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The 5 Best Cream Paint Colours: Benjamin Moore

Posted on January 21, 2019 by KylieMawdsley


The Top 5 Benjamin Moore Cream Paint Colours

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While gray based neutrals have been the ‘big thing’ in the decorating world in the last few years (besides me, wink wink), I have to say, I have a soft spot for cream (especially when the word ‘ice’ is in front of it). I love the way it gives a neutral backdrop that’s subtle, warm and inviting – without being remotely colourful or overbearing.

Before, this room was a creamy-yellow that was a bit much for the owner…

LIving room with a stronger cream yellow (2)

After, the room looks warm, welcoming and inviting, WITHOUT looking day-glo!

Best warm cream yellow paint colour, Benjamin Moore Winter White, traditional style living room, fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting, DIY decorating ideas blogger (3)

Shown above, BM Winter Wheat, another beautiful cream paint colour

And there are hundreds of beautiful cream colours to choose from – that should make it easy, right? Wrong. The more the merrier is not always the case when it comes to picking paint colours and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find ‘just’ the right cream for your room.

So, how do you go about finding the one that’s just right for you? Well, you don’t. Okay, let me rephrase that…YOU don’t. I do. And I’m damn good at it!

The best neutral warm cream paint colours, Benjamin Moore. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, edecor, online paint color advice and diy blogger

The Best Benjamin Moore Cream Paint Colours

1. Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC 96 

Navajo White is a light cream with a blend of yellow and orange and a neutral base to calm things down. This colour is fresh and warm without having any kind of ‘weight’ to it, making it a contender for almost any room!

Benjamin Moore Navajo White, one of the best paint colours for a north facing room by Kylie M Interiors E-design

living room south facing, Navajo White Benjamn Moore greige furniture. Before Kylie M E-design

The LRV of Navajo White is 78, meaning it will reflect quite a bit of light back into a room, making it feel bigger and brighter!

And I apologize for the slightly blurry photos. I rely 99.9% on photos from my E-Design clients, so I do the best I can with what I have.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White 2 sotrey staircase and hallway. Best cream paint colour, dark wood floor and railing. North facing, northern Kylie M E-design client photo

A bit more about Navajo White

  • Great if you’re looking for a light and warm palette that is verging on the ‘off-white’ range
  • Navajo White is a tiny bit more colourful than a traditional ‘cream’, but nowhere near the more muted tan end of things
  • A great complement to stronger feature walls or accent walls within a room
  • Can work in both north and south-facing rooms. Soft enough to look warm, but not so yellow that it’s overpowering

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2. Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream OC 96

Gentle Cream is a heavy cream with similar undertones to Navajo White, making it warm and inviting with a subtle neutral base. It’s a great colour to pair with earth tones, neutrals (like chocolate brown and charcoal) and in dark hallways when you want a warm, but not white look.

The LRV of Gentle Cream is 71, so while it reflects less light than Navajo White, it will still add some great energy to your room.

Black painted wine cabinets, kids art gallery wall. Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream. Kylie M Interiors

Kylie M E-Design

Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream in a gender neutral baby nursery with gold polka dots and white crib. Kylie M Interiors

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A bit more about Gentle Cream

The best cream paint colours for your room. Benjamin or Sherwin. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors online paint color consulting. Home Decorating and diy ideas blogger.market

Click HERE or on the above image to see available packages!

3. Benjamin Moore Indian White OC 88

Indian White is similar to Navajo White and Gentle Cream but is slightly less yellow (more orange-beige).

Benjamin Moore Indian White, best warm cream neutral paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online virtual paint color consulting and advice blog

Benjamin Moore Indian White is a warm cream paint colour with subtle undertones. Kylie M Interiors E-design, decor and online color consulting services. With beige sofa

Kylie M Interiors E-design 

More about Indian White 

  • A great whole home paint colour
  • Great as a partner to feature walls and accent walls
  • Will act like a warm, but not overly colourful neutral

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

  • Samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on location
  • At $6.99, they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needing for traditional paint sampling
  • If you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE

4. Benjamin Moore Timid White OC 39

This is one of my fave creams when I want just a soft whisper of warmth. Timid White has that yellow-creamy base that ALL creams have and a wink of gray to tap it down, while still leaving a good amount of warmth on the table (or on the wall would be more the point).

Timid White Benjamin MOore with wood. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Colour Consulting SErvices (4)

More about Timid White

  • It has an LRV of 84 so it’s pretty darned light! On a wall with tons of natural lighting, it will lighten up THAT much more but will come back as the sun shifts
  • While there could be a very (very) small amount of green in it, it’s so vague I’ve never actually seen it show up to the party

5. Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC 9

Ballet White is a fabulous neutral. It’s the least creamy of the bunch as it’s yellow-cream base is GREATLY grounded by a lovely beige-gray blend. So, if you find that some of the above colours are a touch too warm for you – this might hit the spot! Its neutral base calms things down and is almost greige in comparison to the above colours, giving it a warm, but more neutral look.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White, stucco and brick fireplace with oak or fir wood flooring. Gray Cashmere kitchen. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color advice blog and consulting

Benjamin Moore Ballet White with living room with brown leather sectional. Kylie M Interiors Online Decorating, E-design and Colour Consulting

Read more: Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Ballet White is particularly great for…

  • Overall colour in a home
  • Suits homes with southern or northern exposures
  • Not as good for low-light/shadowed rooms as it can get a bit flat

Not sure which colour is best for you? 

Check out my Online Color Consulting and E-Decorating Services

Online paint colour consultant Benjamin Moore Sherwin Williams, Vancouver Island, USA, UK. Interior, exterior, edesign colors. Kylie M Interiors, blogger marketing

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors, decorating blog, e-design, online colour consulting expert. signature


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  2. I discovered your blog on http://www.kylieminteriors.

    ca/benjamin-moore-the-best-neutral-colours/ and
    I’m very happy I did. It’s as if you read my mind.
    You come across as knowing so much concerning this, like you authored a
    textbook on it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics
    to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this
    is great blog. I will most definitely be back.

    1. You know what Ashlee, you are so right! I’m sometimes afraid to put in too much pics (ie: info overload) but when it comes to colours, it really is such a visual thing. When I get a chance I’m going to fix it all up. Thank you!!!!

  3. Hi there – I discovered your site through a google search and I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I have just painted my family room in a horrible shade of yellow that I hate – I’ve spent the last 2 days prepping, priming and painting to end up with an offensively bright canary yellow – I would cry if I wasn’t so tired! The room faces north, and is partially below grade, virtually no natural light. I wanted a soft neutral shade of yellow, to go well with my dark oak floors and white fireplace and mouldings – and selected BM’s golden straw. Looked nice on the sample, looks awful in my room. So after reading through this page, I’m wondering if I should try Gentle Cream? In your experience with this colour, how will it show up in a room without natural light? Will it still have the warm yellow undertone? Beautiful pics BTW – I love your Pewter dining room!

    1. Oh that is the worst feeling ever!!!!

      First of all, if you don’t want to paint again here’s a few thoughts……

      #1. Do not place opposites with it. So, don’t put any blues, greens, purples (or variations of these colours) in the room. Opposites attract and make each other stronger, so the yellow will only look more yellow!!!

      #2. Choose grounding colours for furniture and accents like chocolate browns and charcoals (brown being my fave). These will help to slow the yellow down.

      #3. Add texture and pattern. You can distract from a colour with texture and pattern so that the colour is no longer the most sumptuous or strongest visual item in the room.

      #4. If you choose chocolate brown, red makes a super fab accent colour.

      Now on the otherhand, if you DO want to paint then yes, Gentle Cream is one of my uber faves. If you ‘liked’ Straw Hat initially though, you may find Gentle Cream a touch too mild for you. Okay, so here I am trying to look at colours at nite and it’s not working. Okay, I’ll finish this email tomorrow 🙂

    2. Okay, part 2 of my reply!!!

      So, here’s a few colours to check out…..

      #1 Cable Knit – I had this one in my home for a while and I found that it really changed throughout the day from a peachy tone to a yellowy tone (don’t be afraid of the peach part – it’s more about undertone than colour). It was really versatile and warm without being too ‘obvious’.

      #2 – Powell Buff – Another great ‘yellowish’ colour that is still ‘clearly’ yellow on the walls, but not nearly as strong as Golden Straw as it has a nice earthy undertone.

      #3 Gentle Cream – of course I love my Gentle Cream!!! My only worry is that if you liked the ‘depth’ of Golden Straw, you might find Gentle Cream too boring. I find it hugely flexible, however I almost always have it paired close by with rich colours (like Middlebury Brown and Giant Sequoia and Wet Concrete)

      Check out those colours and let me know what you think!!!

