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If you're thinking of selling your home and want to get TOP dollar for it, it's VITAL that you pay attention to the details. And I've got them ALL covered in this e-book, which is the partner to my other e-book - Home Staging: The 5 Room Fix. While that book covers the guts n' the glory of getting your home ready for listing, this is the 'next level' book, the one that will teach you how to decorate and accessorize your 5 Key Rooms. This helpful e-book isn't for the homeowner who wants to stage their home with rented furniture and go all buck-wild with their budget (although it would still be hugely helpful for those homeowners as well) - it's designed for the 'budget-conscious' homeowner, the one who is happy to invest a bit if NEEDED, but would rather focus on 'accessible and affordable' ideas. Read the DESCRIPTION below to find out all of the exciting details! *Any BULK inquiries, please contact    Thank you for respecting the copyright. 


Are you ready to take your rooms to the next level? Here’s just SOME of what will be covered in this 70+ page e-book:

  • Find out how to create an accent palette that you love
  • Learn how to decorate your entryway so that it’s inviting to a buyer
  • Discover tips and tricks to decorate your kitchen countertops so that they have mass appeal
  • Learn how to accessorize everyday surfaces in your main living areas – fireplace mantels, dining tables, side tables and more!
  • Learn the rules and guidelines for hanging almost ANY piece of artwork!
  • Find out how to give your bedroom a look that has mass appeal, one that practically INVITES a buyer into your space
  • Discover the tips that create a bathroom that is simple, timeless and appealing to anyone who appreciates their time in this important space

While this book can be bought independently of The 5 Room Fix, I HIGHLY recommend that you start with the other and THEN move on to this one. In fact, you save $10 if you buy them as a PACKAGE. It’s VITALLY important to get your rooms ready, and not just for decor, but for SERIOUS buyers. It’s not just about the pretty stuff when it comes time to get top dollar for your biggest investment!


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