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Ideas to Update Your 2000s Home: Hardware & Lighting (PART 3)

Posted on November 30, 2023 by KylieMawdsley
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Whether your home is a small step out of the 90s, beige-on-beige, or pure 2000s Tuscan-style, homes built between 2000 and 2010 aren’t good at keeping their age a secret. Hence the creation of this blog post; to look at affordable ways to update these homes, either for yourself or for resale – starting with hardware, lighting, and doors.

They say the devil is in the details, but if you’re living in a 2000s home, you might find the devil in the BIG things too, including a few of these..


  • maple or cherry cabinets – usually mid-toned or darker, but sometimes lighter
  • granite countertops with warm colors in them (eg. St. Cecilia, Venetian Gold)
  • some granites from the 90s also pop up, including Baltic Brown, Peacock Green, and Uba Tuba
  • light fixtures with a kind of ombre-golden glass shade
  • nickel light fixtures with a lot of curves (a LOT of Home Depot/big box style lights as this was pre-Wayfair).
  • oil-rubbed bronze cabinet and door hardware (often with a curved handle on doors)
  • cathedral-style doors (not so much in kitchen, but on bedroom/bathroom doors – also common in the 90s)
  • over-the-range microwaves
  • travertine flooring, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and bathrooms
  • beige carpet with multi-colored flecks in it

You can LOVE some of the above – I LOVE some of the above. But when trying to modernize your home, some of these features (especially the ones that are costly to replace) can hold you back.

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige paint color, glazed cream cabinets similar Antique White, wood floor, dark island, similar Giallo granite

The great thing is you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Via my 6-PART SERIES, I’ve got awesome update ideas for you to help you transition your home without blowing your budget.

Let’s get this party started…



Nothing gives away an outdated home or KILLS a modern home like outdated hardware, this includes…

  • cabinet door handles and knobs
  • bedroom/bathroom door handles and hinges
  • brass fireplace surround
  • front door hardware

But what hardware finish is MODERN? It depends on your home. And this is a tough one. Some homes built in the 90s and 2000s have traditional BONES. And without updating the bones, it’s hard to shift into a new gear. This is where transitional pieces come into play – pieces that nod at where you want to go without ditching your home’s roots.

If your metal fireplace surround isn’t all black, it should be (tips on doing that HERE)

This also means that sometimes one metal finish/type of hardware gets updated, whereas another gets updated down the road (budget-allowing). In this case, you need to do some careful coordinating.

The hardware and lighting in this next kitchen sets it back a notch, but it still has GREAT BONES…

Sherwin Williams Antique White with traavertine floor and beige walls and stone fireplace. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color consultant

  • gorgeous travertine/stacked stone fireplace
  • travertine tile floors without any decorative borders/stripes
  • relatively neutral granite countertop
  • cabinets and walls that are BEGGING for some paint!


So what is trendy in the lighting world? What shapes & metal finishes are in style?

Again, what’s best can depend on your home and the surrounding finishes. Black is hot right now, but I wouldn’t do all the metal finishes in my home black. Instead, I would pick a secondary metal finish that I like and sub it in here and there. However, not all metal finishes coordinate with each other.

Here’s a chart to give you the down low…

how to mix and match and coordinate metal finishes, what hardware goes together, black, gold, nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, Kylie M

Now don’t kill the cute lil’ Ginger messenger if you love mixing metal finishes. The above guide is meant for the average home. Can some homes/styles handle mixed chrome and gold? Sure. However, do that in the average 2000s home and it will look like you updated in 1994 (when gold/chrome was a popular blend). If you have a unique style that can pull off a wild assortment of finishes in a room/home, then cheers to you (Ted Lasso style).

I DO want you to notice one important detail in the above chart – black. Notice that no matter what you put it with, black works. In fact…

Black is the most transitional, versatile metal finish for hardware & lighting. 