      1. Post
  4. Hi, I’m moving into a manhattan prewar apartment with 9 foot ceilings. I have a black suede couch and blue green chairs. Right now the apt has a light yellow paint which my husband really likes but we don’t know the shade. We need to paint before we move in and would love some suggestions on color. Additionally, we have artwork with the greens,blue, purples and yellow. The floors are a honey color. Thanks for any help, jody

    1. Hi Jody, lucky you, I wish we had homes like that here on Vancouver Island! Now of course, it’s all personal opinion (although atleast mine is an educated personal opinion 😉 but I think that changing the yellow is a great idea. So, of course there’s a lot to consider like natural light/size/etc…however, I’m going to throw a few colours at you to start with and maybe they’ll give you a good jumping off point!
      (these are all Benjamin Moore colours…)

      Simple – Gentle Cream or Revere Pewter. Gentle Cream is like a heavy cream with a slight yellow undertone. The nice thing about this is that it will let the colours in your chairs and artwork do the talking – without interfering. It’s basically a soft and warm backdrop and would look great with your honey coloured floors. Revere Pewter is a warm lightish gray. It’s another colour that would do the above things, but in a more ‘neutral’ basis.

      More Colourful – Palladian Blue is a soft greenish blue that borders on the ‘slightly bright’ side of things. It’s one of my fave greeny blue colours, but you’d have to see it with your chairs and artwork to make sure it’s not too green or too blue for them.

      Neutralish – Gray Mist is a very soft grayish colour with a touch of greeny blue in it. Very subtle and pretty. Definitely on the lighter side of the scale, but not so light that it’s anything like an off-white.

      Okay, so check those out. If they don’t work, PLEASE feel free to send me a few photos of your chairs/artwork and I might be able to pull something exciting from that!!!

      Let me know how it goes and I LOVE before and after photos, please!!!!


  5. Here are some photos of a house we just bought. I left an earlier message about the interior colour i like and our painter matched to BM Soleil. http://Www.202pickwick.com i have read your blog and see you really like BM Gentle cream. How to choose? I am a newbie and suck at this. You’ll also see the 1988 cupboards that i’d like to paint off white with maybe Grasslands… Ideas? Help?

  6. My dining room and galley kitchen run into each other
    and right now I have them painted colonial yellow
    which is getting a bit too orange for my liking.
    I would like to go lighter yellow more lemon and less
    gold. I have bisque applainces and oak cabinets
    can you suggest a nice color that would go with
    it. Right now I am leaning towards a color by SW
    called Daybreak which is quite pretty and a lighter
    shade of yellow. Any opinions would be welcome.
    PS We have laminated wood floors.

  7. Hello,

    Love your post. I am hoping you can help me as I know have 6 different colour samples on my wall and NONE are working. We are currently renting and all the floors and casings are yellow oak. NIGHTMARE. What neutrals would you suggest? Would revere pewter work? My husband will have a bird if I go and purchase yet another sample that doesn’t work.

    Thanks so much in advance it hurts.


    1. Hi Nisha, I love your last line, it made me laugh out loud! Okay, so I’m assuming you want something in the ‘lighter’ end of things. Yellow oak is always difficult, but…..Revere Pewter can work with it because Revere Pewter is a warm gray, meaning it won’t clash with the yellow in your oak. I also love Gentle Cream, and to tell you the truth you could do 2 colours throughout – Revere Pewter and Gentle Cream (or Navajo White which is lighter than Gentle cream) as a palette and it would look lovely!!! The key is to kind of ‘blend’ the yellow oak. Anything that is greenish/blueish/purpleish – will accent it – so the key is blending. And how do you blend something? You either go with it (meaning choosing yellow or colours with yellow undertones) or you neutralize – which is creams/browns/grays.
      If you happen to have Muslin – avoid it. It has a sneaky pink that can sneak up when paired with yellow – same with Stone House.
      Let me know what you think!!!!!!

      1. Hi Kylie,

        Thrilled with your prompt reply, I am sure you could sense the desparateness in my request. I am going straight to BM after work to get the samples and get them up this weekend. Our current terricota walls are driving me around the bend and can’t tolerate it any longer. I appreciate the neutralizing suggestion – I am guessing you mean with rugs, pictures & furniture I can neutralize. We are currently looking for a new sofa and chairs, so a dark chocolate would work well?

        Again, thanks. The pain will subside once I have the samples up. You are a gem for helping those that are colour challenged.


        1. Hey Nisha! Yes neutralizing applies to the paint colours as well as accents and what not! It also works really well to add texture (which can also be neutral) like branches, hammered metals things (like vases/lamp bases), polished stones (in the bottom of clear vases) and lovely textural toss cushions and throws!

          As for new furniture shopping – yes Chocolate Brown is great, as is Charcoal or a nice neutral tan/brown colour….

          Send me some photos when you’re done – I love before and after photos!!!!!

          Let me know how it goes!!!!!

          1. Hey there,

            So we will be in the throws of painting this weekend, I will keep you posted. I am have been looking on kijiji etc, for some new sofas. …hopefully find some deals. We have young kids so wipability is big for us and where we are isn’t permenant. LOVE hammered things.

            Will keep you posted, thanks again for your help and guidance.


      2. Does the BM-Muslin show pink undertones with colors other than yellow? Our trim and ceilings are BM-Sail Cloth with Walnut stained floors.

        1. Post
  8. I am trying to marry together to very different rooms, a corner bedroom that my teenager decided should be BM Waterfall that looks great during the day but in the evening with the artificial light becomes a green tiffany color, vs a north but bright kitchen/dining room with light maple cabinets and walls in BM Morrocan Spice. Between them is a square, tiny and dark hallway (that also houses the W/D) that connects to a dark, tiny bathroom. All floors are in honey pine, except the bathroom that is an all white with a few small black squares. I would like to paint both the hallway and bathroom the same gloss color. What off white would look good in the hallway connecting waterfall-morrocan spice, but also look great in the bathroom with artificial light, without a deep yellow undertone? I am really going insane with the whites! I am debating between blue/gray colds and warm greenish or beige but which unfortunately become bluish with the morrocan spice. I like titanium/moonshine/overcast/winds breath and cedar key/balboa mist, and pale smoke. The kitchen has a small Handmade bedroom on the side, and leads to a Monroe Bisque living room that connects to a Gray Wisp bedroom, just to get an idea of my colors.

    1. Okay, so I’m going to break this down into some separate points for you….

      #1 – Do you have the compact fluorescents in your rooms. These can often make colours look odd. I know that energy savings is a big deal for a lot of people, but unfortunately even the most ‘natural warm’ bulb can make colours look horrible. In my home, almost all of my interior lights are just the good old fashioned bulbs – and I just try to be conscious of turning them off when I leave the room.

      #2 – Where abouts do you live? The most common paint finish for hallways is eggshell and at the most, satin. For bathrooms/laundry you can do a Satin/Pearl finish so that it’s wipeable, but not too ‘shiny’. If you do prefer the gloss finish, just be aware that it can show off any damage to your walls and can look abrasive when artificial light hits it (as it is reflective). Just some food for thought for you 🙂

      #3 – When it comes to kids room, I allow a lot of forgiveness with regard to how they relate to the rest of the home. #1 Priority – make sure that the hallway/bathroom/laundry colour works well with your kitchen/living room. #2 Priority – make sure it looks good with the kids room.

      #4 – So as for actual colour, if you hadn’t told me that you didn’t want a yellow undertone, I would have directed you to colours with yellow undertones. This is because of a) the rest of your colours and b) your flooring. When you have a lot of different colours going in, it’s nice if your ‘transition colour’ (which is usually a hallway that is cream/white/light coloured) is the same undertone as your other colours *(yours being warm).

      That being said, I’d still send you there, but tweak things to colours that tend to have a slightly more ‘orange’ warm undertone rather than a ‘yellow’ warm undertone.

      Deserted Island or Indian White or Barely Beige (again, a wee bit more orange-ish than some of the other options that are out there)

      Now since you told me that you aren’t super excited about yellow, these colour would be my next steps…

      The grayish tones are tough ones and here’s why. #1 – Monroe Bisque/Moroccan Spice aren’t super happy when placed next to lighter ‘grayish’ tones and #2 – A colour like Gray Mist won’t want to be close to a gray with more green undertones than blue (titanium and moonshine are more green than blue)

      For these reasons I’m going to direct you to these colours (and while they may certainly work with 1 or 2 of the colours you have, I don’t think they will work with them all…but you might love them anyways!)

