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Our Bathroom Remodel – Greige, Subway Tile & More…

Posted on February 21, 2021 by KylieMawdsley
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A Modern Bathroom Update 

When it comes to buying a home, I like to put my own stamp on things, and from the minute we bought this one, the bathroom was on the TOP of the chopping block (really though, what WASN’T on the chopping block).

Bathroom floor before

However, because bathrooms can be total pork chops on the budget, I had to bide my time until we were ready to do it right. And even then, I was hesitant to get the ball rolling until Moen sent me an email and said ‘Heyyyy girl, you doing any renovating?  We’d love to supply you with some products!’ SAY NO MORE! The ball was OFFICIALLY rolling.

Now that doesn’t mean that I wanted to blow the bank – I still wanted it to be budget-friendly, so I decided on the following:

  • I would keep the vanity. Because it’s built in between two walls, I couldn’t just go to a big box store and get a pre-fab unit that I could drop in – it HAD to be a custom size. So, I decided to get it painted and freshened up with new hardware.
  • I would keep the footprint as everything is pretty functional where it is, other than the dead space behind the door (but I figured out something for that too).
  • I would keep the tub. Our home is only 10 years old and because that shower rarely gets used, the fibreglass tub is in awesome shape.
  • I would use and abuse subway tiles. This would keep the majority of my tile sq footage in line with my budget.

You ready Betty?

Let’s start in the hallway…like most hallways, it’s visually stimulating and an architectural wonder…

Bathroom and hallway before remodel

Well, it might still be a basic hallway, but NOW it has some personality via a wicked accent wall and is a great lead-up to the main bathroom!

Hallway update with laminate wood look flooring, Benjamin Moore Gray feature wall, Sherwin Williams Creamy and door to bathroom. Kylie M INteriors E-design

The Best Hallway Paint Colours

I chose Benjamin Moore Gray for the accent wall, alongside Sherwin Williams Creamy on the main walls. We also installed new flooring (sue-prize, sue-prize). The original carpet was showing its age, so it was time for an update! (and no, the madness never ends)

NOW, on to the good stuff – WINE.  Just joking…the loo!

The Main Bathroom Area

Before, the maple vanity and dark surfaces made this bathroom feel heavy and moody (like me once a month) and didn’t make ANY sense with the shockingly white 4×4 tile in the shower.

Bathroom before being updated and remodelled

And after…go GREIGE or go home! Maybe I’ll do both seeing as I now LOVE our bathroom…

Bathroom update, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and Metropolis vanity, Bianco Drift quartz and gray subway tile by Kylie M Interiors

I chose Benjamin Moore Classic Gray for the walls as I wanted a soft, subtle look that didn’t compete with any of the tilework or countertop. And notice it’s the SAME VANITY, just updated with a fresh coat of paint and hardware!

The Light Fixture, Countertop & Vanity

The old light fixture always made me think of those metal fish that you see on the back of cars that say ‘JESUS’ in the middle. Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. And y’all know how religious I am…

Maple bathroom before update and remodel

I chose Caesarstone Bianco Drift which is a quartz countertop with warm gray, greige, white and brown tones (you’ll see this same countertop HERE)…

Subway tile gray wall behind vanity. Quartz countertop, Bianco Drift by Caesarstone, Moen Glyde faucet, shower surround in hexagon accent. Kylie M Interiors

And just LOOK at the shower reflected in the mirror!

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to make the wall behind the vanity into a feature of some sort. I tossed in between subway tile, wallpaper, a wine rack or jazzy accent tile. I went with subway tile because it was affordable and apparently wine racks in bathrooms are taboo (pshawww).

To save some money, I had Delea of Details Painting spray the maple vanity in Benjamin Moore Metropolis. Her work was SEAMless and saved me a whack load of money!

Bathroom vanity painted Metropolis Benjamin Moore gray. Caesarstone Bianco Drift greige quartz countertop, Moen Glyde faucet and porcelain tile flooring by Kylie M Interiors

Laminate Countertops – High End Ideas, Low End Prices

The flooring is a gorgeous 12×24 porcelain tile from City Tile. It has a subtle texture and a mix of white, greige and beige tones. I also used it instead of traditional baseboard.

The Faucet

I knew that I wanted a two-handle widespread faucet, rather than a lever-style, so I chose the Glyde Collection from Moen. Because the vanity is six feet long, I feel like this style better suits the length and I like the graceful lines of it. From there, I coordinated the light fixture to have the same finish and the same smooth, slightly curved lines.

