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Paint Colour Ideas to Update Your Beige Tiles or Carpet

Posted on August 11, 2020 by KylieMawdsley

How to Update a Room With Beige Tiles or Carpet (often Tuscan-style)

If there’s one colour from the late ’90s and early 2000s that just won’t go away, it has to be beige. Many are trying to step OUT of the warm, Tuscan-inspired vibe and into something a bit more updated (gray or greige), but those damn beige tiles and carpets put a hard stop to that every time! Personally, I love beige, but just like with my inappropriate humour, it’s all about ‘right place, right time’, a concept that both beige and I struggle with.

stairway with wood and metal railing, beige carpet, Sherwin Williams Creamy, golden doodle and rescue dog

Say hi to Doug the Doodle (RIP Henry Bacon)

The thing is, you have to listen to your home and its particular needs, even if those needs go against what you REALLY want to do. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a happy medium, and I’m here to help you find it.

To figure out what your home’s needs are, you need to figure out what you’ve GOT first. Beige, whether it’s tile, paint colour, furniture or carpet will have either yellow, orange, red (pink) or green undertones – often a blend of those, and your beige products will be no exception to this!

Beige, whether it’s tile, paint colour, furniture or carpet will have either yellow, orange, red (pink) or green undertones – often a blend of those.

Kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Ballet White, glaze, Cedar Key walls, travertine tile floor , red orange brick walls. Island with wood top. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, client photo (1)

So, without FURTHER ado, let’s get this party started…

Paint colour ideas to update your beige or tuscan style carpet, tile, furniture. Kylie M Interiors edesign, online paint colour advice and blogger diy

BTW, while I mention colours where I can, not all of my clients have given me full permission to use their Online Colour Consultation information or photos. 

Beige Tiles or Carpet with Orange or Pink Undertones

While you might not be happy to hear it, there’s a REALLY GOOD CHANCE your beige tile or carpet has an orange-pink or committed pink undertone. And you might be worried, thinking you’ll need pink walls to make things work, but don’t you worry your pretty lil face off – I’ve got your back.

Best beige paint colour, Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert, beige carpet, dark wood furniture in bedroom. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, top virtual color consultant and diy decorating ideas blogger


  • Tile – specifically travertine tile which can nod HARD towards Tuscan style
  • Carpet – 1990s in particular (as well as mid-2015s funny enough #notfunny)
  • Furniture – micro-fibre ‘tan’ coloured sofas are the most common culprit
  • Granite countertops – 1990s in particular. In the early 2000s, we started seeing a bit more gold (orange-yellow)

As it relates to pink undertones specifically, the key to working WITH them is to stop FIGHTING them. When you fight a colour or try to avoid it (ie: by painting your walls a colour with blue or green undertones), you can actually make things worse if you’re hoping to downplay the pink undertones, of which you’ll find two types…

  • A more committed pink undertone. This can sometimes look a bit purple-gray, which means you’re getting closer to taupe.
  • Pink-orange, which is EVERYWHERE I look when it comes to homes built in the 1990s and 2000s.

Sherwin Williams Natural Tan, Alabaster, entryway with formal look, curved staircase. Travertine tile floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant

Photo by JR Photography (I can’t find his website to link it though…)

As for orange undertones, you’ll find two blends…

  • Orange-yellow: Overall, this can be a slightly more ‘golden’ look but is definitely NOT as common.
  • Orange-pink: DEFINITELY the most undertone, particularly in tiles from the ’90s and 2000s. You’ll find this particular undertone in many of the tiles from the Tuscan trend of the early 2000s (ie: travertine tile, which I actually DO have mad love for, along with Ryan Reynolds, both of which I’d love to roll all over).


BTW, if you’d like to learn more about beiges and undertones, you’ll find that Maria Killam has a FABULOUS colour wheel – she’s another great resource when it comes to choosing paint colours.


If your tile or carpet has a committed pink undertone and you DON’T want gray or greige walls, look for warm neutral paint colours that have a tiny bit of pink in them (common in taupe). This doesn’t mean you’ll have pink WALLS, but you’ll have pink-friendly walls.

In this next photo, Sherwin Williams China Doll was the perfect partner to the pink undertone in the carpet and the hard/soft furnishings in the room…

Best tan beige paint colour, pink undertones. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour advice blogger. Sherwin Williams China Doll

If your tiles have a more orange-pink look to them, you’ll want to choose a beige that leans heavily on the orange and only slightly on the pink (ie: Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige is a good place to start, which you can read more about in this blog post).

