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KYLIE M’S 5 COLORS OF THE YEAR: 2024 Collection

Posted on October 13, 2023 by KylieMawdsley


When choosing my top colors for the year, I’m looking for colors that INSPIRE. Colors that talk to people (mind you, every color talks to me after a few glasses of wine). Colors that have you thinking, ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll step outside my comfort zone and try it – why not!’ And while some colors are only good on a new car or fresh pair of undies (Caliente, anyone?), others are just begging to be slapped on your walls, cabinets, and doors – colors like the ones we’re looking at shortly.

But first…


First off, it’s agonizing – I can’t even tell you. Colors are like my children, and I love them all the same for different reasons. Just joking – I DEFINITELY play favorites.

Here’s the general process…

1. Choose this month’s fave wine and insert funnel and straw.

2. Break down each color group, i.e., blue, green, beige-tan, gray, white, etc…

3. Focusing on one group at a time, I consider colors my clients have asked for in the previous months and how these relate to where trends could be SHIFTING.

4. Narrow it down to my favorite three colors within each color group, and from there…

5. Consider each color’s useability on the following surfaces…

  • cabinets, islands, and/or bathroom vanities
  • accent walls
  • entire rooms or even WHOLE HOMES
  • trims
  • doors (interior and exterior)
  • exterior siding

6. Consider any shifts I’m seeing on my Instagram feed

From there, I don’t just pick the colors with the most checked boxes; I combine these with my knowledge of WHAT PEOPLE TEND TO LIKE.

Why does this matter?

Because most people buying paint are average people with average homes…


Living room vaulted tall stone fireplace, neutral greige taupe walls, Edgecomb. tobacco cognac leather sofa. Client photo, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Sure, we’ve got a few billionaires here and there or the eccentrics who crave the wild and wonderful, but in the residential paint world…

Most of us are just looking for pretty colors that get us excited to paint.

This is why I still stand by my previous year’s faves, including Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White, Ripe Olive, and Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.


Because these colors are still kickin’ it, you guys still love them, and I could EASILY choose them for this year, too! But that would be a bit redundant. The point is that these colors WORK, inspire, and are useable.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster with Evergreen Fog green accent wall in shiplap, gold brass hardware, black gray hexagon tile floor, white vanity, marble look quartz

Sherwin William’s 2023 Coty, Evergreen Fog, is still a super popular shade of green


You might expect my colors of the year to vary wildly from year to year. Look at Benjamin Moore – last year’s color was Raspberry Blush; this year’s color is a ravishing shade of violet-blue. As for Sherwin Williams’s 2023 choice, Old Bologna, I mean, Redend Point, is DRASTICALLY different from this year’s subtle shade of blue – Upward.

Unlike the big brands, I’m not looking at high design, commercial spaces, or fashion when looking for my color inspirations – I’m looking at YOUR HOME AND YOUR TASTES. I explore current trends and consider how they’re shifting to see where things are going in the coming year (again, based on my Instagram feed and Online Consulting clients). This means that this year’s colors are often a variation or tweak of LAST year’s colors.


While trends can SHIFT, it takes a lot for a ‘wild and wonderful new color’ to come on the scene without SOME kind of warning or warm-up. So, while I’d love to throw down some wild color that gets people talking, I’d rather just show you what I believe you’ll be looking for…

Colors that have a darn good chance of looking good SOMEWHERE in or on your home.

My favorite choice for last year was Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White. And throughout 2023, I was happy to see it pop up on my client’s exteriors, cabinets, and walls!

Stone on exterior, asphalt roof, Aesthetic White darkened, Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit, Kylie M

Kitchen with painted off-white cabinets, Sherwin Williams, red oak floor, granite taupe countertops, black. Aesthetic, Kylie M Inter

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White, best off-white paint colour. Bathroom with Quartz Cambria Wellington, free-standing white tub. Kylie M INteriors Edesign

While it’s not wild and crazy, it sure as heck is popular!

By the way, I talk this much in real life, too.


Colors of the year 2024, BEnjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, Kylie M Interiors online paint color consulting



Not everyone is ready for the warmer end of beige (myself included), but many are tired or gray, greige, and taupe. PERSONALLY, it’s about the right color, in the right depth, in the right spot. However, with trends continually leaning warmer (in the neutral world), and slowly shifting OUT of the ‘white on white’ trend, Maritime White was one of the first colors to come to mind.

Kitchen with peninsula, 2 color palette, White Dove uppers, Benjamin Antique Pewter lowers, stainless steel apppliances, white quartz, Maritime White beige on wall. Kylie m Ede

Maritime White walls, White Dove cabinets, Antique Pewter lowers

Contrary to what its name says, Maritime White isn’t white. Nor is it super beige or cream – it’s a hybrid of sorts. While it might cater a bit more to beige than anything, it’s definitely not typical for those who think they’re averse to beige, as it has a touch of gray to slow it down.