  • While gold and brass can go together, make sure they’re a similar TEMPERATURE and one isn’t rosier/pinker than the other.
  • Yes, polished nickel and chrome can go together (with exceptions). While IDEALLY you’d use just one in a single room, blending the two as a ‘whole home’ approach is super doable (as many bathrooms have chrome fixtures already).
  • If your bathroom has all gold/brass fixtures and you want to update to nickel in the rest of your home – it’s okay, you can. It’s more that I wouldn’t mix the two in the same room.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze is the fussiest metal finish to coordinate with. You might think it goes with gold/brass, but this tends to have yellow undertones whereas oil-rubbed bronze is more likely to cater to orange or orange-pink.
  • While brass was HOT in homes built in the 90s (update ideas for that range here), this was replaced by some sort of nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish in homes built in the 2000s.



A lot of effort goes into coordinating the metal finish of cabinet and door hardware, as well as light fixtures, however, appliances often get left in the dust…and that’s not a bad thing.


Appliances aren’t hardware. And no matter how pretty they are (some stoves are amazeballs), they aren’t the jewelry of your home – they aren’t the small DETAILS. For this reason, stainless steel appliances often recede in a kitchen and don’t play a huge part in the overall metal palette. This means you can use a wide range of metal finishes with them without worrying about clashing.

Revere Pewter (warm gray) on painted kitchen cabinets. Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo quartz countertops. Stainless appliances, custom metal range hood, Kylie M Edesigns

But this doesn’t mean stainless steel doesn’t play favorites, as some metal finishes look even BETTER than others, including…

  • black – stainless appliances usually have black on them somewhere for black hardware to visually connect with
  • polished nickel – it appeals to the similarly silver/shiny look of the stainless finish
  • if you love gold/brass hardware, it’s nice if your stove has a bit of gold on it as well – it gives a polite nod to your hardware and acts like the JEWELRY of your stove

MSI Calacatta Miraggio Duo, marble subway backsplash tile, Benjamin Moore chantilly Lace cabinets, stainless steel appliances. Kylie M Interiors design consult, finishes, Truley home design

A bit of gold detail on this stove would wink nicely at the cabinet hardware

Kitchen cabinets, shaker style doors painted Benjamin Moore Kitty Gray lightened, blue green gray backsplash tile, black countertops, stainless appliances. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo (2)

The hardware in this kitchen is the perfect finishing touch – notice how well it suits the appliances, in particular! 

Benjamin Moore Britannia Blue, best medium blue paint color, Omnia white off white quartz countertop, Chevron tile backsplash, White Dove cabinets, Fulgor stainless steel range. KYlie M

Simple is usually best! 



It comes down to the style of your home (its roots) and how much you want to update. Sure, curvy hardware might suit a Tuscan-style home, but if you want to update OUT of the Tuscan look, choose hardware with cleaner lines or opt for a round knob.

Warm cream trim and door painted Benjamin Moore Feather Down with C2 Sea Salt walls - green greige, travertine tile.

Given its surroundings, the curvy, oil-rubbed bronze hardware makes sense – but it’s not ‘updated’.

If your home is stuck in the early 2000s (particularly Tuscan-style), this door handle (below) from Weiser has a transitional style. This means that it works moving forward, as well as with existing finishes that aren’t changing for the time being…

weiser update door handle for 2000s home, black matte, trafford, Kylie m

Weiser Trafford (I’m not an affiliate for these companies, I just like the look of their stuff). 

Broadway lever with Greenwich trim from Schlage



If you love soft, earthy warm colors, oil-rubbed bronze hardware makes sense. HOWEVER, it’s all in the style. The above styles offer a transition, as does this Katella lever from Weiser. Slightly more modern styling, but some soft lines to humor your existing finishes…

Katella modern, updated oil rubbed bronze door hardware, Kylie M home update ideas

However, for most of my clients who are shifting out of the heavy beiges and Tuscan vibes of the 2000s, oil-rubbed bronze is a hard no. Black is usually a better choice for the average home (and coordinates well with existing oil-rubbed bronze pieces that you can’t change right away!)



