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The 12 Best Gray & Greige Paint Colours: Sherwin Williams

Posted on September 16, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

The MOST POPULAR Gray & Greige Paint Colours

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For those wanting to update their home, gray and greige are definitely two of the most popular choices. But with the THOUSANDS of colours out there, where do you even BEGIN?

Right here.

I’ve decided to touch on some of my favourite gray and greige paint colours from Sherwin Williams, along with some gorgeous photos from my E-Design clients for visual support. These colours should get you WELL on your way to the best paint colour for you and your home!

Sherwin Williams best, most popular gray and greige paint colours. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consultant for walls, cabinets and exteriors


Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or living in it, Repose Gray is a popular warm gray paint color. Repose Gray is a light gray that has SUPER subtle brown undertones with a wee dab of violet but can be VERY unreliable with it. There’s not enough brown to qualify it as a greige, but enough to add softness and stop it from falling icy cold.

Light wood floor in hallway with Sherwin Williams warm gray paint color, Repose Gray. Kylie M.

With an LRV of 60, Repose Gray is a light color, but a ‘heavy light’, as it doesn’t have the fresh, bright feeling you’d expect in a typical light paint color. It will hold itself nicely in a well-lit room, brightening up, but can look a bit drab in a darker, shadowed space.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray best warm gray paint color on walls with white trim, light wood flooring. Kylie M.

However, Repose Gray isn’t the most PREDICTABLE gray and you’ll want to read its colour review to learn more. You can also see it in The 3 Ninjas of the Gray World.

Check out my video review of this stunning colour too! 

Paint Colour Review: All About Sherwin Williams Repose Gray


Big Chill is one of my FAVE slightly cool grays. It has a wink of a stormy blue undertone, but it’s not an icy cold colour – it’s calmer than that. Compared to the EVER popular Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Big Chill has far less green-blue undertone, making it look more like a ‘typical’ gray.

Sherwin Williams Big Chill best gray paint colour in bathroom, white vanity and freestanding tub, marble look tile wall. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

The LRV of Big Chill is 62, so it’s classified as a light colour. It’s the PERFECT depth when you want a colour that holds itself well in slightly darker areas (as shown below) but doesn’t wash out completely on well-lit walls. (Read all about LRV)

Colour Review Sherwin Williams Big Chill


Anew Gray is a light-medium depth greige. Unlike its lighter version, Agreeable Gray (which we’ll look at shortly), Anew Gray settles quite nicely between gray and beige, whereas Agreeable often caters to gray.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray darkened on painted exterior siding, rock or stone detail. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

With its LRV of 47, Anew Gray will add depth and personality to a room without weighing it down, AS LONG AS your room has adequate natural or interior lighting. And while Anew Gray isn’t as warm as beige and tan, its subtle warmth takes a more passive approach that adds a pretty softness to any room.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, foyer with warm gray taupe greige tile. White trim, best greige paint colour

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray


Tinsmith is a light-medium gray with cool, but not icy cold undertones that can flex slightly blue (sometimes SLIGHTLY blue-green). Check out the shift when the light’s turned on/off…

Bedroom with Sherwin Williams Tinsmith best gray paint colour with lights on and gray carpet. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color consultant

Sherwin Williams Tinsmith, best gray paint colour in guest or master bedroom with gray carpet and cream colored furniture. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant

Tinsmith has an LRV of 57, so it’s tucked nicely in the light-medium range. If you want a bit LESS undertone, check out Sherwin Williams Sweater Weather.

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Tinsmith


Colonnade Gray is one of my FAVES and in fact, I used it in our last home. Hated the home; loved the colour!

Kylie M Interiors Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray in home with gray brown wood floors

Colonnade Gray has an LRV of 53, so it’s firmly in the light-medium range. This means it could be a touch dark for a dark room or hallway. As for undertones, Colonnade lightly favours green, but can EASILY flash into any of the cool undertones.

The Difference Between Revere Pewter and Colonnade Gray

Sherwin Williams Paint Colour Review of Colonnade Gray


Silverplate is a slightly cool gray that hits JUST the spot when you’re looking for a gray that isn’t too ‘this’ or too ‘that’.

With an LRV of 53, Silverplate might be a bit heavy for a dark room, but looks sharp, clean and inviting in a reasonably well-lit room, especially with cool bulbs. Silverplate is similar to Tinsmith, but a bit stormier looking and slightly more likely to flash blue-green (but favours blue).

Best gray paint colour, Sherwin Williams Silverplate. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color expert, diy decorating and design ideas blogger (2)

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Silverplate

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  • samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on the location
  • they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling
  • if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE


Pavestone is a soft, warm gray-greige that easily picks up a soft, subtle green undertone, especially on exteriors.

Sherwin Williams Pavestone in dining room white wainscoting, arched window and tall ceiling. Kylie M Interiors E-design and online Decorating and colour consulting

Kylie M E-Design

With an LRV of 32, Pavestone might be a bit much for a north-facing or dark, shadowed room. However, in a well-lit space, it’s a stunning, almost medium-toned neutral with an organic-looking, earth-toned base.

