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My New Home Office : Sliding Barn Door and More!

Posted on March 21, 2015 by KylieMawdsley


My Home Office : Sliding Barn Door

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I finally have a sliding barn door in my house. A real, hunka hunka rustic reclaimed wood with metal track sliding barn door. Oh wait, I think I forgot to mention that I HAVE A SLIDING BARN DOOR PEOPLE!

So, hubby and I decided to transform our un-used spare bedroom into a home office for me. Not that Starbucks wasn’t working as it’s still my fave place to get down to business, but our family room was also overflowing with my colour chips, fabric samples and empty wine glasses.

family room before being remodelled

(This photo was taken prior to us moving into the house)

The ‘Royal We’ decided that the existing doorway needed to be dry-walled over and a new ‘bigger and better’ doorway needed to be created (amongst a few other things) so we hired B Gallant Homes and their crew of hunks to get the job done. I demanded a dress code of Levi’s and no t-shirts but apparently, we didn’t ‘put it in writing’…damn those technicalities. However, in spite of the clothing issue, in a matter of weeks AND on budget, my new home office space went from wet dream daydream to reality.

Now, I’m not going to share my WHOLE office with you until it’s done. I’m a big believer in the ‘evolution’ of a room – rooms are not built in a day you know (well on TV they are, but rooms that truly reflect their occupants usually take more than 24 hrs, a wad of cash and a swat team).

 So without any further freakin’ delay let’s check out my latest and greatest hunk o’ wood!

home office decorating ideas with sliding barn door in a rustic farmhouse style. Best cream paint colour Dunes by Sherwin Williams

I literally stand there and push the door back and forth while slipping on a pile of my own drool.

sliding barn door home office decorating ideas with sherwin williams dunes and metal hardware

This bad boy was created by a talented local craftsman named Christian – who will have a Facebook page for you to like and love soon. And let me tell you, this thing weighs a ton!

hardware and track for sliding barn door. Rustic farmhouse decorating ideas for a home office

The metal strips with bolts and the bottom faux antique hinges were supplied and installed by the talented Christian (he’s my secret weapon).

The track system is from a company out of the US called NW Artisan Hardware (with shipping and taxes approx. $400). Overall we’re really happy with the track system, but the installer said that there are other tracks available that are more ‘adjustable’ and ‘install friendly’. Hey, as long as it looks good I’m happy and I’m pretty sure that if our house falls over tomorrow that the door will still be standing!

And yes, the title did say ‘Sliding Barn Door and More…’ but you’ll have to WAIT for the ‘more’ as while my new home office is usable and about 75% there – it ain’t ready yet! UPDATE: IT IS NOW! Read all about it here…My Home Office – A Black and White Affair.

Chat soon…

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      Well, not great. While it was a ‘solid wood door’ it wasn’t solid in that there were some gaps here and there. There’s also a substantial gap where it hangs, in between it and the wall so that it doesn’t bang/rub on the wall, so overall – a 2 out of 10 for sound reduction…

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