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The Best Gray Paint Colors With VIOLET (PURPLE) Undertones

Posted on January 6, 2023 by KylieMawdsley
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The Top Gray Paint Colors Have This ONE THING in Common

Are you looking for a gray paint color that’s FLEXIBLE? One that suits a wide variety of exposures, tiles, countertops and finishes? Then you’re likely looking for grays with one BIG THING in common – a purple undertone.


Whether you like undertones or not, EVERY gray paint color has them. And when coordinating with most interior finishes, violet is HANDS-DOWN, the most versatile and COMMON undertone. Sure, there are some gorgeous blue or green-grays out there, but just because they get chosen often doesn’t necessarily make them the BEST choice, if you get what I’m sayin’.

So, if you’re looking for that PERFECT gray paint color, it might just be one of these…

best gray paint colours, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, violet purple undertones. Kylie M Edesign (2)


If you follow my blog or Instagram (drink the Kool-Aid, it’s goooood), you’re no stranger to Collingwood – I’ve been spouting about it for YEARS. Aside from its gorgeous violet undertone, another reason Collingwood is such a popular shade of gray is because of its LRV of 62, which sits RIGHT in my happy place.

Split-level home, beige taupe carpet, Benjamin Moore Collingwood walls, white trim, livingroom and staircase. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, home update ideas and diy decorating blogger (3)

Benjamin Moore Collingwood: Paint Color Review 

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Collingwood


Balboa Mist is a WARM shade of gray. If you want an approach that’s a bit lighter than Collingwood, this one could hit the spot (don’t tell your hubby, though; he’s been looking for that spot for years). And with trends leaning warmer, warm grays like Balboa Mist will be more timeless (relatively speaking) than a traditional cool gray (for the average home).

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Warm gray, greige paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting and E-decor services

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Balboa Mist


While Collingwood and Balboa Mist are more noticeably warm, On the Rocks seems to lean COOLER. However, while On the Rocks may look colder than its peers, it has a slightly more STORMY look and isn’t considered an icy cold gray.

Best true gray paint colour, Sherwin Williams On the Rocks. Kylie M Interiors popular design blogger, Edesign color consulting and DIY advice

Sherwin Williams On the Rocks: Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of On the Rocks


While I’ve yet to have many clients use City Loft (or send in their ‘after’ photos), it often comes up in my recommendations.

The ONLY photo I have is this next one, where my client sampled it with her maple cabinets (which have a subtle pink undertone). The subtle taupe warmth of City Loft does a great job of nodding towards this warmth without looking overly pink.

How to Update Wood or Oak Cabinets: 4-PART Series

Sherwin Williams City Loft, warm gray, taupe, greige paint colour with pink hue wood cabinets. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

City Loft is a very gentle approach to gray and can even look a weeee wink taupe with its warmth. And while it certainly has undertones (all grays do), they’re pretty, gentle, and WELL-suited to many interior finishes. City Loft’s LRV is 70, parking it in the perfect place between off-white and light. As the Late Great Goldilocks once said…it’s juuuuust right.

The 12 Best Light Greige & Taupe Paint Colors

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of City Loft


Nimbus is a great gray for those who don’t know whether they want a warm or cool shade. While Nimbus IS a warm gray, it’s super passive and less noticeable than in Collingwood and Balboa Mist, making it appear a bit cooler in comparison.

Navy blue vanity, Benjamin Moore Nimbus walls with warm gray, greige, taupe tiles. Kylie M E-design, interiors blogger and diy advice.

Nimbus is a gorgeous choice for the above bathroom with its marble-look flooring and navy blue vanity.

Remember, EVERY gray paint color has undertones – find the one that BEST suits your interior finishes (I bet it’s purple/violet). 

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Nimbus


Alpaca is on the HEAVIER side of the light range and has a purple undertone. This is for those whose finishes (or personal preferences) lean into a more noticeable violet undertone without going over the top.

By the way, has anyone ever even SEEN an Alpaca with gray-purple hair? I know I haven’t.

Sherwin Williams Alpaca, best warm gray, taupe paint colours. Dark wood floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign diy consultant blogger

Alpaca and Nimbus are reasonably similar, but Nimbus has a touch more warmth and a touch less undertone.

OH, WE AREN’T DONE YET! I’m just getting started.

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Alpaca


Again, another Barney-inspired beauty. And thanks to that big purple dinosaur, purple/violet has a bad rap. HUMOUR me when I say that gray with a violet undertone could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you and your home (other than me – wink wink).

Difference between Sherwin Silverplate, Mindful Gray, and Benjamin Smoke Embers. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, gray paint colours.

Smoke Embers is stunning. Coming in darker and cooler than Alpaca, Smoke Embers has an LRV of 51.44, meaning it has a bit more meat on its bones than the average popular gray paint color.  This depth means that this slightly moodier shade of gray more meat on its bones compared to the average popular gray paint color. This depth makes Smoke Embers a great option for the exterior of a home, walls, and even kitchen cabinets.

