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Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn): Paint Color Review

Posted on January 6, 2024 by KylieMawdsley
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Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn): The BEST taupe or greige paint color!

When looking for that elusive ‘perfect neutral paint color’ we often focus on a gray or beige – with a strong preference for one or the other. However, with trends shifting warmer, there’s something to be said for a color that’s sandwiched between the warm and cool worlds – a color like BM Edgecomb Gray.  This fab shade is undoubtedly one of my top 10 neutral paint colors and one that I refer to ALL THE TIME in my Online Paint Color Consulting.

Why? Let’s take a look…


By the way, if you’ve been asking yourself whether Edgecomb Gray and Baby Fawn are the same color – they are.  

Is Edgecomb Gray warm or cool? Gray, beige or greige?

Edgecomb Gray Hc-173 (also known as Baby Fawn OC-15) is a WARM neutral paint color tucked sitting smack-dab in the middle of warm gray and beige. This makes Edgecomb Gray a greige or taupe paint color (depending on your perception). Edgecomb Gray is perfect for a soft, warm, organic look that’s VERY versatile when it comes to partnering up with other colors.

Edgecomb Gray, Sherwin Pure White trim, living room great room, vaulted ceiling, taupe sofas, white built ins, area rug, arched window. Kylie M Interiors edesign

If you have north-facing light, you can expect Edgecomb Gray to lean a wink more into its gray base. It will lean a touch warmer in south-facing or warm afternoon western sunshine, even looking slightly beige.

North, East, South, West – Which Paint Color is the Best?

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn) stone fireplace. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo


What’s the LRV of Edgecomb Gray?

The LRV of Edgecomb Gray is 63. This means that Edgecomb Gray isn’t a typical light and fresh color but is certainly lighter than some other popular greige and taupe paint colors.

Is Edgecomb too dark for a dark hallway or room? It can be. Because Edgecomb Gray is neutral, without enough light to support it, it can look a touch dingy in dark rooms, hallways, and basements. On the other hand, with an LRV of 63, Edgecomb Gray holds up well to considerably bright rooms without washing out as some colors in the higher LRV ranges can.

Living room, dark wood flooring, cream trim, fireplace. Best greige warm neutral paint color, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Kylie M Ed-design Online paint consultant

While the trim in the above photo is just a wink too creamy for Edgecomb Gray, my clients weren’t wanting to paint their trim. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got, and luckily, we squeezed Edgecomb Gray in! However, in most cases, Edgecomb Gray is too muted and soft for cream cabinets – they will clash with each other (read more here about how to partner paint colors with cream cabinets and trim).

Accent chairs, dark wood floor in formal living room, travertine tile fireplace, white mantel. Edgecomb Gray, White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Kylie M Edesign, consultant and diy expert

Not sure what LRV (Light Reflectance Value) is? Read here…The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Color: LRV


What are Edgecomb Gray’s undertones?

Most greiges pick up a green undertone, whereas taupes favor violet-pink. However, Edgecomb Gray is one of THE MOST NEUTRAL greige/taupe paint colors with minimal undertones. This means it can shift how it looks depending on its surroundings and the perception of who’s looking at it.


Will Edgecomb Gray look green or pink?

While many experts say Edgecomb Gray has a green undertone, as explained above, it’s just as likely to pick up a wink o’ pink. BUT DON’T BE SCARED! Again, Edgecomb Gray has the LEAST undertone of its kind and is a great color to consider for your walls, cabinets, or exterior.

Family or living room home decor, transitional style, greige walls, brick fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color and virtual consultant

BTW, thank you to my E-Design clients who send in their after photos! 


Will Edgecomb Gray look gray or beige?

As a wall color, whether Edgecomb will look gray or beige depends on the room and your perception. Edgecomb Gray sits in the MIDDLE of gray and beige, which means it can shift its allegiance depending on its environment. For example, Edgecomb Gray can look a bit grayer in a north-facing room without losing its warmth – meaning it won’t act like a traditional gray (at all).

On the other hand, put Edgecomb Gray in a south-facing room, which will lean into its beige base without looking like a traditional beige. This is one of the many reasons Edgecomb Gray is a flexible paint color for many rooms; because it IS so non-committal.

If you’re worried about Edgecomb Gray looking too beige or warm, grab a sample of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan, as it could help you see how lovely and balanced Edgecomb Gray is!

Wood trim, wood floors and doors, Benjamin MOore Edgecomb Gray paint color on walls, entryway or foyer. slightly darker. Kylie M Interiors edesig

V1 Real Estate Photography with Kylie M. 

If you’re sampling Edgecomb Gray and are seeing a strong undertone, this could be due to a few reasons…

  • You have a lot of green nearby. Green and red (the origin of pink) are opposite, so they enhance each other. And while Edgecomb Gray doesn’t cater to much pink, put it next to something super green, and it could SEEM like it does.
  • You have cream nearby (i.e. your existing paint color) or white trim that’s warmer than average. Colors will ENHANCE each other, and any yellow could make Edgecomb Gray look SURPRISINGLY pink in comparison.

Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn, Edgecomb Gray in dining room, farmhouse style sliding barn door and chandelier. Kylie M INteriors E-design and online color or e-decor blog


Is Edgecomb Gray the lighter version of Revere Pewter?

Nope, they’re different colors. Just because colors sit above or below each other on a color strip doesn’t mean they’re directly related. They can be SIMILAR but can easily have different undertones. It’s like when people see my redheaded friend and me walking together; they assume we’re related because we look similar and are walking close to each other (and are so darn cute, wink wink). Long story short, we’re not related, and neither is Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter.



Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Paint colour review, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, best warm gray paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting. Client photos

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

What’s the lighter version of Edgecomb Gray?

There is no technical ‘lighter version’ of Edgecomb Gray. While Benjamin Moore’s Winds Breath is equally as non-committal regarding undertones, it can look creamier than Edgecomb Gray. Your best shot at a lighter version of Edgecomb Gray is to ask your paint store technician to make a sample pot 25-50% lighter. The undertones CAN shift when lightening a color (especially at 50%), but at least you’re working with similar bones.

