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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me: A Sordid Tell-All

Posted on January 5, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

In my day-to-day work, there are certain people I connect with; people that I would be FAST FRIENDS with if we lived in the same town (whether they liked it or not). Yet of course, like everything related to the online world, it can be hard to REALLY know someone short of going through their underwear drawer and looking in their windows at night when the lights are on and the blinds are up (which I do to everyone in my neighbourhood whether we’re friends or not).

Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint colour consultant

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I’ve ALSO found that it’s easy to forget that we’re ALL people. People with homes and feelings and whole LIVES going on around us; things that don’t come across in photos, questionnaires or quick emails. So, in an effort to bridge this gap a bit, and since I can’t have you over for a glass of wine, I thought I’d write a fun little blog post about myself.

I decided to start with Tim (I was working, he was pretending to) and I said, ‘hey, if you were to ask me questions about my life, what would they be?’ And this was his list…

  • Where did our sofa go?
  • Who’s chair is that?
  • Did you paint that wall again?
  • Did you actually say that?
  • I can’t believe you said that.
  • Why do we have a new table?
  • Where are your keys?
  • Where is your phone?
  • Why are you using a hippo piggybank to hammer a nail in the wall?
  • Why do you have paint in your hair?
  • Why do you have so many jeans?
  • Why won’t you close the door when you go to the bathroom?
  • Why are you opening the paint can with a butter knife?
  • What’s burning? (the answer to that would be HERE and it’s GOOD)

Oooookay, so those weren’t exactly the questions that I had in mind.

And THAT is why I created my own questions, so you can learn a little bit more about ME and what makes my twisted lil brain turn (other than wine, paint colours and Ryan Reynolds in Speedos).


(I know you’re humming it…)

TIM: Sooooo Kylie, how many sofas have you bought in the last eight years?

KYLIE: I thought we were going to do MY questions?

TIM: Just answer the question.

KYLIE: Hmmm, let me think. Well, the greenish set, the brown sectional, the medium gray sectional, the dark gray sectional, the light gray sectional, the dark gray sectional again, the taupe sofa, the blue sofa.

Oh, you think that’s all?

The leather couch, the feather filled couch, the hard n’ stiff (now don’t get excited) couch, the slippy cushion couch, and LASTLY…wait, that’s it. 12. The answer would be 12.

TIM: How many jobs have you had in your life?

KYLIE: Okay, seriously, you know the answer to this. 22.

22 jobs of which MOST I was fired from, kindly advised to find another job, or I quit BEFORE I could get fired (awkward high five!).

When we drive around town the kids are like, ‘did you work there Mom?’ Yup. ‘How about there?‘ Yup (without even turning my head to look). I was not cut out for the traditional ‘work environment’ for a variety of reasons, mostly revolving around my anxiety disorder and need for control of my life and time because of it. I’m not really a ‘schedule’ kinda gal.

Oh, and my lack of filter probably didn’t help.

TIM: How did we meet?

KYLIE: Well, you were on a date with my friend (and we all hung out as a group) and I thought you were hubba hubba cute in a, ‘Oh my God, he doesn’t see the redheaded trainwreck that’s comin’ his way’, kind of cute. So, when my friend decided she wasn’t really into you, I thought I’d move in for the kill. So, I shook my money maker and BOOM we fell in love. 16 years later we’re still married! Lucky bastard.

kylie and tim portrait

See those gray hairs on his beard? Those are ALL from me.

TIM: What’s your favourite thing to do?

KYLIE: I love going to the beach. Maybe not in the wintertime, but definitely Spring, Summer and Fall. I love hunting for sea glass and heart rocks. Oh and drinking wine, I like drinking wine (makes you wonder what’s in my coffee mug, riiiight?).

I LOVE writing – it feeds my soul. I also love READING BOOKS – I have a book fetish.

I also love driving around. I’ll take a long way home just because I like to drive around, particularly when it’s dark out and people don’t close their blinds and I can see into their homes (as mentioned above).

TIM: How did you get into the E-Design business?

KYLIE: Well, I had my blog for several years and ran an almost full-time, local decorating & design business. I’d also spend hours every day answering questions on my blog and then one day, the light bulb turned on, ‘I should make this part of my business!’ It evolved over the first 2-3 years from being INCREDIBLY time-intensive to what it is today – a well-oiled machine!

I spend 6-8 hrs per day working from home, doing something I love. I’ve consulted in Nunavut, Ecuador, Russia and of course ALL over the US and Canada – whooda thunk it! For a girl who got politely asked by her local University to ‘explore other opportunities’ (for an undisclosed reason), my work life is pretty amazing. I’m MADLY in love with my work and intensely grateful every day. I’ve since shut down my local business almost entirely and focused my efforts on my Online clients.