Warm gray or greige cabinet samples. Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers, Cumulus Cloud, London Fog. White subway tile, white quartz. Kylie M Interiors Edesign paint

FAR LEFT – Smoke Embers

And while Smoke Embers is positioned underneath Nimbus in the fan deck, you’ll see that along with its increased depth; Smoke Embers can look a touch cooler and more purple.

Is Gray Still Trendy on Walls, Exteriors & Kitchen Cabinets?

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Smoke Embers


When it comes to gray exteriors (and some interiors), Knitting Needless can be a GORGEOUS choice. With its subtle purple/violet hue and ability to flex with varying exposures, Knitting Needles is one of my go-to’s when doing Color Consulting.

Exterior with gray siding, white trim, gray black roof, white porch. Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles, best gray paint colour. Kylie M Edesigns

Sure, it looks cooler than most of the other gray shades on this page, but as shown on this exterior (above and below), it can pick up a BEAUTIFUL softness.

Close-up, Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles, best gray exterior siding paint colour with white trim, white shutters, Cheating Heart from door, west facing, Kylie M Interiors Edesign.

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Knitting Needles


Why doesn’t Light French Gray get as much attention as the others?

If you ask me, it’s because of its placement in the fan deck. Many of the more POPULAR shades of gray are closer together, around pages 235-245. Light French Gray is jammed way in the front, near the bottom of page 205. Wait a minute; you didn’t actually ask me this question; I only answered it for myself. Is it just me that wonders about these things? 

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray, Pure White, wainscoting, beadboard in small bathroom. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, client photos.

Light French Gray shiplap/Pure White walls/pre-fab vanity

Light French Gray is friggin’ FABULOUS. Sure, it humors a mild violet undertone, but it’s fractional at best. HOWEVER, whereas some grays like this pick up a blue or green undertone – Light French Gray stays pretty darn neutral. Its depth/LRV sits in the high end of the light-medium range, making Light French Gray great for many applications, including cabinets, walls and exteriors.

Paint Colors & LRV: The Ultimate Guide You Need to Read

Sherwin Williams LIght French Gray with vaulted stone fireplcae. Grey paint colour with violet undertones. Kylie M.

Thank you to all of my clients who send in their photos! 

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Light French Gray

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Here are just a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

  • samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on the location
  • they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling
  • if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE


It’s a toss-up between Silver Satin and Classic Gray. But since I tend to give Classic Gray more attention, I figured it was Silver Satin’s turn (check them both out).

In this next photo, it’s tough to get a read on Silver Satin (in the dining area) due to the amount of natural light. Remember, colors with higher LRVs (like Silver Satin’s 74.9) can wash out with too much natural light.

Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray, green-blue paint colour, Silver Satin, warm gray in dining room. Kylie M Edesign, client photo

Comparing Silver Satin to the white of the table in this next photo is a great way to get a feel for its approach…

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin with green accents in a mid century modern dining room with furniture and decor. Kylie M INteriors E-design

Silver Satin is an off-white WARM gray paint color. While it’s not as warm as Classic Gray, they share a mild tendency towards a violet undertone.

And because I can’t even stop myself, here’s a good shot of Classic Gray in action – IT’S SO STINKIN’ PRETTY…

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray best warm gray taupe paint colour, dark wood furniture, bedroom. KYlie M

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin Paint Color Review

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Silver Satin


While the top eight colors focus on the lighter end of things, there’s a great demand for darker grays, especially on cabinets, feature walls and exteriors.

Check out how this next home is updated with a BEAUTIFUL shade of gray-violet…

Exterior that is green and teal and not good before being painted

Exterior painted Sherwin Williams Still Water, Polished Concrete siding, Pure White trim, gray paint colour, white trim, blue green front door dark warm gray stairs and white picket fence. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour advice blog

Remember, EVERY gray has undertones of blue, violet or green (or a blend). And while in the darker end, there’s often more demand for grays with a blue-violet undertone, this doesn’t mean gray-violets don’t have a solid place.

Gray Paint Colors: The 3 Undertones You NEED to Know (& learn to love)


Like my ability to burp my friends’ full names, I bring Dovetail up with much joy.


Dovetail filled a spot that was previously unfilled. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray can go green, Metropolis (coming up next) is sometimes TOO warm, and well, as far as ‘reasonably neutral darker warm grays go’, Dovetail is the best.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray best greige warm gray paint colour, wood laminate gray wash floor, corner fireplace, white kitchen cabinets, Dovetail island.

HOWEVER, While it certainly nods at the ‘gray-purple’ category and often does the job, I wouldn’t say it’s SUUUUUPER committed to purple. I can’t say that Dovetail commits HARD one way or another, but it’s worth mentioning as I often recommend it alongside Metropolis.