Update your home or room with Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Online Paint Colour consultant expert using Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams paint colours. Market

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Edgecomb Gray In Different Lighting…

In a well-lit space, you can expect Edgecomb Gray to look lighter and brighter as the natural light bounces off (as any color will when it’s given light). This will create a low-contrast look with white trim. However, in a room with AVERAGE lighting (below), Edgecomb settles at its very best…

White washer and dryer in laundry room, beige tile, brown countertop. Edgecomb Gray walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, decorating and diy design blog

If you have a SUPER bright room or wall, you can expect Edgecomb Gray to wash out A LOT, but the color/contrast will come back once that direct light softens.

On the other hand, if you have a dark or low-light space, you’ll see Edgecomb Gray lean that bit darker. It can also look a bit warmer in doing so.

In this next photo, look at how Edgecomb Gray looks on the lower parts of the staircase vs the higher parts…

Staircase, painted wood hand railing, painted metal spindles, beige or tan carpet and greige walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign. diy update ideas for the home. Dark wood floor


Get your Samplize PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Samplize peel and stick

Delivered to your doorstep in ONLY 1 DAY! 


Edgecomb Gray and Benjamin Moore White Dove take this transitional/traditional style entryway and staircase to the next level…

Foyer, entryway, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray walls, White Dove trim, painted stair railing black. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, DIY, online paint color consultant

Notice how well it complements the taupe carpet and wood flooring, setting a neutral stage for the rest of the home to play off of.

Edgecomb Gray Lightened…

In my MAD quest for the perfect paint color for my home, I decided to play around with Edgecomb Gray and lightened it by 75%. This is NOT for the faint of heart! While lightening a color by 25% is a subtle shift, 50% results in a VERY noticeable change, and 75%, well, it’s a whole different ball game. MOST people find Edgecomb at 50% a bit easier to manage…

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint blog. Tall, 2 storey open concept living room with vaulted ceiling, greige walls. Gray sectional

See the before and after photos HERE

The pure MAGIC of this color is that the undertones shift throughout the day, and I’ve yet to see a version of it that I don’t love, day or night!

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray darkened by 25. Best light greige taupe paint color, popular for walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, consultant

At 75% lighter, Edgecomb Gray is definitely in the off-white range, as shown below. In the upper hallway, it’s easier to see the contrast with the trim (and all of the love notes I have on my daughter’s doors).

Living room, tall ceiling, vaulted, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray best greige and White Dove. Sherwin Urbane Bronze painted stair railing. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, DIY Decorating, color ideas

Let’s also look at Edgecomb Gray, lightened by 25% in my client’s hallway…

Long hallway foyer, beige off white tile floor, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray 25 lightened, arched doorway

Is Edgecomb Gray still popular?

When it comes to popularity, Edgecomb Gray is definitely near the top of the list for a variety of surfaces…


Edgecomb Gray could be a good choice for cabinets if it suits the backsplash and countertop it’s partnered with. The tricky thing is that Edgecomb Gray often looks a bit LIGHTER and WARMER than expected on cabinets. Sample carefully!

The Best White Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets


Edgecomb Gray is a HUGELY popular choice for walls, something I don’t see changing any time soon. With warmer trends, you can expect more colors like Edgecomb Gray to show up at the party.

The big reasons why Edgecomb Gray is such a great color is because of it’s subtle undertone and moderate LRV. These two things make it a great go-to, especially for homeowners who are new to the painting world and unsure what will work – Edgecomb Gray is a great place to start!


Is Edgecomb Gray a popular exterior paint color?

Edgecomb Gray can be a beautiful exterior paint color if it suits the stone/brick/roof it’s paired with. However, just as with cabinets, expect it to look LIGHTER and WARMER than expected – even a touch creamy at times!

Exterior, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, Wrought Iron remodel, garage doors dark. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy udpate ideas

5 Easy Steps to Picking Your Exterior Paint Colors

Here’s Edgecomb Gray on a front door with a gorgeous brick exterior…

Front door in sun, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray with red brown burguny roof and brick exterior with almond windows

The Best Front Door Paint Colors


What’s the best white trim color for Edgecomb Gray?

Regarding Edgecomb Gray, I’m partial to two Benjamin Moore whites – Benjamin Moore White Dove and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. White Dove is a slightly softer approach, whereas Chantilly Lace offers a clean contrast. If you have a bright room, the increased contrast with Chantilly Lace could help you see the color on the walls more when it’s most washed out.

Before, this entryway looked heavy and drab with its gold-inspired walls…


After, Edgecomb Gray (with Sherwin Williams Pure White trim) adds a fresher, brighter face to this beautiful home…

Entryway and open layout hallway, living room, catwalk, painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray with Pure White trim, wood floor. Kylie M Edesign (1)


What paint colors are similar to Edgecomb Gray?

I have a lot of clients who LOVE Edgecomb Gray but want it in Sherwin William’s paint – no such luck, Chuck. Every paint color has nuances based on the foundation it’s built with – different paint companies use different foundations. This doesn’t mean you can’t get the same color, but you can’t even get a perfect color match.

Natural light differences between Aesthetic, Natural TAn, Winds Breath, Edgecomb Gray. Samplize & Kylie m

HOWEVER, some colors pick up what Edgecomb Gray is throwing down regarding INTENTIONS (being a flexible, warm neutral), just with a little twist.

Sherwin Williams Egret White, transitional style bedroom, warm gray, greige, taupe paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online consultant

Sherwin Williams Egret White


If you want colors that look good in a palette with Edgecomb, check out these ideas…



Edgecomb Gray is a great partner to SO many gorgeous shades, including…

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Hancock Gray on painted pantry door, kitchen island and floating shelves.