Bathroom remodel, Moen Glyde fixtures, Bianco Drift quartz countertop Caesarstone, subway tile wall, Gray painted vanity by Kylie M Interiors

4 Subway Tile Ideas for your Kitchen and Backsplash

The Tub & Shower Area

The tub and shower…why would I EVER want to change it? The funny thing is, 4×4 white tile is coming back in style, however, I ain’t hoppin’ on THAT bandwagon. I either wanted a large 12×24 tile or some type of subway tile.

Bathroom shower before being updated and remodelled

And the winner was subway tile! After exhausting all of the possibilities (you have NO idea how much I agonize over my own home – there is no wine bottle large enough to settle me), I landed on this awesome 4×10 tile from Lowe’s. MAAAAD love. It’s greige, soft, and subtle as I wanted the bathroom to feel fresh and clean, but not ‘stark’.

Gray subway tile shower surround with niche or alcove in hexagon shape marble tile for an accent by Kylie M INteriors

And seriously, the hexagon accent tile just about did me in when I first saw it, I started drooling on-site and almost biffed it in my own puddle. I’d looked HIGH and low for just the right accent tile and THIS was it!

I found it at Cornerstone Tile in Nanaimo. The warm greige tones were a nice break from the traditional white/gray/black marble that I usually work with in my Online Consulting.

Bathroom with bathtub and gray subway tile shower surround with niche or alcove in hexagon marble tile, greige accent tile. Kylie M Interiors design

I decided to make a 10″ high wall-to-wall niche for a simple look with some function. I didn’t want it to POP, but I did want it to be a classy statement.

Notice how the subway tile continues right to the end where it meets the alcove seamlessly.

Bathroom with tub remodel with Moen Glyde fixtures, greige and gray subway tile and hexagon marble niche or alcove by Kylie M INteriors

I also chose the Glyde Collection for the tub/shower, for a coordinated look. I’m not really into the huge rain heads and like the simple, low-key look of the Glyde unit.

The Awkward Nook Behind the Door

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, porcelain greige subway tile, gray linen tower with bathroom decor and design by Kylie M Interiors

As for the awkward area behind the door/shower area, I found this linen tower on clearance at Lowes and it filled up the space perfectly. Along with my Glyde robe/towel hooks, this area is now functional and pretty darned purdy!

And look at how soft and subtle Classic Gray looks. I darkened it by 25%, just to give it a weeee willy wink more depth and it still offers just the right gentle touch for this space.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray a greige paint colour in a bathroom with gray linen tower and bathroom decor, linens. Kylie M Interiors E-design

And who gets MAD props on this project? Brett Edwards, that’s who! Brett of BE Tile did an awesome job from start to finish. He humoured me (as most people do) when I couldn’t make up my mind and went above and beyond to make sure that everything turned out JUST how I was hoping. The only negative was that he didn’t bring his baby Maxwell over enough so I could get my baby fix!

Want to know if painted maple cabinets lasted?

Our Maple Painted Cabinets – 2 Years Later

Before and after maple bathroom vanity update with greige, gray, subway tile and bianco drift. Kylie M Interiors E-design.jpg


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Originally written in 2017, awesomely updated in 2021 for you!


  1. I LOVE IT!! Every darn tootin’ detail lol. I’m a gray greige neutral loving kinda girl. Fantabulous job. I now have tile envy lol. Has to be a total pleasure walking into that door. I have had classic gray on my list for some time now but worried it would be too light. After seeing yours darkened by 25%, and it still looks light and fresh, I’m sold! Thanks so much. Great job.

  2. What a transformation Kylie! It is just beautiful! I would love walking into that bathroom every morning. I love Jesus but I’m glad you got rid of the light, lol! You are so talented.

  3. OMG, so purdy! And I’m not even a griege fan but love how soft & light it all is & decision to frame mirror w wall vs keeping full wall mirror–I don’t know that that would ever have occurred to me!
    Ok, big question about cabinet painting, which you’ve posted on before: my niece claims that you can paint cabinets with chalkboard (or maybe just chalk?) paint instead of sanding before painting your chosen color. But I run this by the hardware store guy who says just to wipe it down w deglosser. What’s the best lazy-girl way to prep bathroom cabinets?

        1. Post
  4. BEAUTIFUL! You mentioned the tile was from Lowes, but I am unable to find it. Will you please share the brand and color?

  5. Love your greige bathroom exactly what we want to do with our three bathroom renos same maple cabinets!! and 4×4 tile shower…… just wondering we have a city tile in burnaby was wondering if you have a product name for the porcelain floor tile I love it!!!! Thank you Patti

  6. Kylie, I love your remodel and would really like to know the brand of the light fixture. I’ve looked extensively at Lowe’s online and can’t seem to find it.
    Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Kylie, your bathroom looks amazing! and the full width recess niche is a really nice touch – was it a lot of work in terms of framing? I assume parts of the studs behind the wall had to be removed and a header needs to be added?

