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Posted on June 20, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

With having a Fulgor gas range in our full-time home, we were excited to have the FULL Fulgor experience at our new lake home. So without further ado, let’s jump in and see what we chose!


Being a lake home and not a home we’ll be living in 24/7, we don’t need a HUGE fridge capable of holding all of our Thanksgiving leftovers. We chose the Pro 36″ counter-depth fridge as it will be able to handle all of our lake-home needs, and then some!

fulgor counter depth fridge and range, kitchen with white upper cabinets, blue island and lowers

There are a few key features we love about this fridge compared to our ‘at-home’ Kitchenaid fridge.

  • The counter-depth size gives a cleaner, sleeker look (compared to a fridge that bumps out into the pathway).
  • When you leave the fridge door open (which I do OFTEN) the ‘please close me‘ beep is quiet, whereas our fridge at home yells at me from across the house).
  • The water feature is inside the fridge, giving a clean, more stream-lined exterior look (it’s also ergonomically satisfying to use).
  • The interior water feature also free’s up room for shelving. In comparison, our fridge at home has shallow shelving to accommodate for the water/ice dispenser on the door

water dispenser in fulgor fridge

While having the ice in the freezer compartment isn’t as handy, the overall LOOK is nicer, and this is a home where LOOKS take precedence over functionality (personally, I don’t put ice in my water, it’s already cold enough coming out of the fridge).


Because our kitchen has a smaller footprint, we chose the Accento Professional 30″ Gas Range (propane conversion as we don’t have gas at the lake house). Our range at home is the 36″ single fuel, meaning both the range and the oven are gas. I PERSONALLY find the gas oven feature ‘not my favourite’. However, I also don’t cook. Tim, who does the cooking, loves it.

kitchen with fulgor dual fuel gas range, blue lower cabinets, white upper cabinets, white oak flooring

Another reason we chose the electric oven is because this home isn’t just for our personal use, it will also be a rental home. We need appliances that are as user-friendly as possible.

interior dual fuel fulgor gas range

And daaaamn, is she ever purdy! As mentioned, I’m ‘not much of a cook’, but she does cook a MEAN Kraft Dinner!


Okay, so I’m not one to get excited about appliances, but I’m IN LOVE with the dishwasher. We have an Asko dishwasher at home and I thought IT was the cat’s pajamas…until I met this one.

fulgor dishwasher review, blue lower kitchen cabinets, white oak flooring

There are a few things I love about our Fulgor dishwasher that puts it above and beyond the Asko.

  • DECIBELS – it’s QUIET. In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell when it’s running. This is important as the kitchen is in our open concept living/dining space.
  • The cutlery rack is BIG and flush to the top of the dishwasher. This means it doesn’t take up valuable plate space and is easy to roll out and unload.

Overall, we’re SUPER pleased with the esthetics of our Fulgor appliances and they’re a welcome addition to our lake home.

Chat soon,

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      Hi! The cabinets are a prefab white similar to Benjamin Moore White Dove, the island is Benjamin Moore Brittania Blue 🙂

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      We definitely are. We have one at home and in our lake home. Our one at home we’ve had for 4+ years. The only thing wrong is that one of the small lights on the clock of it doesn’t work, but it’s VERY small. It works like a hot damn! The one at the lake, unfortunately came with some scratches on it, which can happen.

      I will say that I wouldn’t buy a gas oven again, though, I would do gas top and electric oven. My hubby can turn it on every time, but it takes me at least 4 tries. The one at the lake is electric and much better :).

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