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The 12 Best ‘WHOLE HOME’ Gray & Greige Paint Colors

Posted on September 3, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

The TOP 12 neutrals you can paint your WHOLE HOME

If you’re looking for a shade of gray or greige that’s UNIVERSALLY gorgeous, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re home staging, painting a brand-new home, or freshening up your current home, these colors have a TON of flexibility for a wide range of exposures, finishes and tastes.

Popular gray or greige paint colour, Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, stacked stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling, oak floors, round chandelier. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo

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However, even universally gorgeous colors aren’t foolproof, as there isn’t one color that will look exactly the same in every room in your home. It’s like finding a pair of shoes that looks good with every outfit, or a wine that tastes good with every meal – it ain’t gonna happen (I’ve yet to find one a wine that suits Mr Noodles). Any magical universal paint color WILL shift on a room-to-room basis, for example:


Cool colors will ONLY look chillier as they interact with gray-blue northern light. The undertones can also show up a bit more to the party because remember, EVERY gray has an undertone! Read MORE about the best paint colors for northern exposure 

Sherwin Williams AGreeable Gray with white trim, neutral greige wall paint colour. Kylie M client photo


Cool colors will soften up in a south-facing room. They won’t necessarily look WARM, but they won’t have the same icy, cold, clean look that they have in a north-facing room. Read MORE about the best paint colors for southern exposure

How a room's exposure affects paint colours - north, east, south west. Shown here Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige. Diy paint colour ideas and how tos by Kylie M.


In a room with eastern exposure, cool colors will look pretty natural and as they should in the morning, but MAN can they look cold and flat in the afternoon. Read MORE about the best paint colors for eastern exposure

Large tall stone fireplace, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray on walls in family room or living room, vaulted ceiling. Kylie M. Oak wood floor, best greige paint colour


Western light is flat in the morning but warms up in the afternoon. And while you won’t get overly toasty-looking walls, you’ll notice your grays and greiges offering a bit of balance to warm south-facing sunshine. Read MORE about the best paint colors for western exposure

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Warm gray, greige paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting and E-decor services

How the Quality of Light Changes Paint Colors

Paint colors will change depending on HOW MUCH NATURAL LIGHT you get in your room. For example, let’s say the main floor of your home has mostly south-facing windows, but the bottom level has greenery or a deck that blocks a lot of natural light. Or maybe, your living room is north-facing and your kitchen is south-facing – either of these situations will TOTALLY affect how your paint color looks and even the SAME COLOR in both spaces can look considerably different!

  • A LOT of natural light will wash out paint colors, especially the ones we’re going to look at. Just remember, the sun shifts throughout the day and so will your paint color!
  • Average natural light is when your paint color will look truest to form.

And don’t forget to pay attention to your LIGHT BULBS!

Open concept living room and kitchen, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, grey sectional. White cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, client befor ephoto

And the MOST IMPORTANT of all! Me. Just joking…kind of. Really though, it’s important to remember that a gray or greige may favour one or two undertones, but can slide into ANY of the cool undertones (here) given the right environment. You MIGHT not be able to satisfy EVERY room, EVERY countertop, EVERY flooring in your home with ONE paint color – sometimes, something has to give (and it may have to be you). Be prepared to look at additional colors in your palette if you need to.

Let’s hit that bad boy one more time…

You might not be able to satisfy EVERY room, EVERY countertop and EVERY flooring in your home with one paint color – sometimes, something has to give. Be prepared to look at additional colors for your palette if you need to. 

Bathroom with Wickham Gray paint colour, marble countertop. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online decorating and color consulting blog

So, while I love to hear myself talk, I know that you’re REALLY only here for the pretty pictures (wink wink), so let’s get at it!

The Top 12 Flexible Gray & Greige Paint Colors 

It’s no secret that gray is slooooowly losing the popularity race, although it’s still in the running in MANY homes. This is why greige can also be a great option for those wanting a choice that’s more likely to last. REMEMBER, I’m not going to tell you that these colors WILL work in your home with your multitude of finishes, exposures and needs, but they’re a great place to start.

BTW, if you’re WORRIED about choosing a gray due to trends, take a look at WARM grays (or greiges) instead of cool ones as they’ll have more of a lifetime. 

