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The Best Paint Colors to Go With a Brick Fireplace

Posted on October 3, 2019 by KylieMawdsley

How to Coordinate MODERN Paint Colors With Your Brick Fireplace

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while (bless your lil heart) you know that I LOVE to paint anything that men HATE to paint -brick, wood, you name it, I’ll paint it (including my body).

And I’m not picking on men here, I swear. It’s just that in my decorating adventures, I’ve found that men are the LEAST likely to want to paint brick or solid wood pieces – EVEN IF they are butt-ugly.

how to update brick fireplace by painting

Does the thought of painting this make you break into a Richard Simmons style sweat?

And I’m actually DEDICATING this blog post to the men (and the odd women) who despise painted brick and are desperately hoping to find a wall paint color that makes their brick fireplace look fabulously updated!

The first thing I’m going to say about these color suggestions is that these are ONLY ‘guideline colors’

Guideline colors are colors that get you off on the right foot – without being definite. There are SO many colors of brick out there, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to cover each and every one. I am my own personal hero, but I’m not THAT good.

LIving or family room, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and pink red brick fireplace. Windows and White Dove trim. Home decor transitional style. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update idea

Instead, I’m giving you one main color to explore and then other colors that are similar but have different undertones and depths. This way, you have a good selection to play with, to see which one resonates best with your brick.

Please note these two important details:

  • These color suggestions are NOT for exteriors (although you can take some very general guidance from them). Paint colors can look CONSIDERABLY different on an exterior compared to the interior.
  • MOST of these suggestions are with ‘softening and blending’ in mind, rather than accenting and highlighting – I can only fit SO much into one blog post!
  • There’s no guarantee these colors WILL go with your particular brick, they’re just a place to start and you can adjust as needed depending on your brick and other interior finishes.

But before we start, we need to discuss your INTENTION…


If you LOVE your brick and want it to really come to life, you can do this via CONTRAST. Just remember, many warm colors don’t love being partnered with colors that are cooler AND lighter than them, so you have to tread carefully. Often, it’s best to contrast with a COOL color that has some DEPTH to it (opposites attract and make each other stronger).

In this next photo, while the green undertone in the paint color is a CONTRAST to the pink undertone in the brick, because it’s LIGHTER, it’s not doing a good job of CONTRASTING – it needs much more depth (such as Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray).

Agreeable Gray and its undertones, room with wood floor, brick. Kylie M Interiors Edesign


In this next photo, the yellow undertone of the walls made the red-violet hues in the brick POP in comparison. However, in the photo on the right, the muted greige-taupe warmth tones down the look of the brick and modernizes its approach…

Pink brick fireplace makeover, Edgecomb Gray, home decor, modern farmhouse, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decorating. Coffered ceilings, beams

See this WHOLE HOME here

  • find a paint color that flows somewhat seamlessly with the MORTAR (which often has a warm violet or taupe undertone)
  • the odd warm gray with a green undertone can work, depending on the color/undertone of the mortar around the brick
  • pick-up on the colors/undertones of the brick and choose neutrals with these undertones
  • some mortars lean a bit warmer, picking up a subtle ‘tan’ look which means some tan paint colors can soften the intensity of some brick fireplaces

The 5 Best Paint Colors to Go With a Red or Red-Orange Brick Fireplace

This is one of the easier bricks as it suits a variety of paint colors!

Best paint colour sto go with brick fireplace. Kylie M INteriors E-design, online paint color consulting (1)

The best paint colours and ideas to update a red, red-orange brick fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant, virtual advice



Are you feeling brave and want a paint color with a bit more DEPTH to partner up with your brick? Dovetail is a beautiful, medium-toned warm gray. It can be a subtle complement to your brick as isn’t overly colorful, while still pulling into the warm gray often found in this type of brick. You can consider Dovetail as an ‘accent wall’ color and pair it with a light neutral or use it on ALL of your walls.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Dovetail: Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray, Sherwin Williams Classi French Gray, Benjamin Moore Metropolis

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Dovetail



Natural Tan is a fabulous (and popular) neutral tan color – it’s like slapping your nicest pair of khaki pants on the wall! Natural Tan is slightly warm but is overall, a relatively neutral tan paint color.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Natural Tan: Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan, Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Natural Tan

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, red brick fireplace, white mantel, greige paint colour. Kylie M Interiors E-design



With its fresh warm yellow undertone, Simply White is a great way to create a bright look without the starkness of a more standard white paint color. The brightness will contrast with the depth of the brick. 

