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An Early 2000’s Kitchen Update with Benjamin Moore White Dove

Posted on March 10, 2021 by KylieMawdsley


Painted Cabinets, Quartz Countertop, Dark Oak Floors and MORE! 

When it comes to updating a kitchen, it can be hard to know where to stop – one thing ALWAYS leads to another. But, that doesn’t mean you need to go all-out, as there are ways to save money while you spend it.

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kitchen before cherry cabinets

This kitchen had EVERYTHING going for it…if you still lived in the early 2000s. However, as it relates to a more modern approach, it had a few fatal flaws…

  • cathedral/arched cabinet doors
  • strong red/cherry stain on the cabinets
  • orange-hued floors, which themselves weren’t a BIG problem, but the whole palette was
  • older style granite countertops (if you have these, read THIS)
  • diamond-pattern backsplash

And a quick note on the travertine backsplash. I actually LOVE travertine; it’s soft, warm and adds texture to a room. In this kitchen, it’s the PATTERN that killed the deal, as that large-scale diamond pattern is SOOOO 90s / early 2000s.

Now, are you ready to see the big reveal?

kitchen before cherry cabinets (5)

How light bulbs affect paint colours. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, White Dove, painted wood cabinets. White quartz, subway tile. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger.

Can I get a HELLS YEAH AND A FREAKIN’ HALLELUJAH?! (Can I say those two things in a sentence?) Sure I can.

Seriously, it’s hardly recognizable…

kitchen before cherry cabinets (4)

Kitchen cabinets and island, white quartz countertop. Benjamin Moore White Dove (baby Fawn), Edgecomb Gray, greige subway tile backsplash. Stainless, Kylie M Interiors Edesign, blogger

You might be thinking ‘ermmm Kylie, you said something about saving money? This looks like a damn nice kitchen reno, how on earth did they SAVE MONEY?’

Well, money HAD to be spent, but they definitely cut back their costs with the following:

  • they kept the FOOTPRINT (layout) of the cabinets, meaning they could keep the cabinet boxes and ONLY replace the doors
  • they refinished the floors rather than replacing them
  • they kept the bulkheads, rather than ripping them out and going full-height on the cabinets

You’ll find all of the colour and product details at the end of this blog post.

kitchen before cherry cabinets (3)

Notice how the bulkheads were a noticeable feature before? And now they just belong!

Kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, Baby Fawn, Edgecomb Gray. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy decor consultant online. Kitchen remodel

Kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, walls Edgecomb Gray (Baby Fawn), dark oak wood flooring, island. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy


Kitchen cabinets and island painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, white quartz countertop, greige subway tile. Edgecomb Gray baby fawn walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger

Read more: Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Are you DYING to know what countertop that is? I friggin’ love it – details at the end of this blog post.

Check out the gorgeous eating nook…

Eating nook, dark oak floor, Edgecomb Gray, White Dove, round table, chandlier. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

Check out the LIVING ROOM AND FAMILY ROOM attached to this gorgeous kitchen!

And a butlers pantry, leading to the dining room which was ALSO redone…

kitchen before cherry cabinets (2)

Dark oak floor, cabinets painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, walls Edgecomb Gray, Baby Fawn. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant, diy blogger

And if you’re coming to this blog post fresh from Pinterest, you should see the REST OF THIS HOME!



-design and online paint colour consulting using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colors. Kylie M Interiors. DIY and affordable decorating advice blogger. Market


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  1. When cabinets are white dove, is it critical that baseboards also be white dove? We painted our kitchen and bathroom cabinets white dove, and now the pure (?) white baseboards/trim look too bright.

    1. Post

      Hi Lori! Wellll, it’s ideal. I mean, you can have a shift between whites, but it depends on a few things a) how much baseboard is really visible with the cabinets and b) how big of a difference there is. If it IS Pure White, you can juuuuuust barely get away with it. It’s close. I mean White Dove does have a bit more warmth. Long story short, they don’t have to be, but it’s BEST if they are for a seamless, purposeful look :).

    2. This is our kitchen and floors exactly a same door type as well. I would love to know if the interior of the cabinets were painted?

  2. Kylie, Absolutely loved this post, what a transformation!!! I have just chosen Edgecomb for my kitchen walls (as part of my e-design package), so this post was perfect timing. Do you think the ABSOLUTELY stunning Ironsbridge would go with SW Pure White cabinets as well? I am still trying to decide on Pure White or Graystone cabinets but with posts like these – keep leaning towards white! Thank you for including links to the other rooms as well. The whole house is AMAZING.

    1. Post

      You know, I don’t have Ironsbridge in front of me, but my gut says that it would ABSOLUTELY be worth sampling up!

  3. Oh MY goodness!! What a transformation!! It is STUNNING! This home HAS to be in Colorado! This floorplan was built by a home building company called Sanford Homes. Sanford built homes with classic timeless features that I love, but the classic features need to be updated with today’s colors! I also own a Sanford Home built in the late 1990’s! I am just beginning the process of updating everything and am so happy I ran across your post!

    1. Post

      Well, I’m going to leave that to my client to answer to respect her privacy, but I BET she’ll see this comment and let you know!

      I just love that my posts reach SO MANY PEOPLE who otherwise wouldn’t know what to do – I love RELATABLE style!!!!! Thank you for commenting :).

  4. The remodel is fresh, white and modern. Awesome!
    I still like the original colors of the original kitchen. I know it’s not as fresh and trending much I lean more warm.
    I probably would have kept it the way it was . Both are beautiful.

  5. This home is BEAUTIFUL! We are in the process of planning similar updates to our mid 90’s home. Replacing cabinet doors/drawer fronts, new countertop/backsplash, refinishing hardwoods, new wall/trim paint and updating furniture pieces. I’m struggling to make finish and color choices as limited fixed items are staying (pretty much just carpet and only for now) and it is an open concept space for the main living areas. I’ve been reviewing your packages and am curious if this beautiful home was a custom package or a mixture of a few of your available packages (whole house paint + countertops, etc.)

    Love all of your helpful posts!

  6. Beautiful renovation! Will you please share where you found your table and chairs in the breakfast nook? I’m looking for a round table and upholstered chairs, and I just love yours. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim – the table is Hooker Furniture Sunset Point Pedestal Dining Table. The chairs are from Cost Plus World Market. They are almost identical to Restoration Hardware Chairs.

  7. Beautiful! Would the owner be willing to share the brand cooktop in the island? I love how sleek and minimalist it looks on the island! I’m hunting for an island cooktop for my kitchen update.

  8. Hi Kylie-Beautiful renovation! I took particular note of the butler’s pantry. I would love to see a basement wet bar update. Any coming in the near future?
    We are in the process of updating our basement wet bar from the 90’s (honey oak cabinets). I have walls and trim that I have painted Whitetail. My problem is knowing what to paint cabinets. Existing countertops will be painted matte pure white. I’m wanting to keep things light and bright, while trying to anchor the brick fireplace and dark brown leather sectional at opposite end of room (open floor plan). There’s limited natural light, but mostly adequate artificial light.
    Any suggestions?

  9. Amazing, love what you did! Are the ceilings white dove as well? If not, what color? And would like to know what the paint finishes are for the ceiling and walls. Thanks!

    1. Post

      You betcha! And the ceiling would be flat and the walls i BELIEVE are eggshell (but you can do a washable matte as well).

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