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Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9: Paint Color Review

Posted on April 23, 2021 by KylieMawdsley
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A Popular FLEXIBLE Warm Neutral: Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Have you been scouring Pinterest looking for that one special color that makes your heart POUND with excitement? Let me save you some time and stress and introduce you to Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White.

Paint color review, best cream greige blend paint colour, Benjamin Moore Ballet White. A popular neutral. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, edecor, online colour expert

What type of paint color is Ballet White? Is it warm or cool?

Ballet White is at HEART, a warm cream paint color – but it’s not quite that simple. Cream is a yellow paint color that has a neutral added to calm it down – and Ballet White has a LOT of neutral in it, making it what I fondly call a dirty cream paint color – and dirt has never looked SO good.

Painted stucco and brick fireplace. Painted Ballet White and White Dove with black mantel and country home decor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color advice blog

What is the LRV of Ballet White?

The LRV of Ballet White is 72, which means it’s a light color. If you’re not well-versed in LRV, I highly recommend you read this article as it’s a game-changer when it comes to choosing paint colors. And while Ballet White is in the off-white range, it still offers a nice, soft contrast with white trim, while keeping things low-key and muted.

Ballet White best warm cream neutral paint colour. Living room, cottage coastal style, builtins. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour advice blog

Benjamin Moore Ballet White in livign room with vaulted ceilings and brown leather couch. Kylie M interiors Online Colour Consulting and E-decor services

Read more: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Paint Color – LRV

What are the undertones of Ballet White?

First, let’s talk about cream. A typical cream paint color starts out as yellow and can sometimes grab a wink of orange, red or green. Added to this is a soft neutral base that calms everything down – this neutral is what turns yellow paint colors into cream paint colors! And while Ballet White has a BEAUTIFUL creamy look to it, unlike ‘normal’ cream paint colors, where the yellow is more dominant, Ballet White has a considerably STRONG neutral base mixed, creating a more blended look and balanced look.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White in living room with white trim and greige sofa. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

This means that in some rooms, you might see more of a warm, muted, but still slightly creamy look, while in others, you’ll see a more of a creamy-greige (mad love). For people who love cream, but don’t love yellow (I’m always amazed at this as cream IS yellow), Ballet White can be a great place to land.

In the previous photo, look at how MUTED and subtle Ballet White looks – hardly a wink of cream to be found!

It’s also a beautiful partner to dark wood trim…

Benjamin Moore Ballet White in family room with sloped ceiling, dark wood trim, brown brick fireplace, beige carpet, dark brown furniture. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy update ideas

In this next photo, you can see the warmth showing up to the party a bit more, but still VERY subtle.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White, stucco and brick fireplace with oak or fir wood flooring. Gray Cashmere kitchen. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color advice blog and consulting

BM Ballet White in the foreground, BM Gray Cashmere in the background

And unlike colors with a bit more COLOR in them, I find that Ballet White has WAY more flexibility and suits many more rooms. Why? Because no matter what it looks like, it always stays neutral. It’s easier to like or dislike a ‘color’ because colors tend to have emotional responses attached to them, whereas neutrals tend to have ‘neutral emotional responses’ attached to them. If you don’t like green then you DON’T LIKE GREEN and it’s an emotion you’re feeling. If you hate red, then you HATE RED, and again, it will be emotional (but this Ginger’s feelings might be crushed). You may not get excited about neutrals, but you probably won’t hate them (another reason why neutral paint colors are so great for Home Staging).

It is easier to like or dislike a ‘color’ because colors tend to have emotional responses attached to them, whereas neutrals are often less emotional

Bathroom vanity, travertine tile and countertop, espresso, dark wood, Benjamin Moore Ballet White cream. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color expert blog

BTW – If you aren’t following me on Pinterest already, I’d love to see you there! 

Ballet White on the exterior of a home

Ballet White is a great choice for an exterior as natural light really makes ALL of the aspects of Ballet White (yellow-cream-beige-gray) recede so that it generally looks like a soft, light, neutral color with no dominant personality or color shining through. If you have a south-facing home you could expect to see a BIT more warmth.