Black hardware finishes (mostly matte) are having a moment. How long will this moment last? A home with ALLLLL black metal finishes is slowly on its way out, however, black in moderation will often have a place in the average home (assuming the surroundings suit it).

Seeing as we explored door hardware above, let’s look at cabinet hardware for these next examples…

Not every home can handle black hardware; it can look harsh without other black items in the room for it to belong to. And while it doesn’t take much, make sure you integrate black elsewhere (i.e., picture frames, lighting finish, decor, etc… – a little goes a long way!).

Benjamin Moore Britannia Blue, best medium blue paint color, Omnia white off white quartz countertop, Chevron tile backsplash, White Dove cabinets, Fulgor stainless steel range. KYlie M

This isn’t a 2000’s home, but the black hardware is GREAT as the shape is transitional. 

Avoid hardware with sticky-outie bits that go beyond the bolt holes. First, your pant pockets will catch on them. Second, they look early to mid-2000s…

Sherwin Williams Off white painted kitchen cabinets - Eider White with light gray quartz countertop

Wood kitchen cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist, light gray or greige paint color, granite countertops

The above hardware style is a hard no as it’s from 2010. 

Stick to hardware where the lines are cleaner, but not too long or oversized. I LOVE this next kitchen which is awesomely resurrected from the 2000s. However, instead, of long handles, I’d love to see black knobs on the doors and pulls that are about three inches shorter…

Kitchen with painted wood cherry cabinets, wood island, granite countertop, cream subway tile backsplash, wood floor. Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Creamy. Kylie M ONline paint color expert

Funny enough, what’s one thing that winks at the above home’s original roots? The hardware on the pantry door! LOOK AT THIS CURVES (insert catcall here). I’d switch that bad boy up for sure.



Polished nickel is a win for many homes, but the more matte, softer-looking nickel finish is still sitting in the 90s. As for pewter – it’s hit and miss (more miss than hit) and pretty ‘home specific’, which means it doesn’t suit the average home.

This next kitchen was fresh outta the early 2000s with its granite countertop, beige backsplash tile, and cherry cabinets…

Cherry or maple kitchen cabinets, soon to be painted warm white. Warm granite countertops from 90s. Kylie M Interiors kitchen update ideas. Travertine style backsplash

After, the right paint color on the cabinets is just what this space needed to come back to life. Slightly less curvy, more transitional handles would be the next step in its evolution, but the knobs are great…

Older warm granite countertops, travertine look backsplash. Cherry wood cabinets painted warm white. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, kitchen update ideas

The key to the above kitchen is to listen to its roots. This kitchen will NEVER be ‘modern/contemporary’ because of the cabinet door profile, countertop, backsplash, and window trim. Changing these involves a huge remodel, which isn’t what this blog post is about – this is about workin’ with whatcha got. As it relates to the hardware, the above kitchen has slightly traditional roots via its cabinet door profile. While it can handle a handle that’s a bit more simple and TRANSITIONAL, anything beyond that would be out of character for this kitchen.

This next handle is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, but it’s the right transitional look (you don’t come to me for online shopping, I’m not that kinda of gal – you’re here for my ideas and inspiration…and wit…and good looks)…

polished nickel updated cabinet hardware, Kylie M kitchen update ideas 2000s home

Wayfair cabinet pull



Just don’t. Or do, but consider the following:

  • Gold can work well in some Tuscan vibe homes as they often humor its warmth more than other homes.
  • If you follow trends or worry about resale, you might be changing out your gold hardware in the next few years to the ‘next popular finish’ (probably polished nickel).
  • Don’t do all gold. Gold partners well with blacks in some homes. Or save your brain cells and just do polished nickel.

The thing is, gold hardware is GORGEOUS, but it’s a trend, and one that will slooooowly make its way out. Again, some homes might ALWAYS suit it, but these are often a) older homes b) homes that are a bit more eccentric/layered, and b) not the average 2000s home.