The best paint colours from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams for a room or whole home. The top gray and greige neutrals. Kylie M Interiors E-design, online paint color consultant and diy blog

And because we’re trying to find that one-trick pony, the one color that suits as MANY finishes and exposures as possible, it ONLY makes sense to start with…


Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…LOTS! Agreeable Gray is a greige that leans CONSIDERABLY into gray, far more than it leans into beige (to the point where you COULD call it a warm gray). As for undertones, Agreeable Gray can pick up blue, green or purple, but most often favors a very vague green (it’s so vague, it’s not even really a thing – it’s more about me being anal-retentive and loving to hear myself talk type).

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray best greige warm gray paint colour, wood laminate gray wash floor, corner fireplace, white kitchen cabinets, Dovetail island.

As for the LRV of Agreeable Gray, 60 is a great place. I usually lean a BIT lighter when I’m wanting an ‘overall’ paint color (read about that here), but this LRV still works. Not sure what LRV is? It’s SUPER important and you should read more about it here.

Living room, tall windows and ceilings, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, best greige paint colour on walls, oak floor, taupe neutral sofa. Kylie M.

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray


Collingwood is another greige-inspired color that leans HARD into gray so that it’s more gray than beige by a good shot. And unlike Agreeable Gray, which can flex a little bit, Collingwood commits to a subtle, soft violet undertone.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood, best warm gray paint colour, Silver Gray ceiling, Sherwin Dover White trim, contemporary living room. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color consultant

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, Classic Gray, Collingwood, Sherwin Williams Pure White cabinets, Mindful Gray island, white washoak floor

And BOOM, right on the money-maker, the LRV of Collingwood is 62, which in my eyes, is the most magical LRV number of all.

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Collingwood

The 13 Best Gray Paint Colors With VIOLET Undertones


Edgecomb Gray has an LRV of 63, this color is just fantastic, but it’s on the edge of our range and I’ll tell you why.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray paint color on walls, Cloud White trim, Sherwin URbane Bronze front door with beige toned tiles, foyer with oak hand rail, white spindles, Kylie

Edgecomb Gray is a taupe (quasi-greige), but it’s a SUPER warm one, sandwiched right between gray and beige, with no real specific allegiance. This means it can swing warm or cool (like me once a month) depending on your exposure/interior conditions. And while it’s the warmest of the bunch, I’d be missing a BIG boat if I didn’t mention it as one of the best neutrals on the market.


Formal living room fireplace, travertine tile surround, dark wood floor, taupe and beige furniture. Edgecomb Gray and White dove, Benjamin Moore. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

See this WHOLE HOME 

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray



Classic Gray is the lightest of the bunch, coming in hot with an LRV of 74 – RIGHT on the border of off-white and light.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray with white bedding and yellow and black accents. Warm gray paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, guest bedroom, side table and home decor. Kylie M Interiors popular warm gray paint colours

Classic Gray is an off-white warm gray with a very soft, subtle, warm purple undertone. In the ODD light, it can pick up a wee wink of pink, but don’t expect it all the time. If you want soft, subtle and simple – Classic Gray is a gray-t choice.

Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray


Big Chill is wicked cool…literally. It’s a light gray with a soft, subtle blue undertone. Like most grays, it CAN flex into the other cool undertones but doesn’t go easily.

Sherwin Williams Big Chill, best grey paint color. walk in shower, marble, wood floor, Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consulting

Big Chill isn’t an OVERLY icy gray, but it sure as heck isn’t warm, ESPECIALLY in a north-facing room. And with its LRV of 62, it hits me RIGHT in the happy place (Tim could take some lessons from it, wink wink). I also have a mild weakness for Sherwin Williams On the Rocks and Crushed Ice – same idea…slightly different undertones.

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Big Chill

Want to learn how to pick paint colors? Take a paint color course from the comfort of your OWN HOME! 

Online virtual paint colour consultant course. Kylie M Interiors using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colors. Certificate (1)



Gray Owl has been popular for quite some time now, right up there with Revere Pewter (which we’ll be talking about shortly). However, with an LRV of 65, not only is it lighter, but it’s also cooler.

