper cabinet, there’s a touch of pink undertone. Now, move to the far left and see a cooler, grayish cast. THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE!

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace painted white kitchen cabinets, Kylie M Edesign & Truley Home collaboration,MSI Calacatta Miraggio Duo white quartz countertop, marble subway tile backsplash, stainless steel, wood floor.

What’s the Best White Paint Color for a Room With North-Facing Light?



  • Chantilly Lace is Benjamin Moore’s most versatile, bright white.
  • Sherwin Williams doesn’t have a color that quite compares – your closest would be Sherwin Williams Extra White or maybe White Snow.
  • Chantilly Lace is a popular choice for marble finishes and ‘whole home’ trim/ceiling/door applications.



To get a warm shade of white, you need either yellow, pink (red) or orange undertones. There aren’t any great warm whites that cater to orange – yellow and pink are the typical hues. So, if you’re looking for a warm white with no yellow, the only way to get warmth will be via pink. The best whites with pink undertones are Benjamin Moore Atrim White and Sherwin Williams Arcade White.

Sherwin Williams PUre White, small bathroom powder room, black hexagon tile floor, wood vanity, white countertop. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

As for the best warm white with the LEAST amount of noticeable yellow undertone, I would check out Sherwin Williams Pure White. It has yellow in it, but it’s the most subtle approach. If you find that ALL whites look yellow, consider adjusting the Kelvins of your bulbs to be above 3000K.

With Benjamin Moore, your best shot at no yellow undertones (before you head into the cool whites) will be Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. It has the least yellow undertone while offering a passive (suuuuper passive) warmth. Benjamin Moore Oxford White also takes a reasonable shot at the title but does have more of an undertone than Chantilly.

If a white doesn’t have yellow, pink, or orange hues – it’s not warm. 



I have a TON of related articles if you’d like to learn more!

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Not sure which white is best for you and your home? 

Check out my affordable Online Color Consulting

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Chat soon,

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  1. I thought I posted this comment but I do not see it so I apologize if it shows up twice.

    I love all the info you have so kindly taken the time to share. I have a new home being built and need to make my paint selections pronto. I am only allowed one paint color for the walls and ceilings and have chosen BM Balboa Mist. Please let me know if you think this is too dark for ceilings and walls. I am torn between BM Cloud White and Simply White for kitchen cabinets and all interior trim. My hardwood floors will be a greyish warm brown (if that makes sense, a little bit of a taupey grey hue) and my countertops will be white shimmery quartz with a soft gray backsplash. I am going for bright, light, clean, but warm, wispy and soft but not dingy or drab feeling. Any advice or suggestions on the safest route for paint color choices would be appreciated so much. Load of thanks in advance for your time.

    1. Hi Nikky, Balboa Mist is a lovely colour and great for most walls, but you might find it a bit too grayish for ceilings everywhere – particularly in darker/north facing rooms. ‘Ideally’ your ceiling could be a lighter colour, even Silver Satin – just to take that gray edge off of things a bit…
      And just so you know, it does have a bit of a taupe/purple undertone to be aware of, but it will give you that soft wispy warm look you are going for in most rooms!

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Kylie,
    Very interesting post! Especially since this is the dilemma I now find myself having with my soon to be kitchen. I have to paint the cupboards and I’m going with white of course. The kitchen is very large with a red brick fireplace on one side. The cuboards are directly across from the fireplace on the opposite side. I was thinking of white dove but do you think tne fireplace should make a difference in the colour i choose for cabinets? I have med brown wood floors and i will do a white quartz countertop with white or off white subway tile as a backsplash….at least that’s what I am thinking. What do you think?
    Thanks for any advice…

    1. I’m looking at repainting my trim and going my kitchen cabinets the same color. My appliances are stainless but I’m considering a white apron sink. Will White Dove look okay next to a white sink, or will it have the same effect as the white appliances would? Thanks!!

  3. Hey my Ginger friend! Okay, so yes, I see this a lot, where the cabinets are more creamy/yellow toned and the trim is white. It really is about finding a nice happy medium. For the walls, Accessible Beige is a beauty, one of my fave neutrals. Hmmm, I would take a look at SW Alabaster for the trim, maybe it could be a happy medium between the yellow tone of the cabinets while still being soft enough to entertain beige walls???!!!

