Best white paint color, Benjamin Moore Super White. Modern farmhouse dining room, white oak, floating shelves, chandelier. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consulting

The 5 Types of White Paint Colours: Warm, Cool, True & More!

How to find the BEST (right) white for your walls, cabinets & trim

White paint colours are definitely ON-TREND right now on both interior walls and exteriors, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pick. Warm, cool, bright, soft – where do you even BEGIN?

Right here.

Staircase, white spindles, wood stairs, best white paint colour, Sherwin Williams Pure White. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting (2)

We’re going to look at the FIVE types of white paint colours. When looking for the best white for the job, you’ll want to figure out which TYPE of white best suits your room – not based on your personal preferences, but on the NEEDS of your room and its finishes! I know, this can be a tough pill to swallow, but if you take a swig of wine, it’ll go down easier, wink wink. #justjokingkindof


Bright whites are just what they claim to be – bright white. If you can’t picture one in your mind, just think of my pasty white Ginger legs. Now, being bright doesn’t mean whites have an absence of undertone (although some do), it just means they have a more traditional (or genuine) approach to white compared to many other whites.

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a bright white. It has an LRV of 91.7 along with a yellow undertone…

Popular warm white paint colour. Benjamin Moore Simply White , Collingwood gray walls, oak flooring, Kylie M Interiors Edesign,


The bright white range starts at approx. 90 LRV and goes up from there. Not sure what LRV is? It basically tells you how light or dark a  colour is on a scale of 0-100, 100 being the WHITEST. In the paint world, white only goes up to 94, so, with an LRV of 90, you’re looking at a lovely bright, but not TRUE white paint colour.


In bright whites, the undertone you’ll find the most of is yellow. And while this undertone can be there, because we’re dealing with such HIGH LRVs, it can be less noticeable on the large scale, especially in bright rooms where you get a lot of light bouncing around the room (as shown above). This bright light ENHANCES and brightens a bright white even more, and we lose much of the colour in the process. The undertones in bright whites can also be less noticeable UNTIL you compare them to a white that’s true or the opposite undertone.

Benjamin Moore Super White is a bright white with its LRV of 89.09. While it can look DARNED WHITE, especially in a well-lit room, it has a slightly cool blue undertone.

Best white paint color, Benjamin Moore Super White. Modern farmhouse dining room, white oak, floating shelves, chandelier. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consulting

Not seeing blue in the above photo? That’s because this is a south-facing room and the warm rays are balancing Super White a bit.


  • with cool colour palettes, especially surfaces like marble (use cool bright whites, which we’ll get into below)
  • they prefer clean colour palettes more so than earth-toned/dirty ones
  • but they CAN work with earth-tone or neutral palettes depending on the undertone of the white and the types of colours chosen – soft whites are often better

Super White is looking SUPER gorgeous in this cute little powder room…

Benjamin Moore Super White, best white paint color, powder room small bathroom, shiplap, round mirror, black faucet, Kylie M Interiors Edesign - modern farmhouse style


  • north-facing light, as COOL bright whites can look pretty darned stark and icy
  • with countertops/backsplashes that need a softer approach as they have a variety of colours/tones in them, but NOT bright white
  • on exteriors, unless you want a SUPER WHITE look


Soft whites look just like they sound. What does this mean? Well, depending on the LRV you choose, they can either:

1.  Look like a brighter white (even though they aren’t) in the absence of a TRUE white to be directly compared to, or…

2.  Appear softer and more subtle even when there isn’t a clean white to compare them to.

Benjamin Moore White Dove, shown below in Cassie’s room, is a soft white with a warm, but reasonably neutralized cream (yellow) undertone (southern exposure).

Benjamin Moore White Dove, Platinum Gray feature wall, teen tween girl room. Gray carpet. Kylie M Interiors Edesign (4)

You’ll also see White Dove on this exterior looking MUCH STRONGER. You can see how it wouldn’t be mistaken for a ‘bright true white’ as it’s easy to see the warmth and softness of it. This happens a lot on exteriors, as they get so much more DIRECT sunlight, unfiltered by windows. Learn more HERE.

