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Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647: Paint Color Review

Posted on June 19, 2021 by KylieMawdsley
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Looking for a versatile warm gray paint color? You better check out CRUSHED ICE

If there’s one light gray paint color that’s HIGHLY underrated and underused, it has to be Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice. Why do I think it should be one of the most POPULAR shades of gray on the market? Let’s find out…

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What type of paint color is Crushed Ice? Is it warm or cool?

Crushed Ice is a warm paint color. But just because it’s warm doesn’t mean it’s beige or cream, it’s actually a WARM GRAY paint color. And just like every other gray, it has undertones (which we’ll get into shortly).

However, Crushed Ice isn’t TRADITIONALLY warm by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’m more inclined to call it ‘stormy’.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice, Pure White trim, black spindles in stairs, light wood flooring. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

What’s a ‘stormy’ gray?

Most of the popular warm gray paint colors are OBVIOUSLY warm, most of the cool ones are obviously COOL. However, while Crushed Ice has warmth in it, it sure as heck ain’t obvious about it.

This means that in cool northern light, Crushed Ice can lean into its cool base and cool undertones a bit more. However, in southern sun or afternoon western light, you’ll see it soften up – maybe not looking WARM, but definitely leaning this way.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice with southwest exposure in windows. Pure White trim, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

North, East, South, West – Which Paint Color is the Best?

What’s the LRV of Crushed Ice?

Crushed Ice has an LRV of 66, so it’s smack dab in the middle of the ‘light’ range, making it a great option for a range of spaces. A bit lighter than my MAGICAL LRV number, but nowhere near the off-white end of things.

While partnering warm and cool finishes together can be TOUGH, as many warm colors don’t like colors that are cooler AND lighter than them, we managed to squeeze in Crushed Ice quite nicely in this next home…

Living room or family room, stone fireplace that's beige with Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice grey paint colour walls, Pure White trim and mantel. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

However, with this slightly higher LRV, it WILL wash out on well-lit walls, but this being said, you need to add more depth to ANY type of color for it to not wash out. If you have a dark room, it can look a BIT dingy, just because it’s a warm gray, not a fresh or clean one.

Not sure what LRV is? It could save your paint lovin’ life – read all about it HERE.

Does Crushed Ice have undertones?

You bet your BOOTY it does! The thing is, Crushed Ice is slightly less committed to its undertones compared to some other gray paint colors, but it sure as heck isn’t a TRUE gray. Crushed Ice lightly favors a green undertone, but given the right interior lighting or exposure, it can easily flash slightly blue or violet.

Entryway in Crushed Ice before painting

These flexible undertones make it a great choice with MANY of today’s popular white quartz/marble-look countertops as it can humor a WIDE range of undertones, whereas some other grays can be limiting.

Entryway before in CRushed Ice


What’s the best way to sample a paint color like Crushed Ice?

Like with every paint color, I highly recommend using SAMPLIZE. Samplize is a peel & stick paint sample that you can easily move around your room for over HALF THE COST of traditional sample pots – and they deliver right to your front door!

Learn all about Samplize HERE

What’s the best white paint color to partner with Crushed Ice? 

Crushed Ice looks AWESOME with Sherwin Williams Pure White and High Reflective White, in particular.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice. Best paint colour for hallway pine flooring and orange toned wood trim and doors. Kylie M E-design

SHOULD I Paint My Wood Cabinets White? A QUESTIONNAIRE

The 4 Best White Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Is Crushed Ice a good exterior color? 

Generally speaking, no, I don’t think Crushed Ice is the BEST color for the exterior of a home. This isn’t to say it won’t work for YOUR home, but here are some considerations…

  • if you have a lot of sun on the front of your home, a color with this LRV (or higher) can wash out quite a bit – make sure you have CLEAN white trim for it to contrast with
  • make sure your ROOF and any surrounding stone and brick suit Crushed Ice – it’s less common for it to look good with brick…even stone can be a stretch

5 Tips for Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Which paint colors look similar to Crushed Ice – what else should I sample?

There will be NO perfect match (regardless of what your paint store tells you). You can fully expect to see shifts in undertones, temperature, and depths, but you could check out…

BTW, if want to color match between brands (ie: getting Benjamin Moore to make a Sherwin Williams paint color), please read THIS first.

What type of paint colors look good with Crushed Ice?

Crushed Ice is definitely finicky, so you’ll want to be careful when partnering it up in a palette.

Not sure if Crushed Ice is YOUR color? Want a bit warmer or cooler? I’ve got more!


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Not sure which paint color is best for YOUR home?

Check out my Online Paint Color Consulting – I’d love to help!

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  1. I stumbled on Crushed ice will looking through lighter warm grays. I’m thinking of doing wall in Crushed ice and trim and cabinets in Pure white. I also considered trim and cabinets in Highly reflective white but not sure it would look too stark.

    1. Post

      Hi Chris, it’s all about what suits your countertop/backsplash! I love BOTH whites, but Pure White is a softer approach which ‘more commonly’ suits the average countertop. That being said, if you have a countertop that has a more legit white, cool look or is black, High Reflective White could be lovely! Of the 2, I do prefer HRW with Crushed Ice.

    1. Post
  2. Thank you for your thoughts on crushed ice! The tone of this color is absolutely perfect with the stone tile I picked out for our fireplace and we have chosen SW Pure White For all of our trim and kitchen cabinets. I just wish crushed ice was the tiniest bit darker to add more contrast… Is there A color that’s the same tone as crushed ice but just ever so slightly darker? I really do not want to color as dark as repose gray as I want the vibe to be light but I want enough contrast to not wash out my white cabinets.

