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Welcome to Kylie M’s Samplize Starter packages!


🎨 Top Bundles, Top Choices

Receive ONE to TWO BUNDLES to explore – bundles chosen specifically for your room based on the photos you send.

These Curated Color Bundles are EXCLUSIVE to Kylie M’s Consulting service and aren’t available anywhere else! 

Kylie’s goal is to ALWAYS include TWO bundle recommendations. However, the odd home, based on its existing finishes, has only one ideal type of color/bundle. 



  • Kylie’s narrowed down HUNDREDS of versions of a particular color to the BEST 4-6 shades. Stop sampling DOZENS of colors and focus on the BEST! 
  • Each of your Curated Color Bundles includes 4-6 of the best paint colors within a certain color family, including color (i.e. greige or cream) undertones, & depth.

These bundles are chosen based on the specific needs of your home

  • Preferred shades from Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams.
  • Your suggested Bundles are selected for the MAIN wall color. You can do add-ons for cabinets, accent walls, etc…
  • You get links to easily and affordably order your curated COLOR BUNDLES from Samplize! 


Your Package Also Includes:

Along with exclusive links to the best Samplize Color Bundles for your home, you’ll also receive 15+ pages of guidance, including info on…

  • The STARTER package includes a basic, personal chat with Kylie (typed out, of course) about your home, and how it relates to the color BUNDLES she selected for you – the more you know, the more you grow! 
  • Sampling paint colors the proper way, helping you land on the best color for your home based on comparing colors the RIGHT way.
  • Picking the best paint finish for your home
  • Random, helpful links to related Kylie M blog posts.


✨ How It Works

1. Purchase this Kylie M Samplize Starter package.

2. Fill out the brief questionnaire and send in your photos.

3. Receive your recommended top-color bundle links promptly.

4. Order your samples and have them delivered to your front door THE NEXT DAY! 


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