    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Tian, thank you! Yes, they had to cut into the studs and reframe a bit with a header, but it was WELLLL worth it – it turned out pretty darned cool and in the ‘carpentry’ world it was pretty straightforward stuff!

  8. Hi Kylie,
    I am new to this remodel thing. I get anxiety picking a color! Your videos really helped me with understanding undertones. In your hallway is the baseboard painted the same color (creamy) as the walls? I was trying to go with a gray/griege color in my hallway but I have three storybook windows down a very long hallway that are north facing and it is pretty dark. Any of the cooler grays I pick (Big chill, crushed ice) when painted on the wall look Blue! I tried repose gray and it looks green! I’m stuck! I want it light and bright. Any other colors you could suggest?

    1. Post

      Hi Tammy! In that hallway, the baseboard is BM Cloud White and the walls are Creamy – it’s amazing how natural light can shift things! Now I try to give as much complimentary advice on my blog posts and if that doesn’t work, sometimes it’s time for a closer look with my e-design, this way I can take a look at your room/questionnaire and come up with some ideas that can work, rather than just guessing! It is affordable (particularly for a hallway) and it’s fun! If you’re interested, the link is here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/
      Chat soon!


  9. Wow!! Amazing transformation. I love the colours you’ve chosen. It’s so bright and fresh and clean looking! Very up to date too! Hard to believe the vanity is just painted with new hardware! Oh my goodness! I just love love love the final outcome! Awesome!

    1. Post

      Thank you Judi! 6 months later I STILL love it, which is rare for me as I get tired of things really fast (it’s an expensive hobby….). And it IS amazing what a lick of paint can do! I’ll be doing a blog post on our Office Bathroom shortly, it’s pretty awesome, I can’t wait to show you!

  10. I LOVE they grey subway! We are using the same line for our remodel. Did you use a white grout? It looks like it might be a smidge darker than white but I can’t be sure. Trying to use a grout that won’t be as high maintenance as white. 🙂 thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah, it was definitely a lighter gray colour – Silver I think???? I’m REALLY glad I didn’t do white grout!

  11. Have you mentioned where you purchased your pulls for the cabinets?

    thanks so much for your post- beautiful post and I am very much inspired!

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Shar, it’s the Pearl brand and was supplied by the countertop company – Colonial Countertops, so it’s not a Home Depot/Lowe’s type of thing, more of a speciality thing (but not priced that way, just special in that they carry that specific brand).

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Haha! Yes, it is a boring mirror and that’s for a few reasons!

      #1 – the lights didn’t allow for a mirror with a deeper frame
      #2 – with a feature tile back wall and more detailed light, a decorative mirror would have been TOO much competition – over the top!

      Trust me, thought goes into every choice I make!

  12. Have you ever used BM Classic Gray darkened by 50%? I used it in a bedroom darkened by 25%. It looks great on 3 of the walls but one wall looks washed out by the natural light in the room.

    1. Post

      Hi Debby, good question! I get a bit nervous at 50% because I’ve found that 25% tweaks a colour, but doesn’t really alter its undertones. Whereas 50% can sometimes be a bit more unpredictable. The only other thing is that in the evening when the sun is down and ‘all is equal’ there will be a more noticeable shift, that being said, there is a shift on every wall due to shadows anyway!

  13. Hi Kylie,

    I love the colour of your bathroom cabinetry. Is it the same colour that you used for the cabinetry in your bar area?

    Many thanks ????

    1. Post

      Oooo look at you – paying attention! You know what they are SUPER DUPER similar. The bar area is actually a ‘manufacturers colour’ that is SUPER close to the vanity 🙂

  14. So beautiful! Well done. ???? I had a bathroom where you could see the toilet too and so I installed a spring hinge on the middle hinge and the door swings slowly shut to spare the view! I also put a “WC” on the door so guest no where to find it!

  15. Hi there,

    I really like your choice of subway tile in the washroom. I have read the article several times and I know that the tiles were purchased at Lowe’s but I didn’t find the colour of the tile. Do you remember the name?


    1. Post

      Hi Richard, I think it was something like ‘Pearl Gray’ perhaps, from the Allen and Roth line – unfortunately we’ve since moved so I can’t look at the spare box!

  16. Hi Kylie

    Your bathroom is gorgeous and an inspiration for our upcoming remodel. By chance were you able to verify the name and brand of your tile floor? Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. Post

      Hi Kathy! I believe it was called Bellagio (Beige or white) from City Tile here in Nanaimo – I’m not quite sure who their main supplier is though…I hope that helps a bit!