With my ’22 jobs’ I realized that in order to take control of my life and my anxiety, I needed to do something that I could throw myself into passionately, where I could control my schedule and take time for myself when needed. I’ve experienced HUGE growth within myself as I have figured out my triggers, my needs and how to achieve some balance in my life.

TIM: Is there any part of your job you DON’T like?

KYLIE: When Doug has gas. Doug is always in the office with me and when he lets ‘er rip, I die a slow death.

TIM: What do you like BEST about your job?

KYLIE: Paint colours. Seriously, my brain is like a freakin’ Rolodex of paint colours (did I just date myself? Unlike YOU, Tim, I would never date myself, I’m WAAAY too needy). I love colours, I love looking at rooms and brainstorming and coming up with colours and ideas to change things around. I’m not into the ‘big design world’ where everything is super trendy, chic and expensive. I’m more into the ‘reality based’ world. I THRIVE in it, it feeds my soul, as does wine.

I’m more into the ‘reality-based ‘world. I thrive in it, it feeds my soul.

TIM: If you were given 100,000,000 what would you do with it?

KYLIE: A million bucks? Hmmm…

Tim:  A hundred million, Kylie, all those zeroes means a hundred million.

KYLIE: OH, in that case, I’d spend it – all of it. Just joking. Well, of course, there are a million things I would do, but philanthropically speaking, I’d set up some kind of foundation for the animal rescue groups in the States and Canada for free spay/neutering. I’d also lobby to get larger fines put onto Puppy Mills and a-holes who abuse animals. And then I’d spend the rest on sofas, Starbucks, wine and a commercial size Cornuts display, like a vending machine of sorts that doesn’t make me pay any money.

TIM: Have you had to make any sacrifices with owning your own business?

KYLIE: I wouldn’t say ‘sacrifices’, I would say it’s more like I’ve had to ‘learn as I go what does and doesn’t work‘.

WORK/MOM BALANCE: Sure, there are days when I sacrifice hanging with my kids, but then there are days where I don’t work so that we can do something fun; it’s about finding the balance. They know that when I’m in my office, I’m working and since running around dancing in the nude waving lightsabers wouldn’t be suitable for a NORMAL office (like in a building), it shouldn’t be suitable for Mom’s either (okay, I’m lying, it is suitable and in fact, encouraged – sadly my kids are past the age of doing this…thank God Tim’s not).

WORK/LIFE BALANCE: It took me a few years to realize that I was really, really lonely. Without coworkers or a traditional work environment, it’s easy to just curl up in a ball with a coffee (and Bailey’s) and work without realizing that there needs to be more. In the last few years, I’ve worked really hard at balancing my time, saying ‘yes’ more often and getting out there to connect with old and new friends. This is both a stretch for my work schedule AND my comfort zone/anxiety, but so far so good! I’m kinda cool to hang around with…or so I’ve been told (wink wink).

TIM: So, is that why you go to Starbucks EVERY…SINGLE…DAY – to mingle?

KYLIE: Well, first of all, there are worse habits (like sofas). Secondly, let’s get back to that loneliness bit. I spend 6-8 hours a day typing on my computer or talking to myself and Doug. While the conversation is quite scintillating and wonderfully one-sided, sometimes I crave a bit of human interaction, even if it is only with the old carpet cleaning guy with a fake tan and absurdly big muscles and the barista who clearly feels bad for me and spells my name wrong.

Doug the golden doodle

This is Doug – nuff said

TIM: If you could hang out with one person for one day, who would it be?

KYLIE: My Grandpa. Definitely my Grandpa – he’s pretty amazing. He also taught me some of my favourite sayings (which my Mom thanks me for not including in this blog post). I also would love a day with my old love, Bowser. If you haven’t met Bowser, you should (Pawprints on my Soul).

Me n Grandpa

So there it is – my soul on a platter.

Chat soon…

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign


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  1. Well…I stumbled a bit at a-hole…we’ve had THAT conversation a few times over the years ? but you had me in tears at Big Grandpa. Your success has been amazing – developing your own business, learning the skills needed to manage your anxiety and connecting to the over 10 MILLION viewers of your blog. It speaks to your talent, your sense of humour and your determination to succeed. I may be biased ? but as I watch you balance your girls, Tim, work, anxiety and your life I am so proud of you. And eternally grateful for Tim ?

    1. I knew the a-hole would grab your attention 😉 And yes, you know i love BG and miss him. And nobody gets where they are without a ton of support and i know that you and Brian and Tim have ALWAYS had my back, for which I am so grateful EVERY day. And hey, I didn’t use the word fart even once, I thought that would make you happy – THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU!!! wink wink

      Love me

  2. You are an adorable couple! And I love that you gave Tim those gray hairs-shows that you are not dull and lackluster ( and you keep him guessing)! I bet you are an amazing friend, it follows that you would be given that you are an amazing designer! And tell Tim that having too many sofas is preferable to too many husbands! Keep up the good blog, Kylie, you make me laugh!

