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The Best Paint Finish for Walls, Ceilings, Trims, Doors & More…

Posted on June 6, 2022 by KylieMawdsley
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Not sure which paint finish is best for your surface? Once you determine your needs, it can be easier to figure out which sheen is best (excluding Charlie; he’s a hot mess).

For example…

  • you sometimes get minor scuffs on your walls = you need wipeability
  • you have four kids, three dogs, two gorillas, and a donkey in your home, and you need a Hazmat suit to wipe down your walls = you need washability
  • you have textured or damaged walls = you should consider sheen

Open concept kitchen and living room, Stonington Gray, stone fireplace K2. Kylie M INteriors Edesign. Vaulted ceiling

In this photo, there are four different paintable surfaces with different needs

First, I’ll give you a quick n’ dirty summary. HOWEVER, please take the time to read the rest of this blog post, as it has IMPORTANT information and considerations!



BEST PAINT FINISH FOR WALLS: matte or eggshell



Now, let’s learn a little about what you can expect in SHEEN or GLOSS from the above finishes!

BTW – there is variation in percentages between finishes, brands, and paint lines – these are approximate numbers. 



0-5% gloss

Flat paint has little to no sheen. Because of this, it’s usually not washable or even very wipeable. Some higher-end brands have some luck with basic washability (Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald), but I’m skeptical over the long term for high-use areas. I’ve found the only TRULY WASHABLE paint is Benjamin Moore ScuffX.

Primary Bedroom, white, black, gray colour scheme, white board and batten paint color, vaulted ceiling, cellular blinds Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color advice blog



5-10% gloss

Matte paint can have a 5-10% gloss finish, making it slightly more washable but still not as durable as a shinier finish.

Sherwin Williams best beige paint colour, Accessible Beige, White Dove trim, dark wood flooring, stairs, hand railing, metal spindles, white risers. Kylie M blog




An eggshell finish is similar to an actual eggshell, not flat, not shiny – kind of in-between.

Repose Gray hallway with Pure White trim, Sherwin Williams, bright white light bulbs. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger. Client photo




Satin or pearl is the next step up from eggshell. Satin/pearl has a reasonable amount of sheen to it without being as glossy as a semi-gloss.

Interior doors painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, white oak look flooring, black hardware. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

Satin finish (and glossier finishes) can slightly brighten and enhance color compared to flat and eggshell finishes (due to light reflectance).




This one has some kick to it with a sheen level that will reflect light back into your room.

Solid wood custom front door, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray paint color on walls, oak floor, High Reflective White (Sherwin) trim and board and batten in foyer entryway. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

The white barn door is shinier than it needs to be



This is the full meal deal in the sheen world. A high gloss finish adds drama and impact and has supreme washability. I usually find it to be way more than is necessary, and prefer satin or semi-gloss.

Benjamin Moore Lenon Tan, beige warm neutral paint color on walls, wood floor warm white trim.

The sheen on this door is so strong; it’s distracting

However, the sheen is irrelevant if you buy crappy paint. The better quality your paint is, the more durable your finish should be  a la moi

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at what you could use in your own home.




Hands down, satin is the most popular finish for any trims, doors, and mouldings. Why is it so popular? It’s washable without being overly glossy.

Sherwin Williams Dovetail gray paint colour. Online Color Consultant Kylie M Interiors. E decor

  • old homes look fabulous with a semi-gloss trim but can easily handle a satin finish
  • newer or modern homes tend to suit a satin finish
  • shiny finishes can expose flaws, so make sure your trim is in tip-top shape – the same goes for your painting skills
  • the photo above shows a satin finish

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The 10 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE You Hire a Painter! 



In 99% of cases, a flat finish is best for a ceiling. Why? There are a few reasons…

Living room with flat finish ceiling paint, no sheen. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl walls and rustic reclaimed beam, chandelier

8 Ideas: How to Make a Low Ceiling Look Higher

  • you don’t want your ceiling reflecting light at you, and shinier finishes are reflective
  • ceilings are often textured, and a textured finish will be enhanced with shiny paint, as will any flaws and imperfections
  • if you have white trim, a matching white ceiling makes a good visual connection
  • if you have wood trim, there’s more of a chance your ceiling could handle a non-white (50/50)

Not sure what color to paint your ceiling? I’ve got you covered…

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When it comes to walls, there are many considerations…

Sherwin Williams Moody Blue eggshell finish in small bathroom with white vanity and tile floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign


The best paint finish for walls that are in great shape – matte or eggshell

  • If your walls are smooth and in good condition, and you don’t have kids or dogs, you can definitely consider a quality matte finish.
  • If your walls are smooth and in good condition, and you DO have kids, dogs, or a spouse with Dorito fingers, you may want an eggshell finish. A great alternative is ScuffX in matte finish, as it’s far more washable than the average paint (it’s the only paint I’ll use in my home in the future).

