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The 6 Best Paint Colors for an Almond or Bone Bathroom

Posted on January 8, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

Beautiful Paint Colors to Update an Almond Tub, Toilet or Sink

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Almond bathrooms can be buuuutt-ugly, and I have no problem saying that without worrying about insulting you and your butt-ugly almond bathroom.


Because I have owned a butt-ugly almond bathroom, I’ve felt your exquisite pain. But, I will also clarify that not ALL of them are that bad, but there are some…whoa.

And because paint is the easiest and most affordable way to transform any space in your home, you’ll want to look at some color options before making any costly changes involving new bathroom fixtures. So, read on my almond-challenged friend!

The best paint colours to update bone, almond bathroom fixtures. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decorating and update ideas blog and advice


Start treating almond as a color, rather than a ‘thing’. In my work as an Online Color Consultant, I often hear ‘…my almond tub, my bone-colored sink,’ but when you think about it, what exactly is almond? Well, almond is a light tan-beige. And that’s why it’s so darned awkward! If it were a normal beige or tan, it would be dark enough to accommodate a wider range of colors (I mean, what doesn’t go with tan, right?)

how to update tan or almond bone bathroom fixtures. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant

However, because it’s a light tan it can look dirty and dated when placed with the wrong colors.

But regardless, once you start treating ‘almond’ like a color, you can incorporate it into a color scheme that complements it – rather than fights with it.


There are many ‘tan’ tubs out there with different undertones. While one person might have a more passive, muted, almost creamy tan, another will have one with a pink, yellow or yellow-green undertone (yellow-green is the most common). This means that these colors aren’t fool-proof with EVERY tan fixture, as there are many manufacturer finishes out there – but they sure are a great place to start!


Kingsport Gray is a subtle mix of gray and brown, which means it’s a greige, however, it does FAVOUR brown over gray.

best paint colours to paint a bathroom with almond fixtures (3) - Copy

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray painted vanity with Travertine 180fx Silver countertop and raised vessel sink by Kylie M Interiors

The New Era of Laminate Countertops and Why They Rock

While the above photo doesn’t have almond fixtures, you can see how nice it would look as the countertop has some of those warm almond-inspired tones in it.

Please remember that I use ONLY my E-Design client’s photos on my blog. Sometimes I won’t have exactly the photo I need, but I’ll do my best to show you what I’m talking about with a photo or ‘paint blob’. 


These colors will have different undertones and depths, but the comparison can help you decide which is BEST with your particular bathroom fixtures.

Can you STRETCH your bathtub into the slightly lighter Ashley Gray? It never hurts to try!

The 6 Best Paint Colors for a Bathroom Vanity


Mega Greige is a soft medium-toned greige that sits well in a room with tan fixtures and can look gorgeous on a bathroom vanity.

Best paint colour to suit bathroom with almond, bone, beige bathroom fixtures (2)

Almond or bone bathroom tub and fixtures with Mega Greige painted surround and travertine tile accent. Kylie M interiors Edesign, client before photo

In this next image, why is Mega Greige a great choice?

Sherwin Williams Mega Greige with almond cream bone tub and tan greige tan tile floor in bathroom

The strong color of the tub surround doesn’t agree with the tile floor – they have different needs. HOWEVER, one thing they do agree on is that they both like the color of the GROUT around the tile! That’s right, grout can be a great place to pull a color from!

I’m sure my client was hoping for a lighter, more modern color, but their bathroom just wasn’t ready for it!


These colors will have different undertones and depths, but the comparison can help you decide which is BEST with your particular bathroom fixtures.


Tony Taupe is a soft, medium-toned beige-brown, but leans nicely into gray, so it doesn’t have a typical golden look to it.

similar to tony taupe

Best paint colours for almond or bone bathroom fixtures. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, beige and gray painted vanity. Online Paint Color consulting


These colors will have different undertones and depths, but the comparison can help you decide which is BEST with your particular bathroom fixtures.

