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I love what you're thinking! You're thinking that you want to get your home in the BEST shape possible before putting it on the market and you need some guidance from someone who knows what they're doing! Well, you've come to the right place. These two 70+ page e-books are FULL of ideas designed to help you prepare your home for sale, focusing on The 5 Key Rooms and using a budget-friendly approach. It's best that The 5 Room Fix is read BEFORE The Final Touches to get the full benefit of this package. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've already purchased the Home Staging 5 Room Fix/Decorating Details, you'll find VERY similar content in this e-book, just tweaked to suit LIVING in a home vs SELLING it. Personally, I'd just take cues from the Home Staging book and run with it - your call though!  Read DESCRIPTION below for more details! *Any BULK inquiries please email   Thank you for respecting the copyright.


E-Book 1: Home Staging – The 5 Room Fix

If you’re wanting to sell your home, but have NO idea where to start, this book will get you off and runnin’! Let’s take a look at a few of the things this e-book will cover:

  • An in-depth look at the 5 Key Rooms in your home and why they matter the most
  • Ideas for each of the 5 Key Rooms that can be carried into any room in your home
  • Step-by-step tips on how to de-clutter, pack and clean your home
  • Basic decorating and layout ideas so that your home shows at its best
  • Handy print-outs to make your cleaning easier
  • Over 70+ pages of buyer-friendly and BUDGET-friendly ideas
  • DOZENS of colour photos
  • Tips for what the average home buyer is looking for and how to stage for mass appeal
  • Charming and witty comments, which almost everyone can benefit from

E-Book 2: Home Staging – The Final Touches

Here’s just SOME of what will be covered in this 70+ page e-book:

  • Learn how to decorate your entryway so that it’s inviting to a buyer
  • Discover tips and tricks to decorate your kitchen countertops so that they have mass appeal, but are still reasonably functional (wink wink)
  • Learn how to accessorize everyday surfaces in your main living areas – fireplace mantels, dining tables, side tables and more!
  • Learn the rules and guidelines for hanging almost ANY piece of artwork!
  • Find out how to give your bedroom a look that has mass appeal, one that practically INVITES a buyer into your bed (I mean, there are other ways to make money other than real estate you know)
  • Discover the tips that create a bathroom that is simple, timeless and appealing to anyone who appreciates their time in this important room
  • DOZENS of colour photos for reference
  • Insights as to what the average home buyer is looking for and how to stage for mass appeal
  • More witty comments…


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