The best paint finish for walls that are damaged or uneven – matte or eggshell

  • As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend ScuffX. And no, I don’t get paid anything to say that (I pay myself in Starbucks, white wine, and personal high-fives) – I just love its washability and overall finish.
  • Any sheen will expose flaws on your walls. While ScuffX matte has a particular sheen at a certain ANGLE, its overall look is very muted.
  • However, if you have kids/dogs/spouse/gorilla, you may need to sacrifice that low sheen for some wipeability with eggshell (IF you aren’t using ScuffX).

The best paint finish for heavily textured walls – matte 

  • The great thing about textured walls is that the texture will help disguise any fingerprints, smudges, etc…
  • If you’re worried about washability, you can use eggshell, but it will slightly enhance the look of your textured areas. Again, check out ScuffX (yes, I am passive-aggressive).

If you’re painting your walls a dark color – matte

  • If you’re painting a medium or dark-toned color (feature wall or whole room), it can look tacky with too much sheen (there are few exceptions). Ideally, you would use a washable matte finish (this doesn’t apply to cabinets – only walls).

BTW, the only eggshell finish that is REALLY different is Behr’s, which is more like a satin finish (I would use it for furniture or trim, not walls, personally).



I’ve yet to meet a semi-gloss or high-gloss cabinet that I love UNLESS it’s on a flat panel cabinet in a more modern setting. Satin is almost ALWAYS the best finish for cabinets (some brands refer to it as ‘Pearl’.

Gray quartz island countertops, Benjamin Cloud White and rustic, reclaimed wood island legs or supports

In the above photo, look to the left of the island to see the sheen level of Benjamin Moore Advance – satin finish. Check out more of these painted maple cabinets.

  • A satin finish is great for washability, without reflecting my purdy lil face back at me. I have done some furniture pieces in semi-gloss, and they looked sharp but were too reflective. Again, the shinier the paint is, the more you will see flaws, so if you’re painting your own cabinets, satin will have a bit more forgiveness than semi-gloss for a less-than-perfect job.

Should you really paint your cabinets white? And if so, which white is best?

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: How to Pick the Best Color



SAMPLIZE peel-and-stick paint color samples are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and arrive on your door in 1 DAY!

Paint colour review of tool Samplize, peel and stick samples. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow and Ball, Home Depot. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE



When it comes to the front door, satin is usually a safe bet. Why?

exterior of home with chelsea gray painted shakes, black painted double front door and white trim with dark charcoal ledgestone

  • Direct natural light can expose flaws such as dents, scuffs, brush and roller marks. Add a glossy finish to this, and it’ll be a hot mess.
  • Flat or eggshell finishes can look chalky on the front door and aren’t washable enough for the wear and tear that doors get.
  • Satin finish on the front door is my fave. Wipeable, classy – not glassy.

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Brick can look abrasive when shiny yet dull when flat. For this reason, I like eggshell for a brick fireplace (more than satin).

the best sheen to update and paint an old brick fireplace

  • If you paint your brick a dark color, eggshell finish looks best.
  • If you’re painting your brick a light/white color, eggshell or MAYBE satin.

5 Easy Fireplace Update Ideas



  • The more coats of paint you put on, the more sheen you will get. What looked eggshell at TWO coats can look shinier at FIVE!
  • The quality of your brush and roller matters DESPERATELY! Invest well.

At the end of the day, it’s up to YOU as to which finish makes the most sense. Talk to your local paint store as they can be a wealth of knowledge and may know a few tips particular to your region.

Well, that about covers it! If you’re considering hiring a painter, I highly recommend you read this: The 10 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE Hiring a Painter!

Get 3 Paint Colors Custom-Picked for You and Your Home

Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting

The best white paint colors for your room. Benjamin or Sherwin. Edesign, online paint colour services. Diy home decorating ideas blogger.market

Chat soon!

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign


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Originally written May 2017, updated 2022


  1. Our interior doors and trim were recently painted with satin. We just got hardwood floors and need to paint the baseboards. Would it be weird to do those in semigloss instead of satin? Or should they match doors and trim?