      1. Hi there. Beautiful bathroom!
        I was curious if the tile went all the way to the ceiling prior to the remodel or is that something you added. I was just going through a contractor not a designer but he thought the tile going all the way up would make my small bathroom look even smaller.

        1. Post

          Hi Kim! The tile didn’t go all the way up, and it can actually make the bathroom look larger as there will be less breaks in horizontal surfaces – consistency is much better, I’d go all the way up every time!

  17. Hello Kylie, your remodel is beautiful!! If you don’t mind my asking, how much did this all cost? I am wanting to make over my bathroom and just want to be realistic with a budget.

    1. Post

      Ooo, good question, let’s see…

      Painted vanity: $600
      Countertop: $1200
      All tile: Approx $500
      Labour for tiling (demo,prep,install) – $2500
      Plumbing: I was given the plumbing fixtures by Moen and just bought a $350 toilet.

      So I would say in the end, hardware, paint, all that jazz, between $5-$6000.

      Hope that helps!

  18. We’re redoing our shower and I was hoping to make a niche just like this! Wondering how you made it go end to end with the studs being there?

    1. Post

      Hi Tam, it was a non-load bearing wall, backing onto a closet, so we cut into the studs and had the fellow rebuild around them a frame of sorts for the niche to sit in!

    1. Post

      Hi Sonya, no we didn’t! I don’t remember what they were, but the first round of grout on the shower tile was not done the right way (they did the wrong colour), so they had to use a grout tint/paint to change the colour! The floor is lighter 😉

  19. Your bathroom turned out great! What is the length of the vanity? I ask because I want to get a 60″ with one sink but the opinions from my daughter and the plumber is that 1 sink will look weird on a cabinet that long.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Celia, it was a few years ago now, but i BELIEVE it came in around $5-6000. Not having to replace the vanity was a HUGE savings, but the tile labour was the big cost… 🙂

    1. Post
    1. Post
  20. Hi Kylie,
    I was wondering what color tile you have in your bathroom. I ask because I am looking for the perfect greige to tone down the pink tone I am seeing in my taupe tile. Do you think classic gray would work? Unfortunately, the piece of tile alone looked to be the perfect taupey/gray color but when up on the wall I see pinkish tones. I really appreciate your help!

    Thank you!


    1. Post

      Hi Lori! It’s hard to say without seeing photos, but I personally used Classic Gray and had great success with it! I darkened it by 25% though, just to get a bit more body from it.

      1. Hi Kylie,

        I am in the middle of a remodel of our 1/2 bath and decided to use the same cabinet color as you used in this bathroom remodel. However, our local BM store doesn’t darken any paint so I cannot use the 25% darkened classic gray you used. What other color would best match the 25% darkened classic gray? I tried Balboa Mist as this was the next color on the color strip next to the classic gray, however, I found that color a bit too dark next to the Metropolis (aka Eagle Rock). Thanks for all the information you provide through this website.

        1. Post
  21. Kylie this looks lovely. I am planning to do a double shower no tub which means il will have a dead space too – from shower stall. A linen closet does not thrill me. ???? do you think your concept would translate? Your area has a lovely little curve .

    Thanks Jan

    1. Post

      Hi Jan! I quite loved this little spot! If the wall were flat ALL of the way (and didn’t angle out) I would’ve even considered doing a bit of beadboard/board and batten on that wall and hanging hooks with a bench underneath. :).

  22. Do you have the name of the accent tile. Our bathroom is being redone as we speak. I’m going crazy trying to find the accent tile and boom that’s it!!!

    1. Post

      Oh, I don’t have the name any more, it was several years ago, but it WAS from Lowes and the colour was Pearl (I think…) and it the Roth and Allen brand (we’re in Canada, but I’m sure I had someone in the states be able to track it down :).. I hope that helps!

  23. I have that same subway tile in my kitchen for the backsplash just in the smaller size! I absolutely love it! 🙂

  24. Beautiful greige bathroom luv it all. Kylie I was wondering how you hung your frameless mirror on the tile wall?

    1. Post

      Good question! We actually got a mortar bit and went through the tile – which WAS NERVE-WRACKING, but actually went really well! I’ve done a few similar things since – sloooow and easy.

  25. Hi Kylie, I love your bathroom colors. I have a similar layout and we are in the middle of our remodel. I will be using a shower curtain as well, did you use a tension rod? I’m trying to find one that doesn’t rust and those are mostly stainless steel but I worry about it falling and chipping my new tub. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      It’s SO HARD, isn’t it? I finally got one at Home Depot that the hubs had to screw into the wall – so no more tension.

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