What’s great about a color like Maritime White is its lack of commitment, which makes it flexible and ready to suit a wide and wild range of interior finishes. Maritime White is FLEXIBLE, it’s WARM, and it’s ready for you (sounds like a hot date, right?)

Benjamin Moore Maritime White in small dining area with pass through to kitchen, beige tile floor, best warm neutral off-white by Kylie M, color expert

Why Maritime White?

More and more, my Online Color clients are leaning into their homes…

They’re picking paint colors based on the home they have, not the home they WISH they had. 

For this reason, we’re seeing more subtle warm hues pop up, colors like Maritime White. They’ve become popular for those updating their 1990s and 2000s homes, as well as homes from earlier decades.

Benjamin Moore Maritime White bathroom and bedroom, travertine tile, Sherwin Urbane Bronze feature accent wall. Kylie M (2)

While I’d love to see this WHOLE room in Maritime White, the Urbane Bronze accent wall is pretty!

Homeowners aren’t fighting their homes as much (and I hope I’ve been part of that shift) – trying to get white cabinets where white doesn’t fit or gray walls where beige will be better. Sure, there’s no harm in trying – there’s often a happy medium…

But sometimes there’s something even better…the perfect color.

As mentioned above, I’ve noticed a decreased demand for white walls. This trend is slowly being replaced by softer, warmer hues – colors like Maritime White. Will we reach the heavier end of the beige world next year? We’ll have to see – give me 12 months to think about it.

The Best Off-White Paint Colors



  • Unlike more colorful options, a neutral like Maritime White can suit an entire home (these colors do, too).
  • Single rooms, as it accommodates various other colors in a palette.
  • Exterior siding, often suiting stone and brickwork.
  • Kitchen cabinets, especially given the off-white/light depth cabinet trend.

BEnjamin moore maritime white samplize peel and stick



A few colors were in the running with Maritime White but didn’t make the cut (for various reasons). A few of these are VERY similar to Maritime White in depth and intentions; others are similarly warm, but have a bit more depth.



Britannia Blue is a medium-dark shade of blue with a very subtle wink of green – the magic ingredient that makes this blue useable in the average home. Britannia Blue has an LRV of 18.06, so it’s in the medium-dark range and tiptoes in the medium depths.

Benjamin Moore best medium blue gray paint color, Britannia Blue. White upper cabinets, blue lower cabinets and painted kitchen island, chevron tile backsplash ,white oak, offwhite quartz. Kylie M

Along with a touch of green, Brittania Blue has a reasonable, but not overwhelming dose of gray, creating a more calm, subdued approach to blue. To compare it directly with Blue Nova, Britannia Blue looks gray in comparison (it’s not gray), and you can see the green in it a bit easier. And having a bit of green mixed in will make Brittania Blue more useable than Blue Nova (in the average home). However, compare Britannia Blue to a gray with a similar depth, like Amherst Gray, and you’ll see its beautiful blue hue coming through!

The Two Types of Blue & How to Pick Your Best Shade

Why Brittania Blue?

In general, blue greens are more versatile and popular than blue-violets. Of course, there are a few exceptions, especially in the dark range, but blue-green is the boss in the light to medium-dark depths.

Is Britannia Blue a version of navy blue?

Heck no, it’s too light for that. In fact, Britannia Blue is like a fresh, slightly more updated take on navy blue. In previous years, I spent a lot of time consulting on navy blue islands and cabinets. And while these projects are still rolling in (and always will), many are requesting a lighter, brighter approach to blue.

Benjamin Moore Britannia Blue, best medium blue paint color, Omnia white off white quartz countertop, Chevron tile backsplash, White Dove cabinets, Fulgor stainless steel range. KYlie M

Amongst other subtle (and not so subtle shifts), I’ve also noticed my Online Color clients leaning out of the gray range and embracing the more colorful end of things. They’re not into the bright blues…yet, but these smoky blue-grays will be hot in the coming years. Now, let’s check out the best spots to use a color like Britannia Blue.


  • as an accent wall in any room
  • on exterior siding or a front door
  • kitchen cabinets (the whole kitchen)
  • kitchen islands and bathroom vanities
  • an entire room, if you’re so inclined!

Benjamin Moore Britannia Blue samplize peel and stick


For those not digging the blue hues, check out this next beauty…



Pewter Green is a stunner. If you’re looking for a green paint color with depth, without too much darkness, with COLOR, but not too much intensity – this could be your shade.