Exterior painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, brick steps and front porch, Weatherwood roof. Kylie M INteriors Edesign. Client photo

Picking Exterior Paint Colours: Does Exposure Matter?


The soft white range starts at approx. 82 LRV and goes up to 89 or so. If you go above 89, you’re in a bright white. Go below 82 and you’re tip-toeing in the OFF-WHITE range.

Sherwin Williams Pure White (below) is another soft white. It has an LRV of 84 and a more muted warmth compared to White Dove…

Living room, stacked stone fireplace, tv, builtins painted Benjamin Cheating Heart, Pure White walls,cognac leather. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant (4)

See more of this Pure White home HERE


With having a slightly lower LRV/depth, soft white paint colours have a bit more colourant/tint in them, giving more opportunity for main and secondary undertones. This can also allow for a ‘toned-down’ look (grayed-out or dirtied), which cuts back on how much of the undertone you see. In BRIGHT whites it can be harder to hide the undertone as bright whites will have less colourant in them (due to their high LRVs).

As for the ACTUAL undertones, you’ll find a wide assortment that’ll vary depending on whether you have a WARM white or a COOL white, which we’ll be getting into shortly.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White (below) is another popular soft, warm white…

Before after, painted maple wood cabinets, warm Cloud White, laminate counterop, gray quartz, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

See the full, budget-friendly remodel HERE


  • they work in almost any palette, as long as it’s not too cool/crisp (it’s best to partner temperatures up though (ie: warm with warm and cool with cool)
  • with many of the popular quartz, marble-look countertops

Pure White, shown here on the kitchen cabinets, walls, ceilings, and trims, is a soft white that can definitely LOOK like white if there isn’t a true white to be directly compared to – but it’s STILL a softie at heart…

Pure White kitchen cabinets, subway tile backsplash, white quartz and oak flooring. Navy blue island Sherwin Williams Cyberspace, prep bar station.

See more of this gorgeous Pure White home HERE

Here’s Pure White again on these kitchen cabinets, along with Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Classic Gray, Collingwood, Sherwin Williams Pure White cabinets, Mindful Gray island, white washoak floor


  • when partnered with existing ‘non-warm white’ trims and cabinets, heavier creams in particular (common in the 2000s)

Should Your Cabinets, Trim & Walls be the SAME WHITE?

Now that we’ve covered DEPTH, numbers 3-5 will refer to TEMPERATURE, which also relates to UNDERTONES…



Just like any other warm paint colour, warm whites will have undertones of yellow, orange, red (pink) or a wink o’ green. The BRIGHTER the white is (90+ LRV), the less likely you are to see orange and green. Why? Well, we’d be going down a BIIIIIG rabbit hole, so I’m going to keep it super simple (and touch on COOL whites in the process, killing two birds with one stone)…

Blue, yellow, and red (pink) are PRIMARY colours and don’t need to be mixed with any other colour to be what they are.

Orange, green, and purple are SECONDARY colours, meaning you need to mix two primary colours together to make them. Well, in colours with high LRVs, you have LESS opportunity for colour mixing only because these colours have SO little colourant in them, that’s what makes them SO WHITE!


In this next photo, we actually darkened Benjamin Moore Cloud White just to give it a BIT more oomph (a super technical term)…

Sherwin Williams Wool Skein, south facing tall ceiling, Cloud White cabinets, open layout. Kylie M interiors Edesign, virtual online color consulting

We can also pull our first two types of white into the picture now as warm whites will either be BRIGHT or SOFT:

  • A BRIGHT WARM white (LRV approx. 90+) – the brightness gives us that higher LRV
  • A SOFT WARM white  (LRV approx. 82-89) – the softness gives us that slightly lower LRV

Living room, transitional style, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, sofa, fireplace and tv, chandelier, warm white walls paint colour. Kylie M Interiors diy

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

In this next photo, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl looks gorgeous with Cloud White on the trims. If you want to increase the warmth of a warm white, you would partner it with a gray, greige or cool-toned paint colour. Opposites attract and make each other stronger (just like me n’ Tim).