The best paint colors for room or cabinets. Benjamin or Sherwin Williams paint colours. Kylie M Interiors Virtual, Edesign, online paint colour consultant and blogger market

Click HERE or on the above image to see available packages!


Dorian Gray is one of the more popular grays with a bit more depth/value. While more traditional grays lean to the cool blue or green side, Dorian Gray has a weeee willy wink of warmth in it, offering a softer, more subtle look. While it CAN pick up a touch of green, it generally sits in the violet end of the undertones, but even then, they’re SUBTLE.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray in contemporary stairwell with glass and dark wood. Kylie M Interiors Decorating, Design and Online Color Consulting Services

Open layout white kitch with gray painted island, teal accents. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray. Kylie M Interiors E-decor, Online Consulting, decorating and design

Dorian Gray is a beautiful choice for any reasonably well-lit room. With an LRV of 39, it’s a medium-toned paint colour, but when paired with the right white, the contrast is wicked gorgeous! If you’re looking for something DARKER, check out this blog post.

FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray



Worldly Gray is a beautiful warm grey-greige with a subtle green undertone.

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray, south facing room. Lake cabin. Kylie M Interiors, online paint color. Diy decor and paint color blogger.jpg

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray, dark wood flooring. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint consulting

Worldly Gray is the lighter version of Amazing Gray. Both colours can pick up a subtle green undertone, so if you’re sensitive to green (even on the most PASSIVE scale) you may want to read about #10 instead.

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray


While Worldly Gray and Agreeable Gray are very similar to each other, they aren’t quite the same. Both are trying to sneak into the ‘greige’ world as they have far more beige in them than the average gray, however, Agreeable Gray has slightly more flexible undertones (while only MILDLY favouring green). On the other hand, Worldly Gray humours just a BIT more green, making it more greige looking. That being said, both can EASILY pick up any of the three cool undertones given the right conditions.

This next image shows my client’s BEFORE photo. Notice how Agreeable Gray looks a touch green compared to the violet undertones in the flooring. I’m eagerly awaiting the AFTER photo with her new and improved paint colour choice!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray best warm grey paint colour, corner fireplace with stone and shiplap, kitchen island in Dovetail.

Agreeable Gray looks STUNNING on these painted kitchen cabinets…

Kitchen wood cabinets painted Sherwin Agreeable Gray, Classic Gray walls. Kylie M INteriors Edesign online virtual paint color advice blog

Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray


On the Rocks is a popular gray paint colour not just because of its depth, but because of its flexible violet undertones. While some grays come across as icy cold, On the Rocks has a softness to it that doesn’t necessarily make it warm, but it’s nowhere near an icy cold look.

Wood staircase and floor, Sherwin Williams On the Rocks, Extra White trim, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

On the Rocks has an LRV of 62, putting it RIGHT in my happy place as it relates to paint colour depth.

FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams On the Rocks


If you’re looking for a gray paint colour with a bit more depth, whether it’s for your walls, cabinets or exterior, Dovetail is one of the BEST. With its super passive undertones, Dovetail is one of the go-to charcoal gray paint colours.

Painted fireplace, beige tile, Repose Gray, Dovetail. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decorating and design, client photo

Dovetail with Repose Gray on the walls

And because it’s always nice to see some comparisons…Sherwin Williams best neutral paint colours, Mindful Gray, Anew Gray, Gauntlet Gray, Dovetail, Benjamin Moore White Sand. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Dovetail

Get your SAMPLIZE PEEL & STICK SAMPLES of Kylie M’s recommended grays and greiges.

Best gray and greige paint colors, Sherwin Williams peel and stick samples from SAMPLIZE AND KYLIE M

Before we finish our time together, I want to touch on a few COMMON questions…


Yes, gray and greige do go together, but the gray shouldn’t be LIGHTER than the greige, or the combo can look off. Or turning that around, the greige should be lighter than the gray.


Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is one of the best greige-taupe paint colours. However, depending on your PERCEPTION of what a greige really is, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray also takes a run at the title!


Every colour has its place. Generally speaking, grays are not as trendy as they have been, and greiges and taupes are becoming more popular due to their WARMTH. At some point, this scale will tip us RIGHT into beige, but we’re not there quite yet!


Some greiges can definitely pass as warm grays, including top colours like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and Worldly Gray. However, we’re talking about two different groups – warm grays and greiges. Greiges are WARMER THAN warm grays and have their own category.


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Check out my affordable E-Design and Color Consultation

Online paint colour expert, Kylie M Interiors, Edesigns using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams popular paint colors

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors, decorating blog, e-design, online colour consulting expert. signature



  1. Do you have a recommendation or 2 for grays that go with dark wood trim and baseboards (modern straight edges and corners in a deep cherry wood color)? I’m having difficulty finding the right color for our living room and den. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenn! I’ve started referring most questions like yours to my Online Consulting so that I can get photos of your space and give you the best solutions possible! Your particular questions (2 grays) would be $40. With my recommendations I include 3 paint colours as well as explanations so you can understand how they might act in your home. If this interests you at all here is the link… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

      Thank you for asking!

