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The Ultimate Guide to Update Your 2000s Home: 6-PART SERIES

Posted on January 11, 2024 by KylieMawdsley
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I dream about 2000s homes a lot; whether these are good dreams or nightmares is open to perception. And while I usually dream in wild and wonderful colors, when it comes to these homes, the only color I see is BEIGE.

Regardless, I like most of these homes, as their bones are often solid, well-built, and well-intentioned…if you intend to live in a beige bubble of Tuscan glory.

But it can be hard to know where to start in your updating journey. Paint colors, backsplash? Hardware, lighting, door profile, beige carpet, older granite countertops – the list goes on.

This is why I created a 6-PART SERIES to help you navigate your beige-inspired gauntlet.

Black granite countertops, painted cabinets, Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls, coganc leather bar stools. Client photo, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

So, let’s get down to the meat n’ potatoes of this blog post (the gravy and butter are in the following posts)…



Whether you want to paint your walls, cabinets, island, front door, or body, I’ve got the color inspiration and guidance you need to get that ball rolling (I cover the specifics of body paint in my ‘other blog’ wink wink…just joking, Mom).

Paint Colors Ideas to Update Your Outdated 2000s Home

Wood kitchen island painted Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze with granite countertop. Gold hardware, Kylie M INteriors Edesign, orange wood flooring

This blog post is CHOCK full of photos and links to help you find your 2000s home’s best color. And not only that, there are ideas to ‘bridge the gap’ (which is different from ‘minding the gap’ #chivefans) between what your home NEEDS and what you WANT.



With an abundance of granite countertops and travertine/glass tile backsplashes, 2000s homes are pretty committed to their cause. But not ALL of these finishes have to be replaced. Some granites transition well into the next decade, all they need is the right surroundings, including paint color, backsplash, and hardware!

The Best Backsplash Ideas to Update Your 2000s Home 

Kitchen, granite countertops, painted maple wood cabinets, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, subway tile. Kylie M Interiors Online paint color consulting, diy



If you’re a fan of heavy metal, this blog post will be right up your hard-rockin alley.

It’s not always the metal FINISH of your hardware that tells you how old a home is, it’s the STYLE. And one thing that 2000s and Tuscan-style homes are well-known for, is that they’re HEAVY on the metal.

Lighting & Hardware Ideas to Update Your 2000s Home

2000 tuscan style kitchen before update and expert advice

A hot mess of 2000s Tuscan madness!

Scroll shapes, thick lines, oil-rubbed bronze, golden ombre glass shades – the 2000s weren’t messing around.

On the other hand, if it’s not the above, it’s a COMMITMENT to ‘big box style’ polished nickel pieces, including chandeliers and pendant lights.

It can cost a fortune to update everything at once, which is why we’ll look at ideas to update, as well as how to mix and match your current metal hardware with new ones!


Do you want ALL of these blog posts – plus a little more in ONE EASY PLACE?

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You know how you get judged by the friends you hang out with? The same goes for your counters. Some granite (and laminate) counters look dated because of their surrounding finishes. Update a few key finishes and your kitchen countertops can look like a brand-new installation!

Ideas to Update Your Outdated Granite Countertops (90s & 2000s)

Kitchen with granite countertops, black and taupe, Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray island and red oak floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign



If you’re into the nitty gritty, this blog post is for you. I’ll take you through five different early 2000s kitchens and we did do, or COULD do, to modernize them – ALL ON A BUDGET!

5 CASE STUDIES: Updating a 2000s Kitchen – Travertine, Tuscan, Granite & More

Spanish or tuscan style entrywy and staircase, iron railings and chandelier, off-white beige walls, Aesthetic White, Greige painted trim (warm gray). Kylie M ONline paint color expert



Is your loo in need of a little love? Whether you want wall color, paint color, hardware, and lighting, this blog post is full of AFFORDABLE ideas to help you update your outdated bathroom.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. Grab a glass of wine and get comfy as Kylie takes you on a wild ride through the previous decades, showing you some great examples of budget-friendly bathrooms she’s helped to step into this next decade (or at least get closer).

Ideas to Update Your 1990s or 2000s Bathroom

tuscan 2000s style bathroom update, beige pink taupe tile, granite countertop, wood vanity, travertine, soaker tub with tile deck. taupe paint color on walls



Check out my Online Paint Color Consulting

Kylie M Interiors, online paint color expert, consulding, edesign, Best Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Market (2)

Chat soon, 

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, signature, online paint colour consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. DIY update advice ideas


  1. What color hardware would you use to go on cherry/brown –not super red–cabinets (hinges are hidden) that are not super ornate but currently have oil rubbed bronze everywhere.

    Also the pendant lights we have over the extended “island” (it is an l-shape countertop and not stand alone and so chairs can go on one side towards the open living room space), are over the stove which creates a mess on the glass from grease, food, etc. And they are also that lovely yellowish/amber pendant with a black fabric cord and ceiling plate. What style would you replace them with knowing they go over the stove?

    1. Post

      Hiya! I’d have to see the ktichen for sure to know, but I would either lean into black or polished nickel. As for STYLE, again, I’d have to see the whole space/home to get a better feel for it – did you check out PART 2: Update Your Home’s Hardware & Metal Finishes? It’s a good place to start!

