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Sherwin Williams Anew Gray SW 7030: Paint Color Review

Posted on May 7, 2021 by KylieMawdsley

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray: exploring a popular greige paint color

Have you been looking for a paint color with JUST THE RIGHT BLEND of cool and warmth and just the right DEPTH – not washed-out OR too heavy? Well, have I got the paint color for you!

Paint colour review of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, best, most popular greige, warm gray paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color expert, virtual diy advice

What type of paint color is Sherwin Williams Anew Gray? Is it warm or cool?

Anew Gray is a warm greige paint color. Is it TRADITIONALLY warm? No, it will look COOL compared to warm colors like beige, tan or cream, but is a subtly warm color at heart. If we go COOLER than Anew Gray, we enter the ‘warm gray range‘.

Popular gray or greige paint colour, Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, stacked stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling, oak floors, round chandelier. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo

If you have a room with north-facing, morning western or afternoon eastern light, Anew Gray might lean more into its gray base. However, if you have south-facing or afternoon western light, Anew Gray will look like the PERFECT soft greige paint color.

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What’s the LRV of Anew Gray?

Anew Gray has an LRV of 47, putting it in the light-medium range. It’s not as light as what MOST people would put in the average room (read more on that HERE), but it’s not heavy or overwhelming by ANY stretch.

Not sure what LRV is? It could save your paint lovin’ life – read all about it HERE.

Anew Gray living room, stacked ledgestone fireplace, gallery wall, beige carpet. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting and blog advice

And thank you to all of my Online Paint Color Consulting clients for sending in their PHOTOS – you make my colorful lil world go round! 

This subtle warmth works well for a north-facing room if you were wanting gray, but found it a bit too chilly looking. It can also be a nice balance to a south-facing room with a lot of golden sunshine. Why? Anew Gray’s STRONG gray base will calm things down a bit without putting you in the gray world.

North, East, South, West – Which Paint Color is the Best?

What are the undertones of Anew Gray?

Anew Gray is one of my favourite greige paint colors for a reason – its undertones, or lack of them. I mean, it HAS undertones, every gray and greige does, but Anew Gray stays PRETTY darned neutral looking. When it does decide to grab an undertone, it’s an INTENSELY subtle violet or green. If you want a more noticeable green undertone, check out THIS paint color instead.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray entryway, Greige paint colour, white front door, chandelier and mirror. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, virtual online paint colour consulting. Client before photo

What’s the best way to sample Anew Gray?

Like with every paint color, I highly recommend using SAMPLIZE.

These peel and stick paint samples will let you check out your color options for WAY less mess and money than a traditional sample pot – and they deliver right to your front door!

I want to paint my walls Anew Gray, what white paint color should my trim be?

Anew Gray is pretty flexible and via its color AND depth, can suit a wide variety of whites. If you have a white ALREADY in place, Anew Gray could work as long as your trim isn’t too yellow/creamy.

Staircase, greige warm gray carpet, white railing, shiplap feature wall in stairwell Sherwin Williams Web Gray, Pure White trim, walls. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour expert, advice

SW Pure White on trim, walls and ceiling with Web Gray feature wall and GREIGE carpet

If I were to CHOOSE a white paint color to go with Anew Gray, I’d lean the most into Sherwin Williams Pure White for its muted warmth.

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Is Anew Gray a good color for the exterior of my home? 

You bet it is! I can’t guarantee it will work for YOU in particular, but Anew Gray suits many types of brick and stone, as well as different exposures. Just remember, exterior colors can look WAAAAY DIFFERENT than they do on an interior (warmer AND lighter) – read these tips before you dive in!

You might also want to consider my Quick Consult package, which is an affordable and fun way to learn about the needs of your home!

Is Anew Gray the most popular greige paint color?

No, but it’s right up there. The lighter version of it, Agreeable Gray is more popular due to its DEPTH as is the lighter and warmer Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, a LONG-TIME fave of mine!

Red brick fireplace, best paint colour Sherwin Williams Anew Gray and Dovetail. Kylie M INteriors E-design, online paint color consultant

Anew Gray with the brick fireplace, SW Dovetail in the entryway

What Benjamin Moore paint colors are the same as or similar to Anew Gray?

And if you’re thinking of color matching between brands (ie. getting BM to make an SW paint color), you might want to read THIS first.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, foyer with warm gray taupe greige tile. White trim, best greige paint colour

What are some paint colors that go with Anew Gray?

What are some paint colors that DON’T look as good with Anew Gray?

  • Anew Gray doesn’t always love to be partnered with a color that’s lighter and COOLER than itself
  • It doesn’t love to be partnered with overly cold, icy, crisp colors

Not sure if Anew Gray is right for you? Want a bit warmer, lighter, cooler? I’ve got more!

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Not sure which paint color is best for YOUR home?

Check out my Online Paint Color Consulting – I’d love to help!

The best paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting. Home Decorating and diy ideas blogger.market

Chat soon,

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  1. I used SW Anew Gray on exterior shutters with BM White Dove on exterior walls & trim. Beautiful! Could not be happier. My painter decided to mix Anew Gray in BM
    base in my kitchen. Not happy! It may look okay ( it does)
    but it is a very different color than outside. I reluctantly agreed to keep it (wanted the kitchen back) but now plan to repaint the kitchen this year. Outside Anew Gray is a soft taupe beige – inside is a moody gray. Just sayin’.

    1. Post
  2. Would anew gray cabinets with plenty of sunshine look good with gossamer veil walls with pure white trim??

    1. Post

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