Before Ballet White…

Exterior brick and front door BEFORE painting

And after Ballet White…

Exterior palette, cream, brown and orange. Subtle mid-century style with painted brick and siding on split level home. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Decorating and Colour Consulting

See the before and afters here:  A Stunning Exterior Makeover – Painted Brick and More

If you’ve read my post re: picking exterior paint colors, you’ll know that exterior colors tend to come up a bit lighter than you THINK they will. Ballet White proves this point nicely, without looking white or stark.

If your walls are Ballet White, what’s the best white for your trim?

Ballet White is more flexible than a 10-year-old ballerina. It’s more than happy to humor whites like Benjamin Moore Cloud White, White Dove and MUCH more.

Benjamin Moore’s 8 Best White Paint Colors

Does Sherwin Williams have a paint color similar to Ballet White?

YOU BET it does! Check out Sherwin Williams White Duck which has a VERY similar approach being kind of a hybrid between cream, tan and greige, however, it’s a touch LIGHTER and slightly less warm.

Dark wood kitchen cabinets and trim with travertine tile backsplash and warm granite. Sherwin Williams White Duck darkened on walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color advice blog

Kylie M E-Design

The Best Benjamin Moore Creams and Off-Whites

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A few more things about Ballet White…

  • if you’re looking for a slightly warm greige paint color, Ballet White might have TOO much yellow in it as it’s more cream than greige/tan. Check out Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray instead
  • Ballet White DOES have a reasonable grayish backdrop, which is what calms the yellow down, so if you don’t love this ‘dirtier’ look and prefer a more noticeable CREAM, check out Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream
  • northern light can slightly enhance the gray undertones of Ballet White
  • direct natural light will wash Ballet White out because of its higher LRV
  • Ballet White is a great ‘whole home’ color as it is light enough for hallways and interesting enough for larger rooms 

Not sure if Ballet White is the right color for you? Want something warmer, lighter, brighter? I’ve got more!

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Check out my Online Color Consulting Services, I’d love to help!

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  1. Hi Kylie,
    This post was a life saver (I too was losing my mind much like Carolyn and this really, really helped me narrow it down)! I’ve got a sample of ballet white and it’s very interesting – it seems to look different on every wall but very pretty so I think I’m going to go for it!
    On the other hand, I also got a sample of revere pewter and it looks straight up purple. Which I was NOT expecting (no one on the internet ever mentions revere pewter looking purple)! Anyway, I can see tinges of pink or purple in the ballet white as well (only in certain areas and angles) but nothing like that. It’s clear there is something in this room trending the colours that way (probably the bright orange fir floor), and I don’t want that – so my question is what trim colour do you normally suggest to go with ballet white?? I’m stumped on this now. I’m worried that something like white dove (with a slight yellowy undertone) will bring out any sneaky purple tones in the ballet white. My understanding is that yellow amplifies purple tones??
    Anyway – I’ve noticed there aren’t many comprehensive blog posts out there about what to do with your trim when you are going for off-white walls – or at least I haven’t found any! (like whether to create the most contrast possible by going for super white trim, or go darker with the trim, or to paint the trim the same colour as the walls but in a different sheen; or how to avoid the walls looking dirty). Idea for a blog post maybe?? Unless you’ve already written it and I’ve missed it.
    Thanks! Love your blog, it’s been a huge help!

    1. I am wondering too. What is the best trim color for a room painted with off whites or something like ballet white. My living room is going to be white dove and my dining room ballet white. Not sure which color to use on my trim. PLEASE HELP lol
      Thank you!

      1. Post
  2. What a great article. Getting ready to paint outside of my house and I currently have 10 shades of white samples painted . Is there a SW paint color that is the equivalent to BM ballet white? Thanks!!

      1. My husband says he strongly prefers Sherwin Williams paint so I am trying to stay in the Sherwin Williams paint lexicon. Do you have any Sherwin Williams colors like Ballet White the you recommend for whole house whites (half the house gets strong Southerly sun and the rest is hallways). I am trying to decide whether we just go with SW’s Creamy or if we have them mix up their equivalent to Ballet White and give that a shot (although I keep reading about the companies bases being different and some claim you can’t get good matches). I’m also strongly considering your e-design to pick the 4 bedroom colors as doing this myself 4 more times might cause me to loose my mind. Thanks in advance for your suggestions on the whole house “white.”

