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Using Mirrors to Decorate a Room

Posted on January 9, 2021 by KylieMawdsley

How & Where to Use Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is one of the best ways to add depth, interest and light to your space and should be considered KEY PIECES in your decorating toolbox!

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One of the best things about mirrors is that they add light to spaces that are low on natural light and energy. Low energy spaces are often north-facing and have insufficient natural light.  Mirrors are great for these spaces because they act like windows – moveable ones!

However, you can’t just slap any ole mirror on any ole wall, as with everything related to decorating, there is a method to the madness…


  • try not to have two mirrors in a room unless it’s a large room and you can have them in opposite areas (Ie: not reflecting each other)
  • most rooms do well with one mirror on a wall that doesn’t have a window
  • it’s ideal to position the mirror within the room so that it can reflect the natural light from your window and bounce it around the room

Foyer, entryway, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray walls, White Dove trim, painted stair railing black. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, DIY, online paint color consultant

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray on the walls


I’m not a feng shui expert, but apparently, if you have a mirror reflecting your front door, any good energy coming into your home will be bounced right back out! This entryway has very low energy due to the lack of natural light. Adding a mirror increases the energy of the space and gives the homeowner a chance to check her makeup on the way out the door!

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray entryway, Greige paint colour, white front door, chandelier and mirror. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, virtual online paint colour consulting. Client before photo

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray on the walls

Keep it Proportional

Make sure you use a mirror that is proportional to the wall space you are putting it on. If you are hanging it on a bare wall space (meaning that there is no furniture underneath it) then it should be roughly 3/4 the width of the wall space (or larger). If it is above a piece of furniture/mantel, it should be approx 3/4 the width of the furniture/mantel or have supporting accessories (like the wall sconces below) to add to the overall width.

Benjamin Moore Gray, the best paint colour. Country style home decor on a gray painted buffet in dining room with yellow and gold accents and rustic mirror

The Right Height to Hang Artwork and Mirrors

Mirrors Love Dining Rooms

Almost every dining room suits a mirror as it should reflect the dining room light fixture, meaning you’re doubling the light in your space as well as adding ambiance and depth.

Dining room traditional, slightly country style. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, crown molding, wainscoting. Kylie M INterior E-design, client before image

The Right Height to Hang Your Dining Room Light

Benjamin Moore Storm dark gray paint colour, dining room, Accessible Beige in hallway. Violet undertones. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colors

How to Choose the Right Light Bulb TEMPERATURE for Your Room

Keep Metal Finishes Consistent or Coordinating

Use a mirror to repeat, or compliment a finish or pattern in a space. If the fixtures in your home (plumbing/lighting) are a specific finish, you can repeat that finish in the frame of your mirror. If you have shapes or patterns in your home, you can use the shape of the mirror to repeat those as well. By tying in finishes and shapes you will add to the flow of your home.


The Right Height to Hang Artwork and Mirrors

How to Accessorize – 4 Steps

Accessorizing Tips and Ideas – The Vignette

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  1. Can a mirror be placed over the headboard in a master bedroom? I’m thinking of one that might be more of a starburst type.

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