Entryway, stairwell, reclaimed pine wood flooring, treads, white railing, white wainscoting. Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Gray Owl. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and decorating blog

Gray Owl is a light gray. In fact, Gray Owl is a WARM gray (whodathunk it, right?) that will act as a soft cool gray on your walls, picking up a sometimes green, sometimes blue, and sometimes non-existent undertone. You can expect this bad-ass color ninja to really change its tune as your exposure shifts.

Staircase, white spindles and wood treads and stair raillings. Benjamin Moore Cloud White, Gray Owl. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color expert and blogger

Read more…

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

What is the difference between Gray Owl and Stonington Gray?

Now, not EVERYONE wants a soft, light neutral – there are some of you who like things a bit deeper. That being said, if you’re doing home staging, I would HIGHLY recommend that you stick to the ABOVE depths for mass appeal.

For those of you who want a bit more depth, without getting too hot n’ heavy (you can read into that line AS MUCH as you want), you might REALLY love…


My love affair with Colonnade Gray has been going on for a while. And while I sure as heck didn’t love our last home, I DID love how Colonnade Gray looked in it.

Entryway in Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray with oversized large clock, charcoal bench seat and foyer front door painted Urbane Bronze. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color expert - Copy

Colonnade has an LRV of 53, so it sits like a soft, light-medium depth, rather than a fresher, brighter ‘light’ depth as it’s got a bit more meat on its bones.

Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray, best warm grey paint color. Cambria Summerhill quartz countertop. White cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decorating blogger

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

Online paint colour expert, Kylie M Interiors, Edesigns using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams popular paint colors

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  • samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in ONE BUSINESS DAY depending on the location
  • they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling
  • if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE


Repose Gray is one of Sherwin Williams more popular gray paint colors, even though I lean more into Big Chill/On the Rocks for flexibility. Repose Gray is darned interesting though, as while it’s a light warm gray favoring a purple undertone, it can pick up just a nugget of green with the right encouragement. I often recommend lightening Repose Gray by 25%, just to lift it up a touch.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, best warm grey paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

And remember, I’m 110% dedicated to using only photos from my local or Online Color Consulting clients (and my own home), so HUGE high-fives to all of you for sending me your photos!

Open concept great room, kitchen, living room, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray on walls, light wood floor. Kylie M

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray


Mindful Gray is warm gray, and with its LRV of 48, it sits more in the SOLID light-medium range, rather than the off-white or light range. For HOME STAGING, this has more depth than I’d prefer, but for personal use, if you aren’t into the lighter, softer colors, this one could hit a great spot.

How to update oak kitchen cabinets and floor. Greige subway tile, quartz countertop, Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray paint color. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

Seriously, check out how Mindful Gray (and a new backsplash and countertop) update the look of these oak cabinets (above). I love how this update turned out without having to paint all of the wood!

Mindful Gray does favour a vague purple undertone, but I’ve also seen it pick up a weeee willy wink o’ green, giving it a bit of flexibility. If you find that it’s similar in nature to Repose Gray, you’re right, as it’s like a slightly darker version of it!

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray


Oooooo, Stonington Gray ALMOST made it into round one, as its LRV is getting awfully close to my happy place. However, I find that because of the TYPE of color it is (gray), it can look just a wink too heavy/stormy for some rooms.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray on the walls of a bathroom wtih double sink and white quartz. Custom made wood vanity and tile floor. Kylie M Interiors Online Colour Consulting services - Copy

Stonington Gray is a light (heavy-light) gray that is cool looking, but not super ICY cold – it has more of a stormy look to it. It can definitely crisp up in a north-facing room, but be careful in a dark room or hallway, as it can look a bit frigid.

Whitewash wood shiplap ceiling, built ins, High Reflective White, Stonington gray. Kids toy storage in playroom, gray carpet. Kylie M Interiors edesign

If you’re worried about cool grays going out of style, check out some of the popular warm grays on this page, ie. Collingwood, Revere Pewter and more. 

What’s the Difference Between Gray Owl and Stonington Gray?


As far as LRV goes, Revere Pewter is a bit dark when it comes to universally beautiful paint colors, but because of MASS APPEAL, I almost squeezed it in with the first batch of colors – DAMN is it a popular color!

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray painted oak cabinets, Revere Pewter walls in bathroom, almond bone fixtures. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color consulting. Client photo

In this next photo, look at how soft and pretty Revere Pewter is in the bedroom. However, AROUND the doorway to the bathroom, where it’s more shaded, look at how moody it becomes! This is going to happen much easier with colors that have a lower LRV.