While the above blog post gives you the FULL details on this top-selling neutral from Benjamin Moore, let’s hit the basics…

  • Edgecomb has very little commitment to undertone, making it quite flexible.
  • Because of this lack of commitment, if your finishes lean considerably pink, it could look a touch green (minor) in comparison.
  • On the other hand, if your finishes lean greener, it could look a wink pink in comparison (minor) – this happens with colors with minimal undertone allegiance.
  • Edgecomb Gray’s LRV of 63 makes it a great depth for the walls in a room with an average (or more) amount of light.
  • If your room is dark or low-light, Edgecomb Gray can look a bit dingy.
  • Look great with a wide range of wood stains and finishes, including cabinets, trims, and floors.
  • Suits the average slightly bright or slightly warm white paint color for trims and cabinets.
  • Is a great color for resale as it has a ton of mass appeal.



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  1. Your description of Edgecomb Gray and in what scenarios it would work best was spot on! It is the perfect color for my new home with its lighting and exposures. You have taught me so much about color. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kylie…I am so glad to have come across your site. The information you have provided about Edgecomb Gray is what I have been trying to find for weeks. I love the color & purchased a pint sampler to test it on my walls but I find it too gray & light. It doesn’t seem to match the color chip from Benjamin Moore & I would really like to get what I see on the chip. I want the Greige effect with more of the creaminess towards the beige. Would I be making a mistake to have them adjust the color when they mix it up in the gallon cans? Thank you! And I really appreciate any feedback from you.

    1. Post

      Hi Joyce! Well you WOULD want them to play around with a sample pot before you committed to having it made on a larger scale. However, you really should get the look of Edgecomb, otherwise you may as well pick a different colour! Check out BM Clay Beige. It’s a tiny bit darker and has more beige in it which you might like…


  3. Kylie,
    I’m using Edgecomb Gray for a large north facing open concept living room, dinning area and kitchen with a lot of lighting during the day. What paint color can I use for the ceiling? I’m looking at Cotton Balls and White Dove. Will either work?

    1. Post
  4. Would this color be cool enough to go with marble counters? We have picked our slabs but they aren’t installed yet. The builder needs our paint color for the whole house tomorrow and I can’t decide between a warmer gray like Edge Comb and a brighter/cooler gray like Grey Owl.

    1. Post
  5. Hello! I have been following your ideas regarding updating carpenter grade cabinets, Formica 180, sinks, paint colors with wood trim. Let me just start out by saying how much I appreciate your ideas that do not blow the budget!! We have golden oak cabinets and trim throughout our home. Replacing is not an option. I am leaning towards using Edgecomb Gray after reading your color review. Would you be willing to recommend a Fomica 180 pattern that you like with the Edgecomb Gray that would look nice with the golden oak cabinets and updated hardware? Do you know if we can check out or rent a fan deck with available Formica 180 options? I cannot get over how good the Formica looks in your photos! Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Post

      Hi Tina! I’m glad you’ve found the info helpful! The first one that came to mind was the Travertine Silver, which is beautiful. It doesn’t work AS well if you have corners as the veining meets up, but doesn’t match up on in the corners.
      You can also check out my e-design, where I can take a look at photos of your room and see if there’s anything else that could work! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  6. Hi Kylie!

    I love your reviews and your writing style. You’re so down to earth and who doesn’t love humor!

    I’m wondering if there are “rules” about choosing trim and ceiling colors. For instance, if you paint the walls a warmer greige, like Edgecomb Gray, do you want to also choose a warm white for the ceiling and trim? Can you pair it with a cool white instead or does this cause some kind of discord? I guess I’m asking how choosing a stark white affects the wall color as opposed to choosing a softer white? If you’ve addressed this question somewhere, can you please direct me to it? I’m drawn to warmer, softer whites but I never know how they affect wall colors.

    Thanks so much and keep up the fantastic reviews!

    1. Post

      Hi Sheila, thanks for liking me 😉 I think I’m funny, but my hubby doesn’t always agree!

      So whites are tricky, but generally speaking if you have cool toned walls (ie: blue, purple, green, gray) you’ll want a plain white or slightly cool white with similar undertones. If you have warm toned walls (ie: warm gray, greige, yellow/orange/etc… then you would do a warm white. But of course, this isn’t set in STONE (nothing ever is with paint colours) as sometimes you can do subtle tweaks to whites to off-set/complement the wall colour. When it comes to Edgecomb Gray I like it with White Dove!

  7. Hello! Any thoughts on the use of this in a basement with minimal natural lighting? I wonder if it’s worth lightening it up a touch for use in a darker space? Love your site, thanks for sharing!

    1. Post

      Hmmm, you might find it a bit drab/dingy. Lightening it would help the depth but I don’t know if it would fix the ‘colour’ enough…

      1. Shucks. We are about to put our home on the market and we want to freshen up the barely-any-natural-light basement level and make it most marketable. I am so stuck on color, but had been leaning toward Edgecomb Gray, maybe lightened….but now I am kinda thinking SW Bug Chill based on your review of it…..Currently is Searching Blue in some places and Hilton Head Cream in others… We want to just “whitewash” the whole thing, just not white. Do you have any blogs or videos on painting your house to sell it? What are mist people looking for?

        Thanks for all your articles and videos….I have become obsessed with color!!!!

  8. I love your blog! I wish you would address colors in an old house. I have found in my old home that some of the grays and tans just say -old color in an old home. the white trim color I have used that I feel Helps to give a little more up-to-date feel is Benjamin Moore’s decorators white. can you talk about this problem or have you had it ?

    1. Post

      Oh Marilyn, I would LOOOVE to talk about this problem, but you know why I can’t? Photos! I only use my own photos now of clients homes. I just don’t have enough photos of clients with older homes that I can use on my blog! Photos need to be as clear and bright as possible and hopefully the rooms are somewhat decorative. Often it’s one or the other, but not always both. It’s a tough one! So…wink wink, if you want to send some photos of your home along (if you think it could work) PLEASE DO! I would absolutely LOVE to touch on this topic!