  2. Came here after a search… just finished my guest/toddler bath, and while the color is gorgeous, the sheen is crazy. I used Behr PP Ultra in Majestic Blue, a rich and deep color, eggshell finish. The trim is the same paint in Ultra Pure White semi gloss. The deep blue actually looks glossier than the two step up in sheen trim! Ack!! All that time and deliberation about such a deep (yet luxurious) color… looks tacky instead. Where we now live, walls are textured (side note that I can’t stand that, having come from another part of the country). So every little bump shows as highlights. This is the second room we’ve painted from builder greige, in the same manner. Only the first room, the walls are a light grey. Eggshell looks fine in that room. Both rooms got two coats. Is the deep color the reason for the added sheen? Both in terms of contrast between highlights and shadows, and added materials/pigment? I got a sample of Behr PP (not Ultra) flat, but it looks too dull. And this is a bathroom, after all. The guy at the paint store said Behr PP Ultra matte is the same as Behr PP flat, but the chips looks a little glossier. Long-winded, but do you think the matte will be a safe compromise between the too-shiny eggshell and dull flat for a bathroom wall? I’m starting to not trust the sample tins, as I suspect they behave differently.

    1. Post

      Hi Lavender, yes that is something I’ve discovered with Behr paint, is that their sheens seem to be higher than the other brands, so often, an eggshell can look like a Satin finish. Also dark colours tend to carry sheen more, so when I do dark I’m more inclined to do a matte finish. And it wouldn’t be bad if the matte was a bit shiny as when it comes to bathrooms and dark colours, you can see a lot of the moisture on the walls if they are too dry/flat looking. You’ll need that bit of sheen for wipeability…

  3. Hi
    My ceiling will be painted a flat finish, presently my crown mouldings and base boards are a pearl finish.
    I will be refreshing those too.
    Question is that I’m not sure if I should paint the crown mouldings this time flat just like the ceiling for a change and more modern feel.
    Or should I paint them pearl again as I will doing the baseboards?
    I am not sure of how it will look with different finish of baseboards and crown mouldings
    Keep in mind that the paint colour will all be the same( ceiling,crown and base)

    What do you think?

    Thank you for you input

    1. Post
  4. WONDERFUL POST! thank you.

    If I paint my trim and shiplap in a white satin finish by sherwin Williams, what finish should I use on the walls? It is a new construction modern home and I chose “big chill” for the walls.
    I’m thinking EGGSHELL? I have small children, so I am steering clear of flat.

    let me know 🙂

    1. Post
  5. Hi Kylie:

    Great info.

    Bottom section of our kitchen is done in pine . would like to paint it a soft ivory. What sheen of paint do you recommend.

    1. Post

      Hi Josepha, if you’re talking about walls, I would lean toward eggshell for sure. If it’s cabinets, then probably a satin/pearl finish 🙂

  6. Repainting my dining roon, I want to paint my chair rail, bottom 1/2 of my wall and all moulding same color, do I use the same finish paint, or use eggshell on wall portion and pear or semi for trim?

    1. Post

      Hi Diana! I would be most inclined to do any ‘trim’ detailing in satin or semi-gloss and any ‘drywall’ in eggshell. This can be a really nice way to set off a colour as the sheens will shift the look of it slightly!

  7. Just found your website after researching paint sheens. I am painting my basement and am going to do Benjamin Moore White Dove for the walls, wood work and ceilings. I was planning on doing the ceiling flat, walls eggshell and trim/doors satin or semi-gloss. Will doing different sheens make it look like different colors of paint? Also, my home is about 9 years old, would you go with semi or satin for the trim and doors?

    1. Post

      Hi Kristin, you’re bang-on with the sheen, that’s perfect! And yes, the sheens will slightly alter the look of the paint, only slightly. But that being said, on every wall, with shading/lighting a colour can look slightly different anyway. I find it to be a really neat look with the trim has that touch more sheen than the walls. Super duper subtle, but lovely. As for trim and doors, I’m 50/50 but generally lean toward satin.

  8. Great information!
    Regarding ceilings-We’ll be doing our kitchen ceiling in a beadboard or shiplap-ish type of thing. Think the ceiling should be done in flat, or because it will be beadboard, should I do a satin or eggshell finish to give it just a hint of sheen?
    Also-Our cabinets will look like Alabaster. Having a hard time finding a “warm” white subway tile for the backsplash. Any idea if a subway tile exists that looks like Alabaster?
    Thank you for any advice!