      Edgecomb Gray is a really neat, quasi-neutral colour. In certain lights it can go just a ‘wee touch’ pinky. But given that your light sounds difficult to work with, it might just stay in a happy place for you.

      Revere Pewter. This is a warm gray. The reason why it could work is that the warm undertone of it might satisfy both Monroe Bisque and Gray Mist (it’s also AMAZING in bathrooms and laundry rooms). It might be a bit darker than what you are looking for, but you can get it lightened by 1/4 or 1/2. If your BenMoore can’t do it, just take the colour chip to Home Depot and they will colour match it and lighten it for you into their brands.

      Natural Linen. Another colour you might want to get lightened a bit (but the one under it, Gray Mist seems a bit too light, but you can look at it too.)

      AND!!!!! If all else fails, you can always go to Cloud White. Now it does have a yellow undertone and really is essentially ‘white’, it will let all of your other colours ‘do their own thing’ without affecting them one way or another…

      Please let me know what you think, I hope this helps!


        1. Post
  9. Hi Kylie,
    I came across your website when I was looking to compare different shades of creamy white. I currently have Najaho White in my family room and love it. My husband and I doing a bit of a face lift on our property down south. I normally ask question on Houzz. Do you have a blog also shades of green/turquoise similar to this one on creams? I am looking for something very very pale. I quite like BM – Ocean Air, however I think it is more blue. I am going for something even lighter. Your site was so informative. Thanks. Linda

    1. Well I’m totally touched that you usually ask Houzz questions and you decided to give me a try – thank you Linda!!!

      I don’t have a blog post on Green/turquoise for this colour range, but I’m happy to throw some ideas your way…

      If you like Ocean Air it shows me that you still like ‘earthy’ tones (rather than the ‘pastel’ range of blues and blue/greens) which means that we just need to tweak it!

      So, first off I’ll say that if you can find the ‘colour’ that you like, you can always have it lightened. Now some Benjamin Moore stores are not able to lighten some of their colours, so if that’s the case you can just take the colour chip to Home Depot and get it colour matched and lightened. 1/4 just barely tweaks it, 1/2 ‘changes’ it. Basically it means that they are taking that much out of the colour ‘recipe’.

      Now colours that could work for you…and there aren’t many options 🙁

      1. Green Tint 2139-60 – literally what it says. Super duper subtle. Some colours (like Ocean Air) would be called ‘Blue with gray undertones’. Well with Green Tint we are basically reversing the order – it’s a GRAY with a green/blue undertone. It might not be ‘fresh’ enough for you, but it is lovely and relaxing!

      2. Constellation AF-540 (Aura Affinity colour) is also VERY VERY VERY close to Ocean Air. It seems to have just a wee smidge more green in it, but it is the exact same tone. It too would need to be lightened to get it to the right strength.

      3. 2 colours that I love, that I think could be AMAZING at a fraction of their strength….Blue Grass cc 640 and Palladian Blue HC 144

      Now if it were me, I would go to Home Depot and ask them if they can make these Benjamin Moore Colours at 1/8 of their strength into the ‘sample pots’ that they have (our Home Depot has sample pots of Behr and CIL paint). I ‘think’ they should be able to do this. They may say that ‘it won’t be an exact match’, but I find that Home Depot is always darn close and darn good! (I’d probably get all of the above colours done and it would still only cost about $20!)

      And really, the rest of the blue/greens are more in the pastel range and are pretty ‘genuine’ colours – with no gray in them, so I’m not even going to go there (unless you really want me to….)

      So, let me know how those work for you. If they don’t we can always look at other brands (although I do love my B.M :))

      Please let me know what you think!

  10. Hi Kylie. Your comments seem very helpful and knowledgeable. I want to ask your advice about paint colour. I have a living room with a big window facing south west. There are trees shading the south side so it’s mostly west light. I painted the room BM sundial, which turned out to be way too peachy and saturated in this space.( My floors are a honey maple colour) I have since purchased a navy ( denim coloured) sofa and want to re paint the room. I am partial to creams and I also like taupe. So if I want to have something that works well with the floor colour, and the blue couch, without becoming overly bright what would you suggest?
    Thank you – Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for your compliment! I can see how Sundial would feel too peach for sure. There are some GREAT colours in this range and I think that if we can just tweak them to lean towards the yellow undertone rather than the peach undertone then surely we can find the perfect one for you room!

      Okay, so we’re thinking #1 – Tweak the level or orange #2 – Reduce the ‘saturation’ and possibly tweak things into a slightly more ‘earth toned’ range which will help to tamp down the brightness.

      #1 – Gentle Cream. Of course this is always my fave. Some people find that it’s just too light, even though it really is quite a heavy cream. I have this colour throughout my home as it accommodates so many other colours so nicely. It’s warm without being TOO colourful (but leaning towards the yellow end of things for sure)

      #2 – Cable Knit. This is a colour that is VERY close to Sundial – the difference is that Sundial leans to the peach side, Cable Knit leans to the yellow side. Not overly yellow, but certainly less peach than Sundial. You might really like it or you might find it is too close to Sundial.

      #3 – Powell Buff. Another one that is similar – but tweaked. Powell Buff is a beautiful rich colour. Similar ‘tone’ to Sundial, but with more of an earthy undertone which calms it down quite a bit.

      #4 – Almond Bisque – Another lovely colour, probably the softest of the above (excluding Gentle Cream). I haven’t used Almond Bisque much as sometimes the yellow of it doesn’t sit quite right in rooms. However, with your lighting and your couches/flooring it might work great.

      I think yellow/creams is a great range to go with for your home. Taupe is a lot more difficult to pull off with a blue couch and honey maple floors.

      If it were my home and I had that couch/flooring I think I’d lean towards the Gentle Cream. It’s flexible and fresh while still being warm and inviting. I don’t know if you like red or not, but the cream/blue combo can look quite striking with just a few red accents (like toss cushion/artwork/flowers/etc…)

      Let me know what you think, I’m curious to hear where you end up (and I always love photos!!!)


  11. Hi Kylie,

    I love the colors, but found I was more interested in the desk you show in one of the photos. My grandmother gave me the same desk. She is long gone, and I had inherited her desk after she passed. Do you happen to know the history of your desk? I was under the impression that the desk was made locally in Baltimore sometime in the early 40s? I had never seen a duplicate of my desk until seeing it in your photo. Just curious if you have any info on it.


    1. Oh Tracy, I would LOVE to be able to tell you something…anything about that lovely desk! I bought it used from someone who just didn’t realize the value of it. Solid wood, every single inch! She is a beauty and for all of the pieces that I paint and sell, it’s one that I will be keeping for sure. I’ve heard it called ‘Colonial Revival’ and I’m also sure mine is from the 40’s or 50’s. However, I don’t have a stamp anywhere, so it’s history is completely unknown.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t help any more!!!


  12. Hi Kylie! I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your knowledgeable and helpful blog. You have a way with explaining colors that just makes sense to me. 🙂 I’d love to ask for your expertise about a paint shade for my dining room. I need to bridge between my newly-opened kitchen, which is Revere Pewter at 50% saturation (the kitchen has white cabinets and white quartz with dark hardware), and my living room, which is Pittsburgh Paint’s Sand Fossil, a soft buttercream yellow similar to BM’s Elephant Tusk (the living room is full of white furniture with driftwood gray accents — I LOVE the warm yellows and gray tones together). The dining room that’s in between these two rooms is absolutely driving me nuts — I have painted swatches on every wall and NOTHING looks right. I originally wanted to paint it a very warm, not-too-dark gray that would provide some flow with the RP in the kitchen now that the wall is knocked down and would pick up the driftwood grays from my den — I figured the grays/yellows mix would work given all my yellowy jute and seagrass rugs. I looked at Pashmina (AF100), but in spite of its warm undertones, it is reading really quite purple in my dark dining room. I also looked at Revere Pewter at 150%, but it’s just shockingly blue in the evening — really disappointing given that RP is usually one of the warmest grays that designers recommend. SW’s Collonade Gray also looks slate blue. Given how cold everything is reading in that room, I now feel I have to go more of a true brown, but I’m honestly a little tired of true brown and it just makes the room feel so dark. I really struggle with a lot of the BM greige recommendations online because my style is very much coastal and requires a lighter saturation than most. Ugh! Should I just scrap all the greiges and bridge with a white? It would just make my day if you had any thoughts to share. 🙂

    1. You are so sweet! AND you caught me at a great time as I’m just sitting down answering some of the comments on my site!!!