  9. I love your color advise. I had connection problems earlier and can’t find my original post so I’m thinking it never went through. With that said, if this looks familiar it posted twice. After much searching you have guided me towards edgecomb grey for an open concept home with a 2 story north facing living room. I am trying to decide if painting one color throughout is too much grey. I’m hoping the different lighting will give it slight color variations from room to room. From the living room you can see the foyer, kitchen and sunroom. You can’t see the dining room off of the kitchen though, and it is painted functional grey with white wainscoting . I was wondering if you think manchester tan (20 % lighter…thank you Kylie) would be a better choice for the kitchen and adjoining sunroom to break up the grey or if sticking with one color creates better flow in open concept rooms. Would those two colors compliment each other? Thank you for your insight.

    1. Post

      Hi Antoinette! I have TONS of clients how paint the same colour EVERYWHERE, knowing that the exposure, room size, furnishings, etc… will affect how the colour looks. That being said, nothing wrong with a change either! Now I always recommend lightly if I haven’t seen the rooms, but yes, Edgecomb and Manchester are nice together and i think going 25% lighter is a good idea.

      I hope that helps!


  10. Hi Kylie! I’m a new fan of yours and your content has been so helpful so far! I am a bit confused about when and where to use Edgecomb Gray vs. another favorite of yours – Balboa Mist. Both seem to be warmer, lighter grays and you’re a fan of both…can you elaborate on your feelings for these two colors? Also, do they go well together or clash?

    1. Post

      Hi Sharon, I find that Balboa is a bit more feminine looking, with an almost warm purple undertone (very subtle though). Edgecomb is a bit more of a ‘typical’ greige with not too many surprises hiding in it – so for my money, I’d bank on Edgecomb!

  11. Hi Kylie!
    First off, I am a big fan of yours! I have been doing a town house renovation and your website has been so helpful!
    I also live in Nanaimo, so I am excited to connect with you when I buy/build my dream home!
    For now I am struggling with my North/East facing living room… I have just painted my foyer and dark narrow hallway in edgecomb gray which I am loving so far with the dark flooring and white trim. However, in my living room I can’t decide to either follow the edgecomb gray throughout or use Revere Pewter, but I don’t get direct light so RP might be too dark? (Learnt that from your posts 😉 )
    I also have a vaulted ceiling with a tall feature fireplace wall.. right now it is RED, so red!! I need a feature colour to pair with edgecomb gray… in a north/east facing room… Do I keep the red? or do something neutral like SW Urbane Bronze?
    Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply!

    1. Post

      Hi Paige! From the sounds of it, I DO lean a bit more toward Edgecomb Gray in your living room area…

      As for a feature wall, it’s ALLLL about personal tastes! Red suits Edgecomb, but not everyone loves red. Urbane BRonze? I LOOOOOVE Urbane Bronze – dense and striking. It also depends on what best suits your decor and fireplace! I also like SW Porpoise, which is the slightly lighter version of Urbane Bronze and the green comes up just a wink more, mixed with that gorgeous dark dark greige.

      I hope that helps my Nanaimo friend!


  12. Hi. Kylie. I’m going to remodeling basement,I want to use Edgecomb gray for the walls. What ceiling and trim color would you suggest?My floor is Lewisburg oak. I like warm color and I want to my basement look more brighter. Would you suggest Edgecomb Gray for basement wall?thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi Wendy, depending on how good your interior lighting is, yes Edgecomb could be a touch drab. If you have good interior lighting it could be lovely! As for trim, I do like White Dove…

  13. Very grateful to Kylie for this excellent article about Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey. We were searching for a greige that was more beige than grey for our Delray Beach villa remodel, and I think we’ve found it! Thank you for doing the work for us!
    Matt and Ned

    1. Post
  14. Hi Kylie, thanks so much for your blog review on Edgecomb Gray. We recently purchased our first home and I have been going back and forth on what color to paint. I have a sample of Edgecomb Gray, and have loved it. But I would like your opinion on if it will be the best color for us. I would be happy to send photos! Not sure of the directional sunlight but we have a house with only one window in the living room with a covered porch out front. The kitchen has more natural light filtering in from a large window in the dining as well as a window above the sink. ALL of our trim is wood, along with wood colored cabinets and flooring. What I have found is that the Edgecomb Gray looks almost white up against all of the wood. I want our spaces to be as light and airy feeling as possible, but still bring in some color.

    1. Post

      HI Kalynn, thank you for writing! When it comes to personal questions, there’s so much more for me to consider, so yes you’re right – photos would help! So, I would recommend you check out my E-design service which is affordable and fun! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ This way I can spend some quality time with your room, check out your photos/questionnaire answers and come up with some good solutions for you!

  15. Hi Kylie,

    I am painting the whole interior of my house and I’m using Benjamin Moore Aura paints.
    My question is I am using flat paint for the ceiling, matte for the walls and semi- gloss for the trim and the doors.
    Does that sound right?

    I also have a built in entertainment./ bookshelf in my family room, what type of sheen would you suggest I paint that with?
    Appreciate your input.

    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Hi Nancy! That does sound good, although with matte walls you MIGHT want to consider a slightly softer satin finish on the trim, but that CAN depend on the age of your home. Older homes often best suit a shinier trim, whereas more modern homes often suit more of a satin finish. AS for a built-in, I would always go satin or pearl.

  16. Can you recommend a ceiling color besides white to go with Edcomb grey walls? . Floors are oak hardwood.

    1. Post
  17. Hi Kylie!

    Painters have started painting our house Edgecomb Gray and all I can see is lavender on our walls! They have not started the living room and kitchen yet but I would hate for those walls to look lavender as well. I would love your help but I would need a quick turn around time. Do you have the availability ?! Thanks so much!!

    1. Post

      Hi My! It could be a few things. My first thought is ‘what are they painting over?’. If it’s a warmer yellow/beige tone, then Edgecomb can look that way in comparison. My next thought is, ‘did they colour match it into a different brand, or are they using BM paint?’. Colour matches can be good…but they can also be just slightly off which can tweak those undertones. And lastly, is the room north facing? North facing light can sometimes enhance the gray in a colour.