Would I add gold hardware to my home right now?

Yup, but only on a few key pieces – it wouldn’t be my majority finish, this way it’s more affordable to change down the road.

I love the gold hardware in this next kitchen. HOWEVER, I bet in five years it will be polished nickel…

Kitchen with Sherwin Williams Pure White painted cabinets. Best white. wood floor, white quartz marble look countertop, accent tile behind stove. Gold brass hardware. Kylie M Edesign

Sherwin Williams Pure White

OKAY, so I feel like we’ve exhausted that topic. I don’t want to give you TOO much info and overwhelm you, but I always don’t want to leave you with TOO many questions.




While I wish that arched, cathedral-style doors were left in the 90s, sadly, they were carried into the 21st century via the Tuscan style. And I’m not talking about cathedral-style cabinet doors, I’m talking about doors going into bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc.

Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, best tan cream blend. Pure White trim. hallway with wood flooring. Kylie M Online paint color expert

I just noticed that the entryway closet has a newer profile while this one has the original.

What door profiles are trendy and in style for 2024 and 2025?

There are only a few good styles available, and what’s best depends on your home – where you’re currently at, and where you’re heading. If your home is LEGIT Tuscan-style, you don’t want to shift into too modern of a door style – you need to find a moderate style.

Again, if you’re blowing out your whole home and updating it all, moderation is somewhat irrelevant as you’ll be introducing a new updated look on a large scale.

This is about transitioning your home when you can’t update everything at once. 

From there, once you’re ready to do your NEXT round of updates, you’ll have some good flexible, transitional bones in place to work off of. This next door style is a great moderator between the 2000s and a more current look…

Dark hallway with beige carpet, Mega Greige walls with warm white wainscoting, Client before photo

However, this one is my favorite for almost any home built in the 2000s, as well as current new construction – choose this door…

Hallway with board and batten, painted interior doors and stair railing. West coast art by Ronei. Greige, gray palette. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant and diy blog

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter doors, White Dove trim – also note the FLAT door trim.

You can also get the above style of door with only one panel, rather than two, but that takes things up a notch re: modernity and isn’t necessary.

The Best Paint Colors to Update a 2000s Home (PART 1)

Avoid anything even remotely related to this next door, it’s way too modern-looking. The same goes for a flat panel with no routering detail…

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray hallway with white trim and Chelsea Gray painted door. Kylie M Interiors Colour Consultant online

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray & Chelsea Gray

I would also avoid a 6-panel door like this next one as it’s more dated looking…

Sherwin Williams White Heron off white paint colour with yellow oak wood flooring, white trim like Pure Whiter

The door hardware is great!

Aside from the doors, the light fixture in this next entryway is great, as is the door hardware and board and batten (AND the paint color). The doors aren’t BAD, they’re just a bit 90s/2000s in style. Also, adding a glass insert to the front door would open this space up and add some much-needed light…

I’d also LOOOVE to see this front door painted a gorgeous accent color, like a dark green!

By the way, for your front door, this style is gorgeous…

Same white on trim, ceilings, walls, cabinets. Foyer with Benjamin Moore Super White and Sherwin Gris painted front door, white oak flooring. Kylie M Interiors diy decorating ideas and edesign

The Best Paint Finish for Doors, Trims, Ceilings, & Walls

The Best Paint Colors for the INSIDE of Your Front Door



While this one is lower on the list, if you’re changing any flooring, you’re likely taking your old baseboards off. Even if you aren’t, changing your trims is a great DIY and a good way to freshen up and modernize a space.