Stairs. Reclaimed wood floor and treads, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Cloud White. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour expert (4)

And just look at this gorgeous pairing of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (warm gray) with Benjamin Moore Super White (cool white). This makes me TEN kinds of happy…

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, staircase with red toned oak flooring, white and wood railing, wainscoting. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online consulting blogger

YOUTUBE video review of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


  • in almost any palette, as long as it’s not TOO crisp and cool
  • they can offer an interesting contrast to many gray paint colours as they slightly enhance each other
  • not always the best for marble or quartz countertops
  • they’re a nice balance to cooler northern light

Sherwin Williams Alabaster (trim/wainscoting) is a wicked warm white, well-suited to other warm-toned finishes, as shown in this entryway/staircase…

Sherwin Williams Natural Tan, Alabaster trim, traditional formal staircase with travertine tile floor. Kylie M Interiors edesign, popular beige and tan paint colors

Professional photo by JR Photography


  • with existing ‘non-warm white’ trims and cabinets, especially cream or cool whites
  • south-facing or western afternoon light IF the white is considerably warm
  • tricky with traditionally brighter and cooler products such as marble

As shown in this next photo, warm whites won’t suit cooler surfaces nearly as well as BRIGHT or TRUE whites. The warm white of the cabinets below was clashing with my Online Colour Consulting client’s existing countertop/backsplash. I suggested Sherwin Williams High Reflective White as a more suitable alternative.

The best paint colours for cabinets, white, with marble backsplash, countertop. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour advice and consulting

The FIVE BEST Almost FOOL-PROOF Whites for Your Home



Just like gray paint colours, cool whites will have either blue, green, or purple undertones, with blue being the most common. Remember, we only need one ‘colour’ to make blue – BLUE, whereas we need two, blue + red (purple) or blue + yellow (green). So, the softer your white is, the more likely you are to get those secondary undertones.

Benjamin Moore Super White is a freakin’ STUNNING cool white and a beautiful contrast to the warmth of the wood flooring and bench seat in this next photo…

Best white paint colour, Benjamin Moore Super White, foyer with Sherwin Gris front door, white oak flooring, built-in bench. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

The 5 Almost FOOL-PROOF White Paint Colours

As it relates to cool white colours, we get to bring our first two whites in again as they’ll be either BRIGHT-COOL or SOFT-COOL:

  • A BRIGHT COOL white (LRV approx. 90+)
  • A SOFT COOL white  (LRV approx. 82-89)


  • partnered with other similarly cool paint colours or interior finishes – make sure the undertones jibe!
  • with white appliances (brand dependant)
  • with many marbles surfaces, particularly soft cool whites
  • a nice balance to southern or western afternoon sunshine as they offer balance to the warm sun coming in the windows
  • alongside many brands of white windows (more so bright cool whites)

Sherwin Williams Extra White is a COOL soft white, with an LRV of 86. I find it funny that so many paint store employees refer to it as the best white when it’s WAY too cool for many finishes – I’ve only suggested it a HANDFUL of times in my E-Design adventures for this reason…

Classic French Gray siding, Extra White and Stillwater front door. Exterior paint colour, pavers. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant. DIY decorating ideas blog. Best paint color for siding or front door

My TOP 10 Exterior E-DESIGN Makeovers

Do you want to NERD-OUT with me for a minute and learn WHY Extra White isn’t so easy to work with? I know you do…

So, Extra White is a paint you can actually take RIGHT off the shelf, have shaken and walk out the door – no colourant added. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean it’s a true white. Extra White COMES as a white with a bit of gray in it. What is gray? Black + white. HOWEVER…Sherwin Williams black has a little touch of blue in it, and this blue gives Extra White that SLIGHTLY cool blue undertone. With an LRV of 86, there was no WAY it was a true white, something had to be in there.

