BEHR In The Moment: Paint Color Review

Posted on August 10, 2023 by KylieMawdsley


In the last 6-8 years, we’ve seen trendy green-grays, peaches, corals, and bright teals, along with a few well-intentioned shades of white. But if there’s one color (blend) that pops up on a YEARLY BASIS, without fail, it’s blue-green.

And as far as Behr is concerned, they’ve got a few great options, with one in particular that seems to catch the average homeowner’s eyes, and that color is In the Moment.

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behr in the moment, best blue-green paint color. earth-toned teal. color review by kylie m.



In the Moment is a gorgeous, moody shade of blue-green, tempered by a gray base. A color like this is often referred to as teal, turquoise, or aquamarine, but these names often cover colors with more intensity and vibrancy. With In the Moment’s calm, gray base, I would call it an ‘earth-toned shade of teal’.

It’s also very well named, as in a world full of so many unknowns, with so much friggin’ TURMOIL, I think we NEED a color like In the Moment to remind us of a few things…

That all that matters is right here…

To be grateful for what is…

To worry less about what might be…

And to pick the prettiest gosh darn color for our walls as we can…

A color that soothes, that calms, that’s the backdrop to a room filled with people that we love. A color that makes us take a deeeep breath and even if just for a second – helps us stay in the moment.

HOT DAMN, you don’t see me get that serious very often – TIM, GET ME MORE WINE!

Which way does it lean – more blue or more green?

You know, it’s hard to say. Colors like these can be open to perception and are ALSO subject to their surroundings, as well as interior lighting conditions. For example, if you put In the Moment in a room with 2700K light bulbs, it’s more likely to look a bit green over blue. On the other hand, toss it in a north-facing room and you might find it hard to decide and could see it as a bit more blue than green.

Behr in the Moment in a reading nook on painted wall panelling. Kylie M E-decor, paint expert blog, photo via Behr



If you don’t know what LRV is, you should take the time to read my blog post ‘LRV – Everything You Need to Know‘, as you’ll find it helpful when trying to pick a paint color.

The LRV of In the Moment is approx 30-32 (I’m just waiting on an answer from Behr). This means that it has more visual weight/depth to it than the average color (which might sit between 55 and 65). It would be more of a ‘medium tone’ rather than a light tone.

Behr in the moment in a formal dining room. created with Behr program by Kylie M E-design



Because In the Moment is in the 30-ish LRV range you could consider it for the living room, dining room, or kitchen, but I wouldn’t use it in ALL 3.

Why not? 

Colour can get overwhelming. It’s the same reason that I (as a Ginger) don’t wear red or orange very often – there’s something to be said for ‘too much of a good thing’. Colors come to LIFE when you create a well-balanced palette around them, rather than committing to them on a scale that is maybe a bit too big (and just to clarify, there is NO such thing as too much Ginger…).

Behr In the Moment in a living room with stone fireplace. Photo via Behr. Info Kylie M Interiors paint colour decor blog

Photos via Behr

Behr In the Moment in a diningroom with dark wood, painted wainscoting. 2018 colour year. Photo via Behr, info via Kylie M Colour blog.



Whether you have an accent wall or painted furniture, In the Moment is a great way to shift things without being too punchy or high contrast.

Behr In the MOment, a blue green gray paint colour on a painted bedroom headboard. Kylie M Interiors blog. Photo via Behr.

I love it on the headboard above, but would love it even MORE as a feature wall or in the WHOLE room!

BTW, for painting furniture, I’ve had TONS of luck with Behr Marquee (eggshell finish, surprisingly enough) – and no, don’t trust that it’s one coat coverage, always do TWO. I HAVE found that Behr paint sheens are slightly more enhanced than many of the other brands, which is why when I use Behr paint I often use their flat/matte on my walls and eggshell on furniture.



I LOVE the idea of In the Moment on the front door – inside OR out!

Behr in the Moment painted on a front door with white stonework. Curb Appeal. Photo via Behr. Kylie M interiors colour blog.

On the inside, it would add a beautiful touch to a beachy, neutral palette. On the outside, it would add a bit of color to a neutral home without being too punchy or like it’s starving for attention.

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As an exterior paint color, In the Moment is gorgeous. This isn’t to say it will suit every stone, brick, or roof, but it sure will take a shot at the title. Check it out on this home with cedar shingles and warm white trim…

Behr in the Moment on an exterior of 2 storey home with stone and trim. Photo via Behr. INfo Kylie M Paint colour blog

While I don’t LOVE it with the stonework, the warm white trim, and cedar shingles are loving In the Moment’s approach.