  2. Great review of grays. In my new house focusing on cool colors, I have used Repose gray with SW Pure white trim and I love it. My son wants to use Mindful Gray in their main living/kitchen area which gets a good amount of natural light and Repose gray in halls with less light. What is the best trim color for both? Unfortunately their blinds are more of an off-white color. Thanks

    1. Hi, I’m so glad you love these gray colours too! Now of course Eider White is the lighter version of these colours, but it usually isn’t quite light enough for trims. One idea is to have Eider White reduced by 25-50% (lightened) so that it’s the ‘same colour’ only lighter. Another off-white that I like is actually Benjamin Moore White Dove (which SW should be able to colour match quite well). A slightly warmer, but not too yellow option is SW Creamy (but keep in mind it is warmer than the above 2 options).

      I hope that helps, thanks for visiting my lil’ blog!


  3. Do you know anything about functional gray? Undertones? If it looks good with dark wood bedroom furniture? With cherry in it? Thank you!! I just can’t find much on functional gray but the samples looks nice

  4. Thank you for all your articles. They truly help and your description of light was awesome! So in this article you talk about greys being more muddy, do you have a list of more clear colored greys?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Good question and I actually I was just at a clients home today, taking some photos of a beautiful, more ‘clear/clean’ gray (which usually tend to be more blue or purple toned). I’m going to be starting a blog post on that topic today, stay tuned 🙂


  5. Good article – very helpful. We are building and have Kitchen cabinets and Great Room built ins in Amazing Gray and a Kitchen Island in Urbane Bronze. We are planning to use Worldly Gray as our main wall color (Great Room, halls, etc.) Will this provide enough contrast so that the Great Room built ins are not “lost”.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I previously failed miserably with gray for my house. We recently bought a new home and I read and studied your posts regarding grays. I was terrified of making another gray mistake. With much stress and prayer lol I chose worldly gray for all main living areas, amazing gray for my sons room and my daughter chose repose gray for her room. I’m in love. It looks beautiful. Your understanding of color is amazing. Thank you!!!!

  7. What’s your opinion for nice crisp grey that doesn’t really have a blue undertone. I am wanting to paint our open concept living room /kitchen that doesn’t have much natural light and I don’t want it to be to dark! Help! 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Michelle, WEEEELLLLL, a nice crisp gray generally does have blue in it…I would think your BEST bet for a crisp gray that is as neutral as possible would be SW Big Chill. Depending on your exposure and interior bulbs it might hit the spot but it can pull a weee wink blue – nature of the beast!

  8. Kylie thank you so much for this article! It helped us tremendously! We tested so many greiges in our small north facing family room (with patio doors), and finally decided on Agreeable Gray! We love it! It definitely reads a touch green at times but we felt that was preferable to the mauve undertones of Collingwood or beige of Edgecomb. Cheers!

  9. I have really been enjoying your blog and I love gray paint and am excited to paint my living room/dining room gray. I typically prefer the cooler grays but I have a bluish/gray couch from the Shelter collection, West Elm. I am thinking something along the lines of Agreeable Gray would look a little better on the walls than a cool gray. Is there anyway you would be able to steer me in the right direction? Thank you!!

    1. Post

      Hi Ashley, yes that might work for you! I’ve had Agreeable Gray lean ‘considerably’ more gray many times, even though it’s a greige type of colour, so it could hit the spot!

  10. Hello and thanks for your blog. I have a lot of beige in my tile and accessories but am wanting a more modern grayish paint. Right now I am using Nantucket Gray in my kitchen and living rooms and Manchester Tan in the rest of the house. So I am looking for a greige I guess that looks great with gray or beige and brown things…. And wondering what you think of Versitile Gray from SW?


    1. Post
  11. I really enjoyed reading your blog, lots of wonderful information on gray paint.

    We have a large great room that we have been considering painting worldly gray at 50% reduction as we don’t want it too dark, just a bit of color on the walls vs keeping them white. Our great room faces east and we get a lot of light from sunrise through 4pm. We have white shutters, gray sectional with lots of colors of blue for the throw pills, and a mix of wood and light tile floors. I just read your post above about Light French Gray, which do you prefer? Thank you, Lisa

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa! Well Light French Gray and a 50% reduced Worldly Gray would just be SO different from each other. From the sounds of it, I think that something like Agreeable Gray lightened could work. It’s REALLY similar to Worldly Gray, but Worldly can pick up a weeee wink of green and is a bare touch warmer.

  12. Hi Kylie,
    Have you looked at SW Conservative gray, I like green hue in it. Will it be washed out in a room with North/East and South window?