        1. Post

          Hi Ali! When it comes to personal questions, I do try to refer to my E-design, so I’m not guessing on things. Off the top of my head, check out SW Neutral Ground, it has a ‘similar’ look to Ballet White. Otherwise, you can ask SW just to colour match it for you!

  3. Need help in choosing a wall color to go with my all over home trim and doors that are Ballet White. Currently , it is Believable Buff. I also have med. toned hardwood floors throughout. So, it is just way to warm for me and is so yellow! I’ve been sampling several colors and haven’t fallen in love yet. Foyer and hall are NW with just a few windows that let in natural lighting. It is open to the living room with two big windows on either side of the fireplace they are SE facing. The fireplace trim is also all in Ballet White. So, no cool tones in the home at all. I read your article about having equal amounts of cool tones or you feel like something is off. That is how I feel about the home. I am currently thinking of using one color and carrying it through to the kitchen , which is to the left, with very minimal natural lighting. Same colors in the kitchen, almond subway tile and have brandon beige cabinets The paint looks very yellow up against the cabinets and its driving me nuts! I’ve repainted my dining room, from a dark brownish taupe color to SilverMist BM. Its pretty, but, not as dark as I was hoping for. Looks more light blue most of the day. Any suggestions? I was thinking gray at first, but, doesn’t brighten as much as I wanted and also goes blue, except for Classic Gray BM. Its very nice as is Halo. However, not too sure I like it up against the trim. Sorry this is so long!!

    1. Post
  4. Hi! I wish I saw this before I bought 20 sample paints!! In the end, I also chose Balet White, and I love it every time I look at it!! It is my favorite! I have Dove white cabinets, and it looks amazing . It also compliments my other paints. manchester Tan, simply Ehite , Maritime White, Muslin, and Alabaster! I love your posts. We must have the same eye for color & you seem to be only one I agree with! Lol

    1. Post
    2. Lisa I was thinking of using alabaster trim with Ballet White since I have to use Sherwin Williams paint and I heard White Dove doesn’t color match well. Pure White looked too stark for me. Just wondering if alabaster would work with Ballet White.

  5. Hi Kylie- I have read nearly all your color reviews, love them!. I just bought a house and have been struggling with finding the perfect color for my house with poor natural lighting. I have revere Pewter in my kitchen and love it, but when I extended it into my dining room I did not like it. The rest of my home is a darker gray and i am looking to lighten it up. Would ballet White do the trick? I have also considered white dove but am worried it will be too light. How does ballet white compare to dove white?

    1. Post

      Hi Katie, I can just touch on this quickly, but Ballet White could be a beautiful choice. It’s warm but has a great neutral base, which it will likely fall back on if your home is more shadowed). Hope that helps!

  6. Hi
    What is the exact wall color in the last pict. with the crystal chandelier? Im confused, as I cant determine if it is GC or BW…


    1. Post
    2. Post
  7. Hi Kylie,

    I LOVE all of your posts and information! Thank you! I have been in paint color purgatory in my south facing living room. All the colors I have tried go all wonky in this room!! I have a swath of Ballet White on the wall and it is still turning a bit yellow in the afternoon light. Would Pale Oak be a comparable alternative to cool it off a little bit more? I want the room to feel light , airy and calm, but not too bright or cool. The trim and ceilings are white dove…


    1. Post

      Hi Katie, yes it can be tough! Pale Oak is not super comparable as it’s more of a greige with a soft, feminine undertone. However, you wouldn’t need to worry about the creamy/yellow popping up on you!


  8. If you’re having trouble finding a white for most of the house – which is more versatile for south and north rooms different floorings I can’t change – ballet or SW alabaster?

    1. Post

      Ooo, they do have different looks as Ballet White has more depth and Alabaster can act more like a white. I lean a bit more toward Ballet White personally…

      1. Thank you so much! Will Ballet white work well with a green undertone scheme? In some of the pictures I almost see a green undertone but you only mention the yellow/beige/Greige (Greige is also in the scheme).

  9. I am thinking of using ballet white on the exterior of my home. The paint swatches I tested make it look beige, but I’m wanting more of a creamy white. When I look at pictures, it looks like a nice white. Does the color change when you paint it on your entire house? Also we are doing simply white on the trim, is that a good one to pick?

