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Sherwin Williams Creamy 7012: Paint Color Review

Posted on July 5, 2023 by KylieMawdsley
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I always get a giggle when my Online Paint Color Consulting clients say they love cream, but don’t love yellow. Why is that funny? Well, because a) I’m easily amused when I’ve had two glasses of wine and b) because without yellow – there is no cream!

Round accent mirror with gold detail reflecting photo gallery wall on Sherwin Williams Creamy. Kylie M Interiors E-decor and E-design. Color expert

Creamy behind the mirror and on the wall in the reflection

The basic idea behind cream is to start with a light yellow color and add a neutral, like beige/black/gray. Once you do that, your ‘yellow’ turns into cream. The more neutral you mix in, the less yellow it gets until you eventually have beige or greige. You’ll also find creams with notes of orange, red, or green in them, adding more layers of flexibility.

Now, if you’ve read my color review on Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream, you’ll have learned about a ‘heavy cream’ – a cream that is not ‘fresh and light.’ You might’ve also explored my review of Benjamin Moore Ballet White, an epic cream/beige/gray blend. Today, we’re looking at a DIFFERENT type of cream, one on the lighter, fresher end of things – Sherwin Williams Creamy.

Sherwin Williams Creamy, best shade of cream for walls cabinets and trims, maybe. Undertones, LRV, use and similar colors. Kylie M Color Expert



Creamy is a warm off-white, neutral paint color. Being an off-white, it has more depth than traditional shades of white. If you’re looking for a creamy white, this COULD hit the spot, depending on what your perception of ‘white’ is, however, its depth makes it not as useable on trims and cabinets (in the average home). If you want a creamy white, I’ve got some great suggestions coming up shortly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lovely warm cream, Creamy might not do the trick for THAT type of color either!

Why is Creamy so tricky? 

The most popular shades of cream had more obvious warm yellow undertones. With Creamy being toned down, it’s not always warm enough for the average cream connoisseur.

So, if it’s not REALLY a creamy white, and it’s not a traditional shade of cream either, what type of color IS Sherwin Williams Creamy?

As mentioned above, Creamy is a warm, flexible, off-white NEUTRAL paint color…with yellow undertones.

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell with wood and metal railing. Sherwin Williams Creamy and Benjamin Moore Steel Wool. Rounded railing



Creamy has an LRV of 81, which in the color world is PRETTY DARNED HIGH, and plants it on the edge of the white and off-white range. This is one reason why Creamy is often mistaken for a white paint color and mistakenly applied to trims and cabinets (or sometimes on purpose). And while it certainly suits some interior finishes, especially some of those from the early 2000s, Creamy isn’t flexible enough, is too dark, and is FAR too yellow for the average home’s finishes.

If you aren’t familiar with LRV, you should read this. It’s a game-changer when choosing colors – trust the Ginger. The basic idea is that the higher the LRV number is (on a scale of 0 to 100), the lighter a color is (closer to pure white); the lower the LRV number is, the darker the color is (closer to pure black).



YELLOW – surprise, surprise! Well, yellow is its actual ‘color,’ but it has a NEUTRAL undertone that calms it down so that it’s not day-glo yellow – it’s a muted shade of cream.

Ikea Hemnes bookcases in family room with chartreuse accent chair. Sherwin Williams Creamy paint color and home decor. Globe collection. Kylie M Interiors E-design

That lovely neutral base helps it stay a bit softer and more neutral compared to a slightly more yellow off-white like Sherwin Williams Dover White (which I find a touch too yellow, personally).

Traditional, formal style living or family room. Beige sofas. Sherwin Williams Creamy paint colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color virtual advice (1)

Creamy darkened by 25%   Photo JR Photography


South-facing light is a warm, yellow light that will enhance warm colors, bringing out their glorious warmth. So, when you put Creamy in a south-facing room, you can expect the creamy yellow warmth to rise UP and become a bit more noticeable. You may see a similar effect in the afternoon in a west-facing room, getting more golden-toned as the afternoon wears on.

These next two photos show the ABSOLUTE warmest I’ve ever seen Creamy look (south-facing/warm bulbs)…

Sherwin Williams Creamy is a light paint colour to brighten a room and make it feel warmer and bigger. In living room

Living room with stone fireplace, Sherwin Williams Creamy. HOw to make a paint palette

The Best Paint Colors for a South-Facing Room


I LOVE Creamy in a north-facing space; I believe that’s where it’s at its very best. Northern light is a gray light that can have a slight cool blue cast. This cool natural light calms Creamy, so it acts like a soft, subtle, almost not creamy color. It still has residual warmth, but it’s not noticeably as ‘yellow’ (you may see a similar effect in an east-facing room).

