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A Stunning Exterior Makeover – Painted Brick and More!

Posted on April 13, 2017 by KylieMawdsley


A Brick Split Level Makeover

When my client, Mark, sent me the ‘after’ photos of his exterior, I basically filled ma’ drawers with excitement. The transformation was STUNNING, taking an outdated brick split-level home from dated and dull to striking and sexy. Can an exterior be sexy? Can wine be drunk with a funnel? YES, IT CAN!


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Before, this home had some great bones and I was a fan of the general exterior profile – including the sloped roof over the living area, it just needed some KLC…

Brick split level BEFORE painting


Exterior split level, painted brick and siding. Cream, brown and orange palette. Kylie M Interiors E-design. Subtle mid-century style

Seriously? Seriously.


Before, the front door was no screamin’ glory, as there was no roof over the front steps and no focal point to draw you in.

Exterior brick and front door BEFORE painting

After, the front door creates a striking, welcoming invitation! They were SUPER smart to install a new sloped roof to give some cover, creating a more layered look for the home in the process.

Exterior palette, cream, brown and orange. Subtle mid-century style with painted brick and siding on split level home. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Decorating and Colour Consulting

I just LOOOVE the subtle mid-century modern vibe, and that is PROBABLY one of the most bad-ass exterior light fixtures…ever.


Before, the backside had a LOT of visual interest (this is often said about me as well) and the brick portion felt jarring where it met up with the horizontal siding.

Exterior brick and siding back yard BEFORE painting

After, the look is much more restful, bright and simple.

Exterior, painted brick and siding in Ballet White. dark brown trim. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Colour Consulting and Decorating services


Mark and his family were looking for something light and bright, in the white or off-white range. However, if you are a good member of the Kylie Cult, you’ll have read my blog post on exterior colours and would know that exterior colours tend to look lighter once they are applied due to LRV and all of that jazz, so I knew off-white was probably the best bet.

Exterior front door, mid century style painted orange with dark brown black trim and painted brick in a cream beige tone. Kylie M Interiors E-design and ONline Colour consulting decorating expert

Exterior paint palette for brick and siding on a split-level mid-century style home. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Color Consulting. Creamy white, dark brown and orange curb appeal

MAIN SIDING/PAINTED BRICK:  Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC 9.  I have mad love for Ballet White.  Read ALL about it in this blog post, Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Ballet White

TRIM/ACCENTS:  Benjamin Moore Willow. Willow is a great colour for a striking contrast, without going black.

FRONT DOOR:  Sherwin Williams Determined Orange SW 6635. Rich and saucy, Knockout Orange says ‘orange’ without being pumpkin.

Before and after mid century modern entryway with exterior painted brick in Ballet White, orange front door and Willow trim colour by Benjamin Moore. Kylie M E-design and ONline color consulting

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  1. In regards to the window trim – were these windows painted? I’m wanting a similar look for my MCM, but we have white vinyl windows but I want them black. Can this be done?

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      Hi Kylie! I don’t believe they were painted. And there is vinyl paint out there, but personally it would make me nervous as to how it would hold up in the longterm…

      1. We have a MCM home with windows that need replacing, but we want to stay away from the white vinyl and stay modern. I have some questions about fiberglass vs aluminum, trim , keeping it MCM and how everyone on pinterest gets that look! For your help and with your packages, I was wondering which one would be best to fill out a questionnaire. The single question? Exterior paint? We’re just overwhelmed with design, but we want to be sure before moving forward with thousands of dollars when replacing our windows!

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      Oh Brynn, I have sent him a note and haven’t heard back – I’m going to try one more time and cross my fingers 😉

  2. You totally inspired and convinced my husband to finally paint out outdated MCM dove white and it looks amazing. Your blog helped him see my vision.
    I would also love to know the source of the light as I need something substantial like this for our front entry.
    Thank you!

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      Wahooooo – THAT is what I love to hear! And I’ve sent the homeowner a note, but haven’t heard back…maybe I will try one…more…time… 😉

  3. The light fitting appears to be one made by the amazing New Zealand designer, David Trubridge , or a replica of one of his designs. Probably the Coral design. You can see the full range on his website davidtrubridge.com .

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  4. What an amazing transformation! Mid-century with a classic twist. Love your choice of colors, especially the trim – dark without black; And, the door. Love it

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