    1. Post

      Hi Kim, I’ve used it on the exteriors of clients and it’s beautiful! I wonder if a) you might need to lighten it by 25% for the look you’re going for or b) take a look at something like SW Creamy? I mean, this is without seeing your home or anything, but it might help you get closer to what you want! It’d definitely not a white, although it does look that bit lighter on exteriors – it’s not even an off-white, its more of a ‘light’ colour. I do have E-design if you’d like me to take a look? https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/


  10. Thanks for your very informative blog!
    My husband and I renovated our house this year (down to the studs!) I used Ballet White all over the house based on the advice you had given in the past. I’m very happy with how it has turned out.

    1. Post

      Wahoo, I love to hear that Katherine (feel free to send photos too – I LOVE to see photos of colours in action – they can come in SO handy for my readers (if you’re so inclinded 😉 If so, you can send them to kylie@kylieminteriors.ca If not, it’s ALL good and I’m just happy to hear it all turned out 🙂


  11. Once again an amazing review. After purchasing the E-design in the past and painting our bedroom Big Chill, I just love reading your color reviews. Every time I look at the walls in our bedroom, I am amazed at the way color changes based in time of day.
    Do you have any suggestions for an accent color (in the darker blue or grey family) to go with the ballet white? I am thinking of using it in the powder-room, but want to paint the vanity as well with a pop of color.

  12. Hi Kylie,
    Love your emails and your advice…you have really answered questions of the universe (and wine)!
    I have BM Dove White on many of my walls. I like it, and I have used it as a creamy, warmish, non-stark white. Don’t know if I
    am correct, but I like it anyway. My question is: how is it different from Ballet White, and how would it contrast with Dove White trim?

  13. Love, love, love your articles! Which Sherwin Williams trim do you recommend to go with BM Ballet White? I like more of a soft, subtle look, rather than a stark, contrasting look. Thanks!

    1. Post
  14. Hi Kylie!

    Love all your blogs! Need to send you pictures of my nearly completed e-design bathroom! It looks great! Thank you. My question is, what SW color is most like Ballet White?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Post
    1. Post

      Ooo Cheryl, you are GOOD, they are close! Neutral Ground has a bit more depth, while still being in the light range. It also has some more beige/cream warmth to it as well. But really, similar idea!

  15. Post

    Hi Kyle! Wellll, I wouldn’t call it a creamy white, more of a creamy off-white, so if you’re okay with the depth then it’s a good one!

  16. Hi Kylie – I’m a faithful reader and always find your advice on paint colours so useful. Not to mention you are as funny as heck! Just curious how Ballet White would compare to BM Seashell? I used Seashell on my main floor and really like it.

  17. So would it go okay in a north facing room? Will it add some color (to differentiate it from SW Extra White Trim/crown molding) without making the room drab and lifeless in the midwestern winters?

  18. Hi Kylie !
    Thanks to your review I decided to go with ballet white. It is the perfect off white.. I love it.! I’m stumped with picking the right white for the trim and base though. PLEASE HELP!!! People are saying simply white ? Or dove white? Or another perfect white? What would you choose ?

    1. Post

      Hi Steph! With Ballet White, I like the softness of White Dove (not to be confused with Dove Wing, which is common 🙂

  19. Hello! Is there a SW equivalent for Ballet White? Our builder will only use SW colors–not just their paint–I’ve gone round and round with them on having Sherwin Williams mix a BM color, but they say they can only apply SW colors to the house. Clearly, this is frustrating. I had planned on doing White Dove trim with Ballet White walls. Now I’m leaning toward Pure White trim with Shoji White walls….Is Shoji White a good substitute for Ballet White or is there something better? Oh, if this is important, we are building a true farmhouse on an actual 66 acre farm complete with cows, goats, chickens, and 6 children. The main living areas are NW facing with views of all the pastures and barn. The kitchen windows face East. 🙂
    Thank you! Sarah

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah! Well, with the painter/builder, it’s not them that has to mix the paint, it’s the paint store, so whether the paint store mixes their own colour or another should be irrelevant! (Trades can be a bit weird sometimes about things…).