With its LRV of 12, Pewter Green is a medium-dark shade of green and is clearly shy of dark greens that read like green-black. As for its degree of color (chroma), Pewter Green commits to green but has a reasonable gray backdrop calming it down. While it’s not a gray-green by any stretch, it’s FAR from Kelly or Emerald Green.

I don’t have many great photos of Pewter Green YET, here it is on an accent wall in a commercial space of mine…

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green with gray vinyl concrete look floor and Benjamin Moore White Dove trim, Kylie M

Why Pewter Green?

Pewter Green is like a lighter version of my last year’s fave, Ripe Olive (which I still stand strongly by – shown below). However, while dark greens are still going strong on cabinets, many of my clients yearn for a slightly softer approach for their cabinets and walls.

before and after painted gray cabinets, revere pewte to dark green with Brittanica Warm quartz. Kylie M Online paint color consulting cabinet rendering

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive

Pewter Green offers a commitment to green, without being punched in the face by Kermit the Frog. It’s moody, earth-toned, and WILDLY flexible with various finishes. I almost bumped it up to Sherwin Williams Retreat, which is a more consistent medium-depth shade of green. And while both will have their place in the coming year, we still love those dark hues.

Let’s look at a few places Pewter Green can be used…



Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Color Review EDesign Kylie M Interiors


Long story short, green isn’t going anywhere in 2024. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog was 2023’s COTY, and it’s stunning and still in high demand. Benjamin Moore rocked the color world with October Mist in 2022, and I still get requests for it.

Green is timeless; it just comes down to the right color, in the right depth, in the right spot.

2024 will have us exploring these mid-toned greens and DARKER shades of green as well, especially colors like Pewter Green.

The 15 Best MEDIUM to DARK Green Paint Colors



It was a toss-up between Sherwin Williams Black Fox, Benjamin Moore Willow, and Iron Ore. I kicked out Willow first, as it’s too warm, so it was down to Black Fox, and Iron Ore.

And while it KILLS me not to choose Black Fox or Willow, I really wanted to…

Ultimately, I chose the color that still caters to yesterday’s black trends while winking at a softer look: Iron Ore. Black Fox put up a good argument – it’s a gorgeous dark gray and brown blend, (with a tiny wink of green for good luck). And while I expect to see it on exteriors in the coming year, I don’t think it will have the popularity of Iron Ore.

Entrway, 2 storey foyer in Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan, wod floor. Black Fox front door and staircase. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decor and design blogger

Sherwin Williams Black Fox door and Canvas Tan walls

As for Willow – be still my beating heart, I LOVE THIS COLOR. And it’s BROWN, people! Who would have seen THAT coming? However, whereas many browns are super fudgy (technical term), Willow is grounded by a gorgeous gray base, leaving you with a muted, passive warmth that’s great for exteriors, trims, and accent walls. HOWEVER, we’re not quite at that warmth…yet.

Why Iron Ore?

While black is still reasonably popular as a hardware finish, its popularity on cabinets and exteriors is waning. It’s not gone, but I see my clients exploring softer, more interesting shades of black, colors like Iron Ore.

Front door exterior painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, Mink siding, Alabaster trim. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consultant

Notice the contrast of Iron Ore with the black door hardware

Iron Ore is a soft shade of black. With an LRV of 6, it’s not as saturated as Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (still hugely popular) but isn’t light enough to be considered a dark gray or charcoal paint color. This softness has Iron Ore coming in hot for 2024, and I expect to see it on many surfaces, including…

Sherwin Williams Sandbar beige tan painted cabinets, MSI Calacatta Idillio white quartz countertop, soft black Iron Ore painted island, range hood, quartz backsplash.

Fridge panels are yet to be installed, Iron Ore island. Compare it to the black outlet cover to see the contrast






Egret White is a warm, neutral paint color. Some see it as warm gray; others find its warmth caters more to taupe – which is more its tendency. The best thing about Egret White is that while many taupes commit hard to violet-pink undertones, Egret White (like Edgecomb Gray) has MINIMAL undertone commitment.

Sherwin Williams Egret White, best neutral greige taupe warm gray paint color, fabric sofa, brick fireplace, home decor. Kylie M Online Paint color consulting, coffee table decor

Why Egret White?

Egret White is an awesome color as it’s transitional. Many homes have difficulty shifting out of the BEIGE world of the early 2000s, while others are buried in gray and are looking to warm up their rooms. This is where Egret White comes in.

Egret White bridges the warm and cool worlds, humoring many beige finishes common in today’s home and some gray-on-gray palettes from the previous five years.

Sure, I see a LOT of you leaning into beige – trends are definitely going this way. But for those of you not quite there, Egret White could be the perfect happy medium.

