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The 5 Best Paint Colors for a Dark Hallway

Posted on June 15, 2023 by KylieMawdsley
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If there’s one space in a home that has the potential to be dismal, it’s the hallway. Most hallways are narrow and gloomy and leave little room for visual interest and excitement – the same goes for staircases.

And we WILL get to the visual interest and excitement…another day. Today, we’re talking about paint colors because if your walls aren’t the right color, there’s no visual interest that will save you. But before I introduce the actual colors, let’s talk about some meat n’ potatoes stuff.



LRV matters a lot in a dark rooms.


Well, with many hallways and stairs having very little natural light, paint colors need to work overtime, reflecting or absorbing whatever light they can. Every paint color has an LRV number, which refers to how much light it reflects or absorbs. Trust me, this little number could save your life and your marriage, so if you don’t know much about it, I suggest you read Paint Colors and LRV: The Ultimate Guide You Need to Read.

Stairs with carpet, wood landing, white railings, white walls, Benjamin Moore Super White. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color advice

Now, there are lighter and brighter colors than the ones listed below, in other words, WHITES, but I don’t want to bore you to death with various versions of those (I’ll let this post do that). And I’m not going to lie and say that these colors will BLOW YOUR MIND with personality – they won’t. However, they might be a happy medium between a white paint color with a high LRV (that might ultimately bore the hecka-doody out of you) and shades too intense and heavy to toss down a typical stairwell or hallway.

Stairwell before being painted

This dreary staircase doesn’t make ME want to see what’s at the bottom…


Unless you have a row of pot lights, there shouldn’t be any fixtures in your hallway that hold only one bulb. ONE STINKIN’ BULB, what do you expect it to do – work miracles? Seriously, if you have only one fixture, it should hold three – 60w bulbs. If you have two fixtures, they should each hold at least two – 60w bulbs (but the more, the merrier, as you can always reduce the wattage if you find it too much). However, if your hallway has three+ fixtures, one bulb will do (as shown below).

If you don’t have enough light, NO paint color will save you – don’t expect your paint to be a miracle worker. 

Benjamin Moore White Dove, make boring hallway interesting with moulding, wood floor, carpet runner. Kylie M

One of the best ways to get adequate lighting is with a flush mount or semi-flush mount light fixture. There are more exciting lights, but for cost and availability, sometimes a simple flush mount does the trick!

So, before spending money on paint, spend SMART money on lighting first.



This is a trickier one. Some of you have white (or off-white trim), whereas others have wood trim – so this changes things slightly.


Damn you for making me think beyond the reach of my wine glass…


Whereas staircases usually have less vertical trim, hallways with multiple doorways can have A LOT of trim. White trim with a light paint color is low contrast. This keeps things not only brighter but also bigger looking (wider). A brighter shade of white with a medium or dark paint color creates a high-contrast palette, which can make a space look busier and smaller (but sometimes more interesting).

And while we’re not looking at dark colors, we are looking at colors that provide a BIT of contrast with traditional white trim.

In this next hallway, there’s no natural light, and the interior lights are off (I’m so observant, I know). Notice how the light, warm gray walls, and creamy off-white trim weigh the space down. At the very least, I would paint the trim a brighter shade of white (matching what’s on the spindles) and maybe even add some wall sconces (you can get battery-operated ones on Amazon)…

Staircase wood hand railing painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black with white spindles



Medium or dark trim (wood or painted) with a light paint color is HIGH contrast. Now, your space WILL look brighter via the wall color; however, the contrast between the trim and the walls can make your space feel more cluttered and small. So it’s not that your space will look darker; you just aren’t getting the full-bodied effect of white trim/light walls.

Could you paint your walls a light-medium tone to blend in more with your dark trim to lower the contrast?

You could, as this would lower the contrast level, making things look simpler and more seamless. However, it won’t make your hallway look any ‘brighter.’ But if you can supplement with MORE than adequate lighting and decor (e.g., a mirror to reflect light), you can make up for a less-than-bright paint color and perhaps find a happy medium.

Dark wood trim in dark hallway with Sherwin Williams Basket Beige and wood stairs. Client photo, Kylie M Interiors Edesign

If you want to know more about paint colors with wood trim, you may want to check out this blog post: The Best Paint Colors for Dark Wood Trim

But for the rest of you, let’s move along!