In this photo below, check out the two beige samples (one paper, one painted) to see how they’re compatible with the undertones of the tile. The white paper is there for reference as it makes sampling much easier…

Ideas to update home with beige tile, carpet or furniture. Undertones and more. 1990s and 2000s home. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and diy decorating ideas expert and blogger (2)

Also, notice how the original green paint colour DATED the tile. And while beige might not have been my client’s DREAM colour (as the trend is to want gray or greige), the above options were a great happy medium, because if a colour doesn’t suit the room (and only suits the owner), it just won’t look good!

Remember, you MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO fully update the look of your beige tile (based on what your original paint colour hopes were) and while you can likely get OUT of the more rich golden colours that were commonly used 20 years ago, you might still need to paint your walls a warm paint colour for things to flow – you’ll just be looking at more MODERN warm paint colours.

As shown in this next photo, a paint colour with an orange-pink undertone was the perfect partner to the tile (Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige)…

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige in a bathroom with beige toned tile and soaker tub with dark wood surround. Kylie M Interiors E-design

Read more: The Best Beige and Tan Paint Colours

Check out these beautiful WARM grays in this next photo with a pretty darned beige tile! There’s the MAIN wall colour and the two painted on samples – which one do YOU think works the best?

Update beige tile or carpet ideas. COLLINGWOOD WALL, Classic Gray, Pale Oak, Benjamin Moore warm grays and taupe. Kylie M Interiors Edesign.

If you guessed the right side, you’d be correct! Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is a soft warm gray-taupe with passive purple-pink undertones that are hitting a real happy place with the tile.

In this next example, you’ll see the sofa has a very committed pink undertone, however, we had to go with the carpet, which was SUPER happy to be partnered up with Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan!

Photo via Tim Hanson Productions

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige, 2 storey living room with modern country style decor and beige carpet. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consulting. Client photo

A gorgeous, WELL-coordinated palette (carpet with pink undertone)

There are some carpets and tiles that have a pink or orange-pink undertone, but ALSO have a warm purple-pink in them as well, making them a bit more flexible towards taupe paint colours, which are warmer than greige, but NOT as warm as beige. Just be careful, as taupe paint colours can sometimes grab a wink o’ green, which we want to avoid. Instead, focus on ones with a decent purple-pink undertone (Sherwin Williams Popular Gray is a place to start).

In this next example, the brick fireplace, carpet and walls all have pink undertones, which means they’re well-coordinated. My client also chose furniture in a warm gray with a PURPLE undertone, which sits MUCH better than a gray with a green undertone would’ve.

Taupe brick brick fireplace, mantle with home decor, taupe beige carpet. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant

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In this next example, look at the progression from warm beige – taupe – warm gray. The COOLER we went, the more it clashed with the bones of the tile, with the sample on the right just not connecting at all. However, the tile WAS flexible enough to humour that middle, slightly more taupe sample (Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige).

Ideas on how to update beige tile, carpet or furniture, 1990s or 2000s home. Budget friendly diy decorating ideas blogger. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, virtual advice

As for gray, you have to be careful. There are more CARPETS than there are TILES that can support gray walls. If you REALLY want to try gray with your tile, you’ll want to check out a WARM gray or greige with a purple or purple-pink undertone to see if you can get a good colour connection (not always possible, as shown above).

Generally speaking…

In this next example, because the carpet’s undertones were SO passive and the lighting was so FREAKIN’ fabulous in this stairwell, we were able to pull off a subtle, soft gray on the walls (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, lightened)…

Best gray paint colour, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, lightened, beige tan carpet, white and wood stair railing. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online popular paint color expert and diy decorating blogger (2)

In this next photo, you’ll see a stone fireplace that holds MANY of the colours found in the early to mid-2000s. With a product with this much flexibility, we were able to TOTALLY update the room with a soft and subtle warm gray…

Stone fireplace before being updated with paint colours. River rock style. Kylie M Interiors

After, it’s like a whole new room! Notice how the new paint colour hits the stone fireplace while humouring the pink undertone of the carpet…

Update ideas for a 2000s stone river rock fireplace with a warm gray paint colour. Beige and gray tones in living room. Benjamin Moore Collingwood. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour expert and blogger


Generally speaking, you might want to avoid green or blue paint colours (or gray or greige with those undertones). Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions, especially when the undertones in a carpet are super subtle, but be careful, as a cool paint colour might just ENHANCE your warm-toned products, which doesn’t always create an ‘updated look’.

Not every beige tile or carpet can visually support cool neutral paint colours, so sample carefully and listen to your home.

This next photo is a GREAT example of how some paint colours can really date products with pink undertones (this was one of our homes when we first moved in – woof. Thank God Tim and my Dad flooded the house and we got new flooring).