Sherwin Williams Creamy is a great paint color for home staging or selling. As shown in stairway with wood and metal railing by Kylie M Interiors E-design

Shown here with Benjamin Moore Cloud White trim color

The Best Paint Colors for a North-Facing Room

The best paint colours for any room. Edesign, online paint colour consultant. Kylie M Interiors. Benjamin and Sherwin. Market

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Well, I’ve said it before, and because I like to hear myself talk, I’ll say it again…

‘If you have a dark room and not enough artificial or natural light, no paint color will save you’ – Moi

Hallway update with wood look laminate flooring, Sherwin Williams Creamy and Benjamin Moore Gray feature wall or accent wall. Kylie M Interiors E-design

You need to improve your interior lighting before you pick a paint color. Sure, Creamy will ‘help’ and might reflect some of the minimal natural or artificial light, but don’t expect it to work wonders if there’s not enough light for it to play with.

Can’t add more lighting to your room or hallway? Amazon sells wall sconces that are battery or remote-operated!

How to Update a DARK Room

Formal traditional style living or family room. Sherwin Williams Creamy, best warm off white paint color. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour and virtual decor advice

Creamy darkened by 25%   Photo JR Photography

SAMPLIZE offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER, and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots – AND THEY USE REAL PAINT FROM EACH BRAND!

  • Samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on location
  • They’re more affordable than the sample pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling

Sherwin Williams Creamy, Samplize peel and stick




With its higher light reflectance value (81), you can expect Creamy to wash out on a well-lit wall – particularly at the height of day with direct sunlight on the walls. If you’re okay with a bright softness, this could be perfect. However, if you prefer to ALWAYS see a contrast between your walls and trims, you might look at shades of cream with lower LRVs. In a room with more average or slightly bright natural light, Creamy should hold itself as a soft, warm white/off-white as long as it has a brighter white (trim/cabinets) to contrast with.

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell with rounded or curved wood and metal railing. Sherwin Williams Creamy

Sherwin Williams Creamy with glass french door into home office with black feature or accent wall. Kylie M Interiors E-decor and color consulting

How to Decorate a HIGH-ENERGY BRIGHT Room



Hard…no. If we’re talking about the average homeowner and average home, Creamy is too dark and too warm/yellow for cabinets and trims.

What do I mean, too dark, warm, and yellow?

Of course, you want the color of your trims and cabinets to match the surrounding finishes. The best way to do this is with a VERSATILE, flexible shade of white– which Creamy is not. These shades of white tend to have LRVs starting at 82, but more commonly hit 85-93. This increased brightness makes them easier to coordinate with should you want to change wall colors/finishes in the future.

Kitchen with painted wood cherry cabinets, wood island, granite countertop, cream subway tile backsplash, wood floor. Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Creamy. Kylie M ONline paint color expert

See more of this kitchen HERE.

Don’t get me wrong, Creamy is GORGEOUS on walls (I had it in our last home); it’s just a tougher sell for cabinets and trims UNLESS your home has particular finishes that need more depth and more warmth. These finishes are common in homes built in the early 2000s but also show up in more cottage, country, and even traditional-style homes.

What I’m saying is that Creamy COULD be good for your cabinets and trim; just make sure your home NEEDS its particular depth and warmth, as it’s not the ‘typical’ or popular choice. For example, this next home suits Creamy PERFECTLY…

Paint color similar to Sherwin Williams Harmonic Tan. Trim and wainscoting Creamy. Foyer with home decor and red toned flooring

How to Pick the Right White



Most shades of white suit themselves when it comes to pairing wall colors with trims and cabinets. Because Creamy has a bit more depth, several shades of white coordinate with it for cabinets and trims…

  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster – for a SUPER subtle contrast between walls and trims; if you want a touch more contrast, lighten Alabaster by 25%
  • Benjamin Moore Cloud White
  • Sherwin Williams White Snow – for a brighter, slightly cleaner pairing and more obvious contrast

Sherwin Williams Creamy in a north facing stairwell and a dark hallway with laminate wood flooring. Kylie M Interiors

Sherwin Williams Creamy walls with Cloud White trim

The 8 Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors



I wouldn’t do it. Why? While Creamy is a more MUTED shade of cream, it still has a reasonable amount of yellow that can come up CONSIDERABLY on an exterior, especially on your south or afternoon-west facing side.