Remember, what’s boring to me and boring to you could be different things. You could be looking for wild and wonderful, and these colors AREN’T that. These colors are geared towards the average home and average homeowner who wants to brighten up their dark hallway or stairs with a VERSATILE, flexible paint color.

Why does versatility matter?

Like entryways, hallways are transition areas that have many rooms attached to them. If your hallway is painted a unique color, you’ll have a MUCH harder time coordinating the adjoining rooms and creating a colour palette that FLOWS.

Hallway in Sherwin Williams Austere Gray, Pure White trim, warm wood oak flooring. CLIENT PHOTO, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, best gray green paint colours

If you want a more unique color or want me to curate the best color options for you and your home, check out my Online Paint Color Consulting – I’d love to help!


the best paint colors for a dark hallway, staircase, no natural light. Kylie M Interiors, white, off-white, light colors



Winds Breath is a beautiful, subtle neutral. Thanks to its particular blend, it doesn’t commit to a particular color and can politely nod at beige, tan, and cream, with a decent touch of gray to calm it all down.

Benjamin Moore Winds Breath match Sherwin. Hallway with arch and wood floor.

Will it look dingy in a super-dark hallway or stairwell? YUP, but any color will. That’s where you need enough lighting, and I would probably stick to 3000K in your bulbs. I would also lean into bright whites like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and Sherwin Williams Extra White.

Does Winds Breath look good with wood trim?

It depends. If the trim has a ton of red-pink, the combo isn’t so hot. However, for the ‘average wood trim,’ Winds Breath can be gorgeous.

FULL Color Review of Benjamin Moore Winds Breath



Okay, I lied; I AM going to bore you with white…but just one glorious shade of it. This is because Alabaster isn’t a typical white. With its LRV of 82, Alabaster is a SOFT white that borders on the off-white/cream world. If you have brighter white trim, Alabaster offers brightness with a touch of warmth and softness that can be gorgeous and add personality and life to a dark, narrow, or small hallway.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Extra white paint color on trims and walls, dark wood floor, hallway with doors. Kylie M Online Paint consulting client photo

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Here’s another shot of Alabaster in a slightly darker back hallway/mudroom…LOVE IT…

Sherwin Williams Alabaster, mudroom, entryway, black painted inside of door, graphic pattern tile floor, Extra White, door to powder room. Kylie M client photo, Online paint color consultant

Sherwin Williams 3 Best Warm White Paint Colors

I ONLY use photos from my Online Paint Color Consulting clients (or my own photos), so I don’t always have the EXACT example I need. I do my best to show you REAL HOMES with REAL BUDGETS. Thank you for sending your photos in! 



I LOVE Edgecomb Gray (also known as Baby Fawn), whether it’s for walls, trims, cabinets, or exteriors. However, for dark hallways and staircases, in particular, Edgecomb Gray is BEST when it’s lightened by either 25% or 50%. This way, you get similar BONES but a lighter look (with AMAZING flexibility for your color palette). Being a color that bridges the gap between gray and beige and with MINIMAL undertone, Edgecomb Gray is one of the more popular neutrals in today’s color market and will continue to be a top choice going into 2024.

Natural light differences between Aesthetic, Natural TAn, Winds Breath, Edgecomb Gray. Samplize & Kylie m

Let’s look at a few spaces with regular and lightened versions of Edgecomb Gray in action…

This first entryway and hallway show Edgecomb Gray 50% lighter, with what is likely Benjamin Moore White Dove on the trim and door (I’d love to see this door painted a gorgeous, darker accent color)…

Entryway and open layout hallway, living room, catwalk, painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray with Pure White trim, wood floor. Kylie M Edesign (1)

This next entryway is Edgecomb Gray mixed 25% lighter, with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze on the front door and board and batten/hook wall…

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lighter, Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze board and batten with hooks in entryway foyer and inside of front door, linoleum vinyl floor, home decor

Again, it’s 25% lighter on the walls in this hallway and super dark transition area…

Beige off white tile in hallway, arched doorway, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened 25

Lastly (below), here’s Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray 75% lighter in my OWN home…

Entryway with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened, Revere Pewter painted doors, white trim, dark painting stair railing. White oak floors. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

The only natural light is from the transom window above the door and ambient lighting from adjoining rooms.

