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Open Layout Paint Colour Package

‘…This colour is just so absolutely perfect, I am totally thrilled.  I adore it!  Is it gray?  No wait, it’s blue, no it’s green, it’s beach glass!  I am just getting my sand coloured carpet installed and next step is reupholstering some chairs.  Thank you for the brilliant selection, it is exactly what I wanted and after a year of talking to people in the paint stores and looking at chips, I am glad I found you and that you can do a paint consult so successfully without ever seeing the house or meeting the client.’

Well done woman!      – Adria


2+ Room Paint Colour Package

‘1st thoughts…OMG you captured the problem I’ve been struggling with to a T.  I want it to look balanced too, so I appreciate your thoughtful recommendations.  Looking forward to checking out those colours.  You are very thorough and detailed and I greatly appreciate your thoughts!  I’m not a designer obviously so I struggled with telling you my issue, but you conceptualized it perfectly.  Will highly recommend you.’     Terri C.


Front Door Paint Colour Package

‘I am so indecisive, and spent MONTHS trying to decide what colour would look best for our front door. I found Kylie online and she picked the most amazing colour options for our door!  She made it so easy!  From black to beautiful blue, it totally changed the look of our house, and we still get compliments on it all the time’     Emmie, Mobile AL


Multiple Room Paint Colour Consultations

(from both hubby and wife!)

‘…I have hired Kylie for several color consultations for various rooms in our home.  I decided to hire her after spending money on COUNTLESS gallons of paint and a professional painter, only to realize time and time again I had chosen the wrong colour.

For starters, she’s just a great person to work with.  Her personality, her sense of humor and her warmth radiates in the consultations that I’ve had with her, and believe me, I’ve had many!  She is very patient and takes time to explain why she has selected specific colors for each particular room. Besides giving options, she welcomes your feedback.  She takes time to gather information before making suggestions.  One of the greatest lessons that she has taught me is that sometimes what a room needs is different than what I’m wanting it to be.  Time after time, she has proven this to be true.  I’ve spent a lot of money on paint learning my lesson the hard way.  I will continue to hire Kylie again and again.’      Deedra, Fishersville VA

‘…My wife can decorate with the best of them (testimonial above)!  I’ll put her up against anyone…except maybe Joanna Gaines (and Kylie of course, wink-wink).  Pictures of our home have appeared in blogs, on websites and it’s all over Pinterest! She can take the most mundane, useless objects and see that they would look great in a certain setting. I, on the other hand, see junk.  She pulls it off though.  So, where does she struggle? Paint Color. It is her achilles heel. It is her kryptonite! She has changed color so many times, in so many rooms that we have been able to reduce our tax assessment due to the fact that we now have less square feet of living space.  You know what else we have less of?  Money!  Painting over and over again costs a lot, I meant to say, A LOT of money! The amount of money that my wife has paid to Kylie has way more than paid for itself in that we finally have a color that works! No more repainting! No more of my wife sitting on the couch with a half dozen paint wheels for hours on end. Oh, and NO MORE MONEY SPENT!’      Alan, Fishersville VA


Multiple Room Paint Package

‘We recently purchase a very dated home in need of total top to bottom reno.  There were some really difficult design elements to work around and I wanted my paint choices to coordinate with those and all flow with each other.  Enter Kylie!  Her knowledge of colour theory and the help she gave me exceeded my expectations. She was right on point with my vision and answered every one of my questions.  I would hands-down recommend her services to any of my friends/family embarking on a renovation adventure!’     -Rachel K.


Misc Decorating and Paint Packages

‘…Our home is kind of unique and I tried for years to ‘capture’ the mood and the feeling that seemed so clear in my head – but I could never create it.  Thank you SO much for hearing what I wanted and being able to ‘see’ the rooms through my eyes.  The colours, mood and the feeling are all exactly what I was hoping for and I love it!’     -Susan D.

‘This girl knows her stuff!  We have worked with Kylie several times over the years.  We keep going back to her online services because she is amazing at what she does.  Not only does she work within our budget, the e-design idea is easy and much less stressful than having someone come to my home.  After consulting with Kylie we are always confident in our ability to do the job ahead of us.’     -Kim P.


Exterior Paint Consultation

‘Kylie, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing you are.  You are amazing – SERIOUSLY!  Thank you so much for the beyond-what-I-could-have-ever-imagine list of ideas for the exterior of our (currently crappy, soon to be HAPPY!) house.  I am so excited to try everything you’ve outlined (I feel like my painting mission has been officially assigned for this summer.)  I truly want our  home to be a cute little place, but I’ve been struggling to figure out how to do that.  In one fell swoop you totally put me on the path toward adorable-ness.  Thank you thank you thank you!’    -Melissa, Dutton ONT

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