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Posted on January 24, 2023 by KylieMawdsley
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Is OFF-WHITE the best color depth for your kitchen cabinets? Let’s find out…

When choosing the best paint color for your kitchen cabinets, it can be a tough call between what we love NOW and what will be timeless for the long term.

RIGHT NOW, off-white and light depth cabinets are trending. And I’m not talking about the cream cabinet colors of the early 2000s (which were also trending at one point). I’m talking about warm gray, greige, taupe and even TAN kitchen cabinets. And holy cannoli, are they beautiful. But just because something is trendy and beautiful, doesn’t make it a smart choice for every home.

And just so you know…

90% of my clients who chose creamy off-white cabinets back in the early 2000s (or have moved into a home that has them) WISH they’d chosen white instead.

Now let’s take a look at some pros and cons so you can see whether NON-white cabinets are a good choice for you…

off white and light depth paint colours for kitchen cabinets are they a good idea. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, gray, beige, taupe and more


Many of my E-Design clients are looking for the PERFECT off-white or light depth cabinet color, and I have NOOOO problem with this. It’s important to love the home you live in and if you want light cabinets, I’m going to give you the most GORGEOUS light paint color possible.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter painted kitchen cabinets, white quartz backsplash & countertop Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo, custom metal zinc range hood. Stainless. Kylie M Edesigns


Here are a few great reasons why you might choose an off-white or light depth paint color for your cabinets…

  • you’ve always loved light-depth (non-white) cabinets; they’re your jam
  • you’re not a fan of white cabinets (I mean, who likes versatility anyway – wink wink)
  • you play on staying in your home and aren’t concerned about resale or MASS APPEAL
  • your budget can accommodate a change of cabinet color for when trends change and you want to SELL your home
  • you have the budget/energy to change your cabinet color should your PERSONAL TASTES change and you want to mix things up
  • they’re the best choice considering your existing finishes (often the case when updating a home but keeping some finishes)

Let’s take a moment to focus on a few of the above points…


If you’re planning on staying in your home and DON’T plan on changing your style, you do you, boo. HOWEVER, it’s important to keep resale in mind, and when it comes to resale, MASS APPEAL matters. This doesn’t mean your home needs to be boring, but it DOES mean that your KEY FINISHES NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE. Light depth paint colors on cabinets (whether they’re cream, gray, taupe or tan) aren’t very flexible. In fact, they’re challenging at best (coming from someone who HAS light depth cabinets).

Barn doors painted gray blue green blend Magnolia Day to Day, office built in cabinets painted Teak Cups Magnolia. Whitewash oak wood floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign CLIENT PHOTO

Colors in the medium range have MUCH more flexibility compared to their lighter cousins

I know there are many of you who will disagree with the above – and that’s okay. I’m not telling you NOT to paint your cabinets a light color; I’m just giving you some things to consider.  Remember, I’m preaching to the choir – I have light-depth cabinets!


Based on existing finishes, some kitchens don’t suit white cabinets and better suit a wood stain or a non-white. In these situations, a light color (usually cream, greige or beige) can come in darn handy; often saving the DAY.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray best paint colour for off-white greige taupe warm kitchen cabinets, White Macaubus quartz countertops, black hardware. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update idewas

MANY of the kitchens and bathrooms that show up in my inbox have granite from the early 2000s. These types of granites often better suit NON-WHITE cabinets. And while white would be more timeless and flexible, because off-white SUITS the space and its existing finishes, it’s the best choice for the existing conditions.

Sherwin Williams Reliable White in kitchen with cherry cabinets, beige countertop, beige backsplash tile. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

This kitchen doesn’t WANT white cabinets – it needs a good off-white

Now that we’ve covered some of the pros, let’s dive into the CONS of non-white or wood cabinets.


Whether you’re considering cream, warm gray, greige, taupe or tan, off-white cabinets are a TREND. This means that no matter how much you love them, they will have a shelf-life (pun intended).

  • They’re trendy NOW, which means at some point they WON’T be trendy. At some point, these non-white cabinets could be as unpopular as the glazed cream cabinets from the early 2000s are now.
  • They’re TRICKY to coordinate with, which we’ll be talking about in detail shortly (insert wine here)
  • It’s ALL in the undertones and it can be tricky to coordinate off-white undertones with countertops and backsplashes for a WELL-DESIGNED look. The undertones of your cabinet color will LIMIT your choices as it relates to future paint colors, countertops, tiles, decor, etc… (whereas a well-chosen white or wood stain has fewer limitations).

And while there are WAY more reasons why you SHOULD paint your cabinets off-white, I want to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT consideration…


When it comes to creating a COLOR PALETTE, it’s about contrast, undertones and purposeful layering. I have MANY Online Paint Color Consulting clients who say they want ‘off-white or light depth cabinets AND off-white or light depth walls‘ – no can do, Sue…or Stu.

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray painted kitchen cabinets, off white taupe greige with white quartz marble look countertop. Kylie M

As it relates to walls & cabinets, a room can only handle ONE painted surface in the off-white/light range – cabinets OR walls.