  13. Hi Kylie,
    In my area, the Parade of Homes color of choice seem to be SW Knitting Needles. I fell in love but in my house it pulls lavender. My 2 story great room does happen to be North facing, however, I’m sure some part of those homes are northern facing and I didn’t see any lavender at all. Have you tried this color in any of your homes? Do you have an opinion on undertones for this color? It seems that when I was painting amazing gray in my half bath it also looked lavender until I was done so… I will be happy to do a paid consult, but wondering about your take on this color in general. Thank you!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Tracy! Not surprising, Knitting Needles can TOTALLY do that, I would think even more so in the northern facing spaces. Sometimes it’s relative to what it’s with as well, for example of your trim is a warm white, not a clean white or if you have warm toned woods, this could encourage it along. I find that in north facing spaces it can be HARD to get grays to NOT pick up a touch of purple and some people are more sensitive to it than others. Now Amazing Gray could…a bit…but if anything it’s a greige with a very vague green undertone, so I’m glad you stuck it out! However, with Knitting Needles it IS lavender than you’re seeing. For a subtle shift, check out SW Silverplate which is absolutely stunning. Still a cool gray, but it should save you from the purple!

  14. Hi Kylie,

    This was sooo helpful. We currently have inset accent walls painted in Mega Greige and looking for a lighter greige (lighter than Perfect Greige) for the whole great room area. While we like gray, our furniture is light beige and kitchen is in the beige family as well and afraid something too gray will not match. My husband doesn’t like colors that read too green or purple (room does not have a lot of light). What are your thoughts on Collanade, Useful, Agreeable and City Loft? Thanks!

    1. Post
  15. I am in love with the grays, and I am getting more insight from your site than anywhere! Thank you!
    My dilemma is that in my home office, I am doing a deep, yet bright sapphire accent wall. My furniture is classic dark cherry colored and black (stuck with it). All the pictures with the beautiful grays I see are showing lighter wood or whites. Any suggestions on a good gray for this situation? With the blue accent wall I’m scared a blue undertone would be too much, but I don’t want a gray feeling cold like cement. No Browns anywhere in the room, accent colors are aqua and coral. Area rug and wall accents are black/white . Any suggestions appreciated! I spent 12 hours a day in this room, so I know I’m overthinking it LOL

    1. Post

      Hi Chris, thanks for the note! When it comes to personal questions i do need to refer to my E-design. This way I can look at your photos/questionnaire and come up with options that actually make sense! I try to give as much complimentary info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, then it might be time for a personal touch! If that interests you, the link is here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/
      Chat soon!

  16. Hi! Just discovered your work, love your insight!
    Can you advise, my house is painted one color, not sure the color, a builder’s tan with all almond color trim and doors etc. (Yuk, I prefer white) but oh well. So the floors and cabinets are a warm maple, except for some ivory carpet in the great room. I’m thinking of repainting, not sure what to use, and our living space is mostly North facing, not a lot of natural light except I the sun room. Was thinking of going for an accent wall around the fireplace because that small wall is super shadowed with two Windows, on either side of fireplace. I love the light tan /beige colors, but am open to a greige accent wall.
    What do you think?

    1. Post
  17. Which looks better with Comfort Gray–Accessible Beige or Agreeable Gray? I’m also thinking of adding in some navy blue in the room, and I think AB would look better with that. Thoughts?

    1. Post

      Hi Emily, both would be okay, but I might lighten both by 25% to shift the contrast a bit. And they would BOTH be great with navy, I’ve seen AG go considerably gray in some rooms, meaning it’s a natural partner to navy (north facing rooms particularly).

  18. Hi, Is Agreeable Gray a warm gray? If so , does that mean On the Rocks is cool? I want to try a warm so I can avoid painting my medium brown stained trim since we have crown molding, chair rails, built-ins etc….thank you for helping me u understand warm vs. cool!!
    Take care,

    1. Post

      Hi Jennifer! Yes, Agreeable Gray is a WARM gray, but depending on your exposure it can flex gray and even pick up a wink of blue (north facing rooms in particular). So while it is a warm gray compared to gray, it doesn’t always strike me as a particularly warm colour in general. Also check out BM Edgecomb Gray…


  19. Finally, someone who understands color. Do you ever think about the age of the house and the colors used in it. My house is Old! and some of the beige/tan colors just seem to strike me as an old color in an old house. Have you even considered doing a blog on that?

    Love your posts.

  20. Thank you so much for your time and help. I love that you have suggested a BM color. That has been my preferred brand, but a painter I had hoped to hire uses SW…so I explored and bought lots of SW colors. If I am doing this myself, I feel more comfortable with BM. I love white dove for trim I have to paint. Is it ok with agreeable and edgecomb or even sw popular gray? Thanks again .You are the best

  21. Just wanted to let you know I settled on collingdale for the walls and am hoping the painter can tint his preferred trim paint white dove. Thinking to do our built ins dark gray or black. Would love your opinion.