      If you need a quick suggestion, check out BM Ballet White which has more cream/warmth to it, but from the sounds of your room, might settle into it’s greigeish base for you 🙂

      1. Thanks so much!! The walls were originally yellow!! The entire house was painted yellow 🙁 Between gray owl, classic gray and silver chain, which one would you recommend for kitchen walls? Our kitchen is south facing with white quartz countertops. I love revere pewter but I heard that clashes with marble/quartz.

  18. Hi Kylie, after 10 samples and still no luck I finally came across your website. Thank goodness because I was starting to lose hope on ever finding the perfect color. Every gray I used looked blue in my house. But I have finally narrowed it down to accessible beige, revere pewter and edgecomb gray after reading all your posts.. I LOVE edgecomb grey everywhere except for one area. Up high on the 2 story great room. It looks yellow.. The room is south east facing. Is that normal for that color to look yellow or is it just my house? Thanks so much!

    1. Post

      Hi Liz, it CAN pick up a bit if sun hits it in the right way, but then many colours will do so. I’m a believer that sometimes there isn’t 1 colour that hits VERY spot at ALL times of the day, so sometimes we pick the one that is DAMMMN close. If it’s just that one spot, I say go for it! Otherwise, you can also check out SW Agreeable Gray…

  19. Hi, love your advice and great pictures. I am thinking about going with Edgecomb for my entry and living room. I have an open stairwell to our basement rec room and wondered if Kendall Charcoal would be a good choice for an accent wall?

    1. Post

      OOO yes, could be lovely as long as you have decent light, otherwise it could act black-ish (which is also cool 😉

  20. Great post! My husband and I just bought our first house and your site has been very helpful! Do you have a recommendation for a neutral BM color similar to Edgecomb Gray but slightly more beige?

    1. Post
  21. Hi Kylie!
    I love your blogs and you sense of humor! I wanted to update my family room with a warm, beige tone and my designer suggested Bleeker Beige, but the sample looked like baby poo on my walls! So, she suggested Edgecomb Gray, saying it would be a better choice, so I went with it, even though the sample seemed gray to me. She was very confident I’d love it when it was on the walls. The painter finished three days ago and it is not what I hoped for. It’s very much on the gray side, sometimes greenish looking, but definitely NOT warm beige I had fantasized about. I see you told another poster about BM White Sand and that looks like what I had in mind, but who knows really?!. Do you think one coat would cover the Edgecomb Gray?
    Thanks so much for your great advice!

    1. Post

      Hi Patti, I’m sorry you’ve had a hard time! Wellllll, one coat is tough as even ‘guaranteed 1 coat paint’ isn’t guaranteed to cover in 1 coat. I mean, you won’t know until you try. I love BM Aura as it’s great for painters, but it’s not as homeowner friendly (has to be applied in a particular way). You could try BM Regal with a HIGH quality roller! (I find that Purdy ones shed, so I don’t use those…)

  22. Hi Kylie,
    Just found your posts in time before painting my living room, hall, up the stairs and adjacent room in 5 days ! You are the best designer blog I’ve found on the internet.
    I’m in an older townhouse, north facing living room with only one window , so it’s a dark and shadowed room.
    A designer friend insists I’ll love Revere Pewter, but the sample looks dark, gray and muddy on my walls and my local paint store said I won’t see a difference at 75%. Edgecomb looks more tan by comparison. I want a warm griege.
    However, my furniture, sofa, chairs and end tables, are mostly off white, creams. My first question is, would one color look better than the other with all of white/cream furnishings.
    Second question, what is a good complementary color for an adjacent room in the green family.

    Hopefully I’ll get an answer before my painter comes!
    Thank you!

  23. I am deciding on colors for our SW facing master bedroom and bathroom. I don’t like the blue/cool undertones of Gray Owl. I also have Edgecomb Gray as a sample, which I really like, but am afraid it will feel to beige! I love Classic Gray on the swatch, but it looks white in our room. Do you have a suggestion for a warmer grey close to classic grey? I do love the looks of a clean, crisp, light color!

  24. This post has been super helpful as we navigate which color to paint our northern exposed, open concept home. Bah, who am I kidding when I say “we”? My husband has no say in this. 🙂 Edgecomb Gray and Wool Skein are the top contenders. Should I be worried about either of these colors turning boring in an open concept home with white trim? I remember you writing that sometimes Greige can get dull. We currently have Bay Sands by Valspar on the walls. LOVE how you’ve described Edgecomb Gray! You have a knack for that.

  25. What would you suggest as a lighter accent color to the Edgecomb grey in a small foyer and kitchen. My kitchen was designed 10 years ago with dark wood cream/orange granite and terocotta floors.

    What are your thoughts on fog mist in comparison to edge comb grey?
    We just installed new Anderson wood windows and the white wood windows are slightly grey. Would decorators white work well? So many whites look too creamy and are making the window color too grey.

    Does Decorators white sit well with Edgecomb grey?

  26. Hi Kylie! I love all your insights and am also a huge fan of Edgecomb gray . Here’s my question: before I go to the trouble and expense of painting my whole, open concept house, do you think the gray/ griege trend is coming to an end? Is a new color palette on the horizon? I don’t want my house to look dated in 5 years. Thanks for your insights!

    1. Post

      Hi Sue! I DO think the gray thing is slowly on its way out and a lot of people are swaying a bit warmer. It’s really more about what suits YOU and your home. I would imagine that in 5 years we could even see beige right back in business as the fave with the way things are going!

  27. I appreciate your website so much. I’ve learned a lot in just a few hours of readings your detailed reviews of paint colors. Thank you for the detailed work and pictures you’ve put into your work. I’m a first-time homebuyer preparing to paint my first home and have grown in confidence to stop stressing and start painting, thanks to your sight!!

    1. Post

      Hi Jennifer, unfortunately at this time I’m only focusing on Bm and Sw and aren’t familiar with the colours in Behr!