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Simply White: Sherwin Williams Pure White, Benjamin Moore White Dove

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Simply White



If you want to have a bit more fun, Web Gray is a beautiful way to contrast with your brick and add some energy to the room. I recommend partnering it with a soft white or off-white paint color.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Web Gray: Benjamin Moore Trout Gray, Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray



Many red-brick fireplaces, particularly the darker ones, suit WARM gray paint colous (as well as taupes) that have a violet undertone. Collingwood is a light warm gray with a gentle violet undertone and is often as COOL as you can go.

Paint colous that have a similar approach to Collingwood: Sherwin Williams Popular Gray, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

FULL Paint Colou Review of Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Best paint colour sto go with brick fireplace. Kylie M INteriors E-design, online paint color consulting (2)

Kylie M E-Design

Kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Ballet White with glaze, Cedar Key walls, travertine tile floor and red orange brick walls. Island with wood top. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, client photo


If you have a surface you don’t love (like a red brick fireplace), the key is to not CONTRAST with it. Taking a low contrast approach means your brick won’t look any more red, orange or pink than it already does, and to do this, you’ll want to avoid cool paint colous. Cool colous (being opposite to the warmth of your brick will contrast, and therefore, ENHANCE the warmth of your brick. 

The 5 Best Fireplace Update Ideas

The 5 Best Paint Colors to Go With a Brown Brick Fireplace

You can find brown in a LOT of brick blends, but some bricks commit to it MUCH more than others. These blends can also include cream, red, purple, peach and more!

Brick with brown in it, best paint colours (1)


The best paint colour ideas to update a brick fireplace with brown, peach, cream and more. Kylie M Interiors, edesign, online paint color consultant. Benjamin and Sherwin



Kingsport Gray is a medium-toned greige that leans more brown than gray.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Kingsport Gray: Sherwin Williams Mega Greige, Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige, Benjamin Moore Pashmina

FULL Review of Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray


Ballet White is a beautiful warm neutral for brown brick fireplaces. It’s a cream that’s MAJORLY diluted by a tan/greige base, cutting back the degree of yellow that can pop up. Just be careful as it won’t necessarily suit a brown-PINK brick.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White in family room with sloped ceiling, dark wood trim, brown brick fireplace, beige carpet, dark brown furniture. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Ballet White: Sherwin Williams White Duck, Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Ballet White



Muslin is a soft, gentle beige with very flexible undertones that suit MANY of the brown-base brick fireplaces. While it won’t necessarily look ‘exciting and stimulating’ it might help to tone down the pink and neutralize your space.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Muslin: Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige, Sherwin Williams Natural Linen, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

FULL Review of Benjamin Moore Muslin



Loggia is a light-medium beige with SUPER muted undertones, so no overly golden colors will pop up on you.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Loggia: Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige, Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth



Anew Gray can be a stretch for a lot of brown brick fireplace, but it’s worth a try! Anew Gray is a light-medium greige that is pretty well-balanced.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Anew Gray: SW Mega Greige, Sherwin Williams Versatile Gray, Benjamin Moore London Fog

FULL Review of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray

The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams best warm gray greige paint color, Colonnade. Brown brick vaulted fireplace in living or family room. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour advice


When it comes to brick fireplaces with a lot of brown in them, it’s best to avoid green and blue (and these undertones) as their cool approach will contrast with the warmth of the brown brick, making it POP in comparison.

Online paint colour consultant Benjamin Moore Sherwin Williams, Vancouver Island, USA, UK. Interior, exterior, edesign colors. Kylie M Interiors, blogger marketing (7)

Click HERE or on the above image for available packages!