  22. Our Home has Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray throughout. Most of our Living room, Dining Room, Office, and bedroom Furniture is a darker walnut and chestnut wood colors. Do you think this will be too much of a contrast and make areas seem chopped up to the eye?

    1. Post

      Hi Sandy! Yes, a lighter paint colour with darker furniture can chop things up a bit, adding contrast, but it can also be a nice way to balance a space so that it isn’t too heavy/dark. Anew Gray is a light/medium tone that would be slightly lower contrast, but some people would find it too heavy, depending on the amount of natural light you have…

  23. I’m trying to find the right gray for my kitchen and living room actually the whole house but I have in the kitchen I have the white quartz and white cabinets and I’m looking for a nice Gray can you help me

    1. Post
  24. Trying to find a nice contrasting dark gray tone to paint our Kitchen Island and Range hood. Our walls are agreeable gray/ southern exposure and the upper cabinets are painted in Pure White. We live In Seattle Wa , were it’s gray almost everyday. We must be crazy to pick gray?

    1. Post

      Hi Sandra, when it comes to personal questions I have to be careful, as I haven’t see your flooring, countertop or anything, so it’s just guessing at that point! If you’d like me to take a look at those things, I do have an affordable E-design service which is fun too! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ And no, you’re not crazy! The right gray can be a soft backdrop and a dark one can add a nice contrast to white cabinets!

  25. Have decided upon SW Perfect Greige for large great room. I have a wall I’d like to paint a much darker gray as an accent wall. What do you think of SW Peppercorn with Perfect Greige? I saw you mention it has purple/blue tones to it, which makes it sound like it wouldn’t go with Perfect Greige at all. 🙁 Any other suggestion for a darker gray to go with Perfect Greige? Thanks so much!

    1. Post

      Hi Rhonda, you’re right, those greiges can be tricky! It would be best if I took a look at your room, which would be via my E-design. Otherwise I’m just guessing on what will not only work best for Perfect Greige, but for your furniture/flooring/exposure as well! That would fall under the 1 Room Paint Colour ($55) and that way I can spend some quality time with your room, rather than just guessing! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  26. All of the trim in our house is SW Maison Blanche. What a greige color would you suggest with that trim color? We just want to repaint the walls in our house not all the trim. We also have wood floors.

    1. Post
  27. Hi Kyle, It’s so difficult to pick paint out with so many to pick from. I boiled down to SW Dorian gray and Mega gray for my living room. I live in a small rowhome and only have one window. I have a chocolate couch and one wall is brick with like a cement color. I don’t wanna go real light like repose, I want some color. Can you tell me the difference with ghise teo and any suggestions?

    1. Post

      Hi Diana! Well, you will find that Mega Greige is a bit warmer, whereas Dorian Gray has a bit more gray in it. That being said, I prefer Dorian Gray for your purpose (without seeing the home, based on what you’ve written), simply because it has that touch grayer in it, which might feel a stitch fresher than the more greige Dorian. I wonder if you might entertain Anew Gray or Mindful Gray??? They are just a bit lighter, but will still offer some contrast with white trim!

  28. I’m having that problem as well. I have lovely stained wood trim and doors and cabinets that I refuse to paint white. All this gray will go away soon. When I moved in my house (30 years ago!) the walls were painted gray. A color called sterling. The carpet was a shade of gray as well. It all changes and then changes back. Just go with h what YOU like.

  29. I am loosing my mind trying to decide on the paint color for my son’s nursery. I LOVE “greige” colors. But I can’t stand the green undertones of some of them. Revere Pewter is one of my favorites but I keep seen the green coming through and I am afraid the navy would intensify that?. I have ” Repose Gray” in all the common areas of my house. The theme for a nursery is Nautical (Navy & white stripe curtains) and these particular room has light coming from east and north side. Do you have any recommendations to keep the room on the desired pallet (navy, greige, mint) PLEASE?
    I am currently looking at BM: Rodeo, Edgecomb Gray, Agreeable Gray. SW: Colonnade Gray, Nautica: Nautica Gray. (And a million more)
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Post

      Hi Brenda! It sounds like you’re having a tough time and I don’t know that my just throwing a colour out will help as a lot does depend on the size of the room, quality of light coming in, flooring, etc…I mean, off the top of my head, I might look at BM Edgecomb Gray, but that IS only a guess for you…If you’d like me to take a look, I do have E-design which is affordable and fun! You can check it out here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

      1. Kylie,
        I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for your “guess”. It is more valuable than you think when I get that overwhelmed! 🙂 Edgecome Gray was always on my list and I decided to give it a try! Once I put it next to the fabric I was using for the curtains, I knew it was the right choice for this project. Let see how it goes. And I will definitely consider your services for my future projects!
        Thank you again for your time, your posts and your advice.