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A lot of my E-Design clients are looking for that PERFECT blue/green for their farmhouse, or country home and this one could certainly fill the bill!

Behr In the Moment in a kitchen with white country style cabinets and butcher block countertop. Info via Kylie M Interiors E-design blog. Photo via Behr

While it’s not showing on cabinets in the above image, In the Moment is a great backdrop to white cabinets, giving a fresh, family-friendly vibe! As for cabinets, it’s well-suited to white or black countertops, as well as white subway tile backsplash.

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Well, there are a LOT, but I would say my fave color, which bounces nicely without COMPETING would be Graylac T18-03. This is a beautiful, soothing purple/gray blend that plays well with the more cool, beachy vibe of In the Moment.

And while I’m sloooowly diving into Behr and some color reviews, I’m a Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams kinda gal. So, regarding these brands…

And BTW, I don’t get paid for ANY of these blog posts. No moula, no wine, no sensual massage or pat on the back. Just personal high fives to myself and the satisfaction of knowing that you guys are getting info that is easy to understand and applicable to your homes.


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    1. Post

      Oooooh it is. I just put out a blog post about it – I was TOTALLY caught off-guard. Not too sure I agree with it as the Colour of the Year. I think I should do ‘Kylie’s Colours of the Year’ – you know, to tap into what the ‘everyday homeowner’ might actually use. Hmmmm……

    1. Post

      Hi Rachael, you know, I just might! Even if it’s a bit darker (few windows) if there is enough interior lighting it could be really inviting as it isn’t too gray or flat looking.

  1. I agree, Kylie. Definitely THE colour of the year. I was just reading earlier about BM’s colour of the year and though it’s a beautiful red, I wouldn’t want to do a complete room in it. I could see using it as an accent or a front door. I love “In the Moment”. I’m going to be checking it out.
    Enjoy your post, as usual. Thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi Bert, I actually JUST put out apost re: BM’s colour of the year and how ‘it isn’t for everyone’. You actually touched RIGHT on those thoughts with your comment and i’m RIGHT with you on that!

  2. Beautiful color; and my gray/ green leanings feel confirmed. And I have to agree, “there is no such thing as too much Ginger.” 😉

    1. Post
  3. Well bless your little ginger heart! What a fabulous post! I’ve been stressing BIG time trying to pick the perfect blue for my front door but tomorrow I’ll get In The Moment.! It’s perfect! Thanks, Kylie. 🙂

    1. Post

      Well, this is a great note to get, thank you Dori! It is pretty stunning, isn’t it (btw, you should send me photos when it’s done 😉
      From your Ginger friend, Kylie

  4. What a lovely shade! I just started painting by bedroom with Behr’s Silver Shadow, and WOW, is it full of tones of gray, green, purple and blue! HOW does Behr pack so many shades into one color? It is just amazing how this paint changes from wall to wall, and from morning to night. I hope you get a chance to look at this too.
    Kiley, you’ve given me such courage to experiment with colors. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Oooo, that sounds like a good one for me to check out – I love sneaky colours! And I’m glad you’re feeling courageous – paint can be SO fun!!!

  5. Hi Kylie. I have beach glass (BM) in my bedroom… very similar, but lighter than the In the moment, but it is great with white and green accents. also have similar to caliente (BM) in the downstairs “cave” as a feature wall… I am glad to see we are not too outdated… love the colors!! Marina Jones, Summerland PS – so enjoy getting your updates!

  6. Oooh, yes, that colour is right up my alley! That just may be my new #1 choice for when we update the downstairs powder room. I think it would tie in nicely with the rest of the house!

  7. If we are painting the whole house except bedrooms repose gray , is that too much gray ? Lack of color?
    What would be a good color to complement repose , like for dining and kitchen ( we have pretty much a open concept home , except for a dividing wall that does not go to ceiling

    1. Post

      Hi Donna, Repose is lovely, but i might find it a bit heavy EVERYWHERE. I would be inclined to lighten it by 25% for some rooms, maybe even 50% just to take the weight away and give a bit of a shift.

      If you’d like me to suggest some alternatives for you I’d refer to my E-design so that I can look at photos and your questionnaire, otherwise I’m just guessing! It’s affordable and fun if you’d like to check it out. I do try to give as much good info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look!

  8. Hi. Love your posts!! Would you recommend Agreeable Grey or Accessable Grey to compliment sage green accents/Behr color of the year?