Romantic rustic master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Wickham Gray. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, edecor and online paint colour expert blog

Revere Pewter in the bedroom, Wickham Gray in the bathroom

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in living room with gray sectional. Yellow entryway, farmhouse style table and light. Kylie M E-design

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a color that’s more well-known than Revere Pewter right now. Why? Well, it does a whole bunch of fantastic things. Revere Pewter is a light (HEAVY light), warm gray, trying to be a greige, with an earthy-green undertone. HOWEVER, it’s been known to show flashes of blue and purple (subtle undertones), and the above three photos are the PERFECT examples of this flexibility!

If you prefer a paint color with a bit more depth and body, you might prefer Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray. If you want a bit less green, check out Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

The 8 Best ‘Whole Home’ Warm, Neutral Paint Colors


Anew Gray is a stunning light-medium depth greige. While it slightly favors gray, overall, it can appear relatively well-balanced, with a bit more contrast than the lighter version, Agreeable Gray.

Popular gray or greige paint colour, Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, stacked stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling, oak floors, round chandelier. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photo

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray

What’s the MOST POPULAR light neutral paint color?

Right now, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray are in the top spot. In previous years we saw more of Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Revere Pewter and Sherwin Williams Repose Gray but as trends are leaning that bit warmer, we’re seeing the greiges and taupes stepping up their style game!

Sherwin Williams Pure White shiplap feature wall in dining room, Agreeable Gray greige walls, modern farmhouse style, graywash LVT wood look floor.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

So, there you have it, my funny friends. Again, while these might not suit EVERY single finish in your home, they should at least get you on the path to color happiness!


The 12 Best LIGHT Taupe & Greige Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray, Revere Pewter & More

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The 8 Best Whole Home Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colors

The 16 Best Paint Colors to Go With Wood Cabinets & Trim

Need help choosing YOUR best paint color?

Check out my Online Color Consulting packages – I’d love to help!

The best gray paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors online paint colour services. Home decorating and diy ideas blogger.market

Chat soon,

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  1. I’m trying to decide on a whole house color for our new build. Living room/kitchen will have a ton of natural light with west facing windows. Pure white or white dove cabinets and light oak floors. I’m leaning very heavily toward Edgecomb Gray but have recently discovered BM Pale Oak and think it might be my winner winner chicken dinner (to quote you, of course). Thoughts on using such a light color (Pale Oak) in a room with a ton of natural light? I prefer a warm over cool space.

    1. Post

      Oooo yes, I do love chicken dinner! But…I want you to be careful with Pale Oak. It’s a beauty, but in some lights, it can flash a bit purple-pink. It’s gorgeous, as long as you’re cool with that. I would LEAN more into Edgecomb as it has a bit more flexibility in comparison, UNLESS you’ve found that the products you prefer also lean into that warm purple. And while I love White Dove, I do love the simplicity of Pure White :).

  2. We painted the main areas of our house Agreeable Gray (lightened 25%) thanks to a consult with you… and we absolutely LOVE it. It’s the perfect greige. It pairs so well with our Decorators White cabinets, trim and ceiling. I’ll be sure to send you some pictures sometime next century when we are finished the build!

    1. Post

      Sweet, I would LOOOOOVE to see photos – definitely! And I know it can take a long time to really feel after building (ie: years) 😉

      1. I also think that Agreeable Gray’s next lighter shade is Gossamer Veil. Very similar, but the Gossamer Veil has a light green tint, which AG would probably have if lightened.

  3. We tried some of the recommended greys,, but ended up using SW Light French Grey. South facing bedroom, fairly well lit, southern exposure. What’s your opinion of this particular color grey?

    1. Post

      Good one – that could come in at #13! I do love this gray. It would come into the 2nd grouping, the colours with that bit more depth and body to them. It can favour a purple undertone that can sometimes (in northern light) flash quite a bit purple – it’s a beauty!


    1. Post

      Hey Tory! Isn’t Anchor Gray wicked gorgeous – I love it too, hope all is good with you, and give those pups a good tooshie scratch for me!