    1. Post

      Hi Marie, thank you! It all depends on the room and the quality of light coming in/hitting the ceiling, but sometimes a shiplap can be a nice in an eggshell finish. As for a warm white subway tile, there are so MANY whites that it’s just a matter of going to your local stores and bringing samples home until one hits the spot! Online images are unfortunately poor renditions of the real thing!

  9. Hi, Kylie! What do you think about using the same paint color but in different sheens, in an open floor plan? I have a small house (seriously, small, picture small…). The kitchen, living room and short hallway are open to each other. The drywall texture is… not so nice. It’s a badly done orange peel texture. So, I thought I might try flat sheen for the living room (which is also the … ahem… “entry”), and then do low-lustre in the kitchen and hallway. Luckily, there are corners to “die” one sheen and switch to the other (almost all inside corners, only one outside corner). That way I would have more durability in the kitchen and hallway, but better looks in the living room. P.S. I’m using SW. I’ve heard that SW Cashmere’s version of eggshell, called “low-lustre,” has a slightly higher sheen than most eggshells. That’s why I’m trying to avoid using it everywhere. I just wonder if this question has ever come up for you! Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Ashley, great questions!

      I LOVE the same paint colour in different sheens, absolutely – but really only with whites and off-whites. Now I’ve used Cashmere eggshell a LOT in our last home and truth be told I love it, it’s nice and washable, but I BET you won’t love the sheen on it as you are right, it does. IN our new home I’ve switched to BM Regal in the ulti-matte, which obviously doesn’t help you with using SW…I would ask them for their MOST washable ulti-matte…

  10. Hi Kylie,
    Your chart with all the paint finishes is very helpful!
    My question is this….would you paint the drywall and board and batten trim with the same finish? If so, what finish would you use? Thanks!!


    1. Post

      Hi Teresa, thank you! And yes, I think I know what you’re asking, I would paint the wall part and the trim part of board and batten the same finish – probably a nice satin!

  11. Hi,
    Wonderful article.
    We are contemplating painting the entire interior Simply White from BM – regal. Was thinking of applying the eggshell finish throughout the house to keep the flow intact.
    We want to use the same colour for the trims / windows and doors but using the Aurora line. Would the satin finish in this case the way to go? Would it create enough difference between the walls and trims?

    1. Post

      Hi Betty! I’m just not familiar enough with the Aura finish to give you a good thought on that. What I can say is that I love the BM Advance paint in the satin/pearl finish for trims and what not – it’s like a nice cabinet finish that levels quite lovely!

  12. I really appreciate all your information- it is so informative! I’m having a hard time deciding on a sheen for my walls and baseboards. I have 6 boys and they are HARD on my walls. Like artwork, goobers and handprints everywhere. Our walls are currently Semi-gloss and they are so shiny and I don’t really care for it. I need to be able to wash my walls, trim and doors regularly. We have a split level and the brightness and sheen is different in every spot in the house. What would you suggest? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Walls will be SW Agreeable Grey and trim/baseboards I haven’t decided yet. Probably Pure White.

    1. Post

      Hi Melanie, it sounds like you need a durable eggshell, something like SW OPulence/Cashmere. If you’re so inclined, BM has a fabulous paint called ScuffX, which is SOOOOO durable – SW just doesn’t have anything quite like it. The ulti-matte is beautiful….

  13. Hi Kylie! I love your blog!!! You’ve helped me tremendously! Based on your advice I chose SW Colonnade Gray over BM Revere Pewter and I love it in our bedroom! It has turned out beautiful!!! I asked the guy at SW what finish was best to use for the bedroom wall and he said Satin. Yikes! I wish I’d read this article before purchasing, but I’ll be ready when I begin painting my kitchen. Definitely going with eggshell next time! Thanks again for your insight and great info!!!

    1. Post

      Well damn, right away I was like NOOOOO, NOT SATIN! Well, now you know 😉 And I’m glad the colour info came in handy!