    I hope that helps 🙂

  4. Hi Angie! Well BM Cloud White is usually the default for that look when it comes to ‘warm white’. You can also look at SW Alabaster and Whitetail which are also beautiful warm whites…

  5. Hi Kylie

    I am looking to repaint the kitchen cabinets an off white. designer suggested SW Dover White…because that is what my doors and trim are but I would really like to do a warmer white then this…more of an off white I guess. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Kylie,

    I am wondering what white is often recommended/used for ceilings/trims/doors? I am thinking of using simply white in my back living room that has a higher ceiling with two exposed beams and then either cloud white or white dove in the bedrooms. Was wondering if a certain white would be better for ceiling/trim/doors. Your video was great!!! If you have better suggestions, I would love it!

    Thank you!!

    1. Post

      Hi Traci, sorry for the SUPER delayed reply – just catching up on comments!~ NOw a lot can depend on your wall colours and exposures, but I find that White Dove is pretty darned versatile as while there’s some warmth in it, it also has a decent neutral base that calms it down, so it isn’t quite as creamy as Cloud White. It’s hard to go completely wrong with EITHER, but I do lean toward White Dove 🙂

  7. Hi Kylie,
    I’m wondering what white to paint my trim as I have antique white on my cupboards and am afraid of the trim looking “too white/blue” next to them .
    Thanks, Monique

    1. Post

      Hi Monique, it always depends on which antique white. Some are more yellow others are more beige/cream. My best advice would be SW Pure White which is a WHITE with a tiny drop of yellow in it (but really, it’s white that just white that shouldn’t go blue) or BM Cloud White which as a soft creamy base.
      Good luck!

  8. Hi Kylie, thank you for all you great advise on choosing paint colours.. I know your very busy with your business and this blog so I appreciate you taking the time to respond. My husband and I just bought a 22 year old house that we are updating. My question is what white would be good for a post and beem wood ceiling ? I want to also do the walls the same colour. The huge windows in this room face east. Meaning we get a lot of sun coming in. My furniture in this space is camel in colour with dark wood trim. Hardwood floors in med walnut.
    Thank you in advance for your help,
    Kind regards,
    Dene R

    1. Post
  9. Hello,

    Great article on Whites. I am re-painting every thing in my kitchen. If I paint my cabinets dove white, is the trend to paint walls, trim,doors and ceiling all the same white? Or can I paint just the trim and doors dove white to match cabinets and do a greige on the walls for contrast?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Post

      Hi Amanda! Some people like to have all of the surfaces the same. However, I personally like the trim/doors/ceiling the same, but might be inclined to shift things a bit on the walls. As for cabinets, when it comes to whites it can be the most simple approach to do them the same colour as the trim as it’s nice to keep the undertones consistent, so you don’t need to worry about matching those up. Now Dove White is a more subdued look for cabinets/trim/ceiling/etc… (and I’m wondering if you might mean White Dove?). If you meant White Dove then yes, it would be great on cabinets, trim/ceiling, doors and EVEN walls if you really wanted. If you mean Dove White, I might do that just on the cabinets and then shift to a lighter white for the trim/ceilings/doors as the cabinets will be closer to a white/off-white than a real white. I hope that helps!

  10. Hello
    I very much like Cambria Torquay for Countertop in my kitchen. I am having a difficult time deciding on Cabinet color. I was set on BM Dove White but depending on the designer I talk to, I get different answers. Some say it looks yellow and dirty compared to some sort of bright white. Yet an you have mentioned that it has the grey/beige. May I request your opinion please. Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Riz! Yes, White Dove can look dirty/yellow compared to a clean gray. It is a warm white (hence the yellow) with a kind of greige/grayed out base (hence the dirty). And yes, generally speaking it’s better to go with a more clean white. Could you get away with White Dove? Yes (whereas you couldn’t get away with Cloud White), but you would be better off with something along the lines of SW Pure White.