Exterior, best white paint color, Sherwin Alabaster. Grey metal roof. Gray shutters, pink toned brick. Kylie M Interiors E-design, online paint color consulting

If you want to paint your home a warm, soft white or off-white (like above), there are MANY better options out there, some of which you’ll see the links to next! However, if you WANT a soft yellow home…fill ‘yer boots.



If you’re looking for similar colors, remember that there will ALWAYS be a shift in undertones, depths, and temperature – there are no perfect matches between brands (especially not with color matching). However, for colors with similar intentions, I’ve got some great ones for you to explore…


Alabaster is slightly lighter than Creamy, however, it has a comparable degree of warmth. Regarding cabinets and trims, Alabaster is by FAR the more popular choice as it has more flexibility than Creamy. If you’re looking for a nice trim color with Creamy, Alabaster offers a SUPER subtle contrast, that can be slightly increased by lightening it by 25% (or darkening Creamy).

Painted white kitchen cabinets, black granite countertop, beige taupe backsplash tile, Sherwin Williams Alabaster cabinets, Kylie M and Jenna Christian

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Alabaster


Creamy and Dover White have one interesting thing in common – they’re both whites I love for walls, but hesitate to suggest for cabinets and trims. When comparing Creamy and Dover White, you’ll see that Dover White has more chroma, meaning it’s a TOUCH more colorful. And while neither is really green-inclined, Creamy is slightly less likely to grab green, which is good for the average home.

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Dover White


I love comparing these two popular shades of cream! Why? Because Casa Blanca shows HOW MUTED and neutral Creamy is. Casa Blanca is closer to what most people consider a ‘real shade of cream,’ thanks to its higher chroma and beautiful warmth. Not to say Casa Blanca is TOO warm; it’s one of my favorite cream paint colors because it SAYS it’s cream and yellow-hued without punching you upside the head with color.

Formal traditionalstyle open concept, cream walls, painted cabinets, Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca Alabaster. Kylie M Interiors (1)

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is also darker than Creamy. With an LRV of 76 (to Creamy’s 81), Casa Blanca is a more traditional off-white paint color and offers more contrast with the average white trim color.



Creamy is an easy partner to live with as a wall color and suits a WIDE range of partners (just like me, wink wink…just joking). As a cabinet or trim color, you’ll have a tougher time finding a fit and may want to explore THE 16 BEST WALL COLORS TO UPDATE CREAM CABINETS OR TRIM.

Beige vs. Tan: What’s the Difference?


Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Ballet White

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The best neutral paint colours. Edesign, edecor with Kylie M Interiors diy decorating and design advice. Market

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Originally written in 2018, awesomely updated for photos, grammar n’ stuff 2023


  1. I will add that creamy is a great exterior trim color. It’s not too white and it doesn’t go yellow, like say BM linen white. I personally think it’s got a teensy bit of green in it.

  2. Loved this article! How does Sherwin William’s Antique White compare to Gentle Cream? Is it between Creamy and Gentle Cream? I’ve run across several pictures of Antique White and really like it. Thanks!

  3. My entryway and front hall (which face East) are painted Sherwin Willians “creamy” and it’s so beautiful! I love it! It’s such a pretty color! My trim is Sherwin Williams “Extra White” and the rest of downstairs is painted Revere Pewter. The colors look nice together!

  4. Our builder’s default trim color was Creamy (2009) and it worked with the colors and finishes used then. Now that we have updated our wall colors to brighter/fresher, we will be painting all the trim–mostly because of Creamy’s extreme variability. In some rooms, Creamy is fine and looks fairly “white” and in others it looks dingy or oddly, gray. I think Creamy is a color that has to be really really tested in context and next to any hard finishes. Just my 2 cents 😉

    1. Post

      Ooo yes, it is a tricky one! It’s all about exposure and ‘what it’s with’. And it’s a tough one on trim too, I always find it interesting when builders veer away from more standard whites – personally, I think Creamy is best for walls only!