Usually, I don’t recommend lightening a color 75% unless it’s for your trims or ceiling (and it doesn’t always work). However, in our home, I love being my own guinea pig and adjusting colors to see what they do. This way, I learn more and can better advise YOU on your home!

FULL Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray



Remember, the point of this blog post is to step away from the (potentially) boring world of white walls. Although, this can be open to perception. The right white in the right space can look AMAZEBALLS. And I say all of this because, again, these colors aren’t CRAZY – they’re just GREAT, flexible neutrals.

Beige gets a bad rap thanks to the Tuscan trend from the early 2000s.

But beige has come a looooong way, baby.

Divine White is a more modern, off-white beige. While PERSONALLY, I love the more muted look of Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White and Benjamin Moore Maritime White, Divine White has a bit less gray and is a bit more colorful for those dark hallways and entryways.

Hallway in Tuscan style home, travertine look tile floor with Sherwin Williams Divine White walls and off-white trim colour. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, update ideas

Just because I’m a passive-aggressive lil’ Ginger, let’s look at Aesthetic White, too. Here it is in a narrow hallway with beige carpet and orange-toned wood trim…

Dark hallway with beige carpet and dark wood trim and doors. Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White off white beige paint color on walls. Kylie M interiors Edesign

And here it is in a moody, Spanish-style entryway with a beautiful brick arch…

Beige brick on interior walls, Aesthetic White off white beige walls, wrought iron chandelier and stair railing, Spanish or Tuscan style. Kylie M oNline paint color expert

Why do I bring up both colors?

Well, because for lightening and brightening, Divine White (or Moderate White) will do a better job than Aesthetic White or Maritime White. However, for the MOST MODERN approach to beige, you’re looking at Aesthetic White. I’m just here to show you the OPTIONS; you choose the color that best suits you and your home.

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Divine White

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White


SAMPLIZE offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are more affordable, easier, and environmentally friendly than traditional paint pots.

Samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1 DAY!

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Samplize peel and stick

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE



If you like the idea of a creamy white like Alabaster but want a wink more depth, check out Sherwin Williams Creamy. This is an off-white shade of cream without much yellow, making it more appealing than some of the stronger shades. Creamy has a subtle freshness without a huge commitment to color.

Will stronger, more yellow-based creams make your hallway look brighter?

Yup, as long as they’re a similar depth to Creamy or lighter (heavier creams won’t work as well). However, these creams aren’t always as popular because of their increased chroma (color). When choosing a color, it’s often about finding a happy medium between those that lighten your space that are also colors you can LIVE IN and love!

In this next photo (our old home), notice how Creamy is significantly lighter and brighter on the well-lit walls but doesn’t fall too flat down the hallway (which had no lights on when this photo was taken)…

Sherwin Williams Creamy in a north facing stairwell and a dark hallway with laminate wood flooring. Kylie M Interiors

Here’s a full shot of the hallway with its dark accent color at the end (I love playing with pops of color, as they’re GREAT for adding personality to a boring space like a hallway)…

Hallway update with wood look laminate flooring, Sherwin Williams Creamy and Benjamin Moore Gray feature wall or accent wall. Kylie M Interiors E-design

Creamy isn’t EXCITING by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s simple and bright and reflects the light given quite nicely. In the above photo, you can see how it LOOKS more or less like a white hallway; it’s just not as stark or harsh as Creamy offers a passive warmth and subtle contrast with the trim.

FULL Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Creamy



  • Benjamin Moore Navajo White is a bit darker and warmer/creamier than Creamy.
  • Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca is a slightly more cheerful but still muted approach to cream with more color and depth than Creamy.

Why suggest these other paint colours?

Comparison is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of choosing your best paint color (and researching on ma blog). Remember, what suits one home won’t necessarily suit another; grab several versions of the type of color you like and COMPARE COMPARE COMPARE!



This is a tough one. The shinier a paint finish is, the more light it reflects. However, shiny walls aren’t desirable in the average home – even a moderate sheen can be off-putting, ESPECIALLY if you have texture walls.