  11. Hi….. I live in a small condo with a galley kitchen (no window), we are painting all the cabinets, trim and doors throughout the unit. Our cabinet maker made our 1/2 bath cabinet/vanity a year ago and it appears to be a color similar to white dove (bm), possibly a little lighter tone. I informed him I wanted the kitchen cabinets, master bath vanity and all the doors painted the same color as the 1/2 bath vanity….. the color came out WHITE! Nothing has been installed but the frames have already been painted. With having a small galley kitchen with no window and only very little natural light coming into the living area and two bedrooms would you recommend I stay with the WHITE ? He is willing to repaint everything White Dove or a similar color. I was leaning towards White Dove (so many on-line recommendations), but possibly White Dove may look to yellow in my small and lightless condo. Should I stick with the WHITE? All my walls are grey tones except the bathrooms which are a taupe/grey. Thanks so much for your advice. My painter/cabinet maker is waiting patiently for my answer. I realize he has hours into painting, but I have a lifetime in my condo. Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Carrie, it’s hard to say without photos as a LOT depends on the countertop/flooring and whether they suit a bright white or something softer. Off the top of my head, I would say White Dove should work, but really that’s just a guess that I can’t really stand behind without seeing the space! I do have E-design services where I can actually spend time with your room and figure out it’s specific needs, if that interests you, the link is here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  12. Painting the interior walls either agreeable gray or repose gray. Northern exposure. Which white do you recommend for trims, doors, and ceiling for either of those colors? We’ll be painting today. Hopefully we hear back from you soon. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Junior, usually I refer to my e-design for personal questions! I try to give away as much free advice as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it can be time for a closer look – that’s how I bring home the bacon 😉
      I have several blog posts dedicated to this topic such as:
      Hopefully you can find what you need there!


  13. Hi Kylie,

    I had my bleached oak cabinets painted with BM simply white and its too stark, for the lighting and white truffle quartz counters and white/grey marble back splash, I’m switching to BM dove grey for the cabinets and trim and doors, and ceiling. I have very little wall exposure, would you suggest the dove grey or a contrast? Do the cabniets need to be brought down to a primer coat before repainting from simply white to dove white. And semi gloss to satin?

    Thank you,

    Mary Beth

    1. Post

      Hi Mary Beth! When it comes to more details personal questions, I do refer to my E-design packages where I can take a look at your home – otherwise I’m just making my best ‘guess’ for you. I do try to give as much complimentary info as I can on my blog, and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look!

  14. Hi Kylie !

    I need some serious help!! Currently my ceilings are pine with chocolate brown beams running through the ceiling. I am painting the pine white.
    Initially, I was thinking about doing cloud white for my ceiling, and having my walls done either edge comb grey or grey owl. Keeping in mind that the chocolate brown beams will stay the brown colour. Will the cloud white not blend well with either the edge comb grey or grey owl?? Would I be better off with simply white or white dove instead ??

    Thanks so much !!

    1. Post

      Hi Meghan, Cloud White isn’t a BAD choice, but I think that White Dove might just be a touch softer. Cloud White just has a bit more creamy warmth in it that can be enhanced when paired with slightly cooler colours. Again, not BAD, but I think White dove would be better!

  15. Hi Kylie! I have a little dilemma. My cabinets that just arrived are Cloud white, beautiful! The trim that I have already painted (only two rooms so far) are White dove as well as the ceiling. But now I’m torn. I don’t know whether to do my crown that will go over the cabinets and the entire main room in Cloud white or White dove! Should I change all my trim to Cloud white?? Also trying to pick a slighting darker white for all my walls… help!

    1. Post

      Hi Naomi, it’s ideal if you can keep the trims and cabinets the same colour, this way you don’t have to worry about mixing n’ matching and having one colour make another look more yellow/gray/etc… 🙂

      1. Thanks Kylie! Do you have any suggestions for the walls then? I want something slightly darker but still with the appearance of offwhite/cream.

  16. Hi!

    Wondering what color trim would look best in the house I’m building:

    Paint colors in the house include edgecomb gray (main living open concept area), gray cashmere (guest bdrm) , ballet white (master bdrm), and stonington gray (this is in a bathroom with carerra marble counters)

    The house white vinyl windows, medium white oak hardwood floors throughout white cabinets (kitchen and bathrooms)

    Thank you!

    1. Post
  17. Hi,

    We just painted our whole house in White Dove and are now trying to figure out what white paint color to paint our kitchen cabinets. Does it make sense to stick with White Dove as well and maybe just change the finish to a semi gloss for the cabinets? We will be having wood countertops and stainless steel appliances.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks so much!