      And of COURSE, SW doesn’t have a direct comparable. But REALLY…you should be able to have them colour match. Go into the store yourself and have them do it, so you can check it in person. If all is good then that should be MORE than enough to go forward. Short of that, Shoji White can be nice, but CAN sometimes flash a tiny (like wee tiny) green. I also love SW White Duck and Sw Neutral Ground. Again, not the same, but similar idea.

      I hope that helps!

  20. wonderful post as always!! Can you do a crisp white trim color with this color on an exterior? Thanks so kindly for responding!

  21. I love your color reviews! They have been so helpful as we have painted our home. I am looking for a paint color to put above white dove wainscoting in our north facing bathroom. I read your review of SW Wool Skein, but the green undertones are a bit to strong with the Travertine tiles . I think BM Ballet White might be the perfect color. However, I am looking for a LRV of 62-64. Could I just darken Ballet White by 50%? Or is there another color that would be darker but similar to Ballet White?


    1. Post

      Hi Krista, you can definitely try Ballet White 25% darker or look at BM White Sand, just keep in mind, as a colour like Ballet White gets darker it will lose its creaminess and turn more beige!

  22. Wanting to paint three bedrooms in a pale neural. Our trim is currently Benjamin Moore white down, which we do not want to repaint. So far we have tested Pale Oak…did not work. Thinking of perhaps ballet white or Navajo white. Something that will complement the trim. Bedrooms face east and are not very large. Furniture tends to be dark, white California shutters on the windows. I have googled and researched Pinterest but am becoming more confused. Hope you can help!
    Thanks so much…any ideas greatly appreciated.


    1. Post
  23. Hi Kylie,
    Your blog is very helpful! I am painting my exterior wood siding Ballet White and need a color for my shutters and doors. Do you recommend a complementary colors with Ballet White ?
    Thank you

    1. Post

      Hi Katie, thank you for asking! I actually have an E-design service (which is currently on vacation) for just this purpose, this way I can look at your roof and any brick/stone, otherwise I’m 100% guessing!

  24. Hi Kylie! just found this thread and like a ton of others have pulled a few hairs out! The painter is here this week..need to decide Ballet White for North facing Bedroom with plantation shutters and an adjoining bathroom with light maple cabinets and travertine tile….I dont have time for an e consult plus they are all SOLD OUT !!! Hope you get this message! thankyou!

  25. Hi Kylie,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, and am a huge fan. Thank you for the blog on Ballet White. I have been searching for a not too creamy not too grey off white for my living room and dining room for YEARS. I finally came across Ballet White and love it, but I’m a bit scared to actually paint the walls. I decided to check your blog for a color review, and there it was! Thank you so much Kylie. I’m ready to commit! You’re awesome!

  26. I am ALMOST ready to commit to Ballet White. Loved reading that it looks like a dirty floor! We are very close to repainting the exterior of our smooth stucco home and the color I am hoping to achieve (main body color) is close to old French plaster walls. That color will work perfectly with our driveway pavers, roof and stone work. I’ve tried so many sample colors but they are either too brown, too white or have strong undertones of yellow, green. Any suggestions for another exterior color? Gray colors do not seem to have enough warmth. Am so thankful for finding your blog posts!


  27. Thank you for this post! I’ve been looking for a “flexible” color for our home. My husband and I come from a long line of needlework enthusiasts and artists, so our home is decorated with the work they’ve passed down plus our own contributions. I needed a paint that would “go” with everything.

    We live and work on a farm, so true white colors are not an option because of all the dirt and fingerprints. I ain’t got time for that! Our house is small, so I wanted a nice light color for the whole thing (aside from kid’s rooms). One question: would Ballet White “work” for all surfaces- ceilings, walls, trim/cabinets if done in different finishes?

    1. Post

      Hi Vicki! Hmmmm. Personally, I might find it a bit dark for all surfaces. For an ‘everywhere’ look, I want you to check out BM China White which is a similar idea, but it’s lighter and softer :).