When it comes to painted cabinets and walls in THIS RANGE, your cabinets have already taken up that ‘color slot’ as it relates to depth – the position has been FILLED. If you want another color on your walls (a non-white) you need approx. 20+ LRV points between them. This, along with the shift in sheen/gloss between walls and cabinets, will offer more balance.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Paint Colors Using LRV

Warm gray or greige cabinet samples. Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers, Cumulus Cloud, London Fog. White subway tile, white quartz. Kylie M Interiors Edesign paint

In the above photo, while the sample on the right is LIGHTER than the other two, by the time you have the cabinets and walls painted, it will all look more or less the same – there isn’t enough of a shift in DEPTH/LRV. If this is REALLY the look you’re going for, you may as well stick with the same color and have it lightened/darkened for a minor shift.

In this next example, my client had tried using Sherwin Williams Repose Gray with her Revere Pewter cabinets…

Why light gray cabinets are hard to match wall paitn colours with, Revere Pewter and Repose Gray

They’re competing for the same color slot.

As you can see, they’re competing for the same position – a position only ONE of them can fill. And because they’re a similar depth (similar LRVs), but different TYPES of grays, they don’t work well together – their undertones clash. For this approach, they’re best off painting the walls the same color as the cabinets (which I don’t suggest) or choosing something with a more noticeable shift in depth.

Benjamin Moore White Dove cabinets and walls with lacquer on cabinets. Calacatta Botanica white quartz countertop, zellige tile backsplash, black hardware. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

The 5 Best Off-White Paint Colors

If you have white cabinets, you can paint your walls ANY depth – even wood cabinets are reasonably flexible. And depending on which white you choose, you can choose almost any COLOR for your walls. And while I’ve got some great solutions below, off-white cabinets will limit you in the long term should you EVER want walls that are similar in depth to your cabinets and hold you to SPECIFIC undertones/types of colors.


Ahhhh, this is a blog post unto itself, which is linked below!


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  1. I hope the good colors includes a similar color to “Linen” by Marsh Cabinets. Paired with medium wood floors and a contrasting (dark grey?) countertop, fingers are crossed it’ll be ok.

    1. Post
  2. Kylie, why don’t you recommend painting the walls and cabinets the same color? The change in gloss between walls and cabinets offers some contrast. And further contrast can be added through countertops, backsplashes, and other finishes (perhaps stone columns or a stone fireplace). Thanks for the great article!

    1. Post

      This is DEFINITELY an option, and as long as the owner’s okay with this for the longer term, then it’s great! It’s a bit more of an issue down the road should they want a real change in their space or someone new moves in who does :).

      1. Admittedly using the same color for walls and cabinets is a bit more of a ~look~ but, if well-executed, that’s exactly what makes it cool 🙂 Needs enough contrast with trim and other finishes in the space

  3. I am really hoping your colour recommendations for off white cabinets comes quick as I pick my cabinets this week!! We are building a home which is exciting but overwhelming. Your e-design packages are booked up so I eagerly await your post! I am wondering if ballet white will be on your list…

  4. I have been agonizing over a white paint color for my new kitchen cabinet. There is east/west light in the area. There will be a wall removed between the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is now on the dark side. All of the trim in my house is painted White Dove. I visualize a creamy/warm white for the cabinets but after a lot of reading, I don’t want my cabinets to look yellow. I’m hesitant to go with the White Dove on the cabinets cause it might look too white. If I keep the White Dove on the trim could you suggest a color that would be a little warmer and go with the White Dove trim. I would like your professional opinion. Thank you very much.

    1. Post

      Hi Kathy! Well, anything warmer and a bit less white simply WILL be creamier. I mean, you can check out Dove Wing, but I wouldn’t do it.

    2. I’ve looked at all the links for “SO WHAT ARE THE BEST PAINT COLORS TO GO WITH OFF-WHITE CABINETS?” and I still didn’t find a clearcut answer. We’re doing a whole home remodel and in the east laying (dark southern exposure), open concept kitchen we were thinking a giant island with BM October Mist (pale sage) and white countertops with limited gray veining and Revere Pewter for the main cabinets. Not sure what to paint the walls now! Any suggestions please or a link to your part 2 blog for paint colors to go with off-white cabinets? Not even sure those colors all meld!

      1. Post
  5. Hi Kylie, in this last photo (white kitchen with the brown leather bar stools), what colour white are the cabinets painted? And what colour white is the ceiling painted? They look like different whites… or is that just the lighting? Is it acceptable to choose different whites for cabinets that go all the way up to a white ceiling? And if yes, do you have any advice?

    1. Post

      Hi, Allison, I’m glad you asked! ACTUALLY, all of this is Benjamin Moore White Dove. However, with the way cabinet paint is formulated, the cabinets look warmer than wall/ceiling paint. The best solution (so far) that I’ve come up with is to use ScuffX on both – satin/pearl on cabinets and trim, matte on walls :).

  6. Kylie, I am struggling with paint choice for kitchen cabinets. I have a traditional home with basicly warm tones. I don’t want to do white cabinets, wanting a softer look to fit my home. I am going back and forth between off white or taupe? I like the taupe because it is different and soyf but I am also concerned if may come off as dingy and not timeless. We do want to sell in 4 years.

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