      1. For those of us with the unfortunate builder choice of Creamy trim and doors, what is the lightest wall color you would recommend? In south facing parts of my house I have it paired with Revere Pewter (lightened 25%) on the walls and pure white ceilings, which looks good. I’m looking for something lighter for a north facing 2-story foyer with minimal natural light from north and west windows. Thank you!

        1. Post
          1. That could be really pretty! I’ll make a board 🙂 Would you paint the ceilings Creamy too so white ceilings don’t make the Creamy look yellow in comparison?

  5. I’ve heard that Creamy is the closest color to the “white” furniture from Pottery Barn. Would you agree with that or is there another color that is a better match?

    1. Post
  6. Can Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” be used for trim with Creamy on the walls? Is there enough contrast using both together?

    1. Post

      Yes, it would be soft and subtle, but quite pretty! I might ask them to add 4 ounces of white to Alabaster, which just cleans it up a wee wink (and improves the coverage of it too).

      1. Hi. I have Creamy trim and doors. I am painting the kitchen cabinets and walls. I am leaning toward Albaster. Why do you recommend making it more white? I don’t get a lot of light. Thanks.

        1. Post

          Hi Carol! Well, some people find that it’s just a touch too warm/creamy and the 4 ounces can just clean it up a stitch. Whites also don’t always cover well, and the 4 ounces can help with that!

  7. Hi Kylie, I always find your articles fun and interesting, thank you!
    I have been on the hunt for a warm off-white paint color for the majority of my main floor. I’m currently testing SW Creamy on few walls but unfortunately, it’s not quite ‘it’, I think I would like it just a smidge less yellow but still warm and maybe a bit more neutral – any suggestions?
    I, like you have a weakness for creamy colors, I had Gentle Cream for 15 years and loved it. Finding the right ‘white’ is honestly the most challenging color I have ever picked. When searching the web, I always find similar suggestions for whites – Dove White, Simply White, Decorator’s White etc. It would be nice to see suggestions for some other whites that are maybe not quite as ‘white’. Maybe – Gasp light beige! Ok ok, maybe we could call it sand. Yes, an off-white or sandy white, a white that looks lovely with wood tones, one that would be beautiful in a cottage or farmhouse. One with enough depth to show some contrast next to white trim (mine closely resembles BM Snowfall White) but is still light and fresh. With all the white right now, it would be nice to see more ideas for whitish wall paint colors. Are you pondering anything? If so, please share your wisdom.
    Thanks so much, Susan in Alberta

    1. Post
  8. I plan on painting my split-level home in SW agreeable gray. what’s your opinion on SW network gray for west facing kitchen, dining room and hallway walls? the blue undertone in it looks nice next to my oak cabinets and trim.( based on the swatch ) , my only concern is if it will fall flat in the hallway.(not much natural light). Glad I found your site and videos. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kylie,

    I just painted my bedroom in Creamy after reading your review of the color. Is your bedroom/ or do you happen to have any photos of bedrooms painted this color? I’d love to see some photos for inspiration for decorating. Thanks for creating such helpful and thorough reviews. You are so helpful!!

    1. Post

      HOoray, another Creamy lover! Unfortunately, I don’t have any bedrooms in Creamy, but I would love some (hint hint…)

      1. Hi Kylie-
        I know your super busy with the Holidays. I am a true follower of yours and I speak and understand your language. I moved into a home with tons of vaulted windows in an open concept floor. No break in the walls for accent color or anything. West and East facing walls 13 windows with bright recessed lighting. Trim is extra white or Bright white. interior Material Colors from 2014 are slate rock gray dusty blue fireplace to top ceiling. black countertops and floating shelves and bright white cabinetry and bright white kitchen backsplash seen in open room. Vintage charcoal counter chairs lean more warm gray. Leather couches lean taupe mushroom purple undertones not caring for but new from other house. I would like to update the wall color for this large high contrast space with espresso brown warm wood floor with off white and blue gray charcoal tan swirl. Thinking a neutral white. Looking at Creamy or Pure White. I know you said color goes flat this modern home style I want to lean towards minimalist has high contrast so I need to let those materials shine correct? And neutral on walls but which one for my E W facing chameleon walls. I paid a painter 5000 K with BM Cumulous cloud 75 % tinted darker. gasp!!! it’s all wrong. please won’t you send 2-3 suggestions. I have Drift of Mist, Pure White samples for now.
        Thank you so much!!!!