      1. Kylie, THANK YOU! I grabbed a color card while I was at Ace Hardware grabbing parts to fix farm equipment. I REALLY like how China White looks next to the tile and wood floors! Next step, grab a sample pot and paint a foam display board like you showed in your video. If I love it as much as I do now after that, I’ll be painting after Christmas when I’m stuck inside (Central Wisconsin here- hello from the Frozen Wasteland!) Again, Thanks a MILLION!!!

  28. I noticed to Pat that you recommended a color other than Ballet White . I have brown countertops and a cream backsplash and based on your recommendations on how to pick a cabinet paint color, Ballet White matches my backsplash perfectly. I am looking for a cream color cabinet (not white) and my walls are SW accessible beige with trim BM white dove. Do you recommend ballet white for cabinets or should I look at another color?

    1. I was wondering too about ballet white for a cabinet colour- wanting an off white cabinet ( I’ve read all your posts I can get my hands on about this!)

      1. I have ballet white on my cabinets, in Satin finish and I absolutely LOVE IT! I actually painted the trim in the same color and finish. And then loved the color so much I painted the walls with it, but in Flat finish. Still in love with it all being Ballet white, but different finishes.

  29. Don’t you love the moment, after weeks of researching colors, when you roll that first stripe on the wall and just want to scream- YES!!!!! That’s the exact color I saw in my head!!!!!! It’s perfect!! And you find yourself going into the room 50 times that day just to look around and smile. That’s what you and ballet white did for me today Kylie. Thank you!!!!! I love neutral colors. They just make me feel calm. I had a teeny-tiny, little den/spare guest room with lots of knee to ceiling windows on 2 wall. (South and west exposures). I love yellow so I wasn’t afraid of an undertone if one came out. I see slight tan, cream with maybe a slight yellow, beige, griege all in very soft and pale shades. But what is consistent throughout the day is that the color is nothing short of STUNNING in any light. I’ve been torn for a kitchen and master bath color and I’m using this for those rooms as well. Thanks again for such through insight into every color.

    1. Also- I have light oak floors and the same color wood trim throughout the house. I’m not changing that any time soon so I’m learning to live with it and love it. Ballet white looks so pretty with the yellow, warmth of all the oak trim and floor. It’s tough finding colors to go with all that wood but ballet white compliments it beautifully.

    2. Post
  30. For kitchen cabinets in “white”, look at BM White DOWN instead of White Dove. Warmer and goes great with antique bronze pulls, offwhite bone subway tiles , charcoals and medium grays. Looks great with a mid-sheen.

    1. Post
  31. Hi, Kylie,

    Do you think ballet white would look good with BM Oxford white as a trim? I know that there is a tad of some grey in the Oxford white as well as in the ballet white, but wasn’t sure if they would clash too much. Given the warmth of the ballet white. Thanks!

  32. I am going out of my mind trying to fibd just the right cream. I have like the others bought dozens of testers. I just got ballet white and love it and it does not have a huge amount of yellow in it. I am wirried it will make my beige tiles look pink. Thoughts??

    1. Post

      Hi Rhonda, it can depend on your tiles and their undertones, so I’m sorry, I won’t really be able to know! But if the sample is making you nervous, you may want to pay attention to that instinct ;).

  33. Hi Kylie! All of the information you provided around Ballet White is super helpful! We painted our detached garage Ballet White a few years ago and love it. We are now getting the exterior of our brick ranch painted in October 2020 and I am currently debating if we should paint the brick exterior Ballet White as well as it seems to appear darker on the brick than it does on the hardie board of the garage (which is located behind the house but peeks out a bit so you can see it from the road). Do you suggest always using the same color on the exterior of the house and the garage even if the paint color appears darker on one material than it does the other?

    1. Post

      Oooo, generally speaking I’m definitely inclinded to keep things as CLOSE as possible. Maybe lightening it by 25% could help a bit with that shift??

  34. I thought I was all set to use ballet white for my kitchen/living room and darker looking hallways after searching your sights for quite a while. I have taupe coloured kitchen cabinets that I don’t plan on painting. Do you have any thoughts if ballet white would go with taupe coloured cabinets. My little colour sample looks darker than I thought it would. I have east facing windows in the kitchen and west facing windows in the living room. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Michelle! Well, it can depend on what your definition of taupe is as some are more purple-pink and WOULDN’T be so hot with Ballet White which has that creamier base. If you’re more of a GREIGE, then it can work sometimes :).