      1. thanks! And I would love a waitlist of your e-book. I think what I had trouble finding or connecting the dots on with PART 2, was that my cabinets are not super traditional, nor do they run reddish or yellow oak and so couldn’t find a comparable picture you posted. But the lighting and tile they did everwhere is beige, browns and yellow amber “boob pendant” lighting that figuring out what style to lean into without it ending up farmhouse or industrial is tough. I love the look of MCM and some transitional modern or boho-ish but wonder if that is a jump or how to those adjustments without it being so shocking.

        1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  2. Hi Kylie, can you give me an idea of the cost of your e-book? Yes, I am definitely looking for ways to update my home. Thanks.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. How do I get on the waiting list for the e-book? Thanks.

    BTW, it is so cold up here! I am doing a 3 month travel nurse assignment in Houlton, ME – 3 miles from the border. I live in FL for the past year. 35 years in GA previously.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hey Carla, I also want to say, if there are any areas of your 2000s home that i DIDN’T touch on, that you were hoping for advice on, let me know! As long as it’s a topic that has enough mass appeal, I’d love to include it in the e-book!

    1. Post

      Consider it done!

      Also, if there’s anything missing from what you read in the blog posts – more tips you were wanting a certain topic, let me know. As long as it’s a topic that will relate to a bunch of people, I’d love to include it in the e-book!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  4. Please put me on the e-book wait list. Moved into a 2007 home three years ago with Kilim beige paint, and I’ve decided to leave it as it works with the floors and trim. And even though I completely missed the greige era, (which I enjoyed in every other home besides my own – wahhh) it will be easier to not repaint the entire house.

    1. Post
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  5. Hi Kylie! I’m a new fan of your blog. My husband and I have been working on selecting exterior paint colors and your blog has been SO helpful in educating us (about LRVs, etc.). I have a quick question regarding paint colors, though I understand if you’re not able to answer these types of inquiries via comments. (I’ve been browsing many of your articles about paint colors, but thought my best bet might be to comment on your most recent blog post.)

    Our mid century home has a light brown roof and a rock wall with a variety of colors and undertones in the rocks (yellow/golden, tan/brown, and gray). After much contemplation (and MANY sample pots) in choosing new exterior house colors, I think we have landed on SW “softer tan” for the main color (because it looks good with the rock). To complement that, we love the look of a warm brownish gray for our trim/accent color (for the fascia, garage door, and decorative mid century screen), and we are leaning towards SW “curio gray” for this second color, but want to make sure it’s a good choice with the “softer tan.”

    To us, those two colors appear to complement each other well, but any chance you could weigh in? That is, could SW “softer tan” and SW “curio gray” work together? THANK YOU so very much!!

    1. Post

      Hey Summer, I’m glad you guys found me! So, without seeing the home/stone, it’s hard to say if Softer Tan is a for sure thing, but with Curio Tan, I’d say it’s ooookay. I like it, don’t love it, but again, it could be great with your stone/roof! I will say that while it has a bit of gray in it, it likely will come up more brown/warm than expected (exterior colors often do this, especially warm ones). It also might pick up a tiiiiny wink o’ green. Again, i don’t know your stone, but the stones i DO know of often cater to a subtle violet/taupe undertone over green – green is not as common. Spalding Gray or maybe Chatura Gray 25% darker make me feel a bit better? If all else fails, i DO have a great consulting program where I can look at your home and help you out!

      1. Hi Kylie! I just saw your response yesterday; THANK YOU so very much! Very kind of you! After way more overthinking and agonizing, we wound up changing our minds and selected SW Natural Linen for the house body color (instead of SW Softer Tan) as it seems to go better (to our eyes, anyhow) with the SW Curio Gray color that we’ll use on the trim and garage door. Our painters will be starting the job in a couple of weeks.

        We gave the paint colors to our painters last week, but were having second thoughts about the SW Natural Linen being too light and I came back to your site to see about signing up for a consultation with you. Called the painters today and they said it’s too late to make changes anyhow; the paint is already mixed and paid for. Whoops!!

        Soooo, SW Natural Linen and Curio Gray it is! Hoping for the best. 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. This is so, so good! I’ve been sharing far and wide! I do have a question, though: Do you have curated bundles with Samplize? I looked on the Samplize website and didn’t see your name, which means nothing, I know, because unless it pops off the screen and pokes me in the eyes, I can easily miss things. But I thought you did have something like that on Samplize, and whatever it is, I’m interested in all of it. If there’s a link you can send or share, I’d be so happy!

    1. Post

      Hey Laura! I do have soooo many awesome bundles, but they’re only accessible through my Quick Consult service OR…if you ask me :). Let me know which colors/depths you’re thinking of and I’m happy to let you know!

  7. Please put me on the e-book wait list! I’d love more inspiration on how to update my space from a 2005 gut renovation. Do you also provide insight on how to resize space to add storage/closet areas? My current space just does not have any, aside from the bedroom closets!

    1. Post

      You bet I will! Now for closet space, that’s a TOUGH ONE as home layouts are so DIFFERENT! I know a lot of people without enough storage use Ikea Wardrobes/Pantry’s a lot, as you can line an entire wall in a room and only lose 24″ of depth or so, while getting TONS of added storage!

    1. Post
  8. Hi Kylie,

    I am loving your channel and this guide is particularly helpful. My home was completed in 2013, but is a weird mix of clean lines with legacy Tuscan inspired tile, cabinets and countertop choices. I have refinished my dark hardwood to natural maple (love)…and I am now working on updating the kitchen.

    Could you tell me the cabinet color of the charcoal (?) kitchen with the gold t-bar handles (second image in this blog) and the trim color you paired with it? It is gorgeous and exactly what I am trying to accomplish with my tan/beige counters.

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