This next hallway has no natural light and suits a shiny(er) finish as the walls are covered in moldings, which are usually painted in a satin finish. EVEN THEN, I’d take it down a notch if it were my home (I bet it’s semi-gloss or even high gloss)…

Benjamin Moore White Dove, make boring hallway interesting with moulding, wood floor, carpet runner. Kylie M

Personally, I’m going to worry more about the color I choose and the quality of my light fixtures and less about my paint finish. Sure, I know the sheen will bounce more light, but it doesn’t always LOOK as good, which kind of kills the point.

Sooooo, long story short (as usual), I would use a washable matte finish on my walls or an eggshell sheen at most.



If your hallway or staircase has no natural light, there really is nothing better than white to make it look brighter. So, if you sample the above colors and decide that maybe you DO want white walls, there are several shades worth considering.

Interior hallway doors painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, White Dove walls and trim, Amherst Gray feature wall, white oak floor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Those are my FAVES, but these can be finessed to suit particular finishes/flooring/etc…


The Best LIGHT Paint Colors for a DARK ROOM

The 10 Best Off-White Paint Colors

The Ultimate Guide to Paint Colors & Undertones

White Trim, Walls, & Cabinets – Do They Need to Match?


The best paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consulting. Home Decorating and diiy ideas blogger.market

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors, decorating blog, e-design, online colour consulting expert. signature



  1. Which gray owl is the one you used? Oc-52 or 2137-60 ?
    I tried the OC-52 in my house just as test area. It doesn’t look anything like this pic . The pic looks brighter

    1. Hi Aleyfiyah! They are actually the same Gray Owl, they are just numbered differently as they are in 2 different fan decks – just to make our lives interesting! And yes, what you see online vs how it looks in your home can be quite different depending on your lighting/exposure/etc… so that’s not surprising!

      1. Hiya
        Just wondered what you thought of farrow and ball elephant breath for a dark hallway…I like the idea of a gray with a hint of the purple, but does that work?

  2. Just moved a month ago. Having the hardest time deciding on a living room colour. The colour I pick will continue down our hall. I am loving this Grey Owl. My question is will it be ok with Sea Salt? That is what our high foyer is painted- a great lighted area, that the living room is next to. Thx so much!

    1. Post
  3. I just started reading your blog posts. Wonderful and so informative!!!,
    Catching up on past blogs also. Can you do a blog on east and west facing paint colors? I have read several on north and south facing,
    That said, I just painted a master bath BM Brittany Blue with white dove trim, ceiling, and cabinets with a cream/white tile floor. Now the room comes off as modern, no personality and very bright overall(need sunglasses), whereas traditional off white with pops of medium LRV color is my style. What did I do wrong and how to correct it? You Walk through an east facingMaster BR ( needs new color also) to go into this bath.
    Thank you for teaching us with your gingerly humor and knowledge.

    1. Post

      Hi Robin! I’ve actually written blog posts on BOTH of those things – hooray!
      Here’s the West facing one… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/the-best-paint-colours-for-west-facing-rooms/
      And here’s the East facing one… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/the-best-paint-colours-for-east-facing-rooms/

      As for your bathroom, seems silly, but can you lower the wattage of your light bulbs? This can actually help A LOT to soften a space. You can also play around with the temperature of them. A lot of times bathroom bulbs are cool or daylight – maybe ‘warm’ bulbs will help?

  4. I came here from Pinterest for the lovely carpeted stair treads and then was delighted to find the wall color was Edgecomb Gray, which we’ve used as the color in our main living spaces as well. Could you tell me what the carpet is? And was the carpet applied before or after installing the treads? It looks like the perfect compromise in the carpet vs runner debate for a contemporary space.

    1. Post

      Hi Carla! Unfortunately it was a couple of years ago and I don’t have the info on file anymore! The carpet was installed after the treads were screwed down…

  5. Kylie, I am so grateful for your posts! I have learned so much from LVR, colour undertones, to effects of lighting in north vs. south facing rooms. After reading this post earlier this year, we chose Grey Owl (at 50%) for our upstairs hallway which has limited natural light. It looks great! Now the issue is connecting Grey Owl hallway upstairs with the hallway downstairs which is Edgecoomb Grey. The two colours together aren’t working for me and so its time for a change. Should I continue with Grey Owl, either at full strength or less, for the foyer and hall downstairs (need it to pair up with Museum Piece and Overcoat in other rooms)?