  4. Hey- do you have any recommendations for what to put with orangey oak floors? We love our house and the floors are in good shape but I want to minimize them not

    1. Post
    2. I would love to know what color you ended up painting. We have the same floors and are wanting to paint. Struggling with what would match best. I do love the agreeable grey.

  5. I ended up using several of the colors off of this list after a consult with Kylie on how to update the colors in my large Colonial to get it ready for sale (lots of greens, yellows and beiges beforehand…..) All I can say is that it came out FANTASTIC!!! Kylie chose Gray Owl for the main spine of the house: the mudroom, backstair, upper central hall, and front foyer. There is a lot of white trim and wainscotting, and it came out gorgeous and tied together the whole homes. The kitchen with white cabinets, honed black granite and Carrera marble subway tile backsplash got SW Classic French Gray – a dark great but with some much white in the kitchen, it turned out great. The contrast really made the white trimwork pop. Stonington Grey for the garden room with some tricky to match marble flooring, Revere Pewter for 3 of the children’s bedrooms, Platinum Gray for the family room and one child’s room, and Edgecomb Gray for the master bath. Rounding it out: Amherst Gray for a dramatic Master Bedroom, and Chelsea Gray for a library with a gray stone fireplace. To say that this totally transformed the house would be an understatement. Kylie’s consult was worth every penny – I would never come up looking like this if I had tried to do it all myself. THANK YOU, KYLIE!!

    1. Post
  6. After painting most of the house Classic Gray I really see so much how it looks purple or blue most of the times . We are now finally buying a new house and I would like a light gray like Classic Gray when he behaves ???? without going crazy with the purple and blue . Any chances that a colour like that exists?
    Thank you !!

    1. Post

      Hi Elisa! Well, it can have a LOT to do with your exposure as north/south lighting can do crazy things to paint colours! And grays will have the blue, purple or green undertone and I’d say that Classic Gray is LESS likely to go cool – purple/blue, compared to some others and usually leans that touch warmer, so I do wonder if it’s your exposure or it’s somehow playing off of your interior finishes/trim funny??? What I’m trying to say is that sample it in your new home as it could look TOTALLY different!

  7. Hi there!

    Thank you for your wisdom and humor! I read your East West post and I’m still lost. We are building an ope floor plan home. There are no west facing windows. The main living area, and dining are right by the east facing windows. And the kitchen is center of the room. There are windows on the north side. On the main window area ( East) there will be a large stucco patio cover for our one story home, and the home behind us to the East is 2 story. This is feel will cause much less light as the sun rises. That being said, with our dark countertop, dark grey brown floor, espresso furtinure dark countertop, white kitchen cabinets, farmhouse with blue accents, I am wondering your thoughts on Agreeable grey. We currently live with an old color that is called Chateu that I love ( sort of creamy coffee neutral beige but darker? My husband and I want this newer larger house to be a bit lighter and we like online pics of agreeable grey , but I’m fearing I’ll miss my creamy coffee color. Since the new home will have minimal natural light What are your thoughts on agreeable?

  8. Hi Kylie I paid for a consult quite some time ago and I finally found the questionnaire in my spam. I completed it and sent it in but I never got an email back. I don’t know if you received it or my pictures. Is there a way to get this looked into?

    1. Post

      Ooo Dayna, I’m glad to hear from you! I’m going to have Tim (the hubby) look into that…can you let me know approx when you purchased the consultation, sometimes if it’s a long time ago we wouldn’t even think to find the questionnaire… :).

  9. Hi Kylie,
    What is a lighter alternative (higher LRV) to SW Agreeable Gray, if I am restricted to using SW and want to stay with neutral/warm greiges?


    1. Post

      Well, there aren’t a ton, you’ll find the undertones start coming up more, like with Incredible White. You might want to try lightening Agreeable Gray first and seeing how those look – try 25% lighter and 50% lighter and see if you can get the depth you want without going as light as Incredible White. 🙂

    1. Post

      Good questions! I like Useful Gray. It’s kind of like another step over from Worldy Gray and Amazing Gray, into a bit more warmth and green.

  10. I’m trying to find a gray to go with my house. My house is a cream color similar to accessible beige. I want to go gray! My hubby don’t let me paint the whole house just accent walls and the kitchen. What gray can I incorporate, that will match the accessible beige color?