    1. Post

      Hi Cathy, it would SOOO depend on the room and it’s furnishings/products/exposure. Particularly the exposure! Off the top of my head, probably Accessible Beige…
      If you’d like me to look at your room, I’d refer to my E-design so that I can look at photos and your questionnaire, otherwise I’m just guessing! It’s affordable and fun if you’d like to check it out. I do try to give as much good info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look!

  9. Hi Kylie,
    Your blog is amazing. I actually learnt a lot about paint colors.
    I really like this Behr In the Moment color and plan to use it as an accent wall in my bedroom. So, I bought a sample and painted a square on the wall. Strangely, it looks darker than the photos from Behr…(actually a bit way darker). I am wondering if you recommend to lighten this color? Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Jeremy! This can happen if you have say, a north facing room with lower light or a room with less interior lighting. Online images (especially pro ones) are edited and usually brightened. Try 25% lighter and see if that takes the edge off of it for you!

  10. I LOVE this color! Quick question… I’m a Benjamin Moore junkie! I will soon be painting my very large open-concept formal living room/den/kitchen area. Would you use flat or eggshell based paint???

    1. Post

      Welllll, if you have kids/dogs I might do an eggshell. If you don’t, then a matte finish is nice. Matte also looks nice if there are walls that get a good amount of natural light, however it’s just not as washable as eggshell!

  11. We just finished my husband’s office in Urbane Bronze (the flooring is a hickory, rustic looking). The sitting room, which walks into my husband’s office via an almost roomwide opening — so the rooms are partners, not at all separate — I want color in that room. Wondering if this would seem too dark or a strange contrast.

    1. Post

      Hi Eve! It depends on how dark/coloured you want to go in the sitting room and what the natural lighting situation is. As long as it is different enough from Urbane to be noticeable, if it’s too similar I think it could be odd.
      If you’d like me to take a close look, I do have really affordable E-design, this way I can a look at photos of your room(s) and come up with some wicked options!

  12. Would you ever paint cabinets In the Moment? I would love a soft blue/gray cabinet color, but I have black appliances and thought In the Moment might be a good compromise without being too dark or cold gray.

    BTW – you should check out Behr Smoked Oyster, it’s my favorite color right now in all my living areas! Soft, warm, red-toned gray (can sometimes look pinkish but not in an obnoxious overwhelming way), looks beautiful with brown uphostered furniture!

  13. We discovered In The Moment here on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and (on the pages) fell in love with it! So…as we’re in the middle of a total home remodel decided to paint our dining room this color and we LOVE IT! You described it beautifully Kylie! It looks gorgeous against our huge window trim and also gorgeous with our dining room furniture! The rest of our house is all done in greige (neutrals) however we wanted a “signature” type room and In The Moment has created that! It’s been fun picking out “happy” colorful material to recover our dining room chairs with too!
    Thanks for your post here! It’s a great color!

    1. Post

      Well Laurie, that is just an awesome note to get – THANK you for letting me know! And you KNOW that I’d love to see photos of it all done 😉

      So glad you’re pleased!


  14. Thank you Kylie for this and all the great reviews! It really seems like Behr got it right this year! My wife and I were considering using this as an accent color for our upstairs hallway for a 2 story foyer (with tons of beautiful east facing light shining in) against something like Gray Owl, Shoreline or Wickham (or maybe Whisper – we’ll sample all 4). Curious if you’d just suggest having Ben color match, or would a BM color like Atmospheric, Mystic Lake or Sea Star look similar?

  15. Hi Kylie.. I am doing this color in my kitchen ..would a greige go good in my living room which is next to kitchen ( open concept) and which greige would you suggest.. lot of lighting everywhere also. I have lighter oak distressed floors and this is lakehouse. I am thinking accessible beige or agreeable gray. Or Edgecomb Gray.

  16. I bought a sample of In The Moment paint to test in my front hallway that leads to the kitchen. I love this color, yet it appears very darker than the advertised pictures. I bought this color in the Behr Ultra Satin is it possible that the Marquee Flat be a bit light than the Ultra Satin?

    1. Post

      Hi Patricia! What you see online vs what shows up on your walls can be quite different as online images are always edited – often OVER-edited. They’re also taken in rooms with VERY good lighting, whereas most hallways won’t have that type of lighting, and this can ABSOLUTELY make it look darker than you’d think. Also, sheen tends to make a colour look a BIT lighter and can enhance the ‘colour’ of it more than it normally would, so it wouldn’t be that. My best recommendation would be to ask them to do a few samples – one sample at 25% lighter and one sample at 50% lighter. Now this CAN shift the undertones, but you might find that the depth better suits your lighting situation 🙂

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