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Our Craft Station – Organizing Ideas for Kids Crafts

Posted on February 19, 2015 by KylieMawdsley

Our Kids Craft Station 

(and my obsessive need to be organized)

Since my girls were wee babes, I envisioned days filled with pipe cleaners, beads and a glue gun.  I pictured us sitting around a table in our full crafting glory with our trusty juice boxes and wine glasses at our side.

However it’s often ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to kids and their toys and because our crafts were stashed (albeit neatly) in the closet of our spare bedroom, it took some poking and prodding away from their ‘regular toys’ to unearth the old craft stash.

So I decided to take drastic measures.  While the chickadees were at school I went through their toys and packed away the ones that hadn’t been touched in aeons (I’m finding they keep their fave toys in their bedroom closets now).  I was AMAZED at the space I opened up and knew that the time had come for some serious craftin’.

Now I tend to go a little batshit crazy when things aren’t organized and tidy (a weee bit OCD) so I knew that our new crafting station would not just have to ‘look good’ – it would need to be super-duper functional otherwise things would get ugly.  So, I went on a mission to find THE BEST craft organizing containers EVER!

Craft Area Container Prerequisites

  • They had to look good – no plastic containers and shoeboxes for me
  • I needed to be able to buy LOTS of them – like a stupid amount
  • Because I needed LOTS, they needed to be AFFORDABLE!

And like a message sent from the heavens, there they were sitting on the shelf with a narrow shaft of light shining down on them and the music of angels in the background (or Eminem – it was hard to tell).

storage containers ideas for kids craft and art supplies


Yes, I found these bad boys for $1.25 each at the Dollar Store – and yes, I did buy 24 of them.

  • 12 small containers ($1.25)     $15
  • 12 large containers ($1.25)   $15

That’s 22 awesome containers for $30

And because clearly, I needed MORE containers

storage and organizing ideas for kids crafts in a playroom

I also bought these 2 large containers at Home Sense because I couldn’t even help myself.  And at $12.99 a pop these 2 containers almost cost more than the other 24!

And the results…

kids craft storage and organizing ideas for a playroom

 organizing ideas for kids craft and art supplies in a playroom or familyroomf budget friendly

Where the magic happens…

(Tim claims that it’s only in the bedroom…little does he know.)

decorating and organizing ideas for kids craft and art supplies in a playroom or familyroom, slightly rustic style with globes for accessories

I bought this lovely desk from a beautiful and creative local gal and added some fabulous Target stools and an old rug I had.  The desk is just the right size for us to bust out our crafting gear, while still leaving tons of walking space on all 4 sides.

Our new crafting area is the perfect complement to the kid’s artwork gallery wall that I created a few months ago.  And while that is all going to get torn up in a few months (for my new office, boo-yah!) it looks darn cute in the meantime and the crafting action in our home is of epic proportions.

On Another Note…

antique croquet balls in a kids playroom

You have no idea how excited I got when I saw this old set of balls in the store.  I grabbed them as quick as I could and brought them home and put them right on our crafting table!   Yes that’s right, sitting on our craft table is a set of old balls (110 years old in fact!) and I pray to God that I never see a set older than this in my life!

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