1990s home with carpet and tile with pink undertone

In this next example, both the flooring products and the table have a pink undertone. However, in this case, a very mild, earthy green undertone was a BEAUTIFUL complement to almost ALL of the hard surfaces in this room, including the dark wood trim – it helps when you have a cute lil Ginger tucked in your back pocket (I will pinch upon request).

Best paint colours with dark wood trim, Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige and Warm Stone. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

You should also avoid cream paint colours and beige and tan paint colours with a yellow undertone. Yellow and pink don’t have much love for each other and you could have a HOT mess of undertones on your hands. In this next photo, my client didn’t love the home she’d bought with its Sherwin Williams Antique White island and Macadamia walls. Why not?

Paint colours to go with travertine tile, tuscan style from 2000s

The Antique White island was just a bit too creamy-yellow for the more committed orange undertone (orange-pink) of the travertine tile on the floor, and just BARELY made the cut with the stone fireplace. Macadamia (walls) has a wink o’ green undertone tucked in it, which is sitting off with the floor and the fireplace as well – everything was CLOSE, but no cigar!

Again, in this next photo, the previous owner had used Antique White on the cabinets, which is just TOO yellow for most beige tiles (and is ALSO why it’s one of the whites I would never paint my cabinets or trim).

Antique White cream cabinets with dark countertop and travertine TOO WARM

The best paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting. Home Decorating and diiy ideas blogger.market

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

  • Samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on location
  • At $6.99, they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needing for traditional paint sampling
  • If you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE

And lastly, I want to show you how to pick the RIGHT COUNTERTOP to update your beige tile.

I’ve found that a lot of my clients with beige tiles want white countertops with gray veining (the marble look). No can do Sue. The key is to PICK UP what your tile flooring is throwing down, like this here…

How to pick a new countertop that coordinates with beige tile

See how the beige of the tile is picked up in the countertop? I was SO happy to see this combo as the floor and the countertop are in a PALETTE together and the countertop has actually UPDATED the look of the floor, whereas a marble-look countertop would’ve made the floor look older.

Read more: How to Update Your OUTDATED Granite Countertops

Beige Tiles or Carpet with a Yellow Undertone (yellow-beige)

Yellow is definitely the LEAST common warm undertone found in carpet and tile. Why? Well, yellow lives quite comfortably in cream, but by the time it hits the beige end of things, it can start mixing pretty heavily with other warm colours like orange, pink and even green, which is why MOST of the yellow you’ll see in tiles is more of a CREAM – not a beige!

You’ll find two types of yellow undertones…

  • Yellow-green. Always a tricky one and not always the most desirable
  • Yellow-orange. Definitely more flexible

You’ll also find that I have FAR less info for you, as these tiles just aren’t as common!IDEAS TO UPDATE BEIGE TUSCAN STYLE TILES IN 1990S OR 2000S HOME. CARPET TOO. KYLIE M INTERIORS EDESIGN, ONLINE PAINT COLOR ADVICE


When it comes to beige with a yellow undertone you have to be careful. The instinct is often to go with a cream, because cream is a yellow-based paint colour. However, many creams are too fresh and clean for the muted earthy look of beige, in which case, sometimes you need a colour ninja to flex between the two worlds. You’ll also want to see whether your yellow undertone leans more into green or orange, making sure your paint colour picks up what your undertones are throwin’ down.

Read more: The 5 Best Off-White Neutral Paint Colours

Check out some of the popular beige paint colours as well as cream paint colours to see which ones visually connect and which ones clash. I’d love to tell you the specific ones to look at, but it all depends on the tile/carpet that you have! I also don’t have many photo examples because a yellow undertone is MUCH rarer than orange-pink.

Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque in guest bedroom with cream linens and side table, upholstered headboard. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Color Consulting


  • Gray and greige can be a tough sell when it comes to beige-yellow. You can sometimes get away with a blue-green or green undertone with a beige-yellow carpet but will want to be careful that the warm/cool partnership doesn’t contrast too much or you could just be highlighting those undertones (which isn’t always the desired effect)
  • Explore cream paint colours, but make sure they have a grounded, neutral base to calm down the yellow (in other words, add some beige to the mix)
  • You can RARELY get away with a purple or purple-pink undertone, in fact, I’d avoid them as much as I avoid moderation and hairy bath mats

Beige Tiles, Carpet or Rooms with Mixed Undertones & Colours

When photos of tiles with mixed undertones come to my inbox (via my Online Colour Consulting), I GIGGLE with glee, as I can’t WAIT to show the owners what their paint options are – the effect is ALWAYS game-changing.