    1. Post

      Hi Stacy, I don’t think I would. I mean maybe in a home palette where they’re SEPARATED by a room or 2, but not right next to each other. Dovetail works with Agreeable though!

  35. Hi Kylie! Please help! I have decided on Ballet White for my house and White Dive trim per your suggestion! Will white quartz countertops in the kitchen work with these paint colors or should I select a brighter white trim?

    1. Post

      Oooo, most white quartz countertops can be too stark for the warmth of Ballet White and White Dove. You can do a whiter trim, like Chantilly Lace, but I’m still not feeling most quartz with that… 🙂

  36. Hi Kylie. You have provided more guidance than any other site or colour consultant articles I have read so, I come to you with this! Re-paint of our whole main floor and kitchen is in the works (or about to be 😉). We are toying with SW Origami White (but open to other suggestions) however, the natural lighting in our home is all over the place. The front of our house faces NE while the back faces SW. We know that we do not want to see yellow or something too creamy (BM Soft chamois=too creamy). We know that we want some warmth and BM Calm is too purple/pink.

    Can you suggest two things? While Origami White is our first choice so far, it could use a little more warmth (maybe one with less LRV?). Can you suggest a SW or BM paint colour that we get me there. Also, we will be painting our kitchen cupboards as well too. Can you suggest a paint that would work well with Origami White or any other selection?

    Thanks a million! My head is spinning 😂

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  38. I’m dying… finding a paint color for my main floor is killing me. LOL! I painted the room Navajo White (BM), but I’m find it a bit too country. I’ve put up a million swatches of Ballet White, but it looks a little too gray and dirty. UGH! Is there a color that is in the middle of Navajo White and Ballet White. Can be any brand. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. You’re the best 🙂

  39. Hi Kylie, LOVE your website! I have been studying it for months now and recommending it to my friends. Quick question for you…we recently had our upstairs hallway painted Ballet White which I love, but not sure about my selection of satin Chantilly Lace for the trim/door color – seems too stark a contrast. The previous homeowner used semi-gloss Behr Ultra Pure White throughout the house for trim/doors, so I thought I would switch to Chantilly Lace as we begin repainting our home. Do you have any recommendations for a better trim color? Should I switch to SW Pure White for the Ballet White walls or stick with the Chantilly Lace for consistency? Thanks in advance! (PS We also had my son’s room painted Newburyport Blue with Chantilly Lace satin trim – LOVE IT – and as soon as the room is finished, I will send you some pics.)

  40. After reading (too many) reviews and trying (too many) samples, I finally decided on Ballet White (25% darkened) as our whole-house color. I’m obsessed. Now I’m ready to paint our oak cabinets in the hallway. I’m thinking a medium greige, but I’m struggling to find one with undertones that don’t conflict…and make me cringe. Also, I’d like the lightest griege for the cabinets while keeping enough LRV differentiation so they don’t blend together. Any suggested colors? Thank you for any suggestions!!! 🥰

    1. Post

      Hi Jaime, try for a greige in the medium depth range with a green undertone – avoid any violet or violet-pink hues with Ballet White!

  41. Hi Kylie! Thank you so much for everything you post! I hope you know how much you help!

    I’m painting my home’s exterior and I’ve narrowed it down to Ballet White or Inspire Awe by Clark+Kensington. The problem is I cannot find any information on Inspire Awe except the LRV 63. It’s a very similar greige to Ballet White with slight barely there purplish/taupe undertones. I have samples of both on poster boards. I’ve looked at each all around my exterior… at all hours…many, many, many times.

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and my house faces southwest. I’m worried about going too yellow with Ballet White due to the western sun. But if I used Inspire Awe, the purple/taupe undertones should cancel it.
    I also do not want my house to look pastel purple in low light! I also have a green lawn and don’t want it to reflect too much on the house. (But that may be inevitable with light paint). I really like Inspire Awe, but I’m afraid of it since I can’t find anything on it. Also, I think I see a tiny hint of pink/violet in Ballet White, am I mistaken?