The 5 Best Sherwin Williams Beige Paint Colors

The Most MODERN Beige & Tan Paint Colors


Smoked Oyster is a beautiful blend of purple and a warm gray/greige – a fab color for some personality! It would be particularly beautiful with some of the travertines out there. However, if you have the yellow-green version of almond fixtures, stay far away, as the purple and yellow-green won’t love each other at all! This color prefers the more subtle, lighter color tan fixtures.

best paint colours to paint a bathroom with almond fixtures (1) - Copy


The 9 Best Purple Paint Colors

The 8 Best Darker Greige & Taupe Paint Colors


White Down is definitely one of my fave off-white colors. Please note, your tan fixtures maybe end up being DARKER than your walls; this will happen with any off-white paint color. However, it’s still a pretty and fresh combo, especially if you support it with the right bathroom decor.best paint colours to paint a bathroom with almond fixtures (2) - Copy


The 5 Best Cream Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore

The 5 Best Off-White Paint Colors


Revere Pewter is another interesting choice for an almond-inspired bathroom. If you’re going for a beachy theme, this soft gray and its subtle green undertone can be enhanced with off-white towels and blue-green accents. However, it’s best in a bathroom with a more MUTED almond finish.

best paint colours to paint a bathroom with almond fixtures (4) - Copy

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray painted oak cabinets, Revere Pewter walls in bathroom, almond bone fixtures. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color consulting. Client photo

Above, you’ll see a Kingsport Gray vanity with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter walls. Revere can SOMETIMES be a wink muddy/green for some almond fixtures. You can see how they relate here when you look at the shower surround reflected in the mirror.


These colors will have different undertones and depths, but the comparison can help you decide which is BEST with your particular bathroom fixtures.

The Best Gray and Greige Paint Colors


  • You may have noticed that MOST of the above colors are not in the off-white or light range. It’s not a great idea to partner almond fixtures with a color that’s LIGHTER than them – the balance will be off, and you’ll risk highlighting the fixtures. The exceptions are some creams and tans, as they’re warm colors and can layer better (but still, it’s risky).
  • If you are looking for drama, warmth, interest and personality, then you could paint your walls a darker color. However, if you don’t have a great ventilation system (common in homes with almond fixtures), those dark walls might show drips after a hot shower. Learn more about paint finishes here. 
  • Cream will give you a lighter and brighter look and allow you the opportunity to accent with browns, blacks and earth tones. However, with varying shades of almond/bone out there, it can be tricky to find the one that works just right (not all bones were created equal…wink wink). See some beautiful cream paint colors here

More Ways to Update an Almond Bathroom

Best paint colours for almond or bone bathroom fixtures. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, beige and gray painted oak vanity. Online Paint Color consulting



White or off-white walls will only accent the almond-nessity of your tub and white will make the almond look dirty.


Any version, whether it’s light, medium or dark will look terrible with almond.


Most light colors in will make almond look dirtier than it is.


These colors can be touch and go in a bathroom. While you can humour some blue/grays or green/grays, be careful that you aren’t contrasting too much with the warm tones of your fixtures.

And remember, there are other things to consider in your bathroom, such as your countertop, flooring, exposure and of course, your PERSONAL taste! Be sure that your chosen color satisfies as many of those as possible.


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Need help? 

Check out my E-Design and Online Color Consulting Packages!

The best warm gray grey paint colors for your room. Online paint colour consulting by Kylie M Interiors Edesign. DIY decorating ideas and blogger

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign

Originally written in 2016, updated in 2022


  1. Thank you so much for this article series and helping steer me to some great color choices. I am considering either the Navajo white or Palladian blue for my almond guest bath with brushed nickel fixtures. The shower wall is travertine look ceramic and the floor is aged wood plank.

    Can you advise a paint color for the trim and bathroom door? I assume it should not be white!

    Also I am getting a new light. Most globes are white or etched white. What is best to use over a frameless mirror?