Generally, speaking, as long as your trims are 3 1/3″ or wider, they’re pretty good (even if they have somewhat of a profile/design). It’s the 2 1/2 to 3″ curved moldings that instantly date a room to the 90s or early 2000s…

Hallway update with laminate wood look flooring, Benjamin Moore Gray feature wall, Sherwin Williams Creamy and door to bathroom. Kylie M INteriors E-design

Instead, opt for a trim that’s at least 3″ wide with a simple profile (below) or a completely flat front…

Interior doors painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, white oak look flooring, black hardware. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

Between the trims, doors, and hardware (above and below) these hallways look fab.

Wrought Iron painted black navy blue interior doors with Eider White walls white trim. Kylie M

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron



Homes built in the 2000s were lit from head to toe with these tobacco-stained light fixtures and I hope I never see another smoked golden, frosted glass shade in my LIFE. Sure, they suit the odd home (so don’t kill the cute lil’ Ginger if they happen to suit yours), but chances are your home is Tuscan style. And if you love this light fixture, you probably love your home as it is…and proooobably aren’t reading this blog post in the first place.

HOWEVER, if you want to UPDATE your home, these smoked shades are a no, as are any curly-cue metal details attached to them…

oak kitchen cabinets stained, not painted, before new countertop and backsplash (2)

Insert deep, discontented sigh HERE.

And I’m not trying to be mean when I say these have got to go. Some of them are beautiful and suit the space they’re in – they just scream the 2000s. You’re reading this blog post because you want to update your home. If you LOVE your light fixtures, you can fill yer little boots. However, if you’re ready for a change, I’m here to help.

Dining room with tray, recessed, high ceiling, panned. Oak dining room set, drapes. Kylie M

However, amber shades aren’t the only culprit – there’s also a lot of nickel from this decade, particularly dining room chandeliers and island pendants that were sold en masse at Home Depot…

Benjamin Moore Maritime White in small dining area with pass through to kitchen, beige tile floor, best warm neutral off-white by Kylie M, color expert

This light fixture isn’t BAD, it just lets you know that it was installed in the early to mid-2000s. 

Guess who helped this homeowner update this next home…

open layout kitchen and dining room with island, quartz countertops and benjamin moore abalone and sandlot gray with purple travertine backsplash

How to Update Wood Cabinets WITHOUT A DROP OF PAINT! 

ME. And guess when it was done? A decade ago, HOWEVER, because the cabinet hardware is transitional and timeless, it’s still applicable – it’s the light fixtures that give its age away!

If you’re updating all of your light fixtures in a single room or open-concept space, I’d stick to ONE metal finish. From there, you want to match other metal finishes to your lighting or carefully coordinate. Here’s that chart again for quick reference…

how to mix and match and coordinate metal finishes, what hardware goes together, black, gold, nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, Kylie M

So what light fixtures are trendy or in style for 2024 and 2025?

It TOTALLY depends on the style of your home. The idea here is that you’re likely not redesigning your home from scratch and it might have many original finishes left. This potentially includes outdated granite countertops (or laminate counters that look like granite), beige tile floors and carpets, travertine backsplashes, and so on.

Your light fixtures need to be transitional to humor your old style while nodding at a new one. 

Again, I’m not the type of influencer who throws products at you at every turn. I’m an INFO gal and a Color Consultant. So, rather than spending endless hours scouring Wayfair for just the right piece (which will then be discontinued/out of stock/etc.), I’m just going to show you some pretty pictures.

I lied. I might have to throw in a few Wayfair options when I don’t have the right image to show you. C’est la vie.



Whether over your dining table, entryway, or as a focal point in your living room, wagon wheel light fixtures are still kickin’ it. I’d say they’re on the OUTWARD side of things, and in a few years, they’ll be swapped out. However, for the average home built in the 2000s, they’re AWESOME transitional light fixtures – regardless of whether they’re exactly on trend or not.