Cool, eh?


  • with existing ‘non-cool white’ trims and cabinets
  • north-facing rooms, as the light is already cool coming in the windows and a cool paint colour will compound the effect
  • with interior finishes that are warm, ie: beige tiles and carpet or countertops with a warm white/cream in them


TRUE white paint colours are definitely the most POPULAR, with soft warm whites coming in a hot second. These more authentic whites can also be classified as being BRIGHT whites with their high LRVs, BUT not all bright whites are true (they have an undertone).

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, white kitchen cabinets and buffet, teal accent stools and home decor. Kylie M Interiors and Alair Homes Nanaimo

Similar to Sherwin Williams High Reflective White

And you’d think there would be one universal white amongst brands that was just good ‘ole white, but because white (in the paint world) only goes up to an LRV of 94 – not 100 which is PURE white, every brand has their OWN version of white. If we actually had a white with an LRV of 100, it would be the same white no matter WHICH brand it was in.

As shown in this next photo, Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is a BEAUTIFUL partner to the marble backsplash and white quartz countertop…

LG white quartz kitchen countertop, High Reflective White cabinets, subway marble tile backsplash. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color blogger and consultant

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is in my TOP THREE fave white paint colours, along with Sherwin Williams Pure White and Benjamin Moore White Dove. It’s just a weeeee willy wink softer than High Reflective White, but a WHACK whiter (again, sorry to be so technical) than Pure White and White Dove.

Painted maple, cherry wood kitchen cabinets in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, Amherst Gray, green granite. Black appliances. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

The 3 Whites I Would NEVER Paint Cabinets or Trim


  • they often partner well with many white appliances
  • traditionally white subway tiles often best suit true white paint colours
  • white windows from many popular brands
  • with some cool and warm whites, depending on the application and how you’re partnering them up (the true white is often best as the trim/cabinet colour)
  • with many of the popular quartz or marble-look countertops

Remember, just because a colour is WHITE doesn’t mean it will lighten up any old space. In this hallway, even a true white like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace looks muted…(and looks WICKED with a Hale Navy backdrop – HALE YES!)

Chantilly Lace and feature wall in Hale Navy Benjamin Moore in boys nursery bedroom. Kylie M Interiors paint colour reviews online paint consulting blog


True white paint colours aren’t as EASY as you’d think…

  • they’re fussy with finishes in a room that don’t have equally as TRUE whites in them, ie. a countertop with a warm white fleck in it
  • with beige and tan finishes they can be particular. Fine for trim, but a tough-sell on walls or cabinets (can depend on exposure as well as other finishes)

Can you use different white paint colours on trims, walls, & cabinets?

If you want to see me twitching in the corner with my thumb in my mouth and an empty bottle of wine and funnel by my side, go ahead, mix whites. And while you CAN mix some whites (it’s easier to do if one of the whites is ‘true’), it can also be a SUPER hot mess.

In this next photo, the soft warm white pantry door, bright white trim, bright white moulding on top of the cabinets and glazed creamy cabinets make me die a bit inside every time I see them…

Cream cabinets with a glaze on them, what paint colours look best. Kylie M Interiors. Similar to Sherwin Williams Antique White

If you DO want to mix whites, here’s a big fat tip…READ THIS BLOG POST (or read it once you’re done the rest of this one)


If you really want to do some mixing, I recommend making me a cake or a mixed tape. On the other hand, if you want to do some PAINT mixing, I recommend using one of the following colours as your MAIN white (preferably on the trim or cabinets) and using a cool, soft, bright or warm white on your walls. Doing it the other way can make your trim look overly colourful and the effect looks backwards.