  11. Hi Kylie,
    Which SW color is most similar to BM Swiss Coffee?
    I wanted to use the Swiss Coffee as tha main wall paint for new build, a modern farm house. I am limited to SW paint though. The SW, rep said Alabaster but it looks warmer to me. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Maredee, one thing to realize with Swiss Coffee is that it CAN pick up a very vague green undertone. If you’re cool with that, you might like SW Greek Villa. The thing is, paint colours don’t have the same colours, so there won’t be an exact version of a colour that you love in another brand, there will be some minor (or major) adjustment. I actually prefer Alabaster in that it is less likely to grab that vague green, even thought it’s a weeeee wink darker than Swiss Coffee.

  12. Hi Kylie!
    I am a huge fan of your blog and check here before I choose any paint color for my house 🙂 We recently painted our downstairs Edgecomb Gray and while I love it, my husband does not. He wants to paint it all Repose Gray! Is there a happy middle? I love how light and warm Edgecomb feels but he wants something that has a little more gray in it. Any advice would be amazing! Thank you!!

    1. Post

      Oooo, you have to check out Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I’m with you, Repose Gray ‘has its place’, but not in every home, whereas I find that Agreeable Gray is a FAAANTASTIC happy medium, DEFINITELY. 🙂 I have a blog review and Youtube review of it too!

  13. What would you suggest for a basement small bedroom? Though the room does have a large window facing NE. I am decorating with a vintage look. The room has tan carpet. What would you suggest? I have SO enjoyed reading this entire post. Thank you for any input. I purchased a queen iron headboard and was planning on painting it black, or I suppose I could keep it off-white.

    1. Post

      Hi Shelley! What about a colour like SW White Duck, which has a PASSIVE warmth and could work with tan carpet while adding a bit more warmth for that NE light? I also love BM Ballet White :). I’m assuming from the blog post you commented on that you were HOPING for a gray or greige, but in between tan carpet and NE exposure, those can be a tough sell! At the most MAYBE BM Edgecomb Gray… 🙂

  14. Hi Kylie: we’re at the start of our journey of renovating our first house and our realtor pointed us to your site. Love all the info! Question though – at the start of this article, you have an image with 12 colors, one of which is BM Pashmina, which isn’t talked about in your list, while your list covers BM Collingwood, which isn’t on the image. Did BM change the name or something? Or was Pashmina an old fave that’s been replaced with Collingwood?

    1. Post

      Ahhh, I’ll have to check this out!

      I do LOVE Pashmina! It’s a greige that leans PRETTY hard into beige, more so than most greiges and has a very very minor green undertone. It also has a BIt more depth than the average WHOLE HOME colour, which is probably why I switched it out ;).

    1. Post

  16. Hello! I’ve found myself back in your website multiple times so I thought I would see if I could pick your brain. We are getting ready to paint the whole inside of our new home and am trying to figure out the best color to go with. We have a lot of south facing windows and a few east facing ones. The flooring we went with is Lifeproof sterling oak from Home Depot which leans a little warm IMO. I am looking for a medium greige that isn’t too warm such as and isn’t too cool or too gray. We are using designer white for the trim and all of our cabinets are white shakers. I start to lean towards a color and then find myself down a rabbit whole looking at the undertones and change my mind. Do you have a medium gray that you recommend? I keep seeing agreeable gray but I feel like that might be too dark but then again I don’t want to go too light since there will be soooo much white around. We are also doing black accents/hardware and dark gray tile in the bathroom. Thank you for any input!

    1. Post

      Well, a medium gray would have you WAY darker than Agreeablev Gray. In fact, when I first started reading, it’s the first color that came to mind. Agreeable Gray is a LIGHT depth color because of its LRV. Medium depth colors are more in the 30 range. It sounds like you might want to explore colors that are between 60-65 – Benjamin Moore Collingwood is another great comparable. If you CAN go lighter, I love SW Egret White!

  17. Hi!

    I am trying to decide between SW Guild Grey, Fortitude, On the Rocks and Knitting Needles. They are all so similar it is hard to make a decision. Interested in your thoughts on these in a coastal/beach house with southern/eastern exposure and some rooms with no natural light? Floors are a greige wood look, white trim and cabinets and brushed nickel/stainless steel fixtures/appliances. Thanks!

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