  28. Hello-
    Could you tell me the colors in the photo about this caption?
    “BTW, this entire home was built by James Northrup, a fantastic builder in Nanaimo who is available for spec or custom homes!”
    I have poured over your posts trying to find a light gray, medium gray and charcoal…to work with reddish toned knotty alder cabinets and mantle. I have toyed with the idea of light gray, charcoal and an emerald. If you have any favorite combos, please share.

  29. Hi Kylie! I’m so happy I found your page as I love all of your recommendations! I am struggling with gray! I purchased BM’s gray owl as a whole house color and finding it to look blue. Before my painter begins on my very open floor plan, I’m wondering if I should shift gears. I have light tile ( think travertine) and very high ceilings. He’s painting the kitchen cabinets BM’s simply white. I’m super nervous.

  30. Kylie,
    Can you tell me what kind of flooring that is? is it hardwood? I am looking for a good vinyl plank…middle of the road (lightness/darkness) that has a little bit of interest, not boring or streaky. i like the overall look of one color rather than a lot of different boards in varying tones.

    1. Post
  31. Forgot to say, I was looking at BM Olympic Mountains as one possible alternative to EG that is lighter (but not as light as SW Nuance). Do you have any experience with it by chance?

  32. Hi! Thanks for your review of edgecomb gray. We just bought a new house and the entire main level is edgecomb and I love it. Our basement is currently poop brown and needs a change. Would you bring edgecomb all the way down or pick something richer since there’s minimal natural light? Suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Tricia! I can depend on the products down there, but you might want to check out BM Ballet White to lift things a bit!

  33. I am amazed how different the same paint can look in different spaces. Edgecomb samples lean grey in my north/south exposure living room, but look downright beige in my north exposure kitchen full of oak cabinets. Time to play with more. Maybe balboa mist in the kitchen and edgecomb for the living. Thanks for your lrv article. It is so helpful for comparing colors and what to expect to look darker.

  34. I am really wanting to try this color in our LONG-awaited kitchen remodel, but the nearest Benjamin Moore is hours away ????. Does Sherwin Williams have a similar color, in terms of a warm light Greige with a creamy backdrop? North facing kitchen with garage addition blocking the only window.

    1. Post

      Oh, I wish! Edgecomb really is a creature unto itself. Your best bet would be to ask them to ‘colour match’ it for you – which most SW’s can do. It may not be exact, but it will be closer than any samples they have :).

  35. I love your post on Edgecomb grey. I have spent the past 6-8 months looking for the perfect color. And this is it. I am looking to do a feature wall. I was thinking maybe a dark blue. My house is kind of farmhouse vibe. Any suggestions?

    Thanks. Your website was invaluable to me in helping me pick the right color.❤

    1. Post

      Hi Rhonda! Check out the subtle approach of SW Cyberspace! I have a lightened Edgecomb with Roycroft Pewter and love it as well 🙂

  36. Can you tell me the color of the stairs and handrails in your livingroom? It goes beautiful with your 50% lightened Edgecomb!

    1. Post
  37. Hi Kylie,
    We finally decided on Edgecomb for our living and rooms. Will cedar color curtains in the dining room bring out a pink tone in the Edgecomb color?
    Thank you.
    Kim C.

    1. Post

      Hi Kim! I don’t think so, I think that could be a beautiful combo. I find that it’s cream/yellow that can make Edgecomb look a wink pink more so than green.

  38. Hi Kylie! Painters just finished painting my well lit walk out basement Edgecomb Gray. I was shocked to see a visible violet tinge. I don’t know if it is just because it’s still wet, but I’m kind of freaking out. I did all of my due diligence, ordered from samplize, and placed the sample through my basement. I never noticed the any violet in it. Any chance I can mitigate it with swapping out light bulbs? Have you run across this problem before?

    1. Post

      Hi Helen! I haven’t seen Edgecomb go violet. A few thoughts…

      1. The look will definitely change when its dry! But if not,
      2. Make sure it’s not the old colour flashing through, which can happen with only 1 coat of paint
      3. Change lightbulbs
      4. Consider the trim you have it with as it could look a certain way just ‘in comparison’ to the trim colour
      5. Make sure it was in fact mixed by BM and check the colour match!

      I hope that helps 🙂

  39. Thank you for this review. It was helpful. I had this idea how I could include this color in a small way. We have a tall 12 foot ceiling in living room. I want to go white, 😬,… but do not want it to be shocking. I want to alter with a little warmth in spots. So,…(opinion needed please): Can I do my trim & doors in edgecomb lightened 50% with white dove walls? Would do you think. Southern exposure, oak floors, btw…

    1. Post

      Ermmmm. I wouldn’t. The thing is, it’s a pretty combo, but Edgecomb does grab a weee wink o’ pink and with White Dove on the LARGE scale, potentially showing a bit more warmth/cream, it woudl make me nervous. I’d do FULL Edgecomb, but not 50% ;). I might SAMPLE 25% though!

    1. Post
  40. HI Kylie I literally don’t read any color posts anymore other than yours!! So helpful(and funny)…thank you for doing what you do! I recently purchased my grandmother’s 3600 sq ft home, and am redoing it for my son to live in. I really wanted something beigish and thought it would be accessible beige, but it’s WAY darker in that house than it is in mine. I tried Pale Oak, Balboa Mist, and Modern Gray…ALL look lavender in my North facing rooms. Pale Oak looks great in some of my lower light/smaller rooms, but I can’t stomach the lavender in those North rooms. So that led me to Edgecomb. And it is a winner winner chicken dinner in most places, but seems too dark in the rooms that like Pale Oak. So my questions is….do you think i would be ok working between the two colors in the different rooms?? Also my trim is Alabaster in the whole house…I don’t want it to look yellow in comparison?? I should have hired you weeks ago, now I am under the gun. That’s worth at least 3 slaps with a wet noodle I’m sure!!! LOL Seriously, if you have a moment to respond, any input is much appreciated. Thank you from Louisiana!