      Okay, so while I have my Benjamin Moore chips sitting here with me in my office (aka Starbucks 😉 ) I don’t have the other brand samples on hand, however, hopefully with good ole’ BM, hopefully we can find some solutions!

      So we’re essentially looking at Revere Pewter at 50% (assuming you meant 50% lighter than it really is) and a colour very similar to Elephant Tusk (so basically a not-too-yellow light cream).

      At some point when mixing a number of off-white’s cream, you get to a point where it’s hard to add another. I think what we’re really looking at here is not necessarily adding another ‘colour/undertone’ to the mix, but rather tweaking one of your existing colours to suit the lighting/exposure in your living room. I also think your gut instinct about ‘beige’ is bang-on – stay away! It will undoubtedly effect the coastal vibe you are going for when paired with the other colours you have.

      A few fave off-whites (notice I say off-white rather than cream) is Ballet White and White Down. Funny enough it is the one directly under Elephant Tusk. It would tap into the warmth of both Elephant Tusk and Revere Pewter without being ‘too yellow’. It may also be the tweak you need to accommodate your diningroom. You will just need to check them with your version of Elephant Tusk to make sure that White Down doesn’t turn slightly pink.

      If you’d kept Revere Pewter at normal strength, I would have guided you towards Winds Breath. And now that I think about it, maybe that would be a good tweak on what you have. If the Revere Pewter shifts to a slight blue (which is so odd for R.P) then you might find that Winds Breath might just subtly swing things back. The hope would be that your kitchen and dining room would look like the same colour to most people, but you and I would know that we’d tweaked the dining room to the right undertone.

      Now of course you can almost never go wrong with Cloud White. It really ‘acts like white’, so if you the other solutions aren’t working this might be one to turn to. It acts like white, but that wee drop of yellow in it provides the relief it needs so that it isn’t ‘stark and cold’.

      So, let me know what you think. I find sometimes when I’m really struggling with my own home that it means that ‘something else’ is off. We’ll work together to find the right combo for you and if these don’t work then I will jump into my Sherwin Williams when I get home and check things out. If all else fails and we can’t find a colour that a) suits Revere Pewter and Elephant Tusk while b) suiting your dining room, then maybe….you might need to change the living room or kitchen????? AHHHH! I know that’s probably the last thing you want to do, but sometimes when you take a second and step back and say ‘okay, if the walls were all white, what would I do’ then your ideas can shift to accommodate the options that are out there…

      Let me know what you think and send me a few pics if you like if it will help…[email protected]

      Chat soon!~


      1. Kylie … You might just be a color genius. 🙂 I pulled out my BM fandeck and feel you are so right to recommend a variation on one of the existing shades versus a whole new color … That just makes so much sense. When I got a chance, I held Winds Breath up to my 50% Revere Pewter and was shocked at how similar the saturation and general “mood” was, but with just a little bit more warmth. I can’t wait to get a few sample cans and see what happens. Cross your fingers and I’ll let you know!

  13. Hi Kylie,

    Not sure where my first message went so I hope this is not a repeat. I read through your website and realized I am an emotional painter, like yourself. There’s seems to be a pattern where I decide to paint when I am stressed. I wish eating chocolate would suffice. Here’s my dilemna. I am paralyzed about picking a new paint color out of fear I will get it wrong again. If my husband supported my madness, I might feel less nervous. He thinks things look just fine. I painted my first floor 4 years ago and picked the living room and attached sunroom /tv room color out of desperation. Nothing was working and I just wanted to get it over with. Being the daughter of a housepainter, you would think I would have learned about undertones. Lesson learned too late. In haste, I picked Restoration Hardware Latte but had it mixed by BM. I wanted a neutral putty color sort of like Manchester tan looks. The adjoining dining room is BM Raspberry Truffle on the upper half, with nice wood molding and crown molding painted white below. It was daring for me but always loved red and I needed the drama then. The hallway and entranceway leading to the staircase and upstairs is painted RH Cappuccino, slight green undertone in some lighting. I believe the close color match may be AC2, Berkshire Beige,but not sure how accurate that is. The house is over 100 yeasrs old. The living room and hallway have picture frame molding. It’s a pain to paint. In retrospect, I wish I painted the hallway latte as well. It would be an easier fix now.
    .. My kitchen is a BM match to Rh Butter. Ok, so here’s my crisis. I had the BM store mix the Latte and it wasn’t as close as it should be. It was lighter but I like how it looks in the less natural lit living room. However , in the east and west facing sunroom, it gets this horrid, urine green cast, especially when the sun shines in late in the day. It loses that oatmeal soft color. The rooms look two different colors at times. I hate it in the sunroom. Previously I had BM Peaceful Jade so never realized how much green light comes in the room. I also have orangish cherry wood natural trim around windows and natural crown molding in that room only cause my husband thinks it’s blasphemy to paint over natural wood. I don’t. But since he did all the renovations, I don’t put up a fight as yet!. I have two choices. I can either try and tweak the sunroom color by having the lighter living room bad mix of Latte matched and see if they could take out the green undertone. I don’t even know it that can be done. Or I can pick another paint color. After the devastation of Superstorm Sandy and the trauma we went through, I thought that maybe a coastal color palette might make me feel more serene and relaxed. A designer on Houzz.com suggested I use a BM color Stone Hearth. I am unsure about it. She says it looks like a perfect putty and all her clients have loved it. I worry cause I sometimes see a pink undertone on my large sample boards. They are all over the house and my husband just humors me. She also said that the dining room would look good if I painted it either BM Misted Green or BM Gray Horse. I added Affinity Tranquility to the mix. She told me about weights of colors so I get that. No ideas what or if the Butter in the kitchen would need to be changed. You see the problem…it snowballs having me redo most of the downstairs rooms. . I worry the Stone Hearth would be too dull or dingy. I have a Farrow and Ball color called Stoney Ground? in a bedroom upstairs which looks like a similar greige and sometimes I feel it looks dirty. Other times I like it. I love it when I see colors like SW Sea Salt,or RH Silver Sage, those greyed blue/green colors. Soft and subtle without being too blue or too green. I am just not sure If I have the nerve to go in that direction even though I like the look in photos. I even painted a large swatch of Revere Pewter an that looked greenish. We have white oak floors that have yellowed through the yeasrs. Style is similar to your first photo of your eclectic room. I just got a slipcovered sofa in the sunroom in a cream color and we have a espresso leather couch in the living room. We have some antiques mixed in and people comment how cozy my house is. I just feel like I want better flow and a more modern feel, more sophisticated. without losing the charm. I know grey is all the rage now, but not sure how that can be worked in with my presently warmer palette. This is my last attempt to send an SOS out there. I really need some support, suggestions and guidance. Since I am doing the painting, I don’t want to have to repaint again and have my husband say “see there was nothing wrong with it the first way” Again, I apologize for this “essay” and hope you have some time to help me out. Thanks,Denise…. if photos would help, I have them on photobucket.

    1. Hi!! No worries, I just have to ‘approve’ message from unknown senders before they will pop up!

      I’ve got a crazy day today, but I know that tomorrow is quieter for me, so hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and digest your home! And if you can give me the link to your photobucket photos that would be a huge help!!

      The only problem I see encountering is that we are in Nanaimo in Canada and we don’t have a Farrow and Ball or Restoration Hardware so I don’t have the colour chips right on hand. Your references to their comparable BM colours help ALOT, so my suggestions will have to be based on these comparables 🙂

      Chat soon!


    2. Hi Denise, I promise that I haven’t forgotten about you and I’ve saved your photos on my computer. My site has gone gangbusters on questions lately and I have to give my priority to a) my clients in town here and b) my Online Consulting clients. I didn’t want you to think that I am ignoring you, there are just some questions that require more intense time and thinking – yours being one of those.
      If you’d like to move things faster you’re welcome to check out my Online Consulting on my site to see what I offer. If you decided to go that route, I’m sure I’d have you some answers by Wed. If you’re rather wait then I promise that I will get to your sunroom as soon as possible!!

      Thank you for your patience Denise!

    3. Okay, are you ready? Here we go!!!!

      So, looking at your photos, my first thought is that the sunroom needs to be ‘visually balanced’ with the dining room. Your living room sits so nicely in the middle and acts as kind of a ‘neutral ground’ for the rest of the space. If you pick a colour that isn’t as strong as your dining room, I worry that things will feel ‘off balance’. Does that make sense?