        1. Post

          Well Brenda, thank you so much! I get so many questions that it’s SO nice to get a compliment like yours – THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  30. Love, Love, Love your stuff! Oh Goodness, could we use your help , Kylie. Currently have NINE SW paint swatches down.. (painted on cards- just like you suggest) and we are stuck! We even have a custom blend between Agreeable Gray and Accesible Beige! (Worldly Gray?? lol) Looking for a warm gray with a higher LRV. Would even go with a greige or not so tan-tan… (wool Skein is one of our swatches)… suggestions?? High ceilings, crown molding, new house. Feeling lost! Thanks so much.

    1. Post
  31. What would be a Sherwin Williams color that is comparable to BM Chelsea Gray? My painter uses SW paints. I’m thinking about using SW Colonnade gray on my kitchen cabinets and would like my island to be darker and like the look of BM Chelsea Gray. Love your blog. You have a wealth of information on it. I finally understand LV. Thank you much!!!

    1. Post

      Thanks Tracy! Your best bet might be SW Classic French Gray, although it doesn’t have QUITE the same softness. I also like SW Dovetail!

  32. I love the Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray colour, and I am trying to find a SW one that is very similar. Would you be able to let me know a couple of options?

    1. Post

      Hi Jaclyn, you could check out SW Tinsmith or Front Porch – definitely along the same lines, although not the same 🙂

  33. Kylie, I have searched your site for an answer to this generic question. I need a gray like Agreeable Gray but with a LRV of at least 60. AG is too dark for my space.
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      HI Julie, have you thought about lightening AG by 25%. The undertones can shift slightly, but it would be the same idea as choosing a new colour in that LRV range!

  34. Hi Kylie!

    Thank you for writing this as I did a search on best gray’s from SW and your blog popped up. This is after buying 7 colors trials and getting very frustrated! We went with Collonade Gray, and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT for our great room. It’s exactly how I pictured in my mind, but couldn’t make the connection to the paint color without purple and blah showing up! So, thank you! I’m going to send you some pix of the shelving units we have to pick a color to go with the Collonade. Thanks so much for your help!


    1. Post

      Laura, I love to hear this – thank you! I actually just painted OUR great room in Collonade too and seriously – SO stunning – I’m pretty much obsessed with it. I will be doing a blog post about it at SOME point along with all of the feature colours I paired with it. Thank you for the note!

  35. Hi Kylie ,
    In my livingroom we have a tan couch , the room is north and south facing. Our kitchen is north without a lot of natural light . I’m trying to decide between accessible beige and colonnade. Not sure if I should put collonade in the livingroom with the tan couch or the accessible beige. I would use the other color in the kitchen .
    Thank you,

    1. Post
  36. I’d like to see photos with dark wood trim as well. That’s the reason I’m on this site. I was hoping to find help in choosing the right paint color for my 1926 home.

    1. Post
  37. Oh the world of picking a grey is a tough one ! I am ordering a wallpaper that’s a charcoal grey with metallic copper geometric shapes in it online and am having trouble picking a lighter grey for the walls . Any suggestions on which one of these would go best with charcoal? Thank you !

    1. Post

      Hi Shelby, you’ll want to figure out what TYPE of gray is in the wallpaper – gray will have 3 undertones, blue, purple or green, so your charcoal should lean slightly into one of those. You would then pick a light colour with the same undertone. I could throw a bunch of ideas out, but they could be TOTALLY WRONG with your wallpaper if the undertones are different!

  38. Hello Kylie.
    First off, I just gotta say I think you are pure genius. I love that there is someone else who is as OCD about color as I am. (Just joking.) I’ve been scouring your site for info on the ‘new neutrals’ and color theory … so incredibly helpful, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    I have a general question… what darker colors do you feel would complement Revere Pewter (or similar… Collingwood or Edgecomb) for a south-facing living room accent wall? I’m focused on Chelsea Gray but would like options in the navy to warm gray ranges.
    Thanks, and please keep on being awesome!

  39. Love your blog/videos and expertise!
    I’m building a small ranch, (1350 sq ft) South East facing and only get one color choice. I’d like a warm neutral with blue//green undertones. I like SW comfort gray, SW knitting needles and SW gossamer veil.

    Any advice?


  40. Hi Kylie!
    I love your site, and I used to live in your neck of the woods in Port Moody. I am tired of my beige walls, but scared of white. I like gray but can’t afford new flooring. Can you do gray walls with light beige carpet?
    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Post
  41. Hi Kylie!
    I’m having a hard time deciding which gray to paint my office it’s 9ft X 12ft with navy carpet, I’ve narrowed it down to Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray or Repose Gray, what are your thoughts??
    Thanks for any advise,

    1. Post

      Hi Teri, it all depends on your natural lighting and how much you have! Repose would be a softer, lighter look, Dorian can be a more moody look, but I’ll warn you that i HAVE seen Repose Gray pick up a vague green, which wouldn’t be as nice with your navy carpet (doesn’t mean it will, but it can). And even though Dorian Gray is a darker version, it doesn’t tend to do that. Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you for responding, I have one window but the natural light is minimal. I have part of my kitchen painted in Dorian gray, which I love. But I’m stuck with the blue carpet and I don’t want and chance of it looking green so Dorian Gray it is!
        Thanks again,

        1. Post
  42. I would love to get your take on Sherwin William’s Basalt Powder and Gracious Greige. They’re new HGTV colors, and there aren’t very many reviews out there.