Why THOSE whites? Well, when looking for whites, either for trims, cabinets or walls, most people are looking for SOME type of white – either soft, warm, bright or otherwise. What they’re rarely looking for is a ‘colour’. The undertones in a white will stay more passive if you don’t compare them to a different type of white (ie: mixing warm and cool). Just like Jack, they only POP when you step outside of the box.

In this next photo, the walls are Benjamin Moore Decorators White, which has an LRV of 84.61, making it a SOFT COOL white. The only reason this combo works is because the door/trim are LEGIT white (actual name unknown)…

White vanity, white trim, marble countertop, Benjamin Moore Decorators White on walls in bathroom. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

It’s not as easy to see the shift to the left of the door, but MUCH easier to see it on the right.

In this space, it didn’t make SENSE to mix up the whites. Instead, we let the sheen do the work for us…

Benjamin Moore Super White match on kitchen cabinets with Silestone Calacatta Gold white quartz countertop, white oak, subway tile. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

And I agree, that’s a lot of counter stools, I don’t even have that many friends. Three or four would be better.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to use Benjamin Moore Simply White, a nice bright warm white. It could look JUST how you want it UNTIL you partner it with either a cool white. Opposites attract and ENHANCE each other, so the undertone of a cool white (usually blue or blue-purple) will OVER EXPOSE the yellow in Simply White. In return, the yellow of Simply White will ENHANCE the cool undertone in your other white – congratulations, you know have yellow trim and blue walls!

Best white paint colours, Benjamin Moore Oxford White and White Dove trim and walls, gray carpet, stairs. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color expert (1)

In the above photo, we managed to use Benjamin Moore White Dove on the walls with Oxford White on the trims – it turned out great, but it was close (I had my wine bottle in my holster, locked n’ loaded).

The same thing happens, just on a smaller scale with a TRUE white. While the contrast won’t be as strong, a true white will help expose the undertones in a NON-true white.

What about choosing the same TYPE of white?

Your next BEST bet at mixing and matching whites is to use the same TYPE of white with similar undertone profiles, but different LRVs. This way you’re working off similar foundations and are only adjusting the depths. The tricky thing is that whites rarely have similar foundations and it’s VERY EASY to make a wrong turn.

LOOOONG STORY SHORT, if you want to keep a Ginger sane, paint your trim, cabinets, and walls white the same white and just let the shift in SHEEN do the tweaking for you (sheen affects how a paint colour looks).

The NUMBER ONE key to picking the BEST white for the job: COMPARE!

Compare compare compare. NOTHING beats comparison when it comes to choosing white paint colours, and I have some pretty specific tips on how to do that.

Comparing white paint colors on cabinets. Cloud White and White Dove. Kylie M Interiors Edesign with wood cabinets

If you compare whites like THIS, it’s much easier to see which one works and WHY! (Left side, it’s the warmest)

1.  DON’T use white paper or poster board as your comparison white. Why? These are notoriously cool and come in many different versions. While they can work well enough for ‘colours’, they’re the WORST for whites as they will OVER EXPOSE the undertones in any well-intentioned white.

2.  Compare whites to each other. So, when you order from Samplize (US) or HELLO PAINT (CDN), order the white you THINK you want, as well as a few similar ones – I find four to be a great number for comparison/range. Amongst these four you’ll want…

  • A TRUE WHITE. Ideally, this would be Behr Ultra Pure White as it’s THE whitest white on the market clocking in with an LRV of 90 FREAKIN’ 4 – that’s pretty damn white in our wild world of whites! However, if you aren’t near Home Depot, use these whites instead…

What is the whites white or most white paint colour. Behr Ultra Pure White. REview by Kylie M Interiors. Best white paint colours from top brands (2)
These baseline colours will give you the best comparison for any white as they DON’T have undertones.

If you don’t want to order a whole bunch of samples, then ONLY grab your fave, along with one of the above three whites and see which undertones you’re dealing with.