      On just a side note, have you thought about painting the trim work in the sunroom to match the rest of your home – it appears to be the only space with wooden window trims and what not….if it were me i think I would – just for continuity 🙂

      Anyways, back to colours! Call me crazy, but it seems to be that Louisburg Green would look LOVELY! It’s a cool colour meaning that it would balance out the temperature of your warm dining room, living room and kitchen walls as well as provide a bit of contrast. Almost every home needs a blend of warm and cool colours and I really think your home would benefit! Homestead is another nice one. I’m just making sure to not have to much of a ‘yellow green’ for you as it wouldn’t jive with the theme of your dining room colour which is more on the bright and punchy side, rather than the ‘earth toned’ side.

      Because you have an assortment of light coming into that room (including South) you can definitely pull off a green.

      The problem I see with Gray Wisp is that it really is quite an earth toned and it won’t necessarily connect as well with your dining room and kitchen in particular – but you were on the right track with it being a cool colour! If you do like ‘blue-ish’ colours – the closest I would put you would be Carolina Gull. It’s an amazing Green with a slight blue undertone – in fact a lot of people say ‘what is that colour’ as it’s entirely open to interpretation. Please check it out too!!

      As for having too many colours, I don’t want you to worry about that. Your home should be a reflection of you and the things/colours you love. I have 13 colours in my home, believe it or not! When colours are paired with each other to provide balance with regards to hue/tone/visual temperature it can be an amazing thing – if it’s done right!

      So, start out with those and let me know what you think and THANK you for your patience Denise – you are a Saint!


      1. Hi Kylie,

        Thanks for your input. I understand what you are saying about the weight of the colors. Something else I learned too late. Actually the Raspberry Truffle is not bright at all in the brightest day light. Just photographs that way. The same is true for the butter. It’s really quite soft and looks just like butter. The flash just makes it look much brighter. I am acutually thinking of repainting the first floor so I am open to any thoughts you might have. Lately I am drawn to the coastal colors and their calming effect. The only real color I don’t feel like changing right now is the Cappuccino in the hallway since it goes up three floors. My husband likes the large swatch I painted of Tranquility, which I was originally thinking of using in the dining room, as per the designer Charmean’s recommendation on Houzz.. She acutually recommended Gray Horse or Misted Green. I was thinking of reversing the colors and using a greyed blue/green in the living room and something else in the dining room (don’t know what? a deeper blue green grey or something like Northern Cliffs?? ) and perhaps something like Manchester tan in the kitchen. Would any of that work or am I totally off base? Sorry if I didn’t make that clear in the above post. AS for the painting the trim….I am and have been trying to talk my husband into doing that for awhile now. He thinks it’s blasphemy to paint wood, but we will see….

        1. just to add. In keeping with the equal weight of color rule, the dining room shouldn’t be deeper than the other rooms, correct? The only color that wouldn’t abide by that rule would be the Cappuccino, which is a midtone color

  14. I would like your opinion on a neutral or a few coordinating neutrals for the main floor. Right now I have BM Dry Sage, Caliente, Chestertown Buff, and a pumpkin color! I need a change so I want to go neutral and then I will be able to add color through my accessories. My cabinets in the kitchen are a creamy white called Antique white through Brookhaven Cabinetry, and my counters are Uba Tuba granite. My floors are a red oak with a clear finish. I would like something in the grey, greige, color family. I am leaning toward Palladium Blue for the bath. Also I am having all the trim painted, fireplace and spindles on staircase. Can you recommend a trim color also?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Shelley, thanks for asking! So the most important thing here is that we pick a neutral that doesn’t clash with the red undertone of your wood floors. Some of the ‘greige’ colours lean towards the greenish side and I want to be careful as while they are beautiful colours I worry that your walls would end up looking like a ‘colour’ when up against your red toned floor!

      Okay, so that being said, here’s some suggestions for you….

      1. Muslin – this is one of the most popular neutrals as it’s a bit more ‘gentle’ than Bennington Gray and Grant Beige. It’s not warm, but it’s not as ‘greige.

      2. Bennington Gray/Grant Beige – awesome colours if you’re looking for ‘Greige’. Along with Muslin, they are very versatile with regards to adding accents/accessories/furnishings.

      3. Trim colour – seeing as you are having all of the trim painted, think about doing Cloud White. Really, it ‘acts like white’ – without being as stark. When you’re dealing with cream cabinets you do need to be careful that your trimwork isn’t competing with your cabinets.

      BTW – LOVE Palladian Blue – especially for bathrooms!

      Let me know what you think!


  15. Question about paint color for a kitchen. We have distressed black cabinets, barn red custom island with walnut top. We will be redoing the floors probably a medium colored wood. I have included a link to see the pics. My husband wants barn red walls. I love the color but i’m afraid it’ll make the room too dark. The wall directly across the cabinets is the longest wall with a sliding glass door and a bay window. The kitchen is more rectangle shape. The long wall intersects with the hallway wall which we are thinking of painting a medium sage green. I was thinking a shade of antique gold would really make the cabinets and island stand out. Hubby’s not loving it. I haven’t found a gold color I love. Our living room that connects to the kitchen is a dark tan color. What are your thoughts? TIA Love your site!! 🙂



    1. Hi Brandy, thank you! Sorry for the delay in the reply! I have been SWAMPED with questions lately and am referring most people to my Online Consulting, so I’ll have to make my reply quick and sweet!

      Okay, I think that painting the walls barn red wouldn’t be great idea for your space. Sometimes by having too much of a good thing you actually dilute it’s impact. Painting your walls red would take away from the fabulousness of your island – without a doubt!

      You also want to be careful with tan and gold as they can look kind of funky (in not a good way) together. It would need to be a nicely grounded gold to tie in with tan. However, the medium sage green in your hallway is a great idea. Another note on Gold is that it seems to be the one colour that people tire of the quickest – don’t know why, but it is!

      Have you thought about a Charcoal Gray? It certainly wouldn’t help your worry about the room feeling dark, but it would look sharp in your kitchen (gray/red/black/cream – classic combo), but I know gray isn’t everyone’s thing, so it would need to be a comfort zone for you.

      All of the above being said, there’s nothing wrong with cream (Gentle Cream). Cream will let your cupboards and island shine as well as complement your tan and sage green without competing. I know sometimes when I pick Cream I’m like ‘Cream, really? it’s so boring!’ But then it often turns out that it’s just what the room needed to really feel balanced.

      I hope that helps you out!


  16. Hi Kylie!

    Your website is so informative and you really seem to be an expert at color selection, which is why I’d love to have your input on the paint color I should use for my oak kitchen cabinets. They’re orangey oak right now, but I wanted to paint them a creamy, off white color and use oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs to match the rest of the warm tones and finishes in my house (lots of Antique white millwork, reclaimed wood, walnut stained wide-plank Eastern pine floors, ORB hardware, and dark ledge stone inside and out). Here are links to a post with pictures of my kitchen and a second post with pictures of the rest of my house, if that helps.

    My Kitchen
    My House

    I have Sherwin Williams Antique White trim (crown molding, baseboards, window and door casing), SW Creamy on the ceiling (neither of these colors can be changed b/c they’re consistent through the whole house), and Believable Buff on the walls (which I can change). The floors are large slate tiles, with black, gray, and rust colors. We’re switching to all stainless steel appliances. There’s not much natural light in the kitchen, other than that from the slider.

    The plan was to use Antique White on the cabinets to match the trim but someone pointed out that the yellow tones in this color might accentuate the mauve undertones in my beige/grayish granite counters and backsplash, making the granite seem pink and the cabinets seem yellow. That does not sound appealing!

    I was thinking of using a warmer greige on the cabinets instead, to work with the granite and floors, but I’m not sure how this will work with the Antique White trim, Believable Buff walls, and Creamy ceiling in the room. Like I mentioned, I can change the wall color, but don’t want to change the trim or ceiling.

    The warmer greige colors I’m looking at right now are Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Sail Cloth. The Edgecomb seems to work better with the granite, but might make the Antique White trim look a little more yellow than the Sail Cloth does. I’ve also considered White Sand, or Creamy, but my husband does not want “white-white” cabinets, since this might not work with the warmer tones in the rest of the house.

    I’m getting so confused I’m considering ripping everything out and starting fresh, but that will cost 5 times more than just painting otherwise decent cabinets and replacing appliances.

    Please help me! Thanks so much!


  17. Hi Kylie!

    I just read through each and every one of the above posts because I am entranced by your words and ideas! Hopefully, you can help me out. We just bought our first house two months ago and I am having a CRAZY time trying to figure out paint. I painted our south facing living room bm moonshine and love it (even though it changes like crazy throughout the day). It’s open to the kitchen where we have white (a tad creamy) cabinets and brown walls (bleh). I literally have 10 different samples thrown up on the walls in there with the worst sort of paralysis of choosing paint possible. For awhile, the front-runner was bm covington blue but I feel that’s a huge commitment to the color and I feel going a bit lighter or more neutral would be better. A few days ago, I painted a few swatches of palladian blue and am enjoying it but I’m worried about it being next to moonshine?