    1. Post

      Oooo Rebecca, you’re speakin’ ma language! I love it :). Okay, so the Alabaster DOES make it trickier to do what you want as it is a warmer yellow base white. Edgecomb Gray is STUNNING and sometimes, when we need to accommodate a variety of existing finishes we have to find that balance. HOWEVER, you could check out Creamy…which isn’t beige, but it’s pretty in a palette with Alabaster and Edgecomb. I also love White Duck, as long as it doesn’t make Alabaster look a touch too yellow in comparison 🙂

  41. Am I imagining things, or has your assessment of EG shifted recently? I don’t remember you calling it taupe before or mentioning pink undertones. 😉 I have found that I like it better in the evening under 3000 light versus 2700. Thanks for the recent post on lighting!

    1. Post

      Amy. You might be my FAVOURITE PERSON EVERRRRRRR! You’re right! So, I used to keep things a bit more generic and straight-forward, but lately, I’ve been trying to tweak things a bit, adjusting explanations so that in the BIG picture things make sense – THANK YOU for noticing! And the interesting thing is, EG is like RIGHT on the brink, it’s easily called both (whereas some greiges and taupes are so DEFINITELY different). Seriously, this made my day!

      1. Ha! Well, if you want to gush over me, I won’t protest. 😉 I have to admit that if you had called this color “taupe” in the posts I had read before making my color selection, I would have run away from it because I have both orange-toned wood, rust and green-toned tile floors, and I live on a hill with lots of Ponderosa pines outside the windows of my Pacific Northwest home. I’ve been surprised by how changing to eggshell finish (as opposed to the matte which read so much more pink) and attending to the light shining on it has really neutralized/eliminated my sense of the pink, which was, indeed, making me “twitchy” (to use a phrase I’ve heard from a favorite color consultant).

        1. Actually, quick question to accompany your reassessment–you obviously like Edgecomb and Urbane Bronze together since you’ve used them in your own home, but do you think that the green undertones in Urbane Bronze “activate” the pink undertones in Edgecomb if there are other warm tones in the room?

  42. Hello. Excellent review. I have Edgecomb in my bedrooms and living room dining room. I want to do another beige/griege colour for my entry that is a tad darker and do not want Revere Pewter but more of a clay beige colour and thought Manchester Tan but not sure if that would work. Do you have any suggestion of a colour that would work and look good with Edgecomb. Thank you.

  43. Hi Kylie, I so enjoy your blogs and videos. I have SW Divine White on my trim and cabinets and Kilim Beige on my walls (so over Kilim at this point) wondering if Edgecomb will work with the divine white trim? My floors are a dark wood with hint of pinkish red undertone. I get tones of natural light and my living area and kitchen are both two story with dark wood beams much like my floors.

    1. Post
  44. Hi Kylie, your blog on EG has been fascinating to read. What do you think about pairing Venetian Gold/Santa Cecelia countertops with Edgecomb Gray painted cabinets? (currently White Dove). Would it update the look of the kitchen?

    1. Post
      1. Hi Kylie, do you have a wall color suggesion with Venetian Gold/Santa Cecelia countertops? I have creamy white cabinets (leaning yellow) in our bathroom and have tried Edgecomb gray but it’s looking a little pink, probably because of our oak trim. I have BM ballet white and BM gray mist also on the walls and these seem to work but room is north facing so it’s hard to judge with minimal sunlight. Am I on the right track or completely off? Love your blog!

  45. Hi Kylie! Thank you for this in-depth analysis of Edgecomb Gray! I really want to paint my walls and trim with a creamy, neutral white and then paint my doors with a deeper color. I love the color of the door at the top of the stairs in your photo at https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Living-room-tall-ceiling-vaulted-Benjamin-Moore-Edgecomb-Gray-best-greige-and-White-Dove.-Sherwin-Urbane-Bronze-painted-stair-railing.-Kylie-M-Interiors-Edesign-DIY-Decorating-color-ideas-3.jpg. What color was used there? Thank you so much!

    1. Post
  46. Hi Kylie,
    I was wondering if Iron Ore would look good with Edgecomb gray? I’m thinking about painting a door Iron Ore and an adjacent room EG and to tie it all is white dove.
    I’d like to make a statement with the door but I don’t see mentions to near black paint color so not sure if it’s because it’s not a good looking combo.

    1. Post
  47. My mom is painting her new home with Edgecomb gray. The existing trim is SW Bright White. Do you have any opinion on leaving the trim as is while adding Edgecomb gray to the walls in her SW exposure? Struggle is her countertops have a carrerra look with white subway backsplash, warm medium brown maple cabinets. White Dove? Chantilly Lace? Oh my!

    1. Post

      Ceiling Bright White is a pretty darn cool white, I would change it, as Edgecomb does prefer a cleaner or softer approach. Chantilly Lace can look lovely or something like Sherwin Williams High Reflective White!

  48. Hi Kylie,
    First off, I love your work… all of it. Thank you for all the effort you put into it. It is soo helpful.
    We’re building our home and my kitchen is open concept, opening up into the family room (think long rectangular room with kitchen on one end and family room on the other). The entire room has lots of natural light and enjoys south east sun exposure for most of the day (no direct sunlight).
    I have picked BM Edgecomb Grey glazed for the kitchen cabinets and BM Newburyport Blue glazed for the kitchen island. I originally wanted Edgecomb Grey at full strenght on the walls and then thought about lightened / darkened to 25-50% but now i’m second guessing myself again. I’m exploring BM Dove Wing (Lighter) or BM Pashmina (darker) for the walls. The wall colour will end up run through the entire main floor because i dont have door jambs to end the wall colour and i have an open to above Foyer so it will flow to the loft area & hallway upstairs.
    P.S. I tend to enjoy muted/neutral colours on walls and pops of accent colours in my decor.
    I would truly appreciate your take on this.
    Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hey Venessa! It’s so hard to say without seeing the WHOLE space. I’ll say that my general thoughts are that as much as ai LOVE PASHMINA, it’s a commitment to depth on the walls (it would be great on CABINETS with Edgecomb Gray walls!). I lean much more into Dove Wing, or even more so, White Dove! OR, if youy want to go lighter, try Edgecomb Gray 50%, see how that looks! It’s hard to say as the glazing can change EG a bit, but those are my first thoughts:).