  10. Hi Kylie! Love your site…I have been on it all evening….thinking of using Creamy in my front hall and west facing living room but not sure which SW white to use as a trim colour. I’ve always used BM Cloud White, but my painter uses SW products.
    I want some contrast between the two colours….maybe Pure White? Or Alabaster? We’re looking to sell the house.

    1. Post
        1. Post
  11. Ok we’re buying a house that has Creamy on the trim and gold walls. We’re painting the walls and leaving the creamy trim to help the cost. Should I do the walls creamy as well or a light light warmer grey?! Ahhh

    1. Post

      Hi Krystal, you can do the walls Creamy as well or a light soft gray, just knowing that Creamy will slightly enhance the gray and the gray will enhance Creamy!

  12. Hi Kylie!
    Thank goodness for your willingness to share your expertise! Choosing paint color is not my strength,, so I am reading everything I can find. Our east/west facing home has honey oak baseboards and doors, that is what was “in” when we built our home…sigh. Painting the baseboards and doors are not currently an option….double sigh & roll my eyes, so my paint color expedition has been quite perplexing. We will be painting the entire first floor-two-story entry, dining, living, and kitchen areas. These rooms flow into one another, so we are looking for one fabulous color. These areas are entirely done in Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors.
    As I type, painted on my walls are the following color patches: SW Creamy, SW Steamed Milk, SW Patience, SW Moderate White, and SW Natural Linen…our home looks like a fun-house. 🙂 I’m not a fan of walls that scream yellow, but I know there is yellow in some of these colors.
    I would greatly appreciate any guidance your could provide! (My husband will thank you too!)

    1. Post
  13. This was soooo helpful! My husband and I just bought a house and I have been stressing about pairing creamy with white trim. I was afraid that painting the walls creamy and the trim white would look like an oops but your post has convinced me otherwise! We have a living room with gorgeous stained wood trim that I don’t want to paint and creamy looks soo good with it! But the sunroom is right off the living room and has painted trim. What SW white do you recommend for the painted trim throughout the house? I like a good white white trim and may even paint the kitchen cabinets the same white.


    1. Post
  14. Creamy is a miracle-worker! We just purchased an 80s home and doing a total reno of the small master bath isnt priority as everything is functional…. but SW Creamy just went up after reading this & your article on beige/almond fixtures. Salesman tried to suggest Alabaster but I was armed with your expertise and knew it wouldn’t work. It’s been about 3 weeks and I still cant believe the difference… Creamy brightened the room and tied together ALL the different shades of brown: multitonal brown stone shower tiles, beige marbled floor, dark brown vanity, 80s beige countertop perfectly with the white toilet and tub. Creamy basically neutralized everything, and calmed the room down to just look more intentional and cohesive. It definitely is yellowy, but goes away against the browns, and it’s not dingy. We used SW extra white on the small amount of trim and the door. A sincere thank you for your very specific and insightful guidance via these articles and comment sections!

  15. What do you think of kitchen cabinets painted creamy in a partly west facing kitchen? The rest of the room will also be warm with dark stained wood floors, a dark stained island and dark stained woodwork on windows with a soapstone counter and white quartz counter on island?

  16. I am looking for a white for the exterior of my stucco house. I want a slight off white (not stark white) but not too beige or too yellow. Would creamy work?

    1. Post

      Hi Corinne! It really does depend on your roof/stone/brick/window colour and exposure, but generally, I think Creamy is too yellow. Take a look at BM White Dove or SW Alabaster which aren’t off-whites, but are warm whites. In the off-white range, I’d hit up SW White Duck, but once you hit the off-white range you WILL see more colour (beige/greige/cream) 🙂

  17. I first discovered SW Creamy almost 11 years ago when I had the entire interior of my home repainted that color. I love it so much, that when it was time for a refresh, yep, I used Creamy once again. I am a big blue and white fan, and my pieces pop with the Creamy background. Love, love, love it!

    1. Post

      I know, right?! It is such a stinkin’ gorgeous colour! I loved it in our last home and was disappointed when it didn’t totally suit our current home – if you love warm colours, this is a winner!

  18. So glad I found your website!! You really have the most comprehensive explanations of paint colors I have seen and you are spot on. I was trying to figure out a color for my 2 story/vaulted ceiling living / dining room, stairway and loft that is mostly north facing with 1 east and 1 west window. I first tried repose grey and just like your post said it could, it came out very blue. I decided to go with your recommendation here of creamy (at 75% because I had 1 walk showing a little too yellow for my liking) and it is perfect!! Not a stark white, not cream but just a slight hint of warmth. I decided on sw extra white for trim. Lastly I need to figure out the ceiling. What did you paint your ceiling in your house? Or what ceiling color do you recommend for a vaulted ceiling to go with creamy?