  14. Hi Kylie,
    We are going to paint the master bedroom tongue and groove vaulted ceiling . The large beams and rafters will be left as existing – dark stain ed. We have already painted the same type ceiling in the master bathroom with semi gloss white But the master bedroom has many windows and lots of bright light and I think the semi gloss will be too shiny. Should I use eggshell or flat? We live outside a National Park in a rural area and are constantly chasing cobwebs.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Post
  15. Hi, I see the chart at the end says semi or high for trim on older homes and then doors says satin. My home is 30 years old and while the doors were replaced 6 years ago, the trim is not in the greatest shape and just needs to be replaced also. I have 3 questions. Do you think it would look silly to have 4 panel eyebrow doors but completely flat baseboard and casing? Doors are already semi, should I stick with that or change everything (doors casing and baseboard) to satin? What type of Sherwin Williams paint is best for those types of areas? We seem to be pretty rough on the trim in some areas and I planned to do the pure white.
    We’ve also been slowly painting repainting the entire house walls with satin and have a little less than half done, but I will be making that change to eggshell and then eventually repainting the areas already done. I do notice the wall imperfections more. So glad I stumbled upon these posts.

  16. Thoughts on “ceiling paint” vs. flat paint in the same white color as cabinets for ceiling? Would you suggest using the “ceiling paint” that comes in all the major brands (I’ll probably use Behr) or a flat paint in the same white color that I’m painting the cabinets and trim/molding in my house? The house has lower ceilings and the white cabinets will run straight into the ceilings. I’m worried the “ceiling paint may have a dingy grey tinge to it.

    1. Post

      Hi Danielle, if it were me, I would continue with the same colour that is on the cabinets, then you don’t need to worry about clashing undertones!

  17. Hi Kylie! We are finishing our basement. I went to Sherwin William’s and ordered the wall paint in eggshell. The rep there told me that their eggshell and satin are the same thing? I asked several times to be sure. He said there was no difference. We purchased the duration line. Have you ever heard of this? We used the paint (the can says satin). All the walls are painted. It doesn’t appear too shiny… so for the trim and interior doors he told us to use semi gloss? I’ve painted the trim and baseboards in semi-gloss and it’s definitely more shiny in appearance than the walls. So, should I do the doors in the same semi-gloss? So confused with sherwin William’s right now. I should mention two kids will be using this basement as a play area ????. Thanks!!!

  18. Another great article! I have been using your website as a resource for my own home renos and just have to say thank you for providing such incredible content! You do amazing work 🙂

  19. Hi Kylie,
    What sheen of trim looks best with matte hardwood floors? The floors are a natural color and I am planning to paint the walls with BM White Dove in a matte finish. I’m using the same color for the trim.

    1. Post

      Hi Lauren, I would look at a satin finish, so that you still get some wipeability, but don’t have TOO much gloss ;).

  20. Hi Kylie, thanks for your easy to understand explanation of finishes! You said, “The only eggshell finish that is different is Behr which is more like a satin finish.” Do you think this is across the board with Behr’s paints? I’m looking at the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. I’m considering satin because it’s a darker basement, but maybe eggshell is just the thing.

    1. Post

      Hi Kristi! I have found that pretty consistent with most of the Behr finishes, especially compared to the finish you’d get with Sherwin or Benjamin. If it were me, I’d go for eggshell in Behr for sure!

  21. Hi Kylie! Your posts are so inspirational.

    Quick question. I have a small west facing front office in my house with tall vaulted ceilings. I just painted the walls with SW eggshell color matched to F&B Hauge Blue.

    Now I’m staring at a tall white ceiling, and want to go full in and paint the ceiling to match, paired with a Carrera top desk and warm leather chair.

    My question is do I just use the same eggshell paint for the ceiling, or do I get the Hauge Blue in flat/typical ceiling paint? Also, thinking about lightning the ceiling paint by 25%?

    Thoughts and thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi DJ. I lean towards doing it eggshell. The thing is, finish affects how a paint colour looks and vaulted ceilings ‘tend’ to reflect a bit more light than straight vertical walls. I wouldn’t lighten it though as the natural change in lighting/ceiling slope will do wild and wonderous things for you!

  22. I love love love your blog/website! As for ceilings in bathrooms, do you still use flat paint? One of my bathrooms doesn’t get much ventilation. There is a fan but no windows.
    I was planning on using eggshell on the walls but worried about flat on the ceilings. Would you use matte Or continue with eggshell on the ceilings as well?

    Thank you so much for all your awesome information!

    1. Post

      Thanks Madison! Ooo yes, if you don’t have great ventilation, eggshell woudl be a minimum. Heck I might even do satin on both…I know satin can look iffy if it’s a textured ceiling, but I’d hate for that moisture to penetrate!

