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My Top 5 Painted Furniture Projects – Chalk Paint and More!

Posted on July 4, 2015 by KylieMawdsley


Painted Furniture Ideas – My Top 5 Faves

Do you remember back in the day when I had all this time on my hands and was pumpin’ out painted furniture like a sweat shop? Ya, those were the days…

Nowadays I’m so busy doin’ ma thang that painting furniture has taken a backseat (more like trunk space) to my E-Design – wahoo, I have arrived!

However, when it’s the right time of the month and the wine is a flowin’, I get itchy fingers and CRAVE a little one-on-one time with a gallon of paint. Now I’m too busy these days to even pretend I can do that so let’s just drink ourselves silly and reminisce together…

The Painted Wine Cabinet

You know, I used to be a Bailey’s drinker. But 2 years and 20lbs later, I thought that maybe it was time for a change.

wine cabinet painted furniture ideas before and after

The ‘Before’

It was kismet that brought this wine cabinet into my life, just when I was going through some major life changes (switching from Baileys to wine) and I actually STILL have it – holding my wine bottles like a faithful friend.

black and distressed painted furniture in a dining room with kids art gallery wall. Decorating and display ideas

Read about this project here: Wine Cabinet from Ugly to Awesome

And I can’t even TELL you how many people have dibs on this cabinet when I sell it – which will be NEVER! I bought it unfinished for $90 and it’s worth its weight in gold!

Now the above photo shows it in our old home. In our new home, it still has a place of pride next to our Big Bad Barn Door…

family room decorating ideas, sliding barn door, hardware, kids art display gallery and sectional for man decorating including wine cabinet

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk

I looooved this piece and actually kept it for about a year before I sold it (and I do miss it). She turned out beautifully with a few coats of French Linen and some dark wax. And I know you will hate me when I tell you, but I bought her for $30.

desk before and after annie sloan chalk paint french linen with dark wax

Ain’t she purdy!

before and after wooden desk painted annie sloan gray french linen with dark wax

Read about this transformation : Annie Sloan Desk Remodel

The Painted Pink Piano

Oh no you di’int…OH YES I DI-ID! I asked the girls what colour I should paint the piano and was met with a resounding ‘PINK’! I think it turned out fabulous and was completely resurrected from its fugly vintage roots.

painted piano pink and distressed

piano painted and distressed benjamin moore peony fun kids idea pink

Read about this story here: The Painted Pink Piano

Maple Buffet Repurposed as TV Stand

You know my theory, ‘just because it’s wood, doesn’t mean it’s good!’ What does it mean? It means that there are WAAAY too many UGLY wood pieces out there that remain unpainted because ‘someone’ (no names mentioned…hubby) says ‘you can’t paint wood!’ Well, you can, and you should and really, it’s still wood – it just looks better!

buffet painted cloud white and used as a tv stand befofre and after

tv cabinet ideas painted white and distressed buffet with hot pink accents for kids playroom

I bought this big hunk o’ woody goodness for $60 and never looked back…okay, so maybe I sold it a few months later but that’s beside the point.

Read about it here : Big Hunk O’ Woody Goodness

Painted Roll Top Desk

I didn’t know how this would turn out, seeing as I was painting moving parts. However, with a light hand and patience (of which I usually have very little of) it turned out FAB and was even featured on HGTV!

painted roll top desk oak to white

painted white roll top desk

Painted Roll Top Desk (originally bought for $40): How to Paint a Rolltop Desk

So there you have it my friends – my Fave 5 – I hope you enjoyed and Happy Painting!

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