    1. Post

      Hi Lindsay, I just LOVE notes like this! As for white, I chose BM Cloud White – I liked the warmth and how it sat with Creamy. You can also look at SW Alabaster, which is soft and warm, but I might ask them to add 4-6 drops of white to the gallon, just to clean it up a stitch :).

  19. Hi Kylie! I learn so much from your articles and videos. Thank you for sharing so much good stuff! After studying my space (floor color, room direction, type of lighting, all the things I never thought about until you pointed them out) I decided SW Creamy was THE color I wanted in the stairwell and downstairs of my split level home. I bought a sample, painted everything, and decided it was beautiful, I just wanted it to be a bit richer and more contrast with th e trim. So, knowing from you that a color can be lightened by nearly any percentage, I asked my SW guy if he could make Creamy a tad more saturated with color, without changing the undertones. He said it was no problem at all, and we dabbled with it a bit, starting at just 125%. I came home with a gallon of Creamy at 200% saturated and I LOVE IT!!! I painted right away and went from a murky Macademia to a dreamy Creamy! I kinda want to find another space for this color. My front door is SW Quixotic Plum and the two colors paired together have me all????????????!!! It is beautiful! Light and friendly, but still warm and inviting. It’s perfect. Thank you for sharing your thorough knowledge.

  20. Thank you for sharing great advice and information.
    If I use SW-White Duck on my walls, what warm white paint could I use for my kitchen cabinets? Thanks.

  21. Hi Kylie,
    Do you think BM White Dove would be a good trim for SW Creamy Walls? Also thinking of using White Dove on my cabinets.

    Just curious if the two go together well. Thank you.

    1. Post
    2. Post
      1. Thank you! I love the dark color pop! I am thinking about Creamy on my LR walls (north facing room with some east facing light) and an accent wall in Dorian Gray.

  22. I have painted all trim in house SW pure white… I love it, not too warm or cool. Lightening my bedroom from some unremembered SW light beige color. Do you like dover or creamy on walls with pure white? (alabaster throws gray tones in my home). Thank you for thoughts!

    1. Post
      1. Thank you Kylie, apologies. …it took a while for question to post the first time so didn’t think it went though. Apologies for the repeat! I love creamy too… just wasn’t sure if enough contrast with SW Pure White trim so thanks for the advise! Love reading your blog!!!!

  23. Hi Kathy, love your color advise. I find that dover white throws a tad more yellow than creamy in the shaded areas of my home, but in areas where flooded with natural light I can hardly tell the two colors apart even with huge swatches painted lol. I love both of them.. so was wondering of the two which do you think plays the best off SW pure white as trim color ?

  24. Hi Kylie,
    I appreciate all of your information on Creamy. I has been so helpful, particularly how the colour changes with different exposure. I think I will use Creamy in the main areas of my home and will be using BM Cloud white for the trim. My only question is that the colour of Creamy in the paint fan seems a hint different than that on the paint chip from the SW store. I prefer the colour in the paint fan. How do I make sure this is the colour that I get?

    1. Post

      Hi Cheryl! Oh, welcome to the world of paint. Yes, sometimes there can be a slight variation in fan decks for sure as well as paper samples depending on when they were made. Really, it’s about having them dry two coats for you in store, and making sure it blends into the paper chip you have on hand, keeping in mind that sheen can slightly shift how a colour looks too!

      1. I think your tip about two coats is important. I’ll be sure to have them do this. Thank you very much for the advice!

  25. Hi Kylie!

    It is so refreshing to hear you talk about paint colors! What an ordeal ( and a few fights between me and my husband) this has been! I am very invested in making our cabin beautiful. He wants me to make up my mind QUICKLY! Ha! Kinda hard with paint. This is also our first “go” with any project from start to finish!

    I was wondering if you would recommend Creamy for a wood ceiling. We are priming and painting 8″ pine boards to go up on a vaulted ceiling. Good idea? Ha! Will this color look good on a ceiling? I would love your opinion!!

  26. We are painting our Mediterranean home creamy and were wondering which white would work for the trim to subtly contrast?