    Whew, I didn’t think it would be so hard to put everything into words. In any case, I appreciate ANY help you can give.

    Thank you!!


    1. Hi Alena, I would SO love to help you, but I’ve been absolutely inundated with questions and In-home consultations lately that I’m needing to direct questions to my Online Consulting ($30 hr). I’m sorry! I will be able to help you eventually, but I have to put my Online and In-Home Consultations as priorities, so it might take some time….


  18. Hi Kylie,
    First off, I just want to tell you I ♡ your blog! It is definitely one of the most informative on the Internet. Your information is clear, concise and you help take the ‘fear’ out of painting.

    My dilemma is: I am redecorating my 650 square foot condo and I am extremely nervous about my color choices and I do not want to have to paint twice or three times etcetera. So before I splash my colors on the wall I would really appreciate it if you could confirm that I’m on the right track.

    The aesthetic I’m going for is modern/ contemporary. My all time favorite look is Hollywood Regency.

    I have a southern exposure.3 large floor to ceiling windows in the living room and 1 floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom. My floors are Charcoal Maple laminate throughout except in kitchen and bathroom (still need to choose the tile) Anyway, I was thinking of painting the kitchen and hallways all in Benjamin Moore White Dove- eggshell finish, living room Revere Pewter – matte finish. I have Amherst gray in my office which I think needs to be changed as it doesn’t seem to work with the new flooring.

    Kitchen (unfortunately the base cabinets cannot be seen from the other rooms) – white lacquered satin finish upper cabinetry sprayed to match Formica Colorcore2 countertops -New White-7223C-58 – matte finish
    continuous grain walnut veneer base cabinets with a clear varnish satin finish and stainless steel appliances

    I haven’t purchased the furniture yet but I’m thinking a white area rug and gray furniture. So what do you think am I on the right track and if not could you please give me some suggestions I have to give the painter the colors in 3 days.

    Thank you, thank you. You can’t see it but I am bowing down to you, lol.

    1. Hiya! Normally I refer people to my Online Consulting but all that sweet talk buttered me up!;)

      So, a few quick ideas for you…

      Seems like a lot of different colours for 650 ft. I mean they will look good, but most times sticking to 2 at best in a small space is nice (and I am NOT one to talk as I have 11 colours in my house of 2000 sq ft…) But anyways….

      What I know about Revere Pewter is that it’s a LOVELY soft gray, tweaking to the warm side compared to other grays BUUUUT in the right, or wrong lighting, it can flash just a touch green and I don’t think this is the look you are going for. Gray Owl is far more predictable and more of a ‘typical’ gray. Revere Pewter doesn’t always flash green (and I personally prefer it to Gray Owl) so if you’re 100% with it then have at ‘er, but do check out Gray Owl. I also love Intense White as an off-white – it’s the lighter version of Gray Owl.

      Check out this post as we used Gray Owl throughout almost the WHOLE house, it’ll give you a good feel for how it acts in a variety of rooms …https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/classic-build-new-home-nanaimo/

      I think that gray – even bordering on a darker charcoal couch would be lovely and a white rug would be stunning – especially with the grays and your flooring!

      And I do love White Dove 😉 and I also love Maritime White, one of my new fave off-white/almost creams.

      I hope that helps you out!


  19. I ♡ you! Yes it helps, thank you so very much. Double bow : )

    I hope I am interpreting your advice correctly. When you said too many colors for 650 sq. ft, I am assuming you were referring to paint colors only. I hope that doesn’t include the charcoal floor? I was unsure about that choice considering there is so much grain in the walnut cabinetry, too late now though : ). Yikes!

    ok so here goes. Darker charcoal furniture it is! White Dove or Maritime white throughout. I am taking a chance with Revere Pewter on 1 living room feature wall and in the Bedroom and bath. Even though I luv, luv, Amherst gray in my office, I am taking your advice, there are too many colors so sadly it has to go.

    I would love to show you how everything turns out and get your opinion once everything is complete.

    Thank you so very much!


  20. After scouring the web for help on choosing grays I came across your site. Love it!! Was having trouble choosing a colour to complement a new comforter in a couple shades of purple with red undertones. Your article on grays has helped me choose the perfect colour. Sometimes the undertones are so easy to see and at other times you don’t see them at all until the paint is already on the wall. Trust me that has happened more than once. Your blog is the best I’ve come across and I know I will use it again in the future.

  21. I desperately could use your help. I just got done painting my kitchen benjamin moore’s dry sage, and I love it. I’d now like to paint my living room, what color would complement dry sage. I have a red/maroon sectional. I am confused and am not good at this type of thing. Thanks for you help

    1. Hi Michelle, I’d love to give you some thoughts on this but there’s SO much to consider in a room ie: natural light/exposure/flooring/fireplaces/etc… that I can’t do anything off the top of my head without possibly leading you astray! If you are at all interested in an Online Consult you’ll be able to send me some photos of your space as well as notes on what you like/don’t like and this would be a 1 hr ($30 charge). Here is the link… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-consultation/
      Hope to hear from you!

  22. Hi Kylie,

    I just came across this site as I’m in the midst of making myself crazy over the best warm creamy color for my livingroom. The furniture and carpet are predominantly gold and gold/beige (couch) with hints of sage green and warm reds in the gold carpet. I also have a cranberry color chair (a big color problem) which I’m willing to eventually do something about, i.e. slipcover it or rid of it. The walls are currently a caramel color and the wood furniture is all mahogany. The room overall looks way too gold and I need to lessen all the yellow/gold. It opens completely into a kitchen with champaigne colored cabinets and walls painted BM cameo white. Can you recommend a nice neutral creamy neutral for me? Not sure whether to paint cameo white to keep consistent with kitchen and then add in cream colored accessories as in pillows and throws to break up all the gold. Or, should I paint a warm, creamy tan? Any input is appreciated. I’m quite challenged here.
    Thank you, Maria

  23. I have just bought a new home that has cherry oak cabinets, doors and molding throughout. I am looking for advice on what kind of colors to paint it. Leaning toward some warm creamy colors. Any advice?

  24. Hi
    Can you tell me what bm paint colors look good with chocolate brown sectional and light oak (khans lecco oak) hardwood flooring. The kitchen is adjacent. Has cherry cabinets. Ty

  25. Hi Kylie, I love your site and blog! I have just redone my kitchen (I could send a photos, how much do you charge for consultation?). I’m color-blind, so, therefore have a problem. I’m not sure what color to paint the walls. The cabinets are creamy white, the floor (I thought was cream/beige) I now believe it’s a cream/beige/grayish. I would not have chosen this flooring, but what’s done is done. So, I was going to paint the walls muslin at first. And, my painter suggested going a little darker. Possibly HC-39. What do you think? I have a contemporary raised ranch. So, the walls go from one room to the next, i.e., my kitchen wall is the same as my dining room wall. I need help!! Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Donna, thank you! My brother is colour blind, so I understand. He wears green and purple and thinks he’s wearing blue and red.

      So your Online Consultation would be $60 and it would include 3 paint colour options with colour explanations so you can really understand why a colour could work in your space! If that interests you, usually I have a questionnaire/list of things but the info you’ve given me is great and your questions is pretty straightforward. If it interest you just hop onto my Online Consultation and choose the $60 option and send me 6-8 photos of your space (dining room too 🙂 https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

      Hope to hear from you!

  26. Hi I need help in deciding a neat color for my 6 year old boy bedroom. The curtains I have are a bold, fun turquoise color. The furniture is the land of Nod uptown bed set in gray. ( light gray). The bedroom set will submarine ( sea theme) and I really want to know what is the best color for the wall? I don’t know if I should use white or light light gray color or a blend of both? Any ideas – please help. The bed arrives in a week and I need to know what color may look best. I want it to be warm yet blend in nicely. There are some red accents on bed quilt because it has a under the sea theme but red is minimal. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hi Maddy! I usually refer these types of questions to my Online Consulting, but to get you off on the right foot check out…
      1. Intense Gray – one of my fave light grays
      2. Mountain Peak White – for a fresh and bright look
      3. Classic Gray. Soft and light gray with a touch of beige in it to warm it up
      4. Glacier White. Another nice off-white that’s easy to work with.

      Hope that helps!

  27. I need your help! I’m about to go crazy.
    I’m looking for a good cream color without pink, green, orange, or yellow undertones. It’s been nearly impossible finding a decent cream color for my room!