Sherwin Williams Egret White, transitional style bedroom, warm gray, greige, taupe paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online consultant


  • in a single room, as it accommodates a wide range of adjoining colors
  • multiple rooms or entire homes
  • for those who want an off-white exterior with no strong yellow
  • interesting cabinet color with the right countertop/backsplash

Sherwin Williams Egret White, peel and stick paint sample. Kylie M best cabinet colours


FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Egret White


And guess what? You can view my ENTIRE CURATED COLLECTION, as featured on SAMPLIZE! 



Benjamin Moore Blue Nova: 2024 Color of the Year

The Best WHOLE HOME Warm Neutral Paint Colors

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing White Paint Colors

4 PART SERIES: How to Create a Timeless Home


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Chat soon, 

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, signature, online paint colour consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. DIY update advice ideas



  1. Hi Kylie, hired you last year for colors on our cabinets and trim. Still haven’t done anything yet but have been debating the Moderate White and Maritime you recommended. Funny enough, have jet black (you recommended if distressed with my new Venetian gold counters), Iron Ore and Black Fox samples on my wall for the lower cabinets. Started with urbane bronze but too gray. Do not like white or gray and plus like you said – have to do what the house wants and not me.

    My question is – what color is on the upper cabinets in that kitchen with Iron Ore on the lower cabinets?

    1. Post
  2. Hi Kylie. My living room is painted in Edgecomb Gray which I love! The room gets a decent amount of light. The problem is that it shares walls that lead into the foyer and up the staircase, which does not get alot of light. Can you recommend a coordinating color or should i try lightening Edgecomb Gray 25-50%.

    1. Post
  3. Hey I love your advice! I have a kitchen with proper grey cabinets and alabaster walls . Would color would match the rest of the walls of my house? Currently everything in my home is simply white by BM and the bedrooms are Sohji White. I’m looking to get away from the bright white .. thinking about the ERGET or Maritime?

    But I have light natural floors and didn’t know if yellow undertones would wash it out?

    1. Post

      Hey Michale, it’s SO HARD to say, as while you want to coordinate with the kitchen, it’s MORE important to work with the finishes in the rest of your home like carpet, tile, fireplace, furniture, and even consdier the exposures too! In general, you could check out SW Egret White and Edgecomb Gray which are quite flexible?

  4. Hi Kylie, I was wondering if you could review BM 971 Olympic Mountains? I’m looking for a color for my entire downstairs. I currently have Revere Pewter and it’s just too dark. Edgecomb Gray seems too similar from the sample I put up. I don’t want white, just something brighter and more modern. Thanks!!

    1. Post
  5. Love your site but the pop up ads have got to go….just too hard to read popping up and trying to click off.
    Good color reviews etc but just my 2cents!

    1. Post

      Ugggh, I know. It’s so hard. The ads earn income for me, but at some point they can be TOO much, I totally get it. I’m going to talk to the hubs about how many pop up and if we can cut that back a bit 🙂

  6. I love Maritime White! Painted my living room/dining room/stairwell with it in 2017. I tried dozens of off-white samples before I landed on it.

    I can’t see any of the photos in your post though..? Not sure why.

    1. Post
  7. Good morning,
    I love your color information. Quick question – how does Egret White compare to Aesthetic White? We have used Aesthetic White and loved it, but are now looking for paint for a different home and Egret White looks very appealing!

    1. Post

      GREAT choices, I love these two. First, Egret White has an LRV of 70 to Aesthetic White’s 73, so it’s a bit darker and shows that bit more contrast with trim. Next, it’s also a bit grayer, and rather than having Aesthetic White’s subtle beige (orange) hue, it has a subtle violet-pink undertone. And when I say subtle, I mean REALLY subtle, as it’s one of the few taupes/warm grays with minimal noticeable undertone!

  8. Thank you! I’m redoing a bathroom and had already settled on egret white with iron ore vanity. Looks like I’m trending and didn’t even know it. haha I’m just hoping that matches my greige, taupe, gray countertop! the tile designer said I need to paint the vanity with one of the black specks in the granite. That’s either black fox or tricorn black. I don’t what either of those as that seems too dark.
    You’ve been so helpful over the years. My last house was Edgecomb gray years ago and loved it! Seems that color is never going to go out of style.

  9. Hi Kylie!

    My entire kitchen & living room are Pewter Green as well as my husband’s office/podcast studio. Would be happy to send some photos!

    Is there an email I should use?

    Love, love, love your blog and all the beautiful inspo photos and tips 🤍

    1. Post
  10. Hi! I was leaning toward Van Deusen Blue for a couple spaces… Office with tons of natural light and my son’s bedroom as an accent wall with Gray Owl (he’d love his whole room to be dark blue). You’ve got me thinking about Britannia Blue now! So pretty!

    1. Post

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