Open concept living room, kitchen, dining room, raised 10 foot ceiling, oak wood floor and open railing, blue accents. BEnjamin Moore White Dove walls, cabinets, trims, Kylie M Interiors

Paint Color Benjamin Moore White Dove

Living room, transitional style furniture, home decor, wall paint warm white Sherwin Williams Alabaster, fireplace and tv, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Jenna Christian home

The style of the above light is AWESOME. Paint Color Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Choose a round light fixture with MINIMAL muss and fuss. No rope, thick oil-rubbed bronze, brass or gold details, and MINIMAL chain. Keep it simple, classic, and nodding at the clean, traditional end of things vs the ‘modern farmhouse’ look.

I love this next fixture, but it’s too modern for most 2000s homes unless your home has gone under a HUGE transformation…

Dunn Edwards Foggy Day lightened similar to Sherwin Drift of Mist, wood floor, open concept dining and living, Dune trim, Home staging ideas

Paint Color similar to Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist



This style of light fixture is great when you want to transition your outdated home into a more modern look. Whether over an island, foyer, or dining table, simple is better. Avoid gratuitous details and use a minimal chain when possible…

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa warm white paint color on walls, Chantilly Lace trim, white quartz countertop, open concept kitchen living room. Kylie m

The above 2000s home is living its best life – I would just update the recessed lights to something more low profile. 

Open concept living room and kitchen, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, grey sectional. White cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, client befor ephoto

LOVE these fixtures. For your home, consider a dining fixture with no wood detail and pendants with no chains.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray 

This next larger-scale light fixture is also popular. It might only have a year or two left on the trend cycle (at best) but again, when we’re looking to transition our homes, we can’t always jump into the ‘next big thing’ and need pieces that get us part way there!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter kitchen cabinets, warm gray. Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams island, white oak floor. Open concept. Kylie M Interiors edesign

Because it’s not hanging by chains, it’s less modern farmhouse-looking, which means it’ll look updated for longer. 

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter painted kitchen cabinets

I also LOVE a simple white glass shade, as shown in this next fixture…

rowley 5 light chandelier, update 2000s home tuscan style with kylie m

Rowley 5 Light Fixture Wayfair



When updating your pendant lights, be careful not to lean too far into the previously popular modern farmhouse look. Keep things a bit more classic and traditional in your lines and overall look. ALSO – it’s a HARD NO to Edison bulbs (it makes me giggle that I typed ‘hard on’ at first – we know where my brain usually goes).

Kitchen, painted cabinets, orange tile floor, travertine tile, granite coutnertops, off-white beige cabinets, Sherwin Williams Moderate White. Kylie M Edesign

Kitchen and eating nook with Sherwin Austere Gray, best gray green, Pure White kitchen cabinets, island. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, CLIENT PHOTO

Cream painted kitchen cabinets, Benjamin Moore Linen White, island Chelsea Gray, black granite and speckeld granite island, oak flooring. Kitchen update

Don’t forget to pay attention to the KELVINS OF YOUR LIGHT BULBS

Backsplash Ideas to Update Your 2000s Kitchen

I’m also a HUGE fan of pendant lights and chandeliers with white fabric shades. These often give a brighter, but softened light to a room (whereas a bare bulb can be bright but a bit more abrasive looking).

Here’s another Wayfair link that will hopefully stay in stock…

transitional style light fixture to udpate 2000s home tuscan style.

The metal edges are maybe wink hard, but it’s the right idea Hymel 2-Light Kitchen Pendant

This style is super popular right now over kitchen islands in black and gold…

Bathroom with marble look tile and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee walls. CLIENT PHOTO of Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Clearly, this isn’t a kitchen island, but you get the idea. 

Wait, I haven’t even touched on bathroom light fixtures – THREE SLAPS WITH A WET NOODLE! Let’s see what I’ve got on hand that’s a good update for your 2000s loo…

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White, best off-white paint colour. Bathroom with Quartz Cambria Wellington, free-standing white tub. Kylie M INteriors Edesign

I could do without the wee horizontal bit on the top of the vanity light, but it’s the right general idea.