    1. Thanks for asking Amy, I’m so glad you found the article useful! I think that with what you’ve got going on that the Palladian Blue could be beautiful. You can also get it lightened by 1/4 which makes it even that little bit softer. The blue will complement your aged wood floor so nicely. As for trim colour, you can look at Palace White or Acadia White. And of course there’s always Cloud White which is always a good fall back as it’s white with a smidge of yellow in it, meaning it’s not stark.
      As for your lighting, it sounds like it’s ceiling mount? If it is, you could look at getting a semi-flush mount (meaning it drops down like 4″) in a nickel finish with a white/marbled white/white etched glass. If it’s a wall mount light then it’s nice to get a light where you don’t see the bulbs underneath, like if you are standing at the sink you should be able to look up and not see the bottom of the bulb (as that only gets glaring in a mirror). You’ll want a fixture that encloses the bulb. Not sure if you’re in Canada or not, but if you are, I bought this great one from Canadian Tire for my bathroom, here’s what it looks like…. http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/3/HouseHome/Lighting/BathroomLighting/PRDOVR~0523638P/Home+Collections+Lindaura+Vanity,+3-Light.jsp?locale=en So, yes, if I get right underneath it I can see the bulb, but it’s actually tucked up inside so all I ever really see is shade. Does that make sense??
      Let me know what you think/how it goes and SEND ME SOME PICTURES, I LOVE TO GET PICTURES!!!!! Especially before and afters 🙂

      1. Thanks very much for your reply! I will go get these paint chips and will keep you posted on my progress! The light is a bathroom vanity light on the wall over the mirror. I will look out for light bulb exposure and try to get something swirled/etched.

  2. We recently had “bath fitters” fix our ugly grey tub with a new tub and surround (I wanted white, he loved the the bone) he won and it is bone except it much more tan than bone….(bone to me kinda like an off white) the problem is I am having trouble matching the toilet to the new tub. It is almost impossible to find the right shade of bone/tan…..would it be alright to put in a white toilet (the toilet is beside the tub) and paint the walls Albescent

    1. Good question! If it were me, I’d rather see a white toilet, rather than a tone-on-tone bone look which can look dirty and definitely outdated if they aren’t matched perfectly. So yes, you’re good to go!
      As for Albescent, if you’ve checked it with your bone 😉 and it looks good then you should be good to go, however I’m initially worried that the undertones between the tub and the paint colour won’t be a match.
      Now this colour is darker than you’re thinking of, but might be a touch more flexible and forgiving…Muslin – a lovely colour. That and Natural Linen would be my first 2 initial thoughts as it would be like taking the bone colour of your tub and darkening it just a smidge which gives a nice tone-on-tone look – but subtle. If you like the colours but they are too dark, you could always get them lightened by 1/4 to take the edge off.

      Let me know what you think about those suggestions??!!


  3. Thank you so much for this article! I am selling my home and the bathroom is in need of some serious updating. Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I am keeping the almond tub and toilet. This has given me some great decorating ideas.

  4. Hi Kylie-
    Thanks for steering me in the right direction. i have a windowless almond bathroom with almond toilet, faux travertine ceramic floor and polished real travertine wall. Only one wall and the ceiling bulwark need painting as the other wall is a smoky mirror. This house was built in 1987. knew pinks were out but have been going into all kinds of colours and getting nowhere. Friends are advising an off white with only ochre but that is too light I feel, like you do. The exterior of this Ottawa townhouse is Navaho White. So far I like Farrow and Ball Farrow’s Cream with the travertine, but it’s maybe making the bathroom too dark. I can’t change things yet as we just moved in a year ago and money is in short supply. The previous owner got rid of the almond counter and replaced it with a dark brown and glass vessel sink with chrome faucet. The ceiling light is fluorescent inside a bulwark covered by egg crate over the counter area. Should I try a lighter colour like Ringwold Ground? Fallow is too light from what you’re saying. And I so agree it has to be yellow toned and nothing else. Ochre or yellow oxide is my favourite colour

    Thanks for your advice here.



