The 9 Best Colourful Rugs: E-Decor

Have you been looking for the perfect colourful rug for your room? Texture, colour, pattern? I’ve got a little bit of everything for you!

As with all of my online shopping, I try to balance STYLE, PRICE, and QUALITY. And while I can’t speak directly to the quality of each piece (I’m not crazy enough to order them ALL), I only select items that have 4+ stars. If you want some tips, I’ve included some great info near the bottom of this page.

And all of the items below come in tons of sizes, so be sure to check the details!

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1. Herringbone Indigo  |   2. Distressed Gray  |   3. Wool Navy/Ivory  |   4. Abstract Cream/Blue  |   5. Oriental Wool Navy  |   6. Oriental Blue  |    7. Oriental Multicolor  |   8. Faded Gray  |   9. Oriental Brown


Here are some online shopping tips to get you started:

  • Make sure that any item you buy has 4+ stars
  • Read the reviews. See how others felt about the quality/thickness/colours
  • Measure twice! Nothing worse than ordering something to find it out doesn’t fit!
  • Check out the thickness of each rug, so you can envision how it might lay in your carpet or wood flooring

Area Rug Tip #1

2 pieces should sit the same distance on the rug

Whether you want your rug slightly under your furniture or ALL the way, the concept should apply to at least 2 of your main pieces of furniture (the odd arrangement can accommodate otherwise, but just assume that yours doesn’t, capiche?)

Area Rug Tip #2

Area Rug on carpet

If you’re going to put an area rug over your carpet, you’ll want to find one that is thicker than the carpet you are putting it on (doesn’t have to be drastically so, but at least a bit). While some of the thin, tapestry style rugs are gorgeous, they won’t lie flat on a carpet and will get bumpy and lumpy when you put furniture on them.

Area Rug Tip #3

Don’t go too small

If your rug won’t fit at least a bit under 2 pieces, then you may as well lick a postage stamp, slap ‘er down and call it a day.

Area Rug Tip #4

The long side of the rug should follow the longest piece of furniture

Now, sometimes this doesn’t work, but in the ideal world, you would have your longest piece of furniture line up with the long side of the rug. If you can’t make that happen (due to other room issues), at least make sure there is 6″ of rug showing on either side of your longest piece (as suggested in the next tip), otherwise, the rug is just too small!

Area Rug Tip #5

The Rug MUST extend at least 6″ or more beyond the arms of your main piece of furniture

Really, this should be more of a rule than a guideline. If your area rug lines up with the arms of your couch, it will look silly. This point follows what I mentioned in Tip #4.

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