electric fireplace in dining room painted and distressed with van gogh chalk paint sunflowers yellow with dark wax

Painted Furniture Ideas: Van Gogh Chalk Paint, Yellow Fireplace

Chalk Paint Project Using Van Gogh Sunflower

In between my Decorating business, my kooky kids, and my Online Consulting I’ve been a busy lil gal!

Because of these things (and maybe a wee bit of OCD) my garage is bursting with furniture that needs some serious KLC. Pieces I could make some money on to invest in our children’s futures.  Pieces I could paint/sell to free up some room in our poor garage.  Pieces I could….nah, screw that. I’M GOING TO PAINT OUR FIREPLACE!

I got this handy-dandy little fireplace on Used Nanaimo for $100. I’m happy with the quality and style and it fits perfectly in between the two windows in our dining room (37 awkward inches) – it was fate!  However, I wasn’t happy with the traditional, boring wood stain and couldn’t WAIT to slap some paint on it!

van gogh chalk paint sunflower yellow on electric fireplace. Soon to come Benjamin Moore chalk paint

van gogh chalk paint sunflowers on electric fireplace in dining room distressed and dark wax

The yellow is an amazing compliment to my rust feature wall and the fireplace itself adds ambiance and interest to a wall that was just waiting for some inspiration.

I painted it with Van Gogh Chalk Paint Sunflowers – a beautifully rustic and rich yellow. I distressed it and used dark wax to age it to perfection (like me).

Rust red coloured feature or accent paint colour. warm toned palette. dark wood furniture and brown leather. KYlie M E-design

I love the way our dining room feels now – warm and cozy with just a nice lil squirt of mustard!

(and say hello to Henry Bacon who simply begged to be in the photo…)

Happy decorating!

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign


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  1. Now where would you get a notion like that!? It’s just not a colour I would have chosen…but I am definitely not a decorator! 🙂 But I do think it would look a little better in a….grey!?

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