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Forest Green Countertops: The Best FLOOR Tiles to Update and Coordinate

Posted on December 19, 2017 by KylieMawdsley


The 5 Best Floor Tiles to Update Green Quartz, Granite or Laminate Countertops

Are you feeling stumped by your forest green countertops? Do other, more neutral countertops leave you green with envy? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got some fabulous tile ideas that will help you update and modernize the look of your kitchen or bathroom without having to spend more money than you have to!

Forest green bathroom, kitchen, tile update ideas. Kylie M E-design, Interior decorating, online paint color expert

Whether you have green granite, quartz or laminate, it can be a tricky colour to update as it DOESN’T like opposites. Yellow, orange and red are sure-fire ways to jack up the colour of your countertops, as are overly warm wood stains like oak and cherry. So, what do you do? You keep reading.

Now I’ve talked about the best ACCENT tiles to update forest green and the best paint colours to update forest green and TODAY we’re going to talk about floor tile.

What is the best tile to coordinate with green countertops?

Believe it or not, your new tile could have SOME green in it. Now I’m not talking forest green, I’m talking about a more modern version that takes your green to the next level (or at least into this century). If you fight against the green and avoid it, you risk highlighting it.  Finding a modern green and mixing it with neutral colours is a great way to blend your forest green countertop into the overall design plan.

This next floor tile is a great choice, especially if you have wood cabinets/vanity. The subtle warm tones will nod toward any woods in the room (it would love cherry tones) and the green will grab onto your green countertops in a more timeless way.

The best floor tile to update and modernize a bathroom or kitchen with forest green countertops, laminate, granite or quartz. Kylie M Interiors E-decor

See it on Wayfair

floor tile to go with forest green countertops from Wayfair

See it on Wayfair

This floor tile best suits

  • A kitchen with wood cabinets
  • A kitchen with black or stainless steel appliances
  • A bathroom with white, almond (bone) or forest green tub/toilet/sink

With some of the darker, more grounded forest green products, this slate look-a-like tile would look stunning…

slate porcelain tile suits forest green fixtures or countertop in a bathroom

See it on Wayfair

This floor tile best suits

  • Darker forest green (found often in granite)
  • A kitchen with black or stainless appliances

Now I’m going to be a huge hypocrite here. Above, I talked about how warm colours can enhance forest green…and it’s true. However, if you ALREADY have warm tones in the room (like oak cabinets) then this tile would be a FABULOUS look. The warm orange tones will help to soften the look of oak cabinets and the green will do the same for the countertops.

tile ideas to update uba tuba granite countertops or forest green laminate countertops by Kylie M Interiors

See it at Lowes

The only negative to the above tile is that it’s 13×13, which isn’t a modern size. Take the above colours and find a tile that is 18×18 (or larger) for a more updated look.

This floor tile best suits

  • A kitchen with wood cabinets
  • A kitchen with black or stainless steel cabinets (it would be a stretch for a kitchen with white appliances)
  • A bathroom with wood cabinets and white toilet/sink/tub

This next tile is super striking.  It’s a stretch, but it’s striking! It doesn’t have a TON of green in it, but the gray in it nods towards green, and that’s enough for me!

Floor tile to update forest green in bathroom or kitchen

See it at Wayfair

floor tile to go with a kitchen or bathroom with forest green countertops from Wayfair

See it at Wayfair

This tile would best suit

  • A bathroom or kitchen that also has some white in it (considerable amount ie: wall tile/cabinets)
  • Gray paint colours
  • You could pull it off with some wood tones (nothing too yellow, red or orange)

Read more:  The Best ACCENT Tiles to Update Forest Green

If you can find a gray that is as GRAY as humanly possible – meaning it doesn’t pick up blue or purple undertones, then you just might make a go of it! This tile will create a more clean, fresh palette when paired with a decent amount of white in the room as well as forest green.

gray tile to update a forest green bathroom or kitchen

See it at Wayfair

This tile would best suit

  • A kitchen or bathroom with white in it (ie: cabinets/tub/toilet/etc…)
  • Yup, that’s it

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, painted oak cabinets, dark green gray island off-white cabinets. Sherwin Williams. Travertine backsplash and green, orange, beige granite countertop. Kilim Beige

While you can’t totally see it in this photo, the granite countertop has a good amount of green in it, we decided to embrace it by painting the island a gorgeous green-gray paint colours!

Things to Avoid if You Have Forest Green in Your Home

If you have forest green countertops, carpet, furniture or tilework, here’s a list of things to avoid (unless you love fugly, then have at ‘er).

Olive green

Olive green is a warm green (meaning there’s some yellow in it). Pairing it with forest green, which is more of a cool green (leaning to the blue side) can create a hot mess.

Pretty much anything from the ’90s

This includes brass, burgundy, harvest yellow, golden oak, navy blue and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Pink and purple

The funny thing is that ‘technically’ these colour suit each other – but realistically, it’s a terrible combo that might even bust your butt back as far as the ’80s.

Yellow, orange and red

This includes everything from accents and furniture to paint colours and wood tones. Opposites attract, so while green SUITS all of these colours, they will ENHANCE each other, making each look more powerful. Of course, you can’t avoid these colours entirely, but the key is to not make them a feature where they compete with the forest green for attention.

Maple or oak cabinets before being painted. Kylie M (1)

The orange toned maple cabinets and yellow-toned oak floors are TOOOO much for the green countertop and backsplash. 

TOOOO much green!

While I do want you to embrace the green, you don’t want to commit to it 100%. Make sure your tile has some good neutral tones in it as these are what will help to modernize and update your room.

Are you stuck?  Need help?

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