    1. Hmmm, while we don’t have Farrow and Ball here, I did look it up and Cream does look too dark! It seems to me like Ringwold Ground looks a lot like Navajo White from Benjamin Moore??? I’ve also really enjoyed BM’s Maritime lately because it’s cream – without too much yellow. It might not be warm enough for you, but it’s certainly worth looking at! And to confirm you question, you are totally on the right lines going for a light cream (not as light as off-white but not as heavy as a heavy cream) – I think this is where you’ll find a happy place between your almond and travertine!

      And as long as the colour has that subtle yellow in it, it will look cool with Yellow Oxide as long as you stay away from the ‘fresh, almost pastel based yellow/cream colours)


        1. Post
  5. I have a light bone fixture filled bathroom that, until now, I dispised! Your website has given me hope! This is my masterbath which is inside my bedroom that is newly decorated in a beautiful white and light gray (light french gray) from pottery barn. Those colors seem cool to me, which I thought would need to flow to the bath? Problem is, bone is warm, correct? I’m wanting a creamy/white/light/feminine bathroom. Cabinet must stay the medium toned wood (yuck) that it is, the bone is light. Do you think the navajo would be the best color? Is there anyway to incorporate white in or would that look wrong? I read here that a white shower curtain wouldn’t go…and I was wanting a white ruffled one so badly. If you could help me out, I’d be in your debt for always! I’m having so much trouble with this all due to that wretched bone! 🙁 Thanks in advance for any advice!

    1. Hi Shelly! These days I’m referring people to my Online Consulting, but I’d still love to give you a few quick thoughts….

      #1 – Gray is a cool colour and can be a lovely accent for a bone bathroom if you choose a gray in a mid/dark tone for accents and what not.
      #2 – For the look you’re going for you might find Navajo White too yellow. Check out Maritime White as it has a bit more gray in it and can work with ‘some’ almond fixtures. And sometimes just good old Cloud White does the trick as you can have fun with accents and texture!
      #3 – if it were me I wouldn’t do the ruffled current UNLESS….it also has some tan/beige on it. So think about buying one and ironing on (iron on adhesive works great) some tan/beige (aka dark almond) coloured ribbon along the bottom to bring in the ‘almond’ tone. Otherwise you’re definitely better off with an off-white or patterned shower curtain…
      I hope that helps, good luck my friend!


  6. Thank you for all the great ideas. I’ve just tried Palladian Blue in my daughter’s room and she loves it (me too!). I was trying to come up with a colour for our powder room and I think I’ll either go with Wythe or Palladian (“light tan” fixtures)!

    Have you thought of doing a post on paint colours to go with gray bathroom fixtures? Not the “today” version of gray–the older gray–I believe it has a purplish undertone to it.

    1. Hi Margie! That’s a great idea! I did focus on Almond but there’s really quite a wide array of fixture colours out there – black, brown, purple, blue – all the colours in the rainbow 😉

      (ps, I would lean toward Palladian as Whythe might be a bit heavy looking)


  7. Thank you for the suggestion and I look forward to future posts! Stay cool in the heat–it’s scorching in Langley!

  8. Dear Kylie,
    Like another writer, we are trying to make an almond-fixture bathroom look palatable before selling–without doing a full remodel. I couldn’t believe this wonderful site came up from the search words I entered! And what’s more, the local Hardware sells BM paint, which has been my favorite brand for years and years. Thank you for sharing your expertise and specific paint colors. I now have fresh hope for the ugly little room.

  9. I agree that all these colors are interesting and lovely but they all seem a little adult in color palette. My almond bathroom is for my two girls, 15 and 11. Any ideas for a almond bathroom for teen and tween girls?

    1. Good question! It can be tough as almond is such a beige-ish colour, so it’s hard to pull of a more kid-inspired fun one. I might look at something like SW Quietude at the most. I thought about Rainwashed, but it might just make the almond look a bit sickly. BM Wythe Blue is also a pretty one, keeping in mind that these tones might enhance the almond a bit – but could be more up your alley! From there, you might just need to ‘accent’ with some fun colours instead of doing it on the walls!