  27. This colors looks so subtle and soft! Do you think it would pair well with a beige like SW accessible or SW balanced?

    1. Post

      Oooo, I might not put it with Accessible Beige, it’s okay with Balanced Beige, but still not great as it has considerably more yellow/colour to it compared to the more muted approach of Balanced Beige :).

  28. I know this article was written 2 years ago and I am surprised at how many comments it got!! Years ago in another home I painted 3 ceilings creamy and they were GORGEOUS. So in a new home I painted my kitchen/dining walls creamy as well as my master bath and I TRULY believe if your lighting is awful, even the most beautiful of colors can look terrible. My kitchen looks fine but a corner of my dining room looks bright yellow. My master bath looks AWFUL. AWFUL. AWFUL. Did I mention the master looks AWFUL. Now I live in a townhome and NONE of my bathrooms have windows so no natural light. My gameplan? Get all the new fixtures in, flooring, towels, LIGHTING, etc…. And then the very LAST thing I will do is pick a paint for that master bath. This will be the THIRD time I have painted it. Now to find the right white for the rest of the house!!!! ARGGGGGGG!! By the way Kylie I am very very critical of blogs. I admit I did NOT like your blog at first even though I e-consulted with you. But I stuck with you and to your credit you grew on me and now I love you!! Bravo!!! Because I don’t have a stick up my bum like I used to!! Hooray!!

    1. Post

      Okay Dani, you made me laugh so hard and I’m glad you have removed the stick from your bum – it never feels good ;). And yes, it can be SO hard to shift a colour from one house to another as the lighting can REALLY mess with things – I’m sorry you didn’t love Creamy as much in your new home – thank goodness for wine ;).

  29. The gods have smiled downed on me! SW Creamy is so beautiful in our great room. The dark wood vaulted ceiling & medium tone wood floors look exceptionally wonderful against Creamy. All of our paintings & decor really came to life. The large room faces both East and West. Trim is done in BM Simply White . Large jute rugs really frame everything. Thank you got this post because it gave me the confidence to try something out of the box for me.

  30. I thought I saw a post where a clients kitchen cabinets were done in SW Creamy, but now you’re saying don’t do it. I’ve tried about 15 samples and everything is off, except Creamy. We have dark Baltic brown countertops and the whites are not matching.

    1. Post

      I don’t think I have a kitchen with Creamy…I do have some photos of BM White Down, which is similar, but a bit more muted :).

  31. Hi Kylie! A few years ago you recommended Benjamin Moore Muslin for our master bath with travertine tile (I was trying to minimize contrast where the wall meets the tile to not draw attention to the shoddy workmanship in that area) and it is perfect! I need to send you a photo. I recently painted my northeast facing LR Ballet White, also based on you recommending that color on your blog – and I LOVE IT. Seriously love it – it’s perfect. Warm and neutral, very cozy and soothing. I am currently quarantine-painting the majority of my house but am seriously struggling in choosing the right warm off white/cream for our cavernous, open floor plan basement, with 5 small, low to the ground windows and wall to wall carpeting that’s somewhere between greige and tan. If I look at the carpet against a warm peachy off-white – like Timid White – the carpet goes more griege and maybe even a bit dingy looking. With Swiss Coffee and it’s yellow-green undertone,, the carpet reads more orange-beige. I painted our basement home gym in Swiss Coffee at 75% because I wanted something not stark white but also not overly warm, and I like it there – but I want something warmer and cozier for the rest of the basement. I have tried a LOT of BM shades of white/off white and I am still struggling to choose. The current top contenders is Ivory White. I am also considering White Down. I painted one small wall Ivory White, and it’s very soft looking – but possibly too yellow. It’s hard to tell because the rest of the room is painted a bright YELLOW (BM Wildflowers) so probably the wall I painted Ivory white is reflecting quite a bit of yellow from the other walls. Before I proceed with Ivory in the rest of the room – I was hoping you might compare Ivory/Acadia White and White Down with Creamy. I have only used BM colors so far, but am willing to branch out to find the right color… I have decided on Pointing by F&B for our north facing mudroom and hallways, but would rather not use it in the basement – because it just isn’t quite right there with the green-greige tones in the carpet. Help!

  32. Hi
    So I was thinking I would use SW Creamy on my trim and crown molding and use SW Shiitake on the walls. Would these pair well?

