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E-BOOK: DIY Decorating Ideas to LOVE the Home You Live in!

Posted on January 29, 2020 by KylieMawdsley
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I’m SO stinkin’ excited! As promised (albeit a few months late), I’ve finally published my newest e-book – THE 5 ROOM FIX: LOVE THE HOME YOU LIVE IN

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Click HERE or on the above image to get your copy!

This e-book is FULL of great ideas to reclaim your home and embrace your space – WITHOUT breaking open your kid’s piggy banks. Let’s take a sneak-peek at some of the topics…

  • 150+ pages of budget-friendly ideas
  • Step-by-step tips on how to de-clutter and clean your home, setting the stage for a new look
  • Ideas for each of the 5 Key Rooms that can be carried into any room in your home
  • Decorating and furniture layout ideas
  • How to find the best accent colours for your room
  • How to accessorize almost ANY surface, from a sectional or chair to a bookcase or mantel
  • The right height to hang artwork
  • Dozens of photos of my E-design client’s homes as well as my own – homes JUST like yours!
  • Charming and witty comments, which almost everyone can benefit from

AND, you’ll also receive my FREE 21-page e-booklet ACCENT COLOURS – AND HOW TO USE THEM’ – I’m excited FOR you!

Accent colour ebook, Kylie M Interiors Online paint color consultant

Get your copy HERE!

Seriously, whether you’re a first-time home-buyer or have lived in your home for 40 years, this e-book has the info you need to create a home you love. It’s time to embrace your space!

Chat soon,

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  1. Congrats, Kylie. Question which ebook(s) might be best if I’m on the fence about moving. We want to stay but we should downsize.

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      Hi Connie! Oh, that’s a hard spot to be in. I DO think there’s a lot of value in the ‘we want to stay’ more than the ‘we should downsize’. But that’s just me ;). My thought is that I’d love for you to get the DIY Decorating Ideas to LOVE the Home You Live in, but here’s the deal. Once you do some things, you’re going to want to stay even more! I found this ALL the time, even when I did home staging in local homes – just tweaking rooms so that they suited themselves often made homeowners fall in love with their home all over again! On the other hand, if you get the Home Staging ones it could go 2 ways, you could either slightly detach from your home as you take some of the personal things away OR, even doing that could make you love it more as it’s got a fresh face!

      Sooooooo. If it were ME, we’ll it SOUNDS like you love your home. I’d go with that for now and when you know that you’re READY to move, then go forward from there – does that make sense?

      Good luck 😉 Kylie

  2. Buys Kylie’s e-book. Reads 100 pages. Becomes the annoying upstairs neighbour moving furniture at 10pm. #sorrynotsorry.
    Love the book Kylie!! So much inspiration inside. Can’t wait to spend some time giving my place a good clean and really turning it into a home.

  3. Hey Kylie! Thank you for the awesome eBooks! I purchased and downloaded this AM, and love them so far! I always enjoy your quirky sense of humor, and your amazing writing style. Makes me smile every time I read your blog, and now your eBooks. Sooooo good!

    I’m going to hit you up on eDesign. My northwest (ish) facing living room with a giant floor to ceiling stacked stone fireplace is giving me FITS and I’m ready to pull my hair out. Ours was a spec house (studs), so I had to choose all of the finishes in TWO WEEKS time. I didn’t realize how dark my living/dining/kitchen were going to be (Southern style porch = super deep roof overhangs = no sun), especially during these long, rainy, gray, Atlanta winters. Blech. I’ve heard Seattle of the South tossed around frequently. I’ve repainted the open floorpan four times in almost five years, and I’m usually not this terrible at selecting paint color. I’m and artist/designer for goodness sake! I NEED your help! Reaching out soon!

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