    1. Post

      Hi Hannah, yes it DOES make sense, this way you don’t need to worry about competing undertones. I would look at satin or pearl finish though, just so it isn’t TOO reflective 😉

  18. Hi Kylie,

    I am building a new house & my cabinets are simply white. I am thinking that simply white would be best on all the trim as well but wondering about all the doors in the house and ceiling.? Should they too be simply white?

    Thank you kindly? Love your page!

    1. Post

      Hi Crystal – yes, I’m usually inclined to keep my whites consistent and simple throughout, only changing if i HAVE to…

  19. Hi I’m painting the outside of our house in Florida. I would like to use Revere Pewter for the trim and torn between Cloud White or White Dove for the house. Also I read I could have the Revere Pewter made 25%darker would you advise that I’m just not sure if Revere Pewter might be a little to light thank you

    1. Post

      Hi Bonnie! Without having seen your home and it’s roof/stone/landscaping/exposure, I would ‘generally’ lean more toward White Dove or Cloud White. As for lightening/darkening again, it depends on your exposure. If you’re southern, the light can make a paint colour look a bit lighter!

  20. The tile Molly inquired about is Vetro Nutra Listello Sfalsato in matte or lux – color Blanco purchase at statementstile.com

  21. Great post! Very timely too as I currently have most of these paint chips sitting on my counter! We just bought our first house and are excited to redecorate. We’ve picked out Revere Peweter for the north facing rooms and Shoji White for the 2-story west facing foyer. Trim and doors have us a bit stumped which led me to this post. We were thinking Simply White or Pure White to go with both Shoji White and Revere Pewter which leads to my question: can you mix Sherwin and Benjamin on the same wall? Is that weird? Is there a BM equivalent to Shoji White? Another color you’d recommend that could complement both? Thanks so much for all you do!

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah! I lean a bit more toward Pure White. I love the clean ‘white’ of it and less warmth than Simply White. And yes you can TOTALLY mix brands, I do it ALL the time 😉 The only time you can sometimes see a shift is in the sheen as different brands sheens can be slightly different. Even within a BRAND there’s a change in sheen in each ‘level’ of paint. But with changing depth of colour it won’t be as noticeable 🙂


  22. Hi there
    I am desperately trying to find your back splash in your cover photo.
    I have matched all the rest, counters, cupboards and really love this imperfect subway mosaic natural stone tile and the color.
    Could you please provide me with the details. Heathverin@gmail.com
    Thank you!

    1. Post
  23. I just found your site a couple days ago and am obsessed with it! I don’t have a great eye for color and your videos/articles are very helpful. I am considering painting the main part of my house (hallways, family room, kitchen) in a BM White Dove per someones suggestion. I am looking for a trim to stand out, in the Sherwin Williams family. I am not a fan of yellow so don’t want to bring that out. Will SW Pure White have enough of a contrast if I use it for all trim and doors?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion!

    1. Post

      Hi Allyson, you can certainly look at SW Pure White, but truth be told it does have a wee wink of yellow in it. I wonder if you might prefer SW High Reflective White…

  24. Hi Kylie,
    I’ve been reading your blogs for some time and just love all the info you provide. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    I have a question about paint for the fireplace in my family room. It is currently painted white down and I have cloud white trim in throughout the house. I’ve recently painted the walls revere pewter and I find the fireplace now looks more yellow. Would white dove be a good choice for the fireplace even though my trim is cloud white? The ceiling is white stucco and hasn’t been painted in years. I don’t want something so white that the ceilings look dingy. The room has northern exposure. Thank you in advance!

    1. Post

      WEll, it’s tough to mix whites. If it were ME, I would stay consistent and do the fireplace in Cloud White for sure. If you did anything, you could ask them to add 4 ounces of white to it, which would clean it up a bit – but that’s all I’d do…

  25. Didn’t realize my master bathroom vanitie were
    “Off “ white (like on the verge of yellow…)
    What white would be complimentary to shiplap that is behind cabinet?

  26. What is your thought on mixing these together within a room? We have a large living room (northern facing big window) and are thinking of using Simply White for the trim/mantle with Cloud White or White Dove for the walls in a matte finish. Would that provide a nice slight contrast to highlight the trim and molding or would the differences in the white clash?