    1. Post

      Nope, not yet, as it hasn’t been a very popular one with my e-design clients. In general it is a warm gray, trying to be a greige that can pick up a very (very) vague pinkish/taupe tone…if that helps 🙂

  43. Need help picking interior color for whole house. I’m debating between Sherman Williams Wordly Gray & Agreeable Gray Which do you think? Also what color for trim, doors…white, off white?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Post
  44. I”m confused – the chart shows analytical gray in the 10 but then there is no description for it. I am strongly considering going with that one and found this page on a search about it. Did it get dropped off your top 10?

    1. Post

      Hi Kimberly, it did! To give you some tips though, Analytical Gray is a light-medium greige that has a soft green undertone to it that is more noticeable than what you’d find in Amazing Gray. It has a lovely muddy look that would be that bit warmer in a southern room but a bit more greige looking in north. I hope that helps!

  45. Hi Kylie,

    I love your wealth of information on your website, and I find the information about LRV especially helpful. Thank you. In your opinion what is the difference between BM Edgecomb Gray and SW Agreeable gray. Both are warm grays, but I think that BM Edgecomb is a bit more greige. Would one work better in a combo light room (meaning an open room with a lot of light in one area and the other space a little darker?

    I noticed that BM Edgecomb can read more beige in less light. How does Agreeable gray stand up to that?

    1. On my sample board, Agreeable Gray is blue…anywhere I take it and Edgecomb Gray is a creamy warm gray with no weird undertones.

  46. I have an open layout room. Kitchen, living room. It’s a large space . The opposite wall of the kitchen is an empty wall. We do not have windows or a fireplace. I copied the model home and found 2 mirror windows to place on wall- one on each side – a nice big wall click in between and I will be getting a nice white electrical fireplace for under the clock. I painted the wall a different color than the rest of the space. The house is new construction and is painted in Sherwin Williams Metro Shell color (wall & ceiling). Until I figure out a color the one wall does add warmth. I actually like the Metro Shell color as it is creamy and light. My question is- in an open layout
    Does having the one wall a different color make sense?
    Thanks and when ready I will consult with you on a perfect color!

  47. Hi Kylie! I have a 1960’s house with wood trim everywhere I plan on painting all Cloud White from your suggestions, and I was thinking a darker grey for doors. My kitchen and dining has a lot of orange wood tone cabinets I can’t change now, so looking for a grey that will work with the new white trim. The room has a ton of light from two oversized windows directly opposite each other facing East and West. I haven’t seen those directions talked about more And I’m wondering what you would suggest for a nice grey for wall, and a darker grey for doors? And if you still think cloud white is good for trim? Also doing the front room was thinking a shade darker then kitchen. It also has a giant East facing window that covers most the wall. Thanks for any help! I just don’t want my grey to be too beige. -Jenny

    1. Post
  48. Hi Kylie! I enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos! I have been researching color.. and read that you should not use Mindful Gray and Dorian Gray in the same room that they will not go together .. I would like to know your opinion on this and why not? I was thinking of transitioning these colors from one wall to the next.
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Shelly! The funny thing is that they are okay together, but the contrast is so subtle that it’s there’s not a big shift – you’ll get more of a shift just with the walls shadows. Now this range of colours CAN pick up a very vague green undertone, particularly in the lighter range, so that could be what they are referring to because as it darkens that tendency goes away a bit. For me, it’s the lack of contrast, not the colours that throw me personally 🙂

  49. Kylie,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights and experiences with the colors. I had a few of your top 10s in my top 5, and with your details on each color, I was able to narrow down my search. Funny how we don’t see the tricks the colors can play until we train our eyes to catch it. In a room of the home we just bought, there is something like sage green carpet, and I found that Repose Gray really pulled a blue tone (but did not pull that anywhere else in the house). Agreeable Gray, despite being so similar to Repose, did NOT pull anything funky from the green. I’m still unsure which color I will choose for that particular room (I know it won’t be Repose), but my point is that your information has really taught me how to catch the nuances. Thank you so much!

  50. Yikes! Now I’m panicking about having chosen Modern Gray for my interior. I don’t want any pink! Would Mindful Gray be better? Snowbound is the trim color.

