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Oversized Scrabble Tile Word Project

Posted on September 20, 2015 by KylieMawdsley


Scrabble Tile Decorating Idea

So, I may be a creative genius (wink wink) but when it comes to being all ‘artsy-fartsy crafty’ it rarely turns out the way I want.

I think it’s because I’m generally not a patient person (understatement) and 1/2 way through I’ll be 1/2 naked with the glue gun wrapped around my wine bottle (which is glued to the table), the staple gun cocked like a pistol and my paint brush hanging precariously from my clenched jaw.

Not this time. This time I knew that I was going to kick this craft projects’ heiny – and I did!

I’d always admired art done with Scrabble letters as I’d grown up playing the game with my Grandma and Grandpa and I wanted to incorporate this idea into our home. However, I like to ‘go big or go home’ so rather than the standard 1″ tile – I decided to do 1 and a half foot squares – BAM (16″ squares if you want to be all technical about it.)

And here’s how it turned out!

oversized homemade scrabble tile artwork with sherwin williams protege bronze and benjamin moore gentle cream

I didn’t actually make them for my entryway, but the room I made them for isn’t quite ‘decorated’ yet – so I’ve put them here in the meantime and I think they look UBER fab.

oversized clock for a large wall with a black armoire and homemade scrabble tiles. Using Sherwin Williams Protege Bronze and Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream

The letters tie in well with my black armoire (repurposed TV Cabinet into kids jacket/shoe storage) and the overall ‘look’ of the space.

decorating ideas with an oversized clock and benjamin moore gentle cream

I especially love that I can arrange them horizontally like this (as I have 2 rooms with similar ledges) or I could hang them on the wall in a grid pattern.

hanging and how to ideas for making oversized scrabble tile artwork for a large wall space or decorative ledge

I could hang them pushed together or independently, with approx. 2-3″ between each piece.


The Oversized Scrabble Letter Project


  • 16″w x 1″d x 7′ long pine board     $28
  • Black paint and brush     (had it)

There was a cheaper, more knotty one for $18, but I don’t like my wood too naughty (well not until Friday nites anyways – wink wink)

Step 1   Pick board size

idea for making oversized scrabble artwork pieces

Find a board in the size you want. There’s a variety of sizes and I bought the 16″w x 72″l so that I could get it cut into 16″x16″ squares with a little bit of scrap leftover. I bought it at Home Depot and they cut it on the spot for me so I didn’t have to do any real grunt work.

Step 2   Sand lightly

Sand the boards lightly to take off any sliver-makers and smooth the rough edges. I used 220 grit and my electric sander ‘The Mouse’.

Step 3   Apply paint

scrabble tile project step by step

Brush or roll black paint on (apply in the same direction as the wood grain) – 1 coat and let it dry completely.  As you can see I did not apply it in the same direction and when it came time to sand it I wish that I had.

Step 4   Beat the heck out of it

Take a hammer, screwdriver or whatever you like and bang up the edges of the board to add some ‘wear and tear’. I love using a fine metal tip to poke holes in the corners like wormholes.


Step 5   Sand it

idea for making oversized homemade scrabble pieces or artwork

Using an electric sander and 150 grit sandpaper, sand down the board as much as desired. I did the center area and the edges.

Look at the edges and you’ll see how the hammer and sharp point made for nicely distressed details.

Step 6  Draw out your letters

idea for making oversized artwork of scrabble pieces using wood and paint

Using a pencil and a ruler (and patience) – map out each letter so that they are all the same height/width as each other. I made my letters 1″ thick.

Step 7   Tape off and paint

homemade craft ideas of oversized scrabble tile project out of wood and black distressed paint

And yes that is a wine glass in the upper left – I wouldn’t joke about these things.

Use a quality paint brush (I used an angled 1″ brush), painters tape or a straight edge and paint in the letters.  If you use a straight edge like a ruler (which works really well) just make sure to wipe the ruler off as you move it around (this is where your shirt comes in handy).

homemaded oversized scrabble letters as a way to make artwork out of wood and black paint. Great idea for a large wall

I’m so happy with the way this project turned out and I can’t WAIT until my Guest Bedroom is finished so I can put them in their final resting place (as it has a similar ledge in it).

However, if I get bored I know I can also hang them in a grid pattern in any other room…

Chat soon,

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