    1. Post

      Hi Michale, when it comes to whites, I’m more inclined to use the SAME white and then let the change in sheens do the work for me! Walls are often matte/eggshell, whereas trims are satin or semi-gloss. Just this can set things off just slightly without having to mix n match undertones!

  27. Hi!! I’m super late finding this article but would love some advice please. We are building a new home and the kitchen cabinets are going to be cloud white. The trim on top of the kitchen cabinets is going to continue as the moulding into dining room. I hope that makes sense. I would keep the same sheen as the cabinets then right? What colour should the walls be then if we’re keeping them “white”? The dining room may have some wainscoting and a wallpaper on top but for the rest of the house (living room is close) what should are white walls be?? Thank you thank you!!

    1. Post

      Hi Jessie, thank you for your note! Yes, I would keep the trim/cabinets the same colour and sheen for sure! When it comes to personal paint questions, I generally have to guide readers to my E-design packages, so I can take a look at the home and it’s needs/exposures/finishes, otherwise I’m just guessing. Off the top of my head, I’d be inclined to keep the walls Cloud White and let the change in sheen do the work for you! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/


  28. Hi Kylie,

    I have been reading your articles about whites (a bit too late for me) and have learned so much! We recently moved and I had all my trim, doors and built-ins painted cloud white and my walls painted Manchester Tan. We have lots of earth tones in our house (tan travertine tile, honey oak floors, medium toned cherry cabinets, and black and brown speckled granite) which is why I went with cloud white. I feel that it goes too creamy for my taste in a couple of different areas, especially in our northern lit room. I have tried to deal with it, but it still bothers me. I am considering repainting the trim and built-in in this room. Would you suggest a 50% mix of cloud white or adding 4 ounces of white to a gallon to get a less creamy look?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Post

      Hi Amy! Without seeing it, it’s just a guess, but maybe switching to BM White Dove would be a smart move!

  29. Hello,
    This is a very helpful article -thank you! I am painting my walls in silver mist by Benjamin Moore. I was planning on doing dove white on all trim, but now I am not sure of I should use a crisper white. Is there a white you would suggest?
    Thank you!!

    1. Post
  30. Hi Kylie. I am wanting to paint my home in Simply White. Of all the whites I sampled this one works. I have a heard that its eall difficult to use this white to cover other colours. So many people have told me to be prepared to do at least 3 coats. This is whats keeping me from starting to use this colour. This was said by a professional painter. Could you clear this up. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Post

      Well Ann, I had the exact same issue – I wish I only had to do 3 coats (I went 6)…this colour just doesn’t have enough tint in it to cover well. Make sure that you prime, even 2 coats of primer. And ask the paint store to add 4 ounces of white to the gallon, this BARELY BARELY affects the colour, but it does help with the coverage, as it’s adding tint to the mix…i hope that helps!

  31. Hello Kylie! This is one of the BEST articles I have read about paint color. I built my house 7 years ago and my
    Kitchen cabinets are creamy white. And my walls are Benjamin Moore summer suede. Ugh! Now I wish my cabinets were Simply white. I would like to paint my kitchen walls white. Please help!! I LOVE the greys and Greiges. What paint Color goes best with Cream colored cabinets ???
    Please HELP


  32. What paint finish should I use if I paint my trim and walls white dove. It is an east facing room and is in our basement?

    1. Post
  33. Hello, I would like to know if it will look ok if I paint my walls BM Cloud White and my trim, ceilings doors and crown molding chantilly lace. Will those colours looknok ?

    1. Post

      Hi Lena, I don’t think I would. Chantilly is pretty darned white/crisp and can even flash a bit cool looking, whereas Cloud White is SO warm. I think they are too far apart…

  34. Hi there! What a great piece this is!!!! I am
    Using white dove on the cabinets,doors and trim
    In a kitchen Reno. Do I also use it on the ceiling?

    1. Post

      You bet, I would keep it consistent 🙂 you’ll find that the ceilings do shade themselves slightly though, which is only natural 🙂

  35. We just painted our trim and doors cloud white and we are happy with it. I was thinking of painting walls white dove but now I am not so sure after reading your article. Thoughts?