These next lights are great. Also, notice the original 12×12 tile floor. Like a grown-in blonde on brunette dye job, the roots of this bathroom are showing. However, with the prefab vanity and the updated faucets and light fixtures, the overall look is SO much better!

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist in bathroom with beige tile and gray and white vanity. Kylie M INteriors E-design and online colour consulting services

Your light fixture and faucet should have the same finish and similar lines.

In this next bathroom, the updated faucet and light fixture have similar lines and a simple chrome finish. Paired with a fresh wall color, shower rod, and shower curtain, this late 90s/early 2000s bathroom has a new lease on life…

Paint Color review, Sherwin Williams Silver Strand, gray colour. Bathroom maple cabinet, white fixtures, east facing light. Undertones and more. Kylie M INteriors E-design

The original vanity, countertop, and sink are still in place. Although the vanity would LOVE some paint

3 Ideas to Add Personality to a Small Bathroom


Paint Color Ideas to Update Your Outdated 2000s Home (PART 1)

The Best Backsplash Ideas to Update a 2000s Kitchen (PART 2)

Ideas to Update Your Outdated Granite Counters (mostly 90s & 2000s) PART 4

5 CASE STUDIES: 2000s Kitchen Updates: Tuscan, Travertine, & More (PART 5)

Ideas to Update Your 2000s Bathroom (PART 6)



The best paint colours for any room from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Popular Edesign blogger Kylie M Interiors. Diy decor and design advice. Market

Chat soon, 

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, signature, online paint colour consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. DIY update advice ideas


  1. I have a question about design. When do you to let the era of the home lead some of the design decisions? For example, I have a 1905 home with stained glass, original fireplace tile and woodwork. I don’t love every color, but I let the home tell me what it needs to be beautiful. If I had a craftsman, I would do the same. I hate to see an old home that has had all the character stripped out to “update” it.

    When do you decide to let the home speak to the design decisions? If a person had a quality, well-designed 90s Tuscan home with high end finishes, would you ever recommend leaving it to preserve the integrity of the original home? Design was my dream career, but I became a nurse to pay the bills.

    1. Post

      Wow, this is such a great question – I love it when I get to really think on something.

      I would say that if a home still has its authentic details, in particular, OLDER homes (not 2000s homes) it’s nice to lean into these. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be people who want to tip these homes on their ends and give them a whole new look – each to their own. Often times it’s an 80/20 mix – 80% the original style, to humor the home and 20% something new and fresh, but still coordinating.

      And really, this the case with 2000s homes too, as if we’re not starting from scratch, to some degree we have to humor what’s already existing.

  2. Thank you for this post! I have a house built in the mid-2000s that should be all Craftsman style but has weird Tuscan influences, including the bad beige light fixtures and brown 12×12 bathroom floor tile. A couple of years ago, I replaced all of my interior raised panel doors with the two-panel door style you recommend. It was an expensive upgrade, but it made a HUGE difference in my house. That style of door is perfect for the era of my house.

    I’ve been adding more board and batten wall treatments and changing out my baseboards to a flat-style. (I already have Craftsman-style door trim.) These tips are so helpful as I plan my upcoming projects and wish lists.

    1. Post

      Yessss, I love a comment like this. And you’re so right, changing these base pieces, like doors, can make such a huge OVERALL difference! I’m so glad you find the info helpful 🙂

  3. As the owner of one of the kitchens shown here I was really surprised to see it on your blog! I was a client in 2019 and you were really helpful when choosing a paint color for the entire downstairs of my house. My kitchen is shown under the “hardware” section (green/grey cabints with black counters and a small oak recipe box). I’m curious about what your thoughts were about the hardware? You were using the photo as an example of??? Is it considered a “before” or “after” picture? So curious… thanks again for your help!

    1. Post

      Ahhh, there you are! I have LOVED your kitchen from the minute I saw it. And you’re right, it’s one photo I didn’t comment on and, well, the hardware is just as fantastic as the cabinet color :). I’m going to add that in there.

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