    1. Post

      Hi Teresa, thank you for your note! When it comes to personal questions, I do need to refer to my E-design so that I can look at photos and your questionnaire, otherwise I’m just guessing! It’s affordable and fun if you’d like to check it out! I do try to give as much good info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  6. Hi Kylie. We have a short, narrow hallway with 6 doors (3 closet, 2 bedroom & 1 bath). The hallway is painted Colonnade Gray. I was wondering if the doors to the bedrooms & bathroom should be painted to match the wall color of the rooms, or the hallway. Thank you!

    1. Post
  7. Thanks for all the helpful posts on paint colours! Do you think an edgecomb gray stairwell (lightened 25%) would match with a dove wing living room?

    1. Post
  8. Kylie, I love this blog! Actually managed to get my husband to read it with me (does that count as quality time?!). Don’t worry…I’m not going to ask about colours for a house you can’t see or feel…my husband is asking though if it is acceptable ever to paint both portions of a wall (above and below a dado rail) the same colour leaving the dado white… We are talking light shades like Gray Owl…and just hypothetical!
    Thanks Kylie

    1. Post

      Hi Abi, bless your heart – you even got the hubs to read it – hooray! And yes, absolutely. In fact, that is the more modern approach, painting both colours above and below the chair rail. It’s a bit more of a traditional or sometimes a country look to do 2 different colours. So loooong story short (as usual) YES!

  9. I have a quick question. In he past I have used Magnetic Gray on a flip house. It was large and looked lovely. We recently bought a rental home that is smaller and I am afraid the magnetic gray might but too dark. I love the color but I am looking for a lighter tone of it, I think sea salt is too green. gray owl is nice but looks very crisp. think the magnetic gray is a muddier color. Doe that make sense. can you guide me to a lighter color.
    thanks for your input.

    1. Post

      Oh Jennifer, you HAVE to look at SW Silver Strand, it literally IS like the lighter version of Magnetic Gray and might just hit it right on the money! And your instincts are right, Magnetic would likely have been a bit much!


  10. Thanks for your post! We are painting our great room because right now it feels dark and lifeless. We have medium wood floors and cabinets and I love all things gray. Should I pick a griege? I’m worried the brown wood will turn the griege more brown and I will hate it. That room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, so would mindful gray be too dark? I want to lighten it up but also have a color that doesn’t show up as white during daylight.

    1. Post

      Hi Rachael! Well depending on the greige you pick you might just find that your brown wood makes the greige look more gray IN COMPARISON – which is possibly a good thing for you! Off the top of my head i DO like Mindful Gray, it depends on so many things as to whether it could work for you. If it’s darker, I lean toward saying it might be a bit TOO dark. If you want me to take a look at your home, I do have a fun E-design service and it’s affordable! This way I’m not just guessing at things 😉 https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  11. HI Kylie,
    In my current home I have Revere Pewter. I am moving into a new build home and want to go with a gray color for Great Room, Nook, Kitchen Foyer and dining..all open. I feel like the Revere Pewter tends to look brown at times. I don’t like that. Do you have the perfect gray color you can suggest that is not too dark, But a lovely romantic gray? We start painting this Friday! Help. Cheers, Krista

    1. Post

      Hi Krista, I wonder if you might like SW Repose Gray? I find that lightening it by 25% tends to hit a pretty good happy place 🙂

  12. Hi Kylie,
    I am so thankful for your website and the reams of education you provide those of us that have no idea about colours! Adding some science in your LRV analysis of colour also makes way more sense to those of us who are more on the “science-right brain” side 😉
    Would you suggest a comparable BM version of the SW Creamy you mentioned in your “Dark Hallway” blog? And would you give a thumbs up or down to replicating the Creamy hallway with a Gray accent wall if the room the hallway leads into (and you can see into) is BM Van Deusen Blue? I like the idea of a hallway accent wall but am not really interested in a patchwork look as you walk down the hallway.
    PS loved the post about the glass beach in Sidney. I was there “hunting” with my daughter just a few weeks back. My parents have a home there. I am sooooo recommending they check you out as they are wanting to update their house.