The WHITEST White Paint Colours 

That was a TON of info to digest and I didn’t even give you an appetizer. Let’s clean things up a bit…

The 5 Types of White Paint Colours

  3. BRIGHT WHITE (can be warm or cool)
  4. SOFT WHITE (can be warm or cool)

So, there you have it! Want to learn MORE about white? Oh, have I got some good posts for you – keep reading to the bottom of this blog post and you’ll find a whole bunch to wet your white whistle…ermm, that sounds rude, doesn’t it? I hope so – wink wink.


How to Pick the Best White for your Cabinets

The 3 Whites I Would NEVER Paint Trim or Cabinets

The FIVE BEST Almost FOOL-PROOF Whites for Your Home


Check out my Online Paint Colour Consulting, I’d love to help! 

The best gray or white paint colours for kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Edesign, online paint color services. Diy home decorating ideas

Chat soon,

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  1. Hi Kylie,
    I enjoy reading your blog where you share so much information and advise! Years ago we painted our cabinets SW Alabaster to try to go with a Formica Crema Mascarella countertop (never liked it). It was all a compromise. Recently, we repainted the walls in Alabaster. Probably because of the sheen of the SW Pro Classic, the cabinets look different than the walls. I have thought about painting my counter top and at least the bottom cabinets. It is a 12×17 room with a west facing window and small opening to a south facing living room, also recently painted Alabaster. There are cabinets along the one long wall and appliances at one end. The other short side has a small dining cabinet that could be painted. We have a long eat in table on the other long wall. It is a wood table worth keeping and refinishing, as well. Reading other posts make me concerned about a choppy look if I only paint the bottom cabinets. Maybe I should just choose a blue or blue green for uppers and lowers and paint my counter top an off white to go with the walls. Thanks in advance for any direction you can give.


    1. Post

      Hi Sonja – YES, nothing drives me crazier, but it’s just the nature of the beast! BTW, I had something similar happen in a few of my rooms with White Dove (but not in others for some reason). I had a gallon of White Dove mixed up 25% darker for the walls in one room, with regular White Dove on the trim and it WORKED, but that’s TOTALLY trial and error.
      Crema Mascarello is one of my fave countertops, although I know you aren’t a huge fan. I don’t mind the idea of you doing the lower cabinets a darker colour, as long as it’s not TOO DARK or high contrast. My goal would be to blend the lower cabinet colour with that lovely medium toned warm gray in the countertop, so along the lines of BM Metropolis perhaps. I thought about SW Dovetail, but it could be a bit too gray and not enough of a soft purple undertone for you. You might even consider doing ALL of your cabinets, but I haven’t seen your kitchen, so that might not work for you. Maaaybe SW Mega Greige or Keystone? Good ones to just check out anyway.

      But, what I know FOR SURE is that I wouldn’t do blue or green cabinets – you’ll have a HOT MESS of colours on your hands!

      1. Thanks for your reply, Kylie.

        The pretty soft grays do look good, but I have been fighting with a yellowish-gold oak wood look flooring. That is where I need to spend replacement money. More decisions:) Thanks for your time.

    1. Post

      Hmmmm, that’s weird? It’s good on our end and I checked with my Mom and hers was good? I wonder if it’s just on certain internet providers???

  2. This was so helpful! I clicked on the link to the home redo in Pure White, but didn’t find the answer to my question… what is the trim and ceiling color in that home? Thanks!

  3. So many whites! I’m going to keep browsing your site. I’m going to be painting a great room in our new place. It has light yellow cabinets (unsure of the wood- light maple?) And I don’t want to make the wrong choice! It is an north & east facing room aswell! I’d like a white we could use as a base throughout the house, so Im thinking of a soft white- thoughts? We would like a white that’s not to intense on the eyes but also bright as we are moving to the north island!