    1. My house is mid-century and I would like to do a soft white/light greige with dark trim like you have in this blog. I’m worried that a LRV of 63 would make the house look too dark in some light (like bad 90s blah beige). How do you predict how much lighter/brighter the color will be on the exterior? Is the paint on the poster board an accurate representation of how the true color will look on the house? How much of the undertone will I see once on the exterior?

    2. Thanks to your information in this blog, I now have an idea for the trim: BM Willow. When picking trim, I know that contrast is good. HOWEVER, when picking contrasting trim do I always aim for the same undertone of the main color? Would a contrasting trim paint in a different undertone than the main color be a disaster? In other words, do I contrast the main color and never contrast the undertones?

    ***I’m determined not to mess this up. I’ve already had to pay to repaint my living room that went creamy lemon yellow when I chose BM Philadelphia Cream. It reminded me of my grandma’s kitchen growing up. I chose BM Winter Wheat (Albescent) to fix it thanks to your post on creams- and it looks great!

    1. Post

      Hey! Just a quick note to check out Sherwin Williams White Duck, as it’s less yellowish than Ballet White but still has a bit of warmth to it!

  42. Hi, Kylie! Scouring through colors for our exterior—it’s about 3/4 brick and 1/4 cedar siding. Our brick is orange toned (the varied, lighter kind, not super dark orange); do you think it could work to leave the brick and paint the siding ballet white? I don’t want the contrast to look jarring but I also don’t want to commit to painting the brick yet.

    1. Post

      Ooooo, without seeing it I can’t say for sure, but right off the bat I worry that Ballet White could look too creamy/yellow with an orange-hued brick 🙂

      1. Thank you! I looked at you packages but saw your out of office until the 21st and we have to decide by tomorrow 🙃—does dove wing seem like a pretty safe bet?

      2. Thank you! I looked at you packages but saw you’re out of office until the 21st and we have to decide by tomorrow 🙃—does dove wing seem like a pretty safe bet?

  43. Do you think that Ballet White and Edgecomb Gray would work in adjoining rooms. Just worried that the yellow in Ballet White may bring out pink in Edgecomb Gray. Was also looking at Wind’s Breath or White Sand if either of those would work better.

  44. I have Ballet White bookcases, but am looking for wall color a couple shades darker for contrast. What do you suggest? I don’t want to go too beige or yellow. Thank you.

  45. Hi Kylie,

    I have been reading every tidbit of info you’ve put out there and watched countless videos and I think I finally came to a decision on exterior paint. Planning on ballet white for siding, simply white for trim, and conservative gray for shutters and doors. Thoughts?

    1. Post

      Hi Shana, sounds good, but you MIGHT want a slightly darker gray-green for the shutters, just for a touch more contrast :).

  46. Thanks very much for your wonderful color analyses. Trying to sort whites and off-whites is the most challenging aspect of painting, as those who have tried know. But I see on the Benjamin Moore site that “Ballet White” OC-9 is given an LRV of _71.97_. Has the formula changed since your original review?

    FYI, the beautiful pale bluish-gray tiles in my bath presented a nightmare for upper wall color. After two tries with cold whites, BM “Steam” has been a winner. It seems bluish and yellowish are always a good duo. And after two attempts at yellow in the kitchen with “White Dove” cabinetsand soapstone counters, BM “Simply Irresistible” is just enough yellow without being yellow. I’d love to see you do a piece on calm, grown-up yellows that provide muted backdrops but still “read” as yellow. That’s been a tough search, too.

    1. Post

      Hi Blair, thanks for catching this, and YES, it looks like it is lower! And I think this is a GREAT blog post idea, thank you – ESPECIALLY with warm colours coming back on the scene!

  47. I chose ballet white to brighten a dining room it seems very yellow /cream. (It does get a bit of sun during the day) Trying to figure out what color to paint the hutch was going to do dark gray/light gray (have lighter floors) but don’t want it to bring out more yellow in the paint. What color would you do the hutch. The room next to it has pashmina but planning to get painters to lighten up the surrounding main areas in January…room with an off white color in next few months stuck in my decision not sure I’m loving my new color but want it to work

    1. Post
  48. Hi Kylie! I have Alabaster for trim throughout the house and don’t want to change. Would the alabaster trim go with Ballet White on (some) of the walls?

    1. Post

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