  13. My question is, I have granite counter tops in my master bath Kind of looks like emerald pearl, but the green isn’t real prominent, *you kind of have to look for the green* It is dark with specks of green. I don’t want to pull too much green, but I don’t want to clash. Do you think the Gray Cashmere would work? I also have stained cabinets, but considering painting them white. I was also considering Sea Salt as this is what I have in my current bathroom. But I have white cabinets and white quartz counter tops.
    We are buying a (new to us) house.

    1. Post

      Hi Kymber, without seeing the room it ‘sounds’ like you’re on the right track – no red flags jumping up at me. Both colours CAN lean a bit blue, so just make sure you sample them to see that they hold their green for you 🙂

  14. Ive used Farrow & Ball in a “Dark & Narrow ” Hallway with no natural lighting and it was lovely with halogen lighting. This color changes hues dramatically depending on the light. Love the F&B line. Pigments are so much richer than most paint. Benjamin Moore has come out with a new line called Century which has a soft touch mat finish and rich velvety colors. Just used it for a powder room and it is stunning!

    1. Post

      Thank you, Michele! I haven’t had much experience with F&B unfortunately, but I have chatted with BM about their century paint – expensive but WHAT a magical finish!


  15. I want to transition my main floor from tans/browns to greys. I think Owl Grey might be the color to start and put everywhere, but I’m worried how it will work with my Natural Red Oak floors, we have white trim with it. Will this color work? We are also a North facing house that tends towards dark.
    Thanks, Kristie.

    1. Post

      Hi Kristie, thank you for your note! When it comes to personal questions for such a large area, it’s better to go through my E-design, so that i can take a look at photos, furniture, countertops, fireplace, etc…as when you’d dealing with a main floor, there is a lot to consider. It also depends on how much northern light you have/how big the windows are/foliage. If that interests you, it’s afforable and fun! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-palettes/

  16. Hi Kylie,
    What wonderful advice and suggestions for brightening dark spaces! This is very timely for me, because we have several areas of our home undergoing restoration due to flooding from frozen and burst pipes! I’m frequently perplexed when choosing the correct white for trim. What white would you suggest for using with BM Revere Pewter, SW Creamy and SW Kilim Beige? Those are currently on my walls and my trim is in desperate need of refreshing. These could possibly be my go-to colors for the rooms needing restoration, so I’d love to have some guidance on trim paint. Thank you so much!!

    1. Post

      Hi Carolyn, I’m glad you found it helpful! Check out SW White Dove – this could be a white that could hit on the needs of each colour, without alienating them -it’s one of my fave whites!

  17. Hi Kylie,
    Just finished a bathroom with small window , north facing, little natural light but lots of new fixtures. We have dark grey charcoal wood look tiles and marble look tiles in shower and vanity. The BM Grey Owl is perfect when there is a brief period of natural light but the rest of the time looking way too green. Had a bunch of colors on the walland Gray Owl seemed right but it’s not. Love it all but the color. Your tips are the best and I have learned a lot! Maybe a grey that pulls more blue then green?

  18. I have used Edgecomb Grey with Oxford White trim in our bedroom and love the colour. makes the room look so bright and cheerful even on the darkest day!!
    Have Stone Hearth through the rest of our open concept home.
    Ashley Grey in guest bedroom.
    Use blackout curtains for windows.

    1. Post
  19. Hi Kylie,
    Great post 🙂 We’ve been looking for ways on how to brighten our dark hallways, your post has just been very helpful. Hopefully, paint and light fixtures would work. Paint? Our top pick is the Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  20. Hi Kylie,
    Love all of your info on brightening a dark space. Thinking about painting much of our home SW Creamy but not sure on trim color. I know you used BM White Dove but my painter only uses SW. Is there a SW match to White Dove or something close that would work?? Love reading your blog. Thanks for your help!

    1. Post

      Thank you Melissa! Try SW Alabaster. It’s got a wink more depth than White Dove, but equally as pretty. And if they add 4 ounces of white to the gallon, it will clean it up just a stitch AND improve the coverage too 🙂

  21. Hey! I’m just wondering what the name and make of the flooring is and where you got it for the room you painted with the edgecombe paint colour. We recently moved into a house and I believe we have the same flooring and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Post

      Hi Jessica, unfortunately it was several years ago now! I know it was from a local supplier (Nanaimo) called Motion Carpets, but that won’t be any help to you!