    1. Post

      Ooo Shelley, I wouldn’t. I would stick with Cloud White walls as well. I just find that Cloud White is a bit warmer and it could make White Dove just look dingy in comparison. Plus, the sheen shift from satin or semigloss trim to matte or eggshell walls will give you a bit of a shift 🙂

  36. This is such great advice. I am taking your advice to paint walls/trim and ceiling with Simply White because I love the look. However I now need to choose a cabinet colour for the kitchen and I dont think its a good idea to paint the kitchen the same as everything else. Are there any whites you suggested that would work well with Simply White. Quick research showed me I like Classic Gray, Creamy White, White Dove and Swiss Coffee. My fixtures are gold. So excited for your opinion!

    1. Hello- Did you ever find a color for your cabinets? We are going with Simply white for walls and trim but want to figure out best white for cabinets so there is no clashing or making the walls look more yellow.

  37. Hi Kylie. Great information here. I painted my kitchen cabinets Simply White. I have a large open space… Family room/Kitchen/Dining. Two large columns separating area also painted Simply White. I painted the walls quickly when we moved in BM Cumulus Cloud which has too much blue in it. I have a Theatre Grayish Green Arhaus Sectional. Does not look good with paint color. SHould I continue the Simply WHite Matte on the walls in the entire space or bring it up a bit with Cloud White or White Dove?? I live in a cold climate with a West facing house.

    Thanks Danylle

  38. Hi Kylie,
    You have the best design blog on the whole internet! So informative and generous. I have a question I haven’t seen answered after poring through countless pages and comments, though surely I’m not alone in having this quandary. I’m headed towards a warm white (north-facing) kitchen, but paralyzed by the fact that my windows are standard factory-issue white vinyl. Which is a cold white. Do people just ignore this and go ahead anyway with warmer white trim ( Cloud White/Simply White/White Dove)? The idea is making me twitchy, but I don’t see a way around it without going cold for the whole room, which I really don’t want to do.
    Thank you for any expertise you could share to get me off the bench!

    1. Post

      Well thank you! And yes, at some point we have to let our windows go and embrace what the rest of the space/home needs. If you’re still twitchy, SW Pure White can be a nice balance as it’s not QUITE as warm as the others, but still not stark white by any stretch. I call it ‘like White Dove with a bit less warmth’ :).

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  40. Hi Kylie,

    I am building an open concept cottage with a cathedral shiplap ceiling with very large windows facing the sun all day. I love the white dove and went with that for my kitchen cabinets. I was hesitate to put it throughout that it might be too off white for trims, doors and ceilings so I went with simply white for ceilings (including vaulted ceiling), trim and doors. I am really questioning my decision now, especially where it is open concept so you will see the white dove cabinets against the high shiplap living room ceiling. Nothing has been painted yet. Please help me!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Laura! Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t mix the two whites and would stick with White Dove. Also Simply White has more yellow in it, although it’s a ‘whiter white’. For a minor adjustment you COULD ask them to add some shots of white to the gallon of White Dove, which does clean it up a wink and improve the coverage. Some stores call them shots, others call them drops, but the idea is that it’s adding approx 4 to the gallon :).

      1. Hi Kylie,

        I did this and had them add 4 ounces to a gallon . Is that the same as “shots”? I hope iI did it right?!🤔😊

        1. Post
  41. I’m having trouble choosing a white to stain my exterior brick. We want a warmer white but are facing west. Lost of sunlight and I don’t want it to look too stark. We chose a very dark grey for the doors and windows – which will almost look black if there is no black elesewhere on the house….

    I’m hesitating between oc17 and cc40.

    Any thoughts? Once I stain it, it cannot be undone…

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  43. Hey Kylie
    I am building a new house. Not necessarily farmhouse style. I am wanting my cabinets to not be white white but very light. I want my cabinets and trim to be the same and my walls and ceiling to be the same. What would be two light colors i can put together to keep it calm with soft light. House is North facing with all windows across open concept kitchen and den area. Thank you

    1. Post

      Oh, it can SOOOO depend on the countertops, tiles, etc… but you could check out BM White Dove with Ballet White or SW Pure White with SW White Duck 🙂

  44. Kylie,
    What are you thoughts about Benjamin Moore Mountain peak white? We are painting ceiling and trims with it . As much as I am loving the new warmth, getting a bit nervous if it will look yellow now. Nervous 🙂

    1. Post

      Hiya~ If it were ME, I would find it a bit too yellow for ceilings and trims and would lean more into BM Oxford White or BM Chantilly Lace even – I also love Simply White if you want a bit more warmth :).