    1. Post

      Hi Nicole! Well, I went for White Dove recently in our home which has mostly northern light and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! For some white lovers it’s a bit too soft, but for me, it’s perfect. I also don’t love yellow and I find it settles as soft and slightly warm without flashing too yellow on me ;).

  4. Thanks Kylie, this is so helpful. Now I know a soft white can be either warm or cool. I guess I always thought soft and warm were the same thing. Your articles are always very informative.

    1. Post

      Hi Gina, I’m so glad it helped! Sometimes once you get it all broken down it’s easier to pick the right one – thank you for your note ;).

  5. I am learning so much about whites that I wish I had known a few months ago. We are remodeling our home in stages and started with our master bath (mostly because the shower was leaking and unusable). I thought I had my colors picked out. Soft white subway tile, very light & creamy greige floor tile, medium-toned stained wood cabinets, Greek Villa for the walls, and SW High Reflective White on the trim and doors. Greek Villa looked great when sampled on the walls, but once painted, it showed an obvious green-grey undertone. It clashed with the floors and did not look pretty. The room faces north east. We are switching to SW Cotton White 7104, which presents as a creamy off-white even as the light changes through the day. The big issue is that we were told that SW High Reflective White does not come in any of the paints recommended for trim, doors, and cabinets. I was told that their High Hide White base for the Emerald Urethane is probably closest to the High Reflective White, but when they made a sample for me, it seems cooler than HRW. Maybe not, but it seemed to be from the little paint card they dried for me.
    Since I know I want to stick with a slightly warm palette, and High Reflective White is one of the few whites that does not tend toward gray or blue in the bathroom, we had hoped to use it throughout the house (trims & doors) and on the kitchen cabinets downstairs. You frequently suggest High Reflective White for kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim. My question is, what SW paint product in HRW is being used for these surfaces? High Reflective White really works out best for us in terms of an all over trim, door, and cabinet color. I’m pretty confused right now about how to get it in a durable paint. Any direction here is appreciated!

  6. Is there any white (or very light) paint that I could pair with north facing SW Extra White that might warm it up or even just tone down the ice? I have lovely light birch floors, and dream of warm white walls and trim throughout the house, but the icy blue cast of my Extra White trim and cabinets is a giant thorn in my side. I’m sure the BM Beach Glass currently on the walls isn’t helping, so I’m ready to put up something that will (plus, I’m tired of the Beach Glass). Having the cabinets painted isn’t in the budget just yet, but I’d be willing to take on the trim if there’s something that might help.

  7. Hi Kylie,
    I’ve just ordered a package of your e-Books and follow your blog. From researching your videos as well, it has been so helpful in deciding on colours for our kitchen Reno. With north and east facing windows, we’ve decided White Dove for cabinetry, and Collingwood for walls. We LOVE Collingwood and have painted our entire basement, bathrooms and bedrooms with it. (except one girls bedroom west facing with Simply White…gorgeous!) All the trim, baseboards and doors need a refresh (I think Cloud White currently) and wondering what you thought for colour? Can one paint the trim in the kitchen White Dove to match the cabinets and do Simply White in the rest of house? The two rooms are separate.
    We are redoing a south-facing living room in Collingwood (currently Pashima and soooo green!) and having built-in shelves and bookcase made. Would Simply White be a brighter choice for mantle, shelves and bookcase against Collingwood? I have the larger paint samples but I need help to decide. Thanks in advance!!

  8. So, we have honey oak in our home. Getting rid of most of it. Had our walls painted grey…lazy gray, came out more blue. We actually like it. We are keeping much of the oak baseboard, because many of the big rooms have dark warm wood furntiure. And it makes me feel…a little like a cozy craftsman feel. (plus who wants to paint a whole house of trim)
    Well, i did the bathrooms…and we decided to paint all the doors white. I tried to have the store match our ceiling white…wrong answer. It seems too bright. I am trying to find a white tone that works with SW Lazy gray and honey oak trim.
    Any suggestions?

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