  23. Same finish as the walls or as the trim? I have a ton of wainscoting in my historic looking home. The ceilings will be flat, the walls will be in eggshell and based on this article I will be doing the baseboards in semi gloss (was open to satin too but I have an older looking house plus kids). 2 Questions: I am assuming all trim (window/door casings and the inside doors themselves should also be in semi gloss as well?). What do you recommend for the crown molding and wainscoting? I really don’t like an overly shiny look but also want durability and the wainscot is a large chunk of the wall. Please help!! Thanks!

    1. Post

      And if it were ME, even though it’s an older home, with having wainscoting, I would stick with satin, which will give you wipeability without the increased sheen of semi-gloss ;).

  24. This is helpful thanks! If I do wainscot in satin does that mean I should do my doors/trim/baseboards in the same finish or do they need to not match? Our smooth walls will be eggshell b/c of the kids. I am so confused! 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Michele, I would DEFINITELY keep the wainscoting and trims/doors/etc… in the same finish and have only the walls be a different finish (and flat on the ceiling) :).

  25. We are remodeling and adding shiplap to our 10′ beam, pitched ceiling. We want to paint it all white and have chosen BM Super White to use with possibly BM Collingwood for the walls. Are these 2 colors good together?

    What sheen should we use for each? Thanks so much, I enjoy your posts.

  26. Thanks for this great information! Would you do the same sheen for an accent wall as the other walls. We have satin on the other walls. Thanks!

  27. Kylie, this was awesome!! We’re about to paint our downstairs bathroom and I was just second-guessing my decision to go with eggshell. Then I read this! No more second-guessing! Thank you so much!
    I have one question. You said to make sure to use quality brushes and rollers. Is there a particular brand or type you like?

    Thank you!

  28. I am looking to paint a chair rail and the drywall under the chair rail the same white color. Should I do the chair rail semi-gloss and the wall under the chair rail eggshell. Or do both the chair rail and wall semi-gloss?

    1. Post

      Hi Bill, if you have mouldings under the chair rail, I would do them/the drywall/the chair rail all the same finish (usually satin, but semi can work). If it’s ONLY drywall underneath, I would definitely to it ‘wall finish’, so that would be matte or eggshell. Without mouldings, it would look odd to have the lower walls the same finish as the chair rail :). I hope that helps!

  29. Hi,

    I enjoyed your post and I’m loving the dining room. Can you tell me what color is on the walls in the dining room picture?

  30. Hi Kylie!
    Would you do a matte/flat finish for SW Greenblack as an accent wall in a low-traffic office? I want to paint the crown and baseboard trim Greenblack also – Satin for that? Thanks!!

    1. Post

      Oh you know, I would! Dark colours can just look abrasive in a higher sheen (if you ask me) where as they pick up a more classic look in a matte/flat. I would look at Emerald for that :).

  31. Hi, I have a quick question. We are having tongue and groove (MDF) put up on our cathedral ceiling in our family room (16×23). Our contractor will re-prime it and then paint it. My husband wants it painted white with a semi-gloss finish, and I would want a satin finish. Any suggestions?

    1. Post

      Ooooo, on a ceiling, I wouldn’t do anything MORE than satin – it can be a tough area to have more sheen on with the reflection from windows.

  32. Hello! When painting a wall and adding board and batten (where the wall shows between the boards) do you paint it all one sheen? And what do you choose?? I’m having a lot of difficulty with this. Our foyer gets some light, but overall darker than the rest of our main level spaces. It’ll all be white. Curious what you do for this. All eggshell? All satin? A combo? PLEASE HELP!

    1. Post

      Hey Sabrina! If it were me, I would lean into a satin finish for ALL of it – the boards and the wall space for consistency. The goal is for it to look like one application vs ‘this part is wood and this part is wall’. I hope this helps!

  33. Hi Kylie, love all the helpful info on this post and plan to follow your advice. I’m going to paint my upper kitchen cabinets Satin with BM Advance, crown moulding and trim in satin, walls in eggshell, ceiling flat – all in White Dove. There was soffit all around the perimeter of my kitchen but I removed that from everywhere *except* over the cabinets. I plan to trim it out to look ‘built-in.’ The cabinets and the crown molding a foot above them will both be satin – should the section of wall (soffit) be also painted in Satin finish to blend with that or eggshell to match the rest of the walls?


  35. Thank you for the advice on paint finishes. Wondering if satin finish would be the best choice for a dark gray accent wall with wainscoting / applied trim? The other surrounding walls in the room will be white in a matte finish.

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