  45. Hello,
    I’m wanting to paint my walls drift of mist. I’m having a hard time picking a color for the trim and my cabinets (island will be painted pepercorn). After reading your posts about painting white on white I’m worried those two colors won’t go together bc of undertones! I was thinking pure white with drift of mist! Do you have a white your would recommend? I’m not wanting a bright white! Something on the softer side, but not yellow!
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Post

      oooo yes, I like the idea of Pure White and Drift of Mist. High Reflective White would be TOO bright for you, but Alabaster would be too yellow ;).


  47. Hi Kylie,

    My walls are SW Pure White 7005 and I am trying to decide on a white fireplace plaster color to pair with it. I was thinking SW Greek Villa or BM White Dove, but Greek Villa almost has green undertones and White Dove is coming off sort of taupe. I want the white to be warm if anything and not come off grey/taupe. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Post

      Hi Christine, you’re coming across the reason why I almost ALWAYS suggest using the same white in a room for any finish. One white will expose the undertones of another and you can easily have things clashing!

  48. Hi Kylie,

    I am painting the trim in my house White Dove, but wanting it a bit cleaner/whiter. Would you suggest lightening it by 25 or 50%? If not, what would you suggest?

    1. Post
  49. Hi Kylie,

    I selected Nordic white cabinets ( also have a combination of frappe oak and charcoal oak cabinets) in the kitchen and thinking of using BM white dove paint for walls/trims/ceilings/doors. Would this work well with the Nordic white cabinets?

    Alternatively, should I do doors/ trims and cabinets Nordic white and keep walls and ceilings as white dove?

    1. Post
  50. Hi Kylie,

    I’m debating using white dove or cloud white for my whole house color. Do you recommend using both as ceiling paint in addition to trim for those two?


    1. Post
  51. Hi Kyle I want to thank you for such excellent advise . I have been reading about the 2012 old granite and I have one of those disasters, I love my Sienna Bordeaux leathered countertops and dark brown/grey cabinets but my backsplash is patterned travertine and glass. We can’t take the backsplash out right now so we are going to paint it. The granite is similar is colour to the saint Cecilia I was looking to use SW alabaster white, in semi gloss , the walls and ceiling are not painted yet so I could do the same on the ceiling but now I was reading about BM-OC17 , the kitchen is on a north wall so it’s fairly dark. What would you suggest.
    Thank you

  52. Hello Kyle, after a month of hand wringing I think I’ve discovered the most beautiful, warm, neutral, rich white:
    Benjamin Moore’s “Gardenia”.
    At first I was unsure because BM describe it as a “bright white with soft pink undertones” but the swatch did not look pink at all when I placed it next to a hundred other “whites”. I kept coming back to it so I finally went for it.
    I have used BM Gardenia in my kitchen where one end of the room is darker than the other & where there are a lot of windows with green landscape light coming through.
    Absolutely no conflicts! No matter where the paint sits, no matter what light is or isn’t hitting it it simply looks stunning & not pink, not even a smidge. . I painted the molding & trim the same color but in semi-gloss obviously & used Matte on the walls. Gorgeous. It looks rich & warm.
    The only negative I have to offer is the quality of the Benjamin Moore “Regal” paint itself; thin with not great coverage. I’m used to using Sherwin Williams “Duration” which is thick & sticks to the walls like mud – often only needing one coat. With the BM “ Regal” I used 3 coats to get the desired coverage. Given the price point that was disappointing but quickly overcome with the end result.
    Highly recommend BM Gardenia to anyone wanting a rich warm neutral white.

    1. Post

      Oooo, what a great comment – this is good to know! I haven’t used Gardenia much because of it’s weeee tiny wink of pink – so tiny that it might not even show up in spots, which seems to be the case for you!

      I’m so glad you love it :). Also, NO whites cover well, so consider yourself lucky at 3 coats – BM Simply White took me 7!!!

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