    The original color was an ugly sponge yellow. About a month ago, we painted it ‘Soft Beige’ by Benjamin Moore and it was too orange for my liking. Then this past weekend, we painted the room ‘Jute’ by BM and it’s too dark.. It looks like mud with a green undertone.

    What are we doing wrong? Could you recommend a good cream color without any weird undertones? I live in Manhattan if that makes any difference.

    1. Hi Isis! With all of the comments I get in a day, I’m not always able to respond to them all (if any) but I saw yours and just had to chat with you~!!!

      Okay, so here’s the deal with cream. Once you understand more about it, it can be easier to figure out the who/what/why/etc… Cream is a warm neutral. In order for a colour to be warm it needs to have yellow, orange, red or a mix of those undertones in it (it can also have others, but those are the warms ones). It then has to have some sort of neutral counterpart such as beige/gray to calm it down (otherwise you’d simply have pastel yellows, peaches and pinks). So, you simply won’t be able to beat the undertones. Add on to that, the way a wall can change throughout the day with natural light on it, you’re up against natural exposures that also have colours in them.
      So, here’s the deal. You need to decide which undertones you can live with. If there are none, then you aren’t looking for cream, you are looking for beige or gray (which also have undertones but are usually more passive).
      With the thoughts of world peace and your insanity in mind, here are some of my faves…
      1. Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream. This is neutral cream that has undertones that are pretty well-balanced of yellow and orange.
      2. Benjamin Moore Navajo White. the lighter version of GC and the orange is a bit removed
      3. Benjamin Moore Muslin. this one is borderline for me as while it’s a REALLY wellbalanced warm colour, there is so much beige in it, it loses the creamy feel – but maybe you’ll like it!
      4. Benjamin Moore Ballet White. Hop on my site and in the search area look for ‘Ballet White’. I wrote an article about it, it’s pretty fab.
      5. Sherwin Williams Creamy. This is the most subtle of the bunch with a vary balanced undertone of warm colours and a neutral base to calm it all down – more of an off-white.
      And remember, if you like a ‘colour’ but wish it were just a bit darker/lighter, it is easy to have the paint store do that for you. Ask them to lighten/darken by 25% for subtle shift or 40% for a larger shift. And it’s cheaper to take the paint chips to H.Depot and have them colour match it into their sample pots (less than 1/2 the price).

      I hope that helps Isis!

  28. hello I am also needing help deciding on what warm color I can choose for three rooms downstairs (entry, kitchen, living room and stairway. The rooms get lots of sun and face south. I have red birch floors and cedar kitchen cabinets. There is a color that is a soft cream (with yellow undertones). I was hoping for something creamy but I tried 6 Benjamin Moore colors and they were either too creamy or too green (when I chose 3 sage colors). My furniture and rugs have a lot of egg plant/maroon or wine in them. Thank you for helping me.

  29. My husband and I are looking to repaint our house and are at a brick wall. We went to a local Benjamin moore store yesterday and I was overwhelmed with all of the swatches that I brought home. My husband is now overwhelmed with me 🙂

    We are first focusing on our living room that has a good amount of light. It has an arched entrance into a smaller L shaped hall(no windows in the hall and into the large Country kitchen that has a decent amount of light as well. Half of the kitchen is wallpapered with a chair rail over it., so only the top of the wall and one back wall will be painted. We have a lot of wood in the house. Oak floors and trim in the living room and brick fireplace with wood mantle (which we are painting white and whitewashing the brick). The kitchen and hall have light tiled floors. The kitchen has oak cabinets and chair rail.

    We really want to avoid gray undertones and stick with cream(beige). The more read, the more I get confused. I would like the colors to be cohesive but a bit different. We were thinking of going a bit darker in the hall to break it up, but not too dark(as it’s small)

    As for the colors in the living room. The art work is not up yet so its is really a bare canvas. The couch is brown/taupe. Curio cabinet is light oak and the price of furniture under the tv is from Thomasville (wood as well) but a bit darker. We have a chair with a pattern(very neutral with cream and a grayish brown(very subtle) and 2 special order ottomans which have a burnt orange color. The rug is neutral with cream background and some other fall colors mixed inn (again, very subtle).

    The kitchen has a print wallpaper with neutrals again. There is a piece of painted furniture deeper cream(distressed a bit) with some green. The china cabinet is oak. Granite counter tops and backsplash yet to be determined and we will be changing out the hardware on all of the kitchen cabinets.

    I hope that this was not too much info!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did read that sometimes its recommended to mix a white with brown/beige to get a cream color. e

    Thank you, Elyse

  30. While trying to find the perfect color to freshen up my main living level, I recently found your site and I love it!!! I’m leaning towards a cream color. And I think I’ve settled on either SW Patience or BM Palace White. Do you see a pinkish undertone in Patience and do you have a favorite cream with a very scant deeper color than these colors (warm cast)? Thanks!!

  31. Hi Kylie! I’m trying pick a fabulous off white for my exterior! There are so many that I am getting overwhelmed and at one point, they all start blending together! ???? Our home is be stucco and I have a black metal roof! I’m thinking about doing my front doors salamander (dark green) by Benjamin Moore. Do you have a favorite go to off white for exteriors? We are on 14 acres and are surrounded by trees, but our home does sit in a nice clearing! Thanks you in advance!


    1. Hi Jill, thank you for the note (twice – wink wink)! So, I get TONS of personal questions a day, so I try to refer readers to my Online Consulting as it’s affordable, fun and THAT way I can see photos and pick your brain a bit! To get you off on the right foot, check out SW Aesthetic White, which is a lovely off-white with neutral undertones. If that doesn’t work, check out my E-design exterior packages here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/exterior-selections/


  32. Kylie,
    I am a new home owner and was so excited to paint over the existing colors in my house (lime green living room, teal blue kitchen, purple-brown dining room, red upstairs bath, and yellow master bedroom!) I chose Edgecomb Gray for the kitchen, Revere Pewter for the living room/up in to the upstairs stairway/hallway, and Gray Owl for the dining room. So far I only really love the Edgecomb Gray. The Revere Pewter is too gray/cold in my living room and for my taste does not pair well with my camel colored couch/cream & tannish area rug. I also feel the Gray Owl is colder than expected. My living room is HUGE-from the front of the house to the back-with only 3 windows. The artificial lighting in there is a warm white and I’m thinking I’m needing something warmer and maybe in the cream family…I’ve considered Gentle Cream, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Butter Pecan…my head is spinning!!! I was considering re-painting the dining room Revere Pewter and am struggling to land on a good cream color for the living room/stairs&hall. I thought I’d like Acadia white, but after painting some small areas in the LR it is WAY too white.

    Upstairs is a whole different story! I have selected SW Rainwashed for my master bedroom. I was planning on leaving the hall/stairs whatever color cream I choose, and was leaning towards either Gray Owl for the upstairs bath or…? My 3 yo has requested a purple room lol so was trying to smoothly transition that as well somehow! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as I have started reading many of your articles and am hooked!

    BTW…my flooring throughout most of the house is light hardwood (needs refinishing lol) and a grayish-tan vinyl flooring in the kitchen. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Michelle, WELLLL when it comes to questions as detailed as yours, it would be crazy for me to throw thoughts out there – I’d only be guessing! When it comes to personal questions, if you can’t find what you’re looking for with my blog posts, it might be time for some e-design. It’s affordable and fun! If that interests you, the link is here for you to check out…Single rooms start as low as $45! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/


  33. Hi Kylie,

    I love reading your blog posts and paint color reviews. It helps a lot when you can understand lighting and LRVs when picking colors.

    I am planning on painting my open concept dining room and living room area. The kitchen is open to the room as well, but has enough separation that we could paint the kitchen a different color. A few years ago we painted the kitchen Benjamin Moore Sea Urchin to compliment the counter top and espresso cabinets.

    I am looking for suggestions on what color (preferably a neutral or off white ) I could paint the living/dining area that would be lighter but still work well with the Benjamin Moore Sea Urchin paint color.

    Our floors are chocolate brown and our furniture in the dining area is a dark red/walnut color and grey/cream. In our living room, our couch is a dark army/olive green and the accents are grey, light blue and cream.

    Do you have any suggestions for a color to paint the walls in the living room/dining room?