  22. Hi Kylie,

    Love your style! Can you tell me where you purchased the herringbone carpet used to cover the stair treads? Looks great with the white risers and Edgecomb Gray wall. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Pam, that was at a local store called Wingren Carpets – it was a few years ago though so I’m not sure if they carry it anymore!

  23. Hi Kylie
    I am thinking of using grey owl paint throughout my main floor kitchen ,dining room and family room it’s all open concept my floor is a medium gray throughout, is that too much gray ? also what shade of white would you suggest to use for the trim from the Benjamin Moore fan deck .
    Thanks so much !!!

  24. What type of paint finish would you recommend using, egg shell, semi gloss or flat for a dimly lit hallway? I’m going to try using the Edgecomb Gray in my hallway and stairway but not sure of the shine factor.

    1. Post

      I find that eggshell can be a nice happy medium, reflecting a bit of light, without being too glossy – which can be an awkward look when light does hit it!

  25. Can you tell me the type of flooring you have throughout your house. Can you tell me manufacturer or name. I’d love to have that in my house.

    1. Post
  26. What an interesting website. I love it! I’m painting my whole house and having so much fun playing with colors. I’m going out today for more samples. Yay! Thank goodness I live less than 10 minutes from Ace Hardware. My house is less than 2 years old, but I am killing the dreadful contractor’s colors and ghastly paint job they did. (Not smooth! Paint left in the toilets, carpets, etc.) I’m hoping a light gray (like gray owl) will pick up a bit of a blue tone in my bedroom. My new current buff-tone paint picks up some pink and orange tones at night. Angels of mercy defend us! 😮 It’s so wonderfully neutral in the day. (Excuse me while I dry my tears and move on…) I’ve chosen White Dove for my trim, thanks to you. Way beautiful! I have a crazy question for you. Do I need to be using soft white light bulbs or something else to enhance my colors? Just curious. Thought I’d ask before I cause a tsunami of color disasters. If I have another disappointment, I will have to purchase your professional assistance. Thanks for your wonderful website and knowledge-sharing.

    1. Post
      1. I love creamy! It’s the perfect color for me. Can you share the trim and ceiling paint color? Also, I’ve recently started loving the darker muddy trim and white wall look. Do you have a contrasting color that you think would pair well with creamy?

  27. I love creamy! It’s the perfect color for me. Can you share the trim and ceiling paint color? Also, I’ve recently started loving the darker muddy trim and white wall look. Do you have a contrasting color that you think would pair well with creamy?

  28. We used SW Creamy on the walls of a very large great room that faces true east & west. The ceiling is dark wood with scissor beams & floor medium wood with subtle gray tones. Trim is SW Simply White. We wanted white walls but actual “whites” weren’t working in a 100+ yr old house. The Creamy is just right! Everyone comments on how much they love the “fresh white walls”! Looks great in lower daylight well as night time. Only tried it after reading your site so “thank you very much”!

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  30. Thank you for your website. It contains so much good content. I learned a lot by reading your articles/color reviews and watching your videos. I have been using your content to pick colors for my house for many years now. Every time, the effect of the paint color is just as you described. Nice colors make a big difference in a house and in the lives of people’s living in the house!. Thanks again!

  31. Hi Kylie,
    what a lovely website full of good content. Although I learned a lot by going through your colour reviews I’m still rather at a loss with our dark north and east facing hallway. It has wainscoting in Farrow and Ball’s Skimming stone which looks warm and welcoming throughout the day but I don’t get along with the perfect white for walls, cabinetry, doors and trim. Farrow and Ball’s colour shemes don’t work at all because they either read too blue or yellow or come out drab and dull. We’d like to stay with the Skimming Stone wainscoting because it also matches the ‘Panna Cotta’ white Terrazzo floor very niceley but we definetly need to paint the rest of the room with a white from a different paint company. We can order Benjamin Moore paints from Germany but unfortunately no Sherin Williams ( we’re based in Austria at the moment). Do you have an advice for a matching white from BM’s range that will brighten up the room yet picks up the soft and elegant stoney tones of the wainscoting. Will White Dove or similar whites work? Kind regards, Gabriele

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