    1. Post

      YES! Just ask the paint store to darken it by 25% for you! Even 50% can be nice and isn’t as shocking as it SOUNDS – this should do the trick without having to entertain a new colour with different undertones (as they allll shift).

  3. I am leaning towards using crushed ice for my kitchen cabinets. We have sherwin williams gauntlet grey on the walls and just installed lennon granite counters which has grey, white, brown, and black in it. I want to go light for the cabinets but want a hint of grey tint and the crushed ice seems to have that. I also looked at modern grey but it seems a little to brown. What do you think about crushed ice as a cabinet color? Do you have any recommendations for similar colors I should consider?

  4. Hi Kylie,

    How is evergreen fog with crushed ice. Does it pair?
    Looking to paint the dining room with evergreen fog as accent color

    Confused between Crushed ice and Alabster for side walls


    1. Post
  5. Hi Kylie,
    just moved in to our new home. My kitchen is stumping me, I am trying to tie together the previous owners granite and kitchen cabinets. To me they paired a cool color granite (my guess Allen & Roth Peppered Ash) with oak cabinet, nickel hardware, stainless appliances and white subway tile (white grout). The cabinets are honey oak cabinets with similar wood flooring. I took your suggestion and replaced hardware black , I ordered a black stainless gas range. For the moment the cabinets are staying, still tossing around replacing or painting cabinets. I would love to replace granite, but it’s staying as well. I plan on painting the bottom/back of cabinet that is viewable in dining room and the kitchen/dining area. Would Crushed Ice or Big Chill marry well with the oak cabinets/flooring and then maybe pull a medium gray color from granite and use that and paint back of island. My OCD needs this to come together.

  6. Hi Kylie,
    1. Classic center hall colonial. We are looking at either “on the rocks” or “gray owl” for our kitchen – South-South-East facing which has cloe white backsplash (8 shades of grayish white subway tiles), silestone suede calacatta gold quartz countertops, and bright white cabinets. will use with either Pure White or High Reflective white trim.
    2. Our adjoining dining room which is facing north-north-west has neutral furniture – https://tommybahamafurniture.com/rockpoint-rectangular-dining-table – so we are looking at moving from the current revere pewter to crushed ice.
    3. The foyer also adjoins to the dining room and is in between the dining room and living room with large 48″ opening for both dining room and living room. All 3 rooms are facing north-north-west and foyer doesn’t get much light (dining room and living room do have good windows). We will paint living room and dining room same color (thinking crushed ice). Foyer is in middle and offers an opportunity for some drama. We are thinking “classic gray” or “on the rocks” for the foyer (already have classic gray in the stairwell which is part of the foyer.
    Q1. My wife likes “on the rocks” for the kitchen, but I am worried about how it will play with crushed ice in the dining room. Would you go gray owl or on the rocks in the kitchen?
    Q2. My wife is torn between classic gray and on the rocks in the foyer. Worried “on the rocks” won’t show much difference from crushed ice or won’t play well with crushed ice. Any recommendations on the foyer?

    1. Post
  7. Nice to see a glowing review of a color I’ve long loved. I’ve used this widely in two different houses, and it always works! Love me some crushed ice.

  8. Hey there,
    You are my go to for colors. Huge thank you!

    Building a cabin on a mountain in Oklahoma (sunny and tons of trees). Leaning toward Dorian Gray on board and batten and shakers. Maybe a little Gauntlet Gray somewhere and maybe Elder White, depending on window pane color (would you do white or clay color windows frames?). Beams espresso-ish (no orange)

    Looking at entire interior Crushed Ice with Pure white trim/kitchen cabinets (clear stained white oak high ceiling).

    Thoughts on interior and exterior? Also, if I have white quartz counters and pure white or white oak cabinets, and recommendations for a pretty island color? Floors will be Cali Seaboard Oak (good light oak color LVP).

    Appreciation and respect- thanks! Dawn

  9. Hi Kylie,

    Thanks for the review of Crushed Ice. We selected KCD cabinets that are ‘Sand’, which I have determined to be close to Anew Gray or Amazing Gray. Struggling with wall color as it will be used throughout the open concept downstairs. Thinking Crushed Ice, Drift of Mist, or Gossamer Veil. Should I avoid any of those or would you recommend another? I don’t mind green undertones and would prefer to avoid purple. Thanks much!

  10. Hey I’m trying to decide between crushed ice and agreeable gray for my walls. Wondering that color to do my trim? My cabinets are iron ore. Ty

    1. Post
  11. Kylie, this is the only color that I regretted painting in my house. It looks beautiful on the the color chip, but once it is up it lacks the warmth and felt lifeless in my home. It doesn’t have the warmth like sw agreeable gray has. Some rooms looked baby blue and purple. I painted over my sw crushed walls in sw agreeable gray and it felt warmer and a bit cozier.

  12. Hi .. My client wants to pair a darker paint with Crushed Ice on accent wall going all the way up one side of the hallway. Personally I think she should do Crushed Ice through the whole house. What color would you pair with Crushed Ice — Software seems nice. Love to get your thoughts. I think the hallway is pretty dark so you cannot do too dark of a color. Her cabinets nearby are like an Iron Ore color. Thanks!

  13. Great information! I’m considering crushed ice for some rooms while using fleur de sel for others, and behrs weathered white in the main areas. Will these colors clash at all?

  14. I am trying to pair SW uncertain gray (cabinet color) with a neutral coordinating wall color. I love Drift of Mist, but am unsure of whether it pairs well. I am also looking at crushed ice and city loft.
    For trim, I am thinking SW pure white.

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