  10. Dear Kylie,

    Deciding what paint color to use takes more time than actually painting, at least for me. Anyway, I have a high ceiling entrance way that needs painted. The floors are a ceramic tile with a mixture of beige, almond, taupe colors and the grout is almond. A close color match is Ben Moore Navajo White but I was thinking of using the Cloud White, instead. I just wanted to give it a bright and clean appearance. It also butts up to a wall painted with Behr Soft Denim. Do you think the Cloud White color will detract from the floor tile making it look somewhat dirty? I guess I am just worried the Navajo White will give more of a yellow appearance. Your thoughts appreciated.
    Thank You. Love the site.

    1. Hi Mary Beth, I usually refer personal questions to my online consulting, so I can see photos and what not, but my first thought is that if it’s a high ceilinged area, it’s only going to have more wall space to reflect MORE light, making Cloud White even brighter – which can be pretty, but at some point it might just act like white, and you’ll lose the beauty of it. I actually had Navajo White for a while in my home and have Cloud White trim. I settled on SW Creamy which really sits in between the 2 and it’s PERFECT.

      HOpe that helps:)

  11. Kylie, thank you SO MUCH for this blog post! When my home was built in 2005, the builders used a bone/bisque off-white 6 inch tile in both the hall and master bathrooms. The tile and grout are still in excellent condition but I wanted to lighten both bathrooms, which were originally painted with Sherwin Williams Moderate White, to achieve that fresh, clean farmhouse white look. I was devastated when the test area of Sherwin Williams Alabaster (my pick) made the shower tiles look peach. I feared I would have to settle for a blah khaki-cream bathroom just to get the walls to coordinate with the shower tile that went all the way to the ceiling.
    In desperation, I searched for “white paint for almond tile” hoping against hope that maybe somebody had a suggestion. I found your blog and while I wanted to fully trust your decorating experience, I admit I bought samples of Sherwin Williams Creamy and Panda White. The Panda White was almost an exact match to the tile color. The Creamy was a few shades lighter and much closer to the white I wanted. I decided to trust your advice and painted the walls Creamy. By the time it dried, I was in love! I had the crisp white bathroom I wanted but it blended SO WELL with the bone colored tile that there was no clash! The bathroom looks farmhouse-y and fresh! My master bathroom is next and I’m doing SW Creamy again since I know it is going to look spectacular. Your blog has saved my farmhouse design dreams! Thank you so much and hugs from Houston!

    1. Post

      Shanta, this is fabulous news and JUST what I love to hear – I’m so happy for you! It’s great when you can take something challenging and make it work so that it actually is like you ‘planned it all from scratch!’ Ya done good 😉


  12. I have almond sink, toilet and tub/shower. I also have gold faucets. What colors would you suggest because I also have gold faucets?

    1. Post
    2. Hi , how would mindful grey work with bone fixtures and black cabinet and black slate flooring. The vanity top is a yellowish mable
      . Thanks Diane

      1. Post

        Hi Diane, off the top of my head it strikes me as just a bit too gray and drab looking for the warmth of your products, you may want to lean a bit more into a muted, beige tone of sorts 🙂

  13. Hi, I have almond fixtures in my small bathroom. We currently have an oak vanity. We don’t anticipate staying in this house much longer so we are looking for a more affordable way to update the vanity. I am considering sanding and painting the vanity. I am wondering if you have any color recommendations you think would be suitable with the almond fixtures. I was thinking something along the chocolate browns. A color that would possibly tie in with the almond fixtures and either the SW Creamy paint or the BM Gentle Cream paint. I would love to hear your suggestions. thank you!

  14. HELP! What a great site this is…..I have remodeled my master bath with Chiaro travertine tile in the shower and flooring, with fwhite vanity and cabinets. Skirting (baseboard) is also a beautiful creamy “wheat” color. I only have 2 walls and have spent a fortune on all the different sample colors. I’m beside myself since nothing seems to be a true compliment to the travertine. Can’t be gray, can’t be off white. I just painted Benjamin Moore’s Cabot Trail – too dark and Bone White which comes close but needs something a bit darker to compliment the tile. You suggested accessible beige which I may try next. Color should be warm, Painters come tomorrow and I have to decide today. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

  15. First, I love your site! I’m on an extremely tight budget and want to update my 1980’s almond bathroom. What are the colors on that chart? The bathroom had a west facing window and all the greige paints look gray and seem to make the almond stand out more, I like Agreeable Grey, but it almost looks white.