  49. Hi Kylie,
    I always enjoy your blogs. I had a color e-consult a couple of years ago for my split level home. when I remodeled I chose Edgecomb Gray for the entire living/dining/kitchen areas. Now would like to make my king wall an accent wall. I know the suggestions from BM website, but wondering if you have any favorite accent colors for Edgecomb Gray?
    Thanks, Suzanne

  50. Hello. I can see I’m very late to this party but we are remodeling the kitchen again. I’m wondering if two tone cabinets are still a thing or if they are on their way out and if so, would you Edgecomb on the lowers l same as wall paint and white dove on uppers and trim. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Mindi, two-tone cabinets can work, it just depends on the kitchen itself – to which I can’t answer without seeing your layout, finishes, and lighting. Now, Edgecomb and White Dove is a super muted, subtle combo and they’re LOVELY together, but I have two concerns 1. there’s not a ton of contrast between the two (you could try Edgecomb 25% darker or even 50% darker) and b) this combo will make it VERY HARD to pick a wall color. Your walls will HAVE to be White Dove or a color that’s at least a tone darker than Edgecomb Gray 🙂

  51. Hi Kylie, thank you for all the great articles and videos you have made available to all. They have been a huge help in more than one project. My question for you today; in our east facing, lots of natural light kitchen we are planning to have the cabinets painted in White Dove, walls Edgecomb Gray. Trim and ceilings throughout the house are in White Dove. We would like to paint the cabinets on the kitchen island a shade of black. Is there a warm black you would steer us towards?

    1. Post

      You’re most welcome! So, from the sounds of it, Iron Ore could be a win. It’s really the BEST soft black. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s overly WARM, but as soon as a black is warm, you risk purple or brown. Iron Ore has softness, but it’s undertone tends to favor green. Once in a blue moon (literally), I see a wink of blue, but it’s quite rare. From there, the next actual WARM black would be something like Night Horizon. now you do you, boo, but it can pick up some violet-brown. But if it suits your finishes, maybe it’s great!

      BTW, if you change your mind about black, the first color that hit my brain with this palette is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, which is a dark greige with a lovely green undertone! I have White Dove walls/trim (and for a while, had a lightened Edgecomb Gray on my walls) and have Urbane Bronze on my island and stair railings! Either way, I would love to see how it all turns out!

  52. Really appreciate your thorough reviews! Looking at Edgecomb Gray to update our walls throughout the home. Revere Pewter and Agreeable Grey pull blue and trying to find a soft grey or beige to work throughout the home. Trim, doors, blinds are SW Vanillin. I know you mentioned in one photo above the clients trim was almost to warm- do you think Vanillin will work? Not sure I’m immediately willing to paint trim, baseboards, and doors but maybe down the road, so would like something that works with Vanillin. Naturual oak wood floors throughout main level and Greige carpet upstairs, home front faces North. A lot of home decor is grey or black.

  53. Hi Kylie,
    Great information! My wife and I are deciding between Edgewood and Cedar Key BM. We are painting our upstairs split level and want to do our 12 ft peak wall a Smokey Copper color. The trim and cabinets are a spice color so reds and some orange. Do you think either one of those BM paints would work?


    1. Post
    1. Post

      Oh boy, it’s SO hard to say without seeing the actual trim/knowing the color. I would say to generally focus on taupe paint colors, which naturally have violet-pink undertones themselves!

  54. Hi Kylie,
    I have just painted our north facing family room Edgecomb gray and love how it looks a warm beige. My question is about trim color. I don’t care for white next to the hardwood floors, which are a yellowish heart pine color. I’m wondering if it would look ok to paint the trim all edgecomb gray, or possibly Cedar key for a little contrast. And would the inner part of the windows then look good painted a lighter color, like soft chamois? Thank you for any advice, I really appreciate it!

    1. Post

      Hiya! I totally get that and have a few thoughts…

      1. Yes to Edgecomb Gray trim – definitely no to Cedar Key.
      2. Get a sample of EG made 25% lighter and 50% lighter – this is more subtle than it sounds and offers a layered, but not-white look. As for the inner part of the windows, if it’s part of the trim, then same as the walls. if it’s just drywall that wraps around from the main wall with no trim, definitely wall color.


  55. …my eyes roll back in my head, in a blissed way. I painted my hallway 3 times before getting it right (TYVM). It’s now Edgecomb and wraps around on to a living room wall. We chose satin because teenagers, wood stove, farm, etc. It’s amazing how the wall behind the stove can look blushy sometimes, yet most people would not notice that it wasn’t a shade of white (the room is lit mostly west and some north but it’s bright and open. Wisconsin). Dark woods, earthy palette, some greens, Urbane Bronze nearby/touching- before I even discovered you! ;-). I want to paint the rest of my living room FLAT. Still considering a great green but will flat Edgecomb Gray work if the stove wall is satin and the other three walls flat? We want it warmer and not white and but wonder if it will look drab, white or if the flat will behave unpredictably.

    1. Post

      Hey Molly! The tricky thing is that the color can shift slightly as you change sheens (sad but true). And did you know that BM has ScuffX paint which is like AMAZEBALLS – it’s so washable. YOu can even get matte finish (which is shinier than ‘traditional’ matte finish, but still not shiny like satin. Is there a chance you could redo the WHOLE ROOM in ScuffX Matte?????

  56. Hi, Kylie
    I recently bought the house with BM Monterey white with Trim, baseboard with wainscoting, doors, crown molding, what do you suggest if I keep these with Monterey white but make house looks new and fresh. I painted my kitchen cabinets to BM Swiss coffee and kitchen wall for edgecomb grey, but I have huge foyer and open hall way in upstairs and also our must bedroom wanted paint fresh color. Monterey white with trim and door looks so outdated, Please give me some suggestions for my foyer and bedroom. I love cliffside grey and Swiss coffee, edgecomb grey, I also tried sample of balboa mist, pale oak too. Thank you!

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