Ideas to update beige tile and tuscan style homes. Kylie M Interiors edesign, online paint color consulting and diy decorating advice

In the above tiles, you’ll see a lot of beige (mostly pink or orange-pink), but you’ll also see some green, purple and pink/taupe undertones that really open up the colour options!

In this next photo, the tile and countertop had a wink of green which we gladly grabbed on to…

Artic Shadows, wood trim, bathroom, slate tile laminate countertop. Update ideas. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and home staging ideas

Artic Shadows, best green paint colour, slate tile, bathroom beige tile, update ideas for home staging. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Photos via Tim Hanson Productions

In this next photo, there were a variety of needs between the sofas, linens, area rug and artwork, but Sherwin Williams Creamy did the trick (darkened by 25%)…

Formal traditional style living or family room. Sherwin Williams Creamy, best warm off white paint color. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and virtual decor advice

Sherwin Williams Creamy, photo via JR Photography (website link unknown)

In this next photo, the subtle approach of the carpet and flexibility of tones in the wood feature wall let us do a gorgeous, updated tan paint colour (Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan).

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan, rustic wood feature wall behind tv, vaulted ceiling. Home staging ideas. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, paint colour advice (1)

YESSS, love this next tile. While it has a beige base, just LOOK at the flexibility its other colours gave us, giving room for the warm greige approach of Benjamin Moore London Fog on the walls…

Best taupe greige paint colour, beige tile update ideas. Benjamin Moore Fog. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant

As discussed early, many tiles (often travertine) have an orange-pink undertone AS WELL as a bit of taupe/purple, giving WAY more room for some colour love! If this is the case with your tile, you can check out gray, greige or taupe paint colours with that same undertone!

Paint colours with travertine or tuscan style tile. Kylie M Interiors

In this next photo, while Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (left) was just a bit too passive, Benjamin Moore Collingwood (right) JUST squeezed in with its subtle warmth…

Ideas to update beige tile and fireplace with paint colours. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online diy blogger and paint color advice

So, there you have it. I hope these ideas and inspirations get you started on updating your beige home. If not, I’ve got 300+ other articles for you to check out, just type a keyword into my SEARCH area on the right side of my home page for some more blog posts!

Not sure how to update your beige or Tuscan-inspired room? 

Check out my Online Paint Colour Consulting, I’d love to help!

Online paint colour consultant Benjamin Moore Sherwin Williams, Vancouver Island, USA, UK. Interior, exterior, edesign colors. Kylie M Interiors, blogger marketing

Chat soon,

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  1. Hi Kylie,

    Wish I would have read this blog a couple of years ago before mixing some undertones in hard elements that aren’t playing well together.

    House was build in 2005 in full blown Tuscan style!

    Kitchen floors are Brazilian Cherry and cabinets are Maple with a glaze and medium tone stain (orangey undertones). Countertops are Uba Tuba. I replaced the beige travertine backsplash with an aqua glass tile backsplash . There are actually flecks of a smokey blue color in the Uba Tuba and I was trying to lighten things up!

    Kitchen is open to large vaulted family room with pinkyish undertones in beige carpet. I recently purchased a new Transitional style couch in warm medium gray with some beige/sage undertones. Wood furniture is darker stain with red undertones. Carpet isn’t awful with the new couches, but wall color is. And they are huge vaulted walls!

    Current wall paint throughout this open area is Sands of Time. Baseboard and door trim is Pacer White. These colors are just “off” with the cooler undertones in the backsplash and couch. Both are West facing with lots of windows.

    I have been hoping to improve this hot mess by painting the walls throughout with an updated color that would go with both (the red/orange/pink undertones and the new cooler colors in the couch and backsplash). Considering Worldly Gray or Accessible Beige.

    Other wall paint colors I should consider or other suggestions to fix my mess?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. I did not want to change out the toilet and bathtub in my spare bathroom plus the tile was gray/blue/beige. First I used SW Tradewind (ok but it just wasnt right), SW silverplate 50% (no), SW Gray Collonafe (no) and FINALLY finally!! painted it SW Natural Choice and voila! It was AWESOME. . I need a really neutral light paint all the others were just too Gray. I live in a town home said there was no natural light and the bathroom. And the walls are just a nice neutral blank canvas and the floor tile the vanity and vanity top and the fixtures the hard fixtures that toilet and tub just all go great together. BtW I’ll take days over the depressing Awfulness of drab Gray any day of the week. Page is at least warm but Gray no way depressing depressing depressing. To each their own I suppose.

  3. Oh, oh! I’ve got one that is an excellent companion for pink beige tile : Maritime White!!! (BM OC-5). It is light and fresh but does not look pink beige AT ALL. Plus it complements granite countertops with the same sneaky undertone. Check it out. Stay well, Kylie!

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