    1. Post

      Hi Susan! The colours on the chart are more just basic placeholder blobs – not specific references as those are always off from what a colour REALLY looks like!

      1. Thanks! My oppinininafed family decided on Balenced Beige wall color. It’s better than the current lime green. My vanity is currently painted bright white. Any recommendations on a new paint color for that. I think I may try doing the countertop in a spray stone effect , maybe the light brown Rust-Oleum. I’m also going to frame the big mirror and paint the god-awful silver Hollywood lights rubbed bronze.

  16. Hi! This is just what Im looking for! Im buying a condo in Florida circa 2004 and everything (floor tiles, bathroom tiles, sinks and vanity) is beige and unfortunately its in excellent condition so it seems wasteful getting rid of it all… but I’m grossed out because I am loving gray and white neutrals in NYC where I live. I loved your suggestion for smoked oyster color and really wanted to see what it would look like with and beige based bathroom and tiles but the link isn’t working. Can you please fix it?

    1. Post

      Oh man, I’m SCANNING my files, trying to figure out what the heck I was linking to and I can’t figure it out! I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime, I took that link out. It IS super gorgeous though and worth grabbing a sample of!

  17. What do you think of a clay/rust color, such as SW Spiced Cider perhaps, for a small windowless bathroom with a tan shower? This is for a teenage boy that wants BOLD and COLOR. Thank you!

    1. Post

      I think that sounds VERY COOL! Just keep in mind that colours in this depth can show more moisture on the walls and I do know how teen boys love their hot drippy showers!

  18. I made the mistake of painting the bedroom Eider White ( it looks great with my gray furn with hint of blue) and now I have to find a paint color to blend in the adjacent bathroom with almond tile!! oops! Any tips on coordinating a grey tint bedroom with an adjacent bath with almond tile?

    Asking for a friend because I would never had made that rookie mistake :0).

    1. Post

      Ermmmm…sooooo…the problem is that warm colours don’t love to be partnered with colours that are lighter and cooler than them, so ANYTHING you’d consider for the bathroom…short of white, won’t really look great with Eider White. Your best bet would be to find a light-medium warm gray-greige with a green undertone as the green would ‘complement’ the purple of Eider White will hopefully humouring the almond tile too!

      Tell your friend it happens ALL the time and Eider White is a sneaky bugger ;).

      1. Thanks for responding! I was really stumped. I am now looking at magnetic gray and worldly gray. I think one of these will work.; both colors I pulled off of other posts on your site. You are the oracle of almond tile.

  19. I am renovating to sell my townhome (stripped bathrooms and all flooring to renovate and then met hubs) and am not pulling out the tub/shower combo in my master and spare baths. Spare bath has SW Natural Choice and looks fantastic because of great lighting. Small master looks awful no matter what color is on walls. So far painted SW creamy and Nat Choice and no go. Now opting for SW Softer Tan, a near match for the shower tub. Your article articulates why that should work. I am trying to NOT accentuate that awful 1988 color Choice.

  20. Kylie,
    If you can please disregard my post asking the question of the paint color in the picture with the brown mirror on this blog. I see that the color was listed below the picture. I thought I had looked for that, but I guess I did not. Thank you, love your website and advice.

  21. Your tips were, as always, so helpful. I did laugh reading the list of colours that don’t go with almond fixtures. I think my bathroom manages to contradict every single piece of advice you give.
    I currently have very pale pink walls which make the “linen” fixtures look slightly nauseous. I suspect the wall color was supposed to go with the pink of the sunset in the tiled nautical scene that makes up part of the bath surround (I only wish I was kidding). All this is nicely finished with a pure white vanity top, and orangey woodwork.
    Somehow I hope to make all of this live together, and look like it belongs in this decade – though I may have to settle for this century.
    Many thanks, again, for your thoughtful articles.

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