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Our Entryway Update: From Dark & Dismal to DARN PURDY!

Posted on January 26, 2023 by KylieMawdsley

White Oak, Urbane Bronze, Revere Pewter, & More

I know you’ve been waiting SO patiently for this blog post – well, some of you NOT so patiently, and I LOVE you for that because it gets my butt on a burner to get it done!

As you know, our current home is my dream home. This doesn’t mean it’s my FOREVER home, but it’s definitely my FOR NOW home (wink wink.)

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Seriously, we used to walk by this house all the time (as it’s in our old neighborhood), and like the creepy house stalker I am who drives by houses at nite so I can see in the windows, I’d say, ‘OH yes, you will be mine, one day you will be mine.’ Seemed like a pipe dream, or a wet dream, but either way, IT’S MINE NOW!

exterior before

I’ve made a mental note to show you the AFTER PHOTOS OF THE EXTERIOR!

And while it was our dream home, it wasn’t looking much like a dream. It was ‘fine,’ which is a great word to describe hair, but not a place you want to call home. It was time for a lil’ KLC, and there was NO BETTER place to start than the entryway!

THE FOYER BEFORE: Whale I’ll be damned, those were ugly. And seriously, this shows how gloomy and dark the house was…

Entryway before remodel

AFTER: And the heavens shone down! Or maybe it was Jen Wynia Photography’s flash – either way, I’m lovin’ it…

Entryway with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened wood cabinet, Ken Kirkby art. Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint color

While I want to play around more with my decor (and straighten the lampshade), I love the bones of this space. The cabinet is even more beautiful in real life with its staggered hexagon wood doors, and the new oak floors from Goodfellow hide EVERY sin. I am a bit of a traditionalist regarding flooring and kitchen cabinets and prefer oak to any other wood.

In this next photo, you’ll see some of the dark walls that extended into the living room – I LOVE dark walls, but not here. They sucked the life out of the space and my soul. The dark wood flooring was scratched and worn out by two large dogs, and the overall vibe was in the early 2000s…

Entryway before remodel (1)

AFTER: It’s like my soul breathed a sigh of relief – or I had gas. Hard to say…

Entryway with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened, Revere Pewter painted doors, white trim, dark painting stair railing. White oak floors. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

This photo is NOT by the uber-talented Jen Wynia, but by the quasi photography-challenged, Kylie.



What do you think of those gray-painted doors?

I went back and forth on that for a while and finally settled on Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter as a nice tie-in to the kitchen. I just couldn’t wrap my head around white doors in this home and wanted something a bit lower maintenance and unexpected – without being weird. However, I didn’t want to paint the doors AND the trim gray, as that’s way too much of a commitment and a pain in the rear to paint when I change my tastes (which I will).

And that’s not any old version of Revere Pewter; whereas I darkened it by 25% for the kitchen cabinets, I went 50% darker on the doors, for a bit more oomph – I LOVE PLAYING WITH COLOR!

The walls are Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, lightened by 75%  – again, I love to play. I couldn’t find an off-white greige I loved, so I made one! It has subtle undertones and whispers of colors without committing to anything but being soft, subtle, and neutral. I’m in LOVE with this paint colour!

BEFORE: Just in case you wanted to see those lovely whales a lil’ closer…

entryway wall before

AFTER: Nothing finishes off a wall like a Ken Kirkby –  one of my favorite Canadian, West Coast artists. It was a TOTAL splurge, but both Tim and I LOVE this piece as it just makes the space with its West Coast vibe.

Entryway cabinet, wood hexagon pattern. Ken Kirkby westcoast painting, SW Urbane Bronze painted stair railing, Edgecomb Gray walls. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consultant, blog

And yes, the lampshade is crooked; I just want to see if you’re paying attention (clearly, I wasn’t). As for the stairs railings, it would have cost a small fortune to redo them, so I kept the black spindles and painted the dark wood newel posts and handrails in Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, a wicked dark greige with a green undertone.

The Best Medium & Dark Green Paint Colors

Oh – there’s more…but you have to WAIT! We’ve done almost the ENTIRE house – everything but the three main bathrooms and the laundry room, so over the next few months, I will share each space with you and the HUGE transformations they’ve undergone.

Doug the goldendoodle

And for a gal who hits a 4-year expiry date on every home, we’re finally in a home that I can see us staying in for many happy years, watching the girls (and Doug) grow up and making memories to last a lifetime.


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Chat soon,

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      Welllll, to be honest, I go more for the FEEL of the room rather than keeping the colours true. I usually land around 3000K. It also depends a LOT on the types of colours you’re using as warm/cool are affecting differently by the different bulbs. Which reminds me, I need to put a blog post out on this exact topic!

  1. Looove your new family home! I wish I had found you before building our new home. I think you are very generous with sharing your home, paint colours, suppliers AND EXPERTISE!
    I look forward to each new blog and do revisit the current ones MANY times!

  2. Love your stairs. Looking to do something similar. With Urbane Bronze what type of paint did you use (oil/water based, falt, satin, etc)?

    Thank you!!!

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  3. I love this look and has inspired me to paint my doors a color (looking at SW Gossamer Veil) and my walls a white (SW Greek Villa). My question is, what sheen did you use on your walls, doors and trim?

    Thank you!

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  4. Fabulous remodel; love the 75% lighter edgecomb gray paint.
    Would you mind sharing the manufacturer, make, model and color of your flooring please?

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