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5 Ideas to Decorate the End of a Hallway

Posted on January 10, 2017 by KylieMawdsley
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How to Decorate the End of a Hallway

Hallways are generally seen as ‘transition’ areas from one room to another, so while a lot of money and thought is put into ‘rooms’, not as much consideration is given to the spaces that connect them.

Hallways can be long, short, wide, narrow, dark and bright and while they can ALL benefit from a bit of TLC, today we’re going to focus on the end wall and ways to add some visual interest and personality to what is essentially – a dead-end.

(And of course if you have a door at the end of your hallway these ideas will be TOTALLY irrelevant, but read anyway because I’m kinda fun to be around).

And seriously, this blog post is DESPERATELY waiting for photos from my clients of their hallways – I rely 100% on these photos, but the info is still FANTASTIC, SO KEEP READING! 

Want to see our STUNNING hallway before? Whoopy ding, right?



Hallway update with wood look laminate flooring, Sherwin Williams Creamy and Benjamin Moore Gray feature wall or accent wall. Kylie M Interiors E-design

And you would think that having a view of the loo would be a bad thing. It’s not. I purposely go to the bathroom with the door open when Tim’s home and love to wave at him when he comes around the corner. Every time he says, ‘Really Ky, you can’t shut the door?’ and I’m like ‘HELLLL’S NO, can you grab me a glass of wine?’

Hallway Idea #1     Smoke and Mirrors

Okay, maybe no smoke, but definitely some mirrors – and definitely no smoked mirrors, those are SO 70’s. Adding a mirror approx 1/2 way down the hallway will visually expand your space, making it feel brighter and wider. Mirrors act like windows, taking light (fake or natural) from one area and bouncing it into another.

My e-design client below wanted to add some DRAMA to the END of her boring hallway. The dark stained doors were already the show piece of her space and I didn’t want to compete with them, so I suggested a dark paint colour with a glorious ornate mirror!

Hallway with end wall in Benjamin Moore Willow with dramatic gold framed mirror. Kylie M E-design ideas

HOWEVER…while smaller accent mirrors (like 24×48) can look good on an end wall with an accent table, I think that full-length mirrors on the end wall are creepy  I feel like I’d need to do jazz hands every time I walked down the hallway (which I may do regardless). Also, it will make your hallway look like it never…ever…ends, which is not a good thing for what is typically a narrow space – the above mirror is as long as I’d go.

On the technical side (which is much more relevant), a mirror on the end wall won’t bounce light around quite as much and won’t make a narrow hallway feel any wider, although it will add some general ‘light’.

Hallway Idea #2     Feature Wall

Yes, even your hallway can have a feature wall! Adding texture and interest to the end wall is a great way to jazz up a boring hallway. You can then use the other tips in this blog post to finish it off!

Feature wall in hallway with Benjamin Moore Steel Wool, Sherwin Creamy, gallery wall. Kylie M E-design

Above shows the feature wall in our family room area.

Hallway Idea #3     Gallery Wall

While neither of these photos are at the END of a hallway, they are in similar areas!

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray paint colour. Stairwell with yellow toned wood stairs. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, virtual online paint colour consultant

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl one of the best gray paint colours for a dark hallway or staircase by Kylie M Interiors. With photo gallery wall of kids and dark wood and metal stair railing


Hallway Idea #4     Floating Shelves / Bookcase

Mollie from Design Loves Detail is a fave of mine and did another beautiful job in this entryway (yes, I’m pretending it’s a hallway, just go with it).


Hallway Idea #5     Decorate the Hell Out of It

That’s right – fill ‘yer boots. If you have just a bit of depth at the end of your hallway, have some fun with it! If you have FAB photos of your OWN hallway – please send them along!

So there you have it my friends! I hope you’ve discovered some great ideas for your hallway or awkward wall space. Want some personalized ideas? Check out the NEW packages that I have to offer via my Online Consulting!

Affordable E-Decor and Online Colour Consulting Packages

E-design, virtual online colour consulting expert. Kylie M Interiors. Paint ideas. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams (7)

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign


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