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

  • samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on location
  • at $6.99, they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling
  • if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE

The 4 Best Paint Colors to Go With a Pink or Salmon Colored Brick Fireplace

I’d love to show you some LOVELY images of rooms redecorated with a pink brick fireplace, however…they don’t exist. Also, in order to show you photos of REAL HOMES with REAL BUDGETS, I only use photos from my Online Paint Color Consulting clients.

Best paint colours for pink brick fireplace

Best paint colours for brick fireplace that has pink

Both of the fireplaces above have pink tones

This next photo shows a stone, not brick, but it CERTAINLY has those pink undertones! Which sample do you think works best with this fireplace?

Comparing Benjamin Moore Collingwood, Balboa Mist, Winds Breath, pink toned vintage stone fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color advice expert (2)

If you guessed the far-right – YOU’D BE RIGHT! Why? Because the pink undertone picks up on the undertones in the stone and mortar.

The best paint colours and ideas to update a red pink brick fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant, virtual advice. Expert in Sherwin and Benjamin



With its beige base and slightly gray-taupe undertone, Cedar Key can work nicely with a pink-toned fireplace. While it won’t necessarily look ‘exciting and stimulating’ it might help to tone down the pink and neutralize your space.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Cedar Key: Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn, Benjamin Moore Maritime White 



Maritime White is an off-white that has a soft, cream look, but also harbors a wink o’ pink.  

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Maritime White: Sherwin Williams Moderate White, Benjamin Moore Muslin 

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Maritime White


For a look that’s more rich and exciting, consider Metropolis as an accent wall color. When paired with a soft off-white paint color, Metropolis will add depth to your space and could sit nicely with your pinkish fireplace. Or be brave and paint the whole damn room!

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Metropolis: Sherwin Williams Dovetail, Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Metropolis



Pale Oak is a soft, gentle light taupe paint color with violet-pink undertones.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Pale Oak: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, Sherwin Williams Alpaca, Sherwin Williams City Loft

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Pale Oak


  • you need to avoid greens and blues and these undertones as they’ll CONTRAST with the warmth of the pink
  • unless it’s in a baby’s room, pink and yellow can be totally nauseating combo

The Best Paint Colors to Coordinate with a Purple or Purple-Red Brick

I’m a BIG fan of brick with violet undertones as it’s often a rich, stately look, creating a beautiful focal point for a living or family room.

Best paint color for dark wood trim, brick fireplace. Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige. Kylie M Interiors E-design, online paint colour expert

I apologize for the lack of light in this photo, I do rely on E-design clients to send me their photos and interiors can be tricky! 

The best paint colours ideas to update a purple brick fireplace. online paint colour consultant, virtual advice. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Specializing in Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams


Repose Gray is a light warm gray that favors a mild purple undertone. But be careful, it can sometimes flash a wink green or even blue – grays are known to do this.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Repose Gray: Not much, maybe the slightly darker SW Mindful Gray

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray


Anew Gray is a gorgeous, light-medium greige that sits nicely between gray and beige.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Anew Gray: Sherwin Williams Mega Greige, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore London Fog, Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cloud

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray



Argos is one of my fave green-gray-blue blends and its cool approach is a pretty contrast to some violet-inspired brick fireplaces.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Argos: Sherwin Williams Magnetic Gray, Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray, Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp

FULL Paint Colou Review of Sherwin Williams Argos


Classic Gray is an off-white warm gray with a subtle purple undertone.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Classic Gray: Benjamin Moore Silver Satin, Sherwin Williams Incredible White, Sherwin Williams Eider White

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Classic Gray


Gauntlet Gray is a gray paint color with a solid brown/taupe base.

Other darker grays to explore: Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray, Benjamin Moore Metropolis, Sherwin Williams Dovetail

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

Colors and undertones to avoid on your walls if you DON’T like your purple brick…

  • true blue never works
  • yellow/cream can be touchy
  • green can work if you are looking to further enhance the tones of this brick, however, if you want to keep things on the down-low, then refer to the wall colors listed above

The Best Paint Colors to Coordinate with a Yellow and Orange Brick Fireplace

This brick is not as common as others (thank God) because it can be challenging to update – and the more yellow it is, the more challenging it is. If you want me to be brutally honest with you, this is one brick that I would paint. You could paint the walls and say ‘Well it looks better than it used to…’ or you could just paint the brick and say to yourself, ‘NOW I can decorate my room the way I WANT to without being held hostage by this damn brick!’