    1. Post
  33. I’m one of those “I like cream but not yellow” people. I have a north-facing condo with a ton of greenery just outside and am on a mission to find the perfect colour. When you darken Creamy, would it look more yellow? I just love the pictures of it, even in the south/warm light, but I have nightmares of darkening it by 25% and having it turn into day-glo yellow. Will paint stores darken the sample size pots? Thanks for all the info!!

    1. Post

      Well, in my experience in my OWN home, I did find it a wink more yellow when I darkened it. I wonder if BM White Down might be a bit better for you?

  34. Another satisfied “Creamy” enthusiast! We needed to repaint our “Standish white” walls with something less yellow. The 1930s walls are textured plaster and coved, so we need one color for walls and ceilings. I didn’t want a gray-white because we live in a northern, gray climate, but also not too yellow like Standish white. Creamy is perfection. It’s fresh, modern, and is the perfect neutral backdrop. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Post
  35. I ordered both Creamy and Aged White from Samplize and am torn between the two. I’m intrigued by your comment about darkening Creamy. How does Creamy darkened by 25% compare to Aged White?

    1. Post

      Hi Stephanie! 25% is just a tweak, so it won’t take you near Aged White. I will say that of the two I NATURALLY gravitate towards Creamy as it’s a bit cleaner looking while still being soft, whereas I’m usually nervous with Aged White because it looks so…aged. HOWEVER, it’s about what best suits your home! I had Creamy regular strength and 25% in a previous home and LOVED it!

  36. Hello Kylie,
    Thank you for this post! We are moving into a new home; ranch style and all rooms flow from Living room (gigantic east facing window), to the Kitchen (one large west facing window) to the den with two double windows (west and north)…and then the hallway is off the living, kithen with no natural light. I was planning on SW Creamy for all the walls. BM Hale navy accent wall in foyer (open to Living) and on the built ins in the den; kitchen cabinets painted SW Evergreen Fog. Floors a light to medium wide plank rustic oak. Window casings, doors and trim all oak. What do you think of Creamy in this case…? Thanks so much

    1. Post

      Julie, I think this sounds loooovely and would absolutely LOVE to see it all done! BTW, if you’re curious, check out BM White Dove 25% darker as well :).

      1. Kylie,
        Thanks so much! I will give the BM White Dove (25% darker) a look also. It will be awhile before I can update with everything completed😊

  37. Hi! Your posts have helped me choose A LOT of colors so far! Just one more I’m struggling with is a ceiling color to pair with SW Creamy walls and trim either BM Cloud White or White Dove. Would you paint the ceiling the same as the trim in either of those cases? Or something different? Obviously, trying to avoid my contractor painting my ceilings a stark white when everything else is warm. Thanks SO much!!

    1. Post

      Hi Danielle! In one of your last homes I had Creamy with Cloud White and it was VERY soft and subtle, i loved it. I would also lean towards doing the ceilings the same as the trim :). If you’d like to see a bit more contrast with walls/trim, you could bump up to Simply White :).

  38. Love all the comments about creamy. I painted my kitchen creamy but it’s picking up some pink undertones from my dark maple wood floors. Also, I have one big east facing window that washes out the color. Any suggestions? Can I darken creamy by 50%? Yellow doesn’t scare me. Thank you !

    1. Post
  39. Hi Kylie,

    Love your blog. How do you feel about Greek villa for trim and cabinets with creamy walls? Too much yellow and blending of colors? Was a little nervous about pure white on cabinets being too much white.

    Appreciate your wisdom SO much!

  40. My whole house is creamy and it’s great! I’m at a loss as to what to do for my cabinets. My trim is Simple White, but I want a darker cabinet like Griege or toupe (not gray). Do you have any ideas? Would aesthetic white be good?

    1. Post

      Ooo, it’s hard to say without seeing your backsplash and countertop, as they call more shots than the walls! I do know that I would lean into a greige that picks up a green hue and would avoid a taupe/violet undertone :).

  41. Hello Kylie,
    Oh boy I just love your in-depth information. I have such a hard time with paint color, know what I like when I see it but getting there is extremely difficult. Long story short, we remodeled a basement and chose Creamy +25% (based, in part, on your video). I love it and now want to use that color upstairs in a south facing bedroom and an east facing bedroom. Would Creamy darkened by 50% be too much? I’m afraid they would look a bit boring. I know the 25% would be “safe”, but….. 🙂 Thoughts?

    1. Post

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