My next client did a great job updating this fireplace surround with Dovetail, updating the look of her beige tile surround and brown hearth…

How to Update Your Fireplace: 5 EASY & Affordable Ideas

Fireplace with beige tile, Repose Gray walls, Sherwin Williams Dovetail painted mantel. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger and advice. Client photo

Sherwin Williams Dovetail: Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Dovetail


Metropolis is one of my LONG-TIME faves. Its violet undertone suits a MUCH wider range of countertops (compare to many other dark grays), especially those from the early 2000s. And while it might not as popular as Dovetail, it’s perfect if your space needs a bit more warmth and commitment to violet.

While this next bathroom doesn’t have older granite countertops, it still shows what a stunner Metropolis is…

Greige and gray bathroom update with Bianco Drift quartz, Metropolis vanity, Classic Gray and subway tile walls in shower

How to Update Older Granite Countertops

With its moody plum-inspired hues, Metropolis is also great for exterior palettes…

Metropolis, smokey taupe wrought iron

Here’s another shot in a bit more natural-looking light. It’s LOVIN’ on that beige brick and helping it look way more updated in partnership with the stonework…

Exterior stone and brick beige, greige and gray, beige windows with Benjamin Moore Metropolis, Smokey Taupe. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint colour consultant

Benjamin Moore Metropolis Paint Color Review

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Metropolis


If your home’s finishes call for a more noticeable violet undertone, Sherwin Williams Polished Concrete could hit the sweet spot.

This next photo is a close-up of the before and after shown earlier…

Kylie M Interiors Edesign Exterior siding painted Sherwin Williams Polished Concrete with Pure White trim, Still Water front door and Mink painted patio floor.

What Are The Best Paint Colors for Your Front Door? 

Polished Concrete is a medium-depth WARM gray with a violet undertone. Compared to Metropolis, Polished Concrete is lighter and flashes a little more violet.

You’ll see an even more noticeable difference between Polished Concrete and Dovetail. In comparison, Polished Concrete shows how neutral Dovetail can look (along with a lower LRV).

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Polished Concrete

And while there is a HECK of a lot more beautiful gray-violets out there, at some point, I have to stop talking/typing.

BUT…if you’re not sure about gray-violets, there are some gorgeous gray-blues and gray-greens out there too!



Because it has purple undertones – there is no TOTALLY neutral gray. And while some grays are more neutral than others, a soft purple or violet undertone is one of the most complimentary colors to a wide range of interior finishes!


Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist and Classic Gray are two of the most popular gray-violets. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are also popular, but neither are very COMMITTED to violet, meaning they can also pick up a wink of green undertone.


While these three words are often seen as interchangeable, lavender is more often a slightly cooler violet/purple hue, one that leans slightly into blue (violet-blue). MOST of the popular gray-purples lean into a warm violet (violet-pink) undertone.


If you’re looking for a gray with only a WEE wink of violet, Sherwin Williams Light French Gray could be a great option.

Sherwin Williams Pure White and Light French Gray board and batten beadboard, small bathroom ideas, gray vanity. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy updates


The 10 Best DARK Gray Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore

Are Gray Paint Colors Still Trendy on Walls, Cabinets & Exteriors

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray: Paint Color Review

6 Ideas to Update Your Home on a Budget



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  1. Where have you been all my life? I’m surprised it took me so long to find your site, but am darned happy for it. A person who luxuriates in color, insists on calling undertones for what they are, and compares one color to similar colors across brands….! And, and, and. I get so frustrated with bloggers/designers/’grammers who stop at saying that this white or that grey is ‘beautiful’ or ‘perfect’ without saying WHY. I could go on. Long story (and it is) short: we are taking possession of a 100-year old house in upper NY state. Dark trim, ancient wiring/no artificial light except lamps, gray/overcast winter. Oof! In my own bright, California home I do color without a hitch, but this place will challenge me. Whether you know it or not, you are on my team!

    1. Post

      WOW, what an awesome comment to get; thank YOU! And a 100-year-old home in upper NY? Lucky. The only 100-year-old homes where we live are in a tough area that isn’t always super safe – I loooooove old homes – just the smell of the old wood makes me happy :).

      I’d ask you some questions, but I don’t get to my comment section NEARLY as much as I’d like to. Generally, I’m curious as to whether you’re keeping the dark trim/painting it and what the overall LOOK is that you’re going for. Off the top, from the sounds of it, grays with violet undertones probably aren’t warm/soft enough for your home. One colour I’ve fallen in love with lately is SW Egret White as it NODS at the gray world but has a gorgeous warmth and VERY few undertones (SW Alabaster often suits older homes too). Anyways, I could go on and on :). I’m glad you found me!

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