    1. Thank you Judy! It’s funny, I actually remember Tim’s FIRST gray hair and I was like ‘yes, I did it!!!!’. And you are RIGHT, for the revolving door of furniture, he should be grateful that I don’t have revolving husbands!

      Chat soon 🙂

  3. You sound like someone I’d really like to know! I love kooky people. My very best friend gave me a course in that beautiful language. That was some 53 years ago when we were 20. We haven’t changed. Neither should you!

    1. What a lovely note Linda, thank you! Yes, I think kooky people can be pretty cool (if I do say so myself). We’re all unique in our own special ways. And I’m always happy to hear about kindred spirits out there, I think we must be waving some kind of flag when we walk around 🙂 And I’m so glad your best friend and you figured it all out and I bet you have just a beautiful friendship for it. Gals like me aren’t always easy to understand, but I know we are worth humouring, we have a lot of love to give to our homies!


  4. Well there. Wasn’t it nice to get to know ya lol. You always make me chuckle and smile when I read your words. Always. You are funnnyyyy lol. And I guess there are worse things than a couch/sofa fetish hehe. Paint is like a siren isn’t it? I can lose myself in paint samples for days!! Glad your online consulting has been so successful. I love all the color/design advice. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

    1. I’m glad I gave you a giggle. I thought I could do a more serious ‘interview’ but than that was downright boring. Then I went to the other end, which was totally inappropriate, SOOOOO I think I found a happy place right in the middle.
      Thank you 🙂

  5. Your ‘soul on a platter’ is heartwarming and refreshing. Thank you for sharing, and for entertaining me at the end of a long day. Blessings on you and your family and your business!

    1. Well thank you Diana. It’s hard to know whether people really want to read that stuff, but I just like to feel that in some way I’m connecting with my readers, not just the faceless person sending out blog posts every few weeks. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Hugs, Kylie

  6. I think you are down right amazing and will awkwardly stand in silence in person not being able to say it ??? Anxiety rocks, doesn’t it? Great post Kylie!!!!! I love Starbucks too and new couches. Did you see what I did to our kitchen table?? Lee thinks I was mad. I told him it was your fault. I hope you don’t mind!!

    Oh and I good solid measuring tape works really well as a hammer for nails too ???

    1. Thank you! And yes, a tape measure comes in very handy to hammer in nails – I’ve done that too! And I DID see your table you did a faaabulous job and by all means, PLEASE blame anything like that on me 😉

      Love ya.

    1. Really, 8 couches! I know, it’s bizarre, but I almost always trade-up. I find floor models or good deals and buy them, then when I’m hankerin’ for a change, I sell it and that piece for pretty darned good dollar and move on up! We now have our 2 ‘perfect’ pieces that are quality and comfortable both upstairs and downstairs – who knows, maybe they’ll even last a year! 😉


  7. Kylie – you say so many funny things that I was not sure when you mentioned anxiety. You then mentioned it several more times and I think it was for real. Thank you for sharing that bit – I have it too and it colors a lot of my life. Just wanted to thank you for that and your hilarious sense of humor, and for wanting to spend the 100 million partly to help animals.
    yes, you helped me find a paint color for my bedroom..

  8. I love your husband’s questions! Had to read them to my husband. We had a good laugh. But now we’re left hanging for your answers to his questions. You two crack me up.
    I’ve unsubscribed to all other interior designers/decorators except you. You are very talented and have a good heart.
    The way you love your Grandpa tells me a lot about you. And also how you didn’t say the word fart, just to make your mom happy, now that’s love.
    I do need your help one of these days if I can decide where to begin with you. I’m helping four people with home projects and I’m getting overwhelmed. But I love helping people. And I’m emotionally involved in some of the homes. At 66 yrs old I need to get my list moving before I can’t climb that ladder anymore….or I could just have my husband put me on a hydraulic lift.
    Anxiety is my middle name so I understand the feeling and that may be why I keep putting off contacting you.
    First I have to figure out what area I need the most help with, what advice would benefit the most.
    Keep on being you.

  9. I loved this! I struggle with anxiety as well, and it’s always refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one! Also, I think you should do a blog on sofas! I need a new one, and you are clearly an expert!

    1. Post
  10. This was great fun to read! Thanks for sharing the person behind the paint, Kylie! 😉 My house wouldn’t be nearly as nice without the help you gave us! Thank you!

    1. Post
  11. Thanks for sharing! You are always my go-to when I’m investigating a color, but it’s also nice to get a peek at the Kylie behind the paint deck. As another color “nerd”, I appreciate how you geek out about undertones, etc., and the way your sense of humor always shines through in your posts to keep things fun. Thanks for doing your thing! You’re phenomenal at it!

    1. Post

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