However, for those of you who are enamored with your brick, I DO have a few ideas up my sleeves…

the best sheen to update and paint an old brick fireplace

If you don’t believe me, then here are a few color thoughts for you…

The best paint colours and ideas to update a yellow or orange brick fireplace. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant, virtual advice

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

You’ll be living on the wild side with this one! Yellow and gray is a lovely color combo in the design world! Chelsea Gray is a lovely rich-toned charcoal gray that will tap nicely into the grout of your brick fireplace, bringing a sense of calm and balance to the room.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Chelsea Gray: Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray, Sherwin Williams Dovetail, Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Benjamin Moore Whitall Brown

If you’re dealing with predominantly yellow brick, this is the ONE color that I could really live with on my walls. Whitall Brown is a chocolate brown that is neutral; meaning that it’s not overly orange-toned nor too gray.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Whitall Brown: Benjamin Moore Brown Horse, Benjamin Moore Willow

Benjamin Moore White Down OC-131

White Down is a soft warm off-white. It’s a cream but has a strong neutral base to calm it down. It ALL depends on which colors your brick favors.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to White Down: Sherwin Williams Creamy, Benjamin Moore Ballet White, Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore White Down

Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95

Navajo White is a lovely light cream with a warmth in it that is softened by a modest neutral base.

Paint colors that have a similar approach to Navajo White: Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream, Benjamin Moore Indian White, Sherwin Williams Antique White, Sherwin Williams Creamy

The Best Cream Paint Colors

Colors and undertones to avoid on your walls with yellow-orange brick…

  • Opposites will attract. Avoid greens and blues if you are hoping to keep your brick fireplace as soft and gentle looking as possible. By pairing an orange/yellow toned brick with cooler tones, you will bring out the color of it which might be a good thing – but usually isn’t.
  • Pink tones are DEFINITELY not good as pink and yellow/orange are pretty gross together (not including kids rooms) and I would also avoid purple 

Need help with picking the right color? 

Check out my Online Consulting for your own personal color consultation! 

E-design, e-decor and online paint colour consultant, Kylie M Interiors. The best paint colours from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Diy and budget-friendly. Market

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign

Originally written in 2017, awesome updated in 2019


  1. “I am my own personal hero, but I’m not THAT good.” Ha ha ha. Kylie – your website has be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! I’m so grateful to have stumbled across your site via a google search for ‘what paint colour works with brick?’ Yours was the only website that had the balls to make a choice and put your opinion out there, and provide lovely pictures and samples. You’ve made what might have been a tricky decision very easy. THANK YOU x Love etc, Avril

  2. I came across your site while searching for suggestions on what color to paint my bathroom that has an exposed multi-color brick chimney. I was really frustrated until I came across your page. I love that you suggested actual paint color instead of just vaguely suggesting “a color in a certain tone”, which is what all other sites did. It made the process of picking out the wall color so easy! I made the mistake of painting the room with a taupe-pink color, and now the bathroom looks like a disaster! I can’t wait to repainted the walls with one of the colors you suggested! Thanks a billion!

    1. Hi Mindy, thank you SO much for letting me know that! I love when my advice really resonates with someone and helps them – I know picking colours can be hard!
      Hope it’s all worked out for you!

  3. Thanks ever so much, Kylie! Like the others said, it’s so helpful to come across an expert who will really put forward helpful advice, instead of vague notions… My husband and I recently bought our first home. It’s a brick ranch from the 50’s, and we’ve completely gutted it. The only “native” element that remains is an exposed brick wall in what will be our dining room. We love it, but I have been having a rough time trying to figure out what colors will work best in there! Thanks to your tips, I am on my way. Now I just have to go stare at that wall to confirm my suspicion that it’s pink brick.

