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5 GRAY Paint Colour Palettes for a Kid’s Bedroom (PART 1 of 3)

Posted on December 18, 2020 by KylieMawdsley

The Best Gray Paint Colours (Kids): Benjamin & Sherwin


Before Pinterest, people didn’t pay as much attention to the colour palettes in their kid’s bedrooms. Whatever colour the wall happened to BE was how it stayed until the kids moved out 18 years later.

Feature or accent wall Kendall Charcoal in nursery room warm greige walls, beige carpet. Kylie M interiors, client photo

Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray feature wall with warm off-white main walls

However, thanks to the online world, our eyes have been opened up as to how kids rooms can not only be fabulous spaces for kids to be in, they can ALSO be integrated into the style of the entire home!

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BTW, I know this blog post is old-fashioned in saying that these colours are for boys/him/he, as they’re well-suited for girls/she/her/them/they. This is an OLD blog post that I’ve tried to update and edit, but Google doesn’t like it if I change main titles/links so I have to be careful. I’m also slowly working on updating the graphics on all of my ‘kid-related’ blog posts. Please know that my heart’s in a good place :).

So for those of you looking to FAB up your wee one’s bedroom, here are THREE of my fave GRAY paint colour palettes…best gray paint colours boys, girls, unisex, them, they bedroom or nursery. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

1. Kid’s GRAY Bedroom Paint Colour Palette 


I love the high contrast, but balanced vibe of this palette. Blue is a great colour when paired with gray, keeping things calm and collected while the red adds a dose of fun!

GRAY paint color palette ideas, boys, girls, unisex, them they bedroom or nursery

WALL OPTIONS (a)  Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Big Chill, On the Rocks, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

ACCENTS  Benjamin Moore Schooner (b), Benjamin Moore White Dove (c), Benjamin Moore Tropicana Cabana (d), Benjamin Moore Exotic Red (e)

The 2 Types of Blue Paint Colours

2. Bedroom Paint Colour Palette


This room feels calming and restful with its organic earth-toned palette. While the red and orange jazz things up, the overall look is a little bit rustic and a little bit rock and roll!

paint colour palette ideas using gray and accent colours for kids bedrooms or nursery

WALL OPTIONS (a)  Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Repose Gray,

ACCENTS  Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray (b), Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White (c), Sherwin Wiliams Invigorate (d), Sherwin Williams Chinese Red (e), Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (f)

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, boys, girls, them, they bedroom with orange, blue and gray accents. Kylie M interiors edesign, client photo

The Best Paint Colours for a Kid’s Bedroom

The best gray paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors online paint colour services. Home decorating and diy ideas blogger.market

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Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

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3. Bedroom Paint Colour Palette 


This palette is a bit more high contrast than the above two. This bedroom is fresh, fun and timeless with the light gray walls and navy blue and red accents – LOOOVE it.

paint colour palette, gray ideas with accent colours for kids nursery or bedroom. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

WALL OPTIONS (a)  Sherwin Williams Big Chill, Silverplate and Tinsmith are also awesome, as is First Star

ACCENTS Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue (a), Benjamin Moore Super White (b), Benjamin Moore Caliente (c), Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue (d)

Best gray paint color for boys room. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl with black Iron Ore door. Kylie M Interiors Edesign. Online paint color consultant

4. Bedroom Paint Colour Palette 


This palette takes a more subtle approach. And while I’ve got a darker charcoal gray with lighter warm gray/greige main walls and coral and navy blue accents, you can jazz up this palette almost any way you like with a wide range of accent colours!

Feature wall dark gray with light gray walls, paint ideas, palette for kids bedroom or nursery, unisex. Kylie M Interiors

Where Should I Do a FEATURE WALL & What Colour Should it Be?

FEATURE WALL OPTIONS (a)  Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray or Chelsea Gray, Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray or Dovetail

MAIN WALL OPTION  Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray(c), Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray or Classic Gray

ACCENT COLOURS  Sherwin Williams Naval (b), Benjamin Moore Hot Spice (d), Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (e)

5. Bedroom Paint Colour Palette 


This palette takes a slightly softer, warmer gray approach with the muted soft country look.

Soft, romantic kids room paint palette with gray. Boy or girl. Kylie M Interiors edesign

WALLS OPTIONS (a) Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, Collingwood, Classic Gray, Sherwin Williams Popular Gray, Agreeable Gray

ACCENT COLOURS  Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray, Amherst Gray, Sherwin Williams Dovetail, Classic French Gray (b), Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray or Softened Green (c), Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (d), Benjamin Moore Odessa Pink

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The best gray paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors online paint colour services. Home decorating and diy ideas blogger.market


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