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The Painted Piano Episode – Think Pink…

Posted on December 27, 2014 by KylieMawdsley


Nothing is Sacred…Nothing is Safe…HIDE ALL YOUR WOOD!

For those of you who are lucky enough to know me well (wink wink), you know I occasionally suffer from a ‘wee bit of anxiety’Anxiety = Painting. Some people drink when they are stressed. I paint. And drink (just joking…kind of).

Here’s the problem. My lil babes are going to school in a few weeks and let’s just say that this momma’s feathers get all aflutter with the thought of a quasi-empty nest.

So, in an effort to calm myself down, here’s what I talked to myself about the other day…

Any walls I can paint? Nope. Exterior of the house? Done. Driveway? Done. Back patio? Done. Toenails? Done. Piano? PIANO!!

First of all, let me say that this piano has no sentimental value whatsoever. Other than the fact that it’s one of the dozens of pieces I politely begged my parents and Tim to help me get from some God forsaken property in the middle of nowhere.

Also, I paid $300 for it. A good chunk of change for sure, but definitely not an ‘investment’ piece.

Here it was before…

Piano and Maps

This picture reminds me of why I’m so glad I painted it…

It’s a Cameo piano – a short-scale piano with 66 keys. This makes it a totally manageable size, without sacrificing the quality of sound. And let me tell you, I can play Twinkle Twinkle like it’s nobody’s business!

Nice? Yes. Nice is fine if you like nice – but I prefer uber fab myself.

And the grand reveal!

piano painted and distressed benjamin moore peony fun kids idea pink

piano painted pink benjamin moore peony by in Behr Ultra

painted pink piano and distressed with Behr Ultra

painted piano pink and distressed

And what did Tim say when he got home from work (and I was 2 coats deep…)?

T:  You’re painting the piano (not a question – a statement).

K:  Yup – Pink!

T:  That’s sick ( which btw is skater slang for ‘awesome’ – and Tim is a banker)

K:  Do you mean ‘sick’ as in ‘awesome’ or sick as in ‘I’m feeling slightly nauseous’?

T:  I’m not sure

And that is the last I heard from him on the topic of the Painted Pink Piano.

Now just so you don’t think I’ve completely off my rocker, I want to share a few other photos of my kid’s playroom with you. This way you can get a frame of reference for how the piano relates to the rest of the room – maybe not the rest of my house (as Mom mentioned…) but definitely the playroom!

kids playroom idea with gray, navajo white cream by benjamin moore, hot pink, teal, lime green and funky painted pink piano fun ideas

kids playroom idea with cream, gray, teal, lime green, hot pink and a tree decal

And yes, in a few other photos this mirror is above the piano. I haven’t found the ‘perfect’ thing for above the piano yet, so I borrowed this mirror (which is supposed to be like a sun above the tree – got it?)

tv cabinet ideas painted white and distressed buffet with hot pink accents for kids playroom

The TV stand was a buffet in its former life and most of the décor (beanbags and all) is from Target.

So anyway, what did I do to paint my pink beauty?

(To see in-depth super anal-retentive instructions on how to paint furniture please click here…‘How to Paint Wood Furniture and Cabinets’

These are the basics…

Step 1 – I covered the keys to avoid getting dust in them as much as possible.

Step 2 – I sanded with 150 grit sandpaper

Step 3 – I used a lint-free cloth to remove all of the dust

Step 4 – I did 2 coats of CIL Furniture and Cabinet Paint (Melamine Finish)

Step 5 – I cursed bloody murder at that paint as I had to constantly be on top of it for the excessive drippage – so, I spilled the can of paint on the floor by ‘accident’ – which I’ve heard can happen when you paint and drink wine (that previously read ‘drink wine and paint at the same time’, but that did not sound right). Anyways, I figured I was tired of this drippy dippy paint after 2 coats and went and bought myself some Behr Ultra 2 n’ 1 in eggshell to finish things up.

Once again, Behr Ultra saves the day…done in Benjamin Moore’s ‘Peony’

benjamin moore peony pink to paint furniture, a piano

So, contrary to the fact that Tim thinks I’ve completely lost my marbles (that ship has sooo sailed), I’m curious to hear what you have to say about it. Do you think its pinkalicious or does it make you feel just a little nauseous? Let me know!

Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign

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  1. 1st of all you have a fantastic husband as he knows how to say just enough and not too much 😉 I absolutely adore the piano!!!!!!!!!! Plus the fact that you have to awesome pink bean chairs across the room you really had no other choice but to paint it pink to balance out the room 😀

    1. I do have a fantastic hubby – bless his patient heart. Thanks for the lovin’ the piano – as a music lady I take that as a great compliment! I guess there isnt’ too much pink in your house these days 😉

  2. I love it! I have been debating painting my piano for a while now but I can’t even paint my toenails very well…so original and boring it sits. I bet your girls love it.

    1. Yes, the girls do love it – and I’m sure Tim loves it just as much 😉 I totally think you should paint your piano, write me if you want to and I can give you some great ideas/tips!!!!

  3. I actually quite like it. It fits nicely in the room. You know…my walls need painting so if in the next few days you are still feeling anxious or while the girls are at school, you can come paint at my house…especially a railing that someone suggested I change colour. 😉

  4. While I can’t say I would ever be brave enough to attempt to paint my own piano pink (probably because I feel my Nana would curse me from above), your finished product really does look cute!

    1. Somehow I think it would be CLINT who would have the fit if he came home to a lime green or turquoise piano – that’s why the trick is to do all things like this while they are at work!!!!!

  5. I looooooove it! I’m suddenly feeling like I haven’t been to your place for too long because the playroom looks totally different!… and then I’m remembering who you are and that an entire room can change overnight so maybe it hasn’t been THAT long. Anyway, I digress. I LOVE the piano, and I LOVE how it ‘punches’ up the room!!
    When anxiety strikes again, bring your paintbrush and come one over! 😉

  6. I really appreciate your good strength of vision with this project, Kylie! I do have to confess though, that pink does worry me some. Ever since, as a kid, having to eat a big bowl of Corn Flakes topped with warm pink milkshake drink really put me off the colour… hum… yeah!

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  8. I LOVE what you did with the piano! It really looks great in your room too. Plus, you can always change up the color someday if you get tired of that color. I painted my piano bright green a few years back and I still love it!! It turned my “blah” piano into a wow statement piece in my home. I have pictures of it on my blog at http://the-little-moments.com/2011/11/18/pumpkins-and-piano/ if you’re interested in seeing how another color looks!

  9. I’m a music teacher and I think my students would love to play on that pink piano! My little baby grand is sooo boring compared to yours!!

  10. I am reading some of your old posts and saw this one. Do you still have your pink piano Kylie? I do want to paint mine some day. I love all your articles – you have a great way of expressing yourself!

    1. Post

      Thank you Suzanne, I’m glad to hear you’re spending some time with the fun stuff! And no, sadly we don’t have the pink piano anymore, but my Sis-in-law does, so at least it stayed in the family!

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