    1. Hey Kelsey! I’m SO glad you’ve found some value in my site – yay! Send me a photo of your fireplace and I’ll let you know what you’re dealing with so you can start off on the right foot(kylie@kylieminteriors.ca)

      Also, I do affordable Online Consulting so if you are having any troubles just holler (I can give you 3 colour options/ideas for $60). But regardless, at least me telling you what brick you have will get you off and running 🙂

      Chat soon ~Kylie

  4. Our brick fireplace is great but I didn’t like the oak mantle above it ~ I thought it conflicted with the brick ~ until I spotted one of your pictures that looks identical. Thanks for showing how brick fireplaces can hold their own, and look great!

  5. I am struggling right now with what to do with my oak kitchen cabinets. Updated floors to an array of grays, beige, brown, off white slate look, with just a hind of tan. Looks great with my Winners quaint retreat table, chairs and buffet. Just enough colour to tie everything together. However, what colour to put on those walls with lurking oak cabinets. Colour must also flow into living room and hall. Floor in living room is a bit of an orangey oak in the right light as well. Throws pink on wall so have to be careful of beiges. Ughh!

    1. Hi Margaret! With questions like yours that aren’t quite straight forward I refer readers to my Online Consulting so that a) I can see photos of your space and b) ask some important questions with regard to exposure, personal tastes, etc… Any suggestions I would have wouldn’t be beneficial enough as there are so many things to take into consideration. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/
      Thank you for asking and hope to hear from you!

  6. Hi Kylie
    Thank you for the great information on coordinating paint colors for pinkish/ red brick fireplaces. We are purchasing a house with this type of fireplace. Just wondering could I paint the wall with the fireplace a darker brown to make a focus wall and the other walls a lighter color. Not sure how it would look.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nicole, you bet you can! Now stay away from the orange brown and stick with the more neutral ones (I love Whitall myself). Otherwise check out a dark charcoal like Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray which will neutralize/tap into the mortar. And yes, with the other walls a lighter colour you’ll be good to go!


  7. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you for this awesome article. I need some help with my living room!

    I have a red brick fire place and white chair rail and crown molding. I would like some orange in the room but I’m not sure where to pain it. I tried an accent wall on the same wall as the fire place and didn’t like it. Should it be on the opposing wall to the fire place? Also what are your thoughts on two-tone above and below the chair rail? Is that too much? It feels like this room has too many things going on.


    1. Hi Laura! Yes, orange on the fireplace wall would likely be overwhelming. Try to balance things out by choosing a wall that is opposite your brick. And definitely don’t do a 2 tone. It can work in some homes, but the popular thing to do is ‘simplify’ with 1 colour above and below the chair rail. Have you thought about keeping the walls simple and just adding orange via accents (toss cushions, artwork,etc…)?

  8. This is so great! I have an old brick fireplace and tried whitewashing and grey paint on a section that will be removed soon, and I did not like it, but now I feel I can find a paint color that will actually look good with my existing brick! One question, I think mine falls more in the pink/salmon category, but I love that Sienna color for the wall opposite the fireplace wall (accent wall). Sienna was listed in the red/orange fireplace section, but do you think that would work for a more pinkish fireplace as well, or would it be too much? Thanks again for all this great information on paint colors!

    1. Hi Jen! You caught me during my ‘reply to comments’ time – so good timing! Yes, I think Sienna could work! Fresh Clay is also a similar look, just slightly lighter and a tiny bit more pinkish (without being pink)…
      Now I’m not totally sure just what your brick looks like, but if you’re in the States you can also check out BM Beaujolais which has a bit more of a brown base while still being warm and rich looking (a bit more dense feeling and less ‘colourful’.) If all else fails, check out my Online Consulting as I have some really affordable Paint Packages where you can send me photos and we can have some fun~! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  9. Not only are you extremely talented with a ridiculously keen eye, you have such a knack for explaining things! You really allow your readers to understand the entire concept.
    Ive been having the hardest time picking a paint colore for our house. I’ve always gone to blue greys, like SW Cloud grey, Silver point and because of your revue Repose grey. I have white shaker cabinets and for some reason I just can’t get the look I want. This is so not like me. After reading (pretty much your whole web page) I think my problem might be my floor. Our house came with brick tile floors. Our entire first floor. I really do love them but I can’t get that neutral look like I had in my last house. It just seems very busy and sometimes kind of country.
    After reading this blog I’m going back to the store to try some other greys or whites that don’t have a blue under tone. Wish me luck! Haha.
    So happy I’ve found this site! Your great!