    1. Post
    1. Post
  34. Help! I thought I had a color for my living room/dining area, open room-BM Pale Oak. Then I painted a poster board and Pale Oak turned yellow in the room. Ugh. I have 2 problem Area in a small condo-dark (!) bedrooms, a bath with white wainscoting and a living/ dining room with a lot of light. Then there is the grey counters with blue undertone that front the dining room. Warm colors clash with those counters, which I hate, but then again i will need to learn to love them for awhile-no money to put in new counters. Do I get off the greige/grey bandwagon and go towards warm colors? The rooms are quite close to each other and I don’t want my home to look like a bunch of M &M’s with 2 many colors and want colors to blend with each other. Ideas? Peg

    1. Post

      Hi Peg! That is ODD for Pale Oak to go yellow. I mean it does have beige in it, but that’s a FIRST – usually people find it too pink/purple! It’s important to listen to your homes needs FIRST and then see how they relate to yours. If you don’t, NOBODY will be happy! It sounds to me like you might need a more gray tone to humour those countertpos and then can supplement that with other rooms in warmer colours and adding some warm accents/textures to warm up the gray toned walls.
      If you’d like me to look at your rooms, I’d refer to my E-design so that I can look at photos and your questionnaire, otherwise I’m just guessing! It’s affordable and fun if you’d like to check it out. I do try to give as much good info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

    1. Post
  35. Just stumbled across this and while it’s an old post I’ll bet it’s very popular. I too love cream and my home is painted mostly in Ballet White, which I love. Thanks for the details on the others. I like the idea of Timid White as the white counterpoint to something creamier. Merry Christmas!

  36. Wow, I wish I had thought to come to internet , and your site MANY $10 samples ago!!!! I am trying to compliment two colors for my hallway. I live in a farmhouse and have GREAT light for my hallways on the first floor going up to the second floor ( so there is a lot of hallway to paint) My downstairs rooms are Archive ( from Farrow and Ball) so they are a forever changing with the light dark beige with overtones sometimes or a pink in there..then upstairs there is a pinkish room , archive one and a Cornforth White ( from F and B ) . The Cornforth looks medium grey even though I though it looked on sample as a warm color…it is not! If I could somehow tie these all in that would be great. But I dont think I will be able to. I have tries greys , whites …nothing.
    BUT BUT I then looked at your site and am wondering if Indian White is the key. I am trying to stay away from a yellow ( the halls are now yellow and look horrible with the archive) I am looking for WARM …..

    What do you think?

    1. Post

      Oh Rebecca, it can be hard, can’t it! I do try to give as much helpful info on my blog, and if that doesn’t work, you might like to check out my E-design it is affordable and fun – this way I can look at photos of your space and spend some time with it! There’s more to consider, such as exposure, amount of natural light, furnishings, etc…and I don’t like to just guess! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/
      Hope to hear from you!

  37. Hi Kylie…I have been reading your site to see if you have touched on this somewhere, but I haven’t found it. I just had some rooms painted Benjamin Moore Navajo White(color matched at Sherwin Williams because that is where the painter buys his paint). The color is lovely, but the previously painted gloss white trim and ceiling look horrible ! The blue is coming out, and it looks dingy and is a very dirty blue. So, I need a new white to use for moldings and ceiling. I have white plantation shutters throughout, so I can’t go too yellow with my white. Do you have any Sherwin Williams white recommendations to use?

    1. Post

      Hi Sue! I might hit up SW Pure White, a nice happy place between the warmth of Navajo White and the ‘probably white white’ of your shutters. Hope that helps!

  38. I LOVEIndian White! Thank you! I have obsessed over your color reviews and posts trying to pick the perfect while house color and finally went with Indian White after trying way too many samples!! Now I just need to buy trim ( I got rid of the builder grade oak) and paint it. What do you think would be a compatible ceiling and trim color with Indian white? I was thinking of lightening IW by 50%?? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!

    1. Post

      Hi Lori – sweet, it is lovely isn’t it?! I would look at BM Cloud White, it’s soft and warm. Colours CAN lighten well, but sometimes the undertones shift in weird ways and you could be left with quite a bit of yellow or yellow/orange, Cloud White will be safer and easy to decorate with long-term. 🙂

  39. Hello! Love this post, so helpful! Thanks! I am repainting my kids room, boy and girl ages 3 and 4. The curtains are an orange / cream print and the bunk bed is painted Van Duesan blue. Rest of room will be neutral and have some pops of orange/blue etc. What cream paint color compliments orange ? I’ve been looking at Navajo white. If the paint has orange undertones does that mean the paint works well with orange decor? So basic but I don’t know if it means the paint works well with same color decor or if you should look for something else.
    These are the curtains for reference:


  40. Hi! Love your site and the advice you give.
    I was wondering if you could help me make a decision for the exterior of my home.
    My roof color is a light and medium shade of griege and I painted the body BM Sailcloth which picks up the lighter shade on the roof. I am happy with this, plus the windows are white. Now here comes the hard part for me. There are 50 million shades of “Navy” for my shutters. I was thinking BM Hale Navy because of the grey tone to it. BUT is it going to be so dark
    that it looks black. I was also thinking of just going a darker shade of greige for the shutters, but what color for the door????
    God this is hard. HELP please. ( PS. The house is a cape cod style.)

    1. Post

      Hi Anamae! Thank you for asking! There’s actually more to consider such as roof, stone, brick, exposures, landscaping – sadly it’s hard for me to throw something out there without knowing, I’d be 100% guessing! I do have E-design services for this exact thing though and can help you pull some beautiful palettes together. I’ll be able to look at photos of your home and a questionnaire to come up with some ideas for you 😉 https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/


  41. Thank you for being so generous with your talent. I read your blog regularly and enjoy the banter as well as the information.

    1. Post
  42. HI Kylie,
    We are building a ski-chalet inspired house by Red Mountain resort n Rossland. We will have Douglas fir cabinets, windows, and trim. I’m wondering if you can suggest a cream colour that goes well with Douglas fir. We will have natural maple floors and lots of windows! Our fireplace stone is a mix of greys, blues, and browns. I’d like white or cream quartz countertops as well. (we have a open floorplan with a. large rake window wall)

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance!

  43. HELP!!!! Have walls in Benjamin Moore “Everlasting “ and off-white/cream cabinets. Can you suggest an accent color for a small wall??? Thank you so much!

  44. Hello, I am having the exterior of my house painted hale naby… However I am drowning in white/off white/light cream paint samples for the trim! 😭 Do you have any suggestions? I’ve read to be careful about painting outside trim stark white because it ends up looking to “harsh”. I also usually lean toward “warmer” colors, yet I do want it to really pop. I have not liked the cooler whites as much as the neutral and warmer whites up next to the navy. I want it to really pop but for the blue to come off a rich warm navy. Thank you in advance – Rebecca

    1. Post

      Hi Rebecca, what about something like SW Pure White or BM White Dove, so you have a SOFT look, but not a stark/crisp look. I mean, they WILL more or less act like white, but not as sharp as some others. Just keep in mind that the blu in Hale Navy can slightly enhance the warmth (yellow) of a warm white.

  45. OMG! Your head must be spinning – even in your sleep! We’ve just finished a whole house redo as result of a major storm. It was brutal making so many decisions. Love reading your posts but no wonder you reference “wine” often.
    Not just one house but THOUSANDS of thoughts & decisions you make for us hapless
    others. Bless you for your talent & personality.

  46. Kylie, I adore your website and blog! I wonder if you could do a colour breakdown of Shenandoah Taupe? I love the colour and am thinking of using it for a basement bathroom which would have no natural lighting and playing bone/cream fixtures against it. And in the future is on my wish list for the breezeway which would have tons of natural light east/south/west exposure. Either way, I understand it will behave differently, but would like to hear how you have used the colour!

  47. Hi Kylie!!! I’ve read your posts for ever. So I am trying to coordinate some colors. So maybe you can give me some input. This for a small studio salon I have. I want to to update. Right now I have revere pewter. Which I love but doesn’t give me a huge pop as well as my window faces east slash south east so I get sun in morning but then as day goes on I get light but not sunshine light if that makes sense. I’m looking at doing Kendall charcoal as accent wall( before that van deusen blue) and was leaning to mascarpone walls for the rest. I’m kind of a boring neutral beige girl and like to add pops of color but not be commited. So then I was thinking mascarpone would still be too white. So then I saw white vanilla and then saw your post of gentle cream. I think I want my walls to have a hint of depth but not much and some warmth so I don’t look like I have a neutral to cool room. Plus I have differ wood tones for retail shelves and such so I want the colors to compliment the wood. Thanks I’m advance. Hopefully this makes sense.

    1. Post

      Hi Nikki, I might be careful with the creams re: skin tones. I would lean MORE into something like BM Balboa Mist with Kendall which could be STUNNING and should be pretty with woods too1

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