    1. Post

      Hi Shelly. It’s nothing strong, but you might find that Mindful Gray sits a bit better for you – but that’s without seeing your space/lighting of course 🙂

  51. Hi Kylie! I LOVE your blog and colour reviews!!! They have greatly helped me to understand the painting ERROR I made in my son’s room. I tried to purchase a one room colour consult to fix it but you are sold out? I will definitely your consultation business for other rooms in my house as I would greatly eliminate my stress! My husband has agreed to repaint and wants it done quickly so I’m on a time crunch.
    Here are the details:
    – My son’s room is SOUTH facing and I originally painted it Stonington Grey but it turned out completely light blue!
    – The room has Warm Rustic Grey furniture and Navy Accents
    – I tried Revere Pewter and I found it too muddy. I tried Collingwood and it appeared too white/washed out.
    Based on your blog, I was thinking SW Agreeable Grey or SW Collonade? I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback you could offer!!

  52. I am building a home and we are leaning towards Light French Gray for an interior color. We have had terrible issues in the past with grays tinting blue and purple in different lights. What are your thoughts on Light French Gray? Is it likely to taint another color?

    1. Post

      Oooo, I actually just did a Youtube colour video on this that I’ll be posting soon! So, Light French Gray can pick up a subtle purple undertone or even a wink purple/blue with the right lighting (like northern). Every gray will pick up either blue, green or purple, so it’s about picking the undertones you can live with. It also has a bit more depth than the average ‘light gray’. I want you to also check out Big Chill, On the Rocks and Crushed Ice :).

    1. Post

      Hi Tonia! It would all depend on your flooring/countertops/decor etc…but my first thought is to continue with the vague green undertone that Worldly Gray has and go down the colour stripe to something like Felted Wool or Anonymous if you want more contrast!

  53. Love your article! I’m currently building my first home and I chose the color Mindful Grey to paint my kitchen cabinets. The back splash will be white with white trimming. But now I’m having a hard time picking a color for the walls. I’m thinking a beige but I’m not sure what color to try? I love the greige colors but am scared it might be too much grey in the room since the cabinets are somewhat greige. Any advice would be so appreciated!! Thank you for your time.

  54. Hi Kylie,
    What is a SW or BM gray color that is similar to First Star (cool, but not icy cold – as you wrote) that has an LRV a little bit lower – mid 60s? It is for a north/east bathroom.
    Although can you even notice that much of a change or do I need to drop to low 60s?


    1. Post

      Hi Andrea, I wonder if you might like SW Big Chill a bit more, perhaps darkened by 25%? I’d notice the difference!

  55. Im sick – my painter painted my island Amazing Gray and during the day it has a blue/violet tone to it. Have you ever seen this? My sample did NOT do this so Im sick about it.


    1. Post

      Oh dear. Did he use Sherwin Williams paint? If not, it could simply be the colour match. All it takes is for undertones to be slightly off and things go wonky. I’ve even had SW mix things up on me. I have Revere Pewter on my cabinets, which is certainly SIMILAR, and I don’t have blue/purple in site! They get hit with a bit of south and a bit of north-facing light.

      My only other thought would be bulbs – are you using daylight or cold bulbs?

  56. What is the lightest true greige paint color with an LRV of 64 or lighter with no weird undertones just a true neutral gray beige.

    1. Post

      Hi Wendy, when it comes to that, it’s ALL about perception. Some would say BM Edgecomb Gray, others would say it’s too warm and would go to SW Agreeable Gray. Both have MORE passive undertones than many other greige paint colours 🙂

  57. I LOVE your insights on color and subtle undertones and what lighting does to paint. I really need a post about grey paints that are pretty in a dark room that gets only shadowed light (southern-facing-with-big-pine-trees-blocking-the-sun kind of light.) You tend to mention the grey’s that look great in a well lit room, but don’t have much positive to say about grey in a “natural-light challenged “ space. I know the real solution is to cut down the neighbor’s trees, but…

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa! Well…it’s a tough one. Grays can be tough in a shaded room that isn’t super well-lit. If you look at slightly cleaner ones vs warmer ones it could help a bit. I mean, they are soft grays, but aren’t overly WARM GRAYS, so colours like SW Big Chill and On the Rocks. It’s tough though and you’ll need some interior lighting and clean white trim to help them out!

  58. What about a light gray with a green tone. I HATE PURPLE! I was thinking I would paint this room Neutral Ground because it is my go-to neutral but I MAY be able to handle a light greenish gray

  59. Hi Kylie
    I have painted my West facing Living room, kitchen, Dinning room in Agreable gray and love it. I’m considering getting rid of the white trim, what are your thoughts on a tone on time look? I would like a complimentary color maybe pavestone??

  60. Kylie, I’m trying to transition from a beige house to more of a gray. I think I can get away with using Agreeable Gray or Collonade Gray in my living room. The problem is going to be my kitchen. ALL of my tile, backsplash, and granite are tan. I had wanted to use the same paint color throughout the whole house, but as you mentioned, my kitchen tile looks dirty next to such a fresh gray color. I have somewhat of an open concept because the walls are open at the top in some places there is no distinct stopping point for paint. I can change to a different color for the kitchen, sunroom, and dining room, but they are all visible from the living room. Do you have any suggestions for a more brown color that would compliment Agreeable Gray or Collonade Gray and help my kitchen not look dirty in the process?

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