  10. Oh, I need to figure out how to send you a picture of my floor-to-ceiling red brick fireplace with its surrounding sage green walls. (I think the color is Scotland Road, actually.) It looks fabulous – honestly!

    Now if I can possibly get the hubby to replace the too-small shiny oak mantel with something more….hefty and rustic…I will be thrilled! 🙂 (It’s always something, right?)

    Thanks for some great ideas for next time.

  11. Hi Kylie,
    I am getting ready to paint my family room which has a large bick fireplace that covers one end of the room with a large barn beam mantle and barn wood beams that run across the room. The brick is mostly red but also has some white, black gold colors with dark gray grout. Which color scheme do you think I should use?

  12. Kylie- This is such a helpful post and I see it referenced in many places. Could you possibly recommend a lighter gray (than Chelsea Gray) or a greige that would neutralize the orangey tones?
    I have a large stone fireplace with gray and brown rock and my current green paint is really bringing out the browns and oranges in the stone. I’d prefer to bring out the grays of the stone.
    Thank you so much…just subscribed on youtube.

    1. Post

      Hi Jenn, thank you for the note! Unfortunately, due to the amount of emails/questions I get in a day, I do need to refer most personal ones to my e-design, particularly when I need to see what colours are in the stones. It’s affordable and fun and this way I can spend some quality time with your home (via photos) and you (via the questionnaire) and give you the best solutions possible! If that interests you at all, the link is here 🙂 https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/
      Thank you!


  13. Hi Kylie! I see your color combos all over Pinterest and I just came across this post and you cover salmon bricks! Now your my hero! I will be painting our living room with a full wall red-pink-salmon bricks soon. Originally I was planning on grey washing it. But upon closer inspection I realized it looks pretty good with our chocolate brown couch and dark red accents. So we’re keeping it! I was thinking dark brown walls and probably light brown walls too. It’s a big room. But I’m so glad to see the brown you suggested because that’s what I pictured. And I will have to send you before and after pictures for your pink brick collection. Right now the walls are peach!! Can’t wait to fix it!

    1. Post
  14. Great info! Just stripped “yellowed” shellac off my white brick fireplace and love the improvement. Painted my antique bronze screen to a flat black and it’s such and improvement. Now, if I could just figure out the mantle situation that will work with my oak picture frame paneling I’d be able to wrap this project up! I’d love something more rustic, but not sure how it would look.

  15. Wow Kylie, you are a wealth of information! So happy to come across your blog ???? Out of curiosity, how do you feel about a fireplace painted the same color as the walls (sw Collingwood)? I have a small living room and would like to open up the space …. and cover that yellow brick ????. Do you think it would be tacky of me to paint the same color as my kitchen two tone cabinets instead (SW peppercorn /BMsilver satin). I want to limit the variety of colors in this small space!!


    1. Post

      Hi Laurie! I don’t know that I’d do the Collingwood on both, although you can shift the look slightly just via the change in sheens from the paints, I like the idea of the Silver Satin better 🙂

  16. So, when I come across this post on pinterest there is a cover photo not embedded in the most, of a red-pink fireplace with a wood mantel and a star on the top. There’s white bead board to each side and a lovely neutral tan on top. Any idea what the tan color might be?

  17. Hello,
    It would be so helpful if you put some small text on your example pictures of the paint colour name. Sometimes it is difficult to understand which example is what. Great site!

  18. Kylie, would you share a blog on best paint colors for the brick to properly tone down the various colors in the brick? Thank you, Susie

    1. Post
  19. From your post (Thanks!!), it looks like we’ll be trying Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray HC-86, BM Pashmina, or Stone Hearth for an accent wall around the brick fireplace. Would Ben Moore Windswept work on the walls or should we try something else?

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