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How to Decorate with Large Clocks (and my favourite oversized clocks)

Posted on September 20, 2018 by KylieMawdsley


Decorating Ideas: Large Clocks

Let’s talk about Clocks! I am OBSESSED with large clocks and couldn’t WAIT to share this blog post with you.

And while every home suits a small clock here and there, not every home suits a large clock, which can look out of place and awkward if not hung in the right spot.

decorating ideas with large or oversized metal or wood clocks in living room, entryway, stairwell and more

Large Clock Decor Idea #1

The Piece de Resistance or Focal Point

When my E-design client was looking for the perfect paint colour for her dining room, it was Agreeable Gray that set the perfect tone for this GORGEOUS large clock display!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. farmhouse style, buffetclock with dark trim beams. Kylie M

See the full blog post here: A Dining Room Makeover with Agreeable Gray

I love the rustic wood backdrop of that clock and how it picks up on the stain of the buffet top.

Large Clock Decor Idea #2

Complement a Focal Point

So you already have a fireplace or something else equally as exciting? Well, guaranteed there is a clock out there that will not compete with your focal point, but rather it will complement it…

Foyer, entryway with white wood armoire for kids stuff, Benjamin Moore STeel Wool gray paint colour by Kylie M INteriors

See the whole project here

If you picture the space without the clock, you’ll see a focal point that is at half of its potential. The soft contrast of the clock colour sits perfectly on the rustic wood and picks up on the lighter tones in the furnishings without being ‘punchy’.

This fireplace looks GORGEOUS with the low contrast, but striking clock…

Large clock on limestone fireplace with

Other Walls

This covers a whole range of walls including entryways, bare walls, bedroom walls and more!

The dining room. A large clock in a dining room is a nice alternative to a traditional buffet and hutch.

Dining room with nook, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, rustic industrial chandelier and large clock with cherry toned dining table and blue accents by Kylie M Interiors E-decor and designTo see more of this large clock and the open layout it lives in, click here

In the bedroom: If your headboard is low enough, consider a large clock as a way to keep track of quality ‘time’ in the bedroom!

The entryway: With a console or sofa style table, an oversized clock can be a great way to add style to an entryway. Check out this gorgeous farmhouse country entryway!

Going Commando: You can also hang a clock on a wall with nothing around it. A wall like this can’t be too long otherwise even a large clock will look out of place (because let’s face it, most large clocks need a little support…)


My Favourite Large Clocks

Nowata oversized large farmhouse country style large wall clock. Wayfair. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, edecor and online shopping

Nowata Wall Clock

Zetilla Oversized Large wall clock, Wayfair. Kylie M Interiors Edesign and edecor online

Zetilla Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized large wall clock from WAyfair. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, edecor, online paint color expert

Eglinton Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized large wall clock from Wayfair. Kylie M Interiors E-design, edecor, online paint color expert

Brandt Works Oversized Clock

If you want to see more clocks, check out this page in my ‘Shop with Kylie’ section…

The best oversized, large wall clocks from Wayfair. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, edecor, online shopping

Click HERE to see info on the above clocks. 

Well, I hope you found this article on large clocks as stimulating as I did!

For your own custom-tailored Design, check out my Online Decorating and Color Consulting Services!

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  1. I have always had a mad love for clocks – any size will do…but the larger the better! Umm, yes, I can see now how this could get dangerous 😉 I have always been envious of your fabulous clock in your entryway. It is the absolute perfect spot for it. Great post!

  2. Kylie:

    So I just purchased a very large circular Howard Miller clock, and it is the first thing you see when you enter my home, through the front door. However, I have also found a rectanglar clock that I would like to hang on the wall next to the front door, so it would be the last thing you see as you leave my house. I love clocks too. Can you have too many??

    1. Hi Sheri, you can definitely have too many! Unless you have a ‘collection’, but that’s a different thing. I don’t think I would hang them so close together. Too much of a good thing can really cancel out the beautiful effect that 1 good piece can have!

  3. this is great info. I have not one decorative bone in my body so I always turn to the internet for decorating ideas. I already have a fireplace that is in th ecorner of the room. I want a large farmhouse clock for this room. Should I get one that matches my décor or one that matches my brick fireplace?

    1. Post

      Hi Linda, I would definitely lean toward one that goes along with the decor as long as it’s not SHOCKINGLY different from your fireplace!

  4. Kylie – I’m looking at a 45 inch clock above my sofa. Would placement still be 8 inches above the sofa for vaulted ceilings?

    1. Post

      Ooooo, that’s a biggun’, I would go considerably higher. If it were me, I would map out the 45″h and 45″w with painters tape and then use the tape to make as much of a circle as possible. OR, find a great big piece of cardboard and cut out 45″. My first thought is approx 20″ up, otherwise, I worry that the whole arrangement will look too squat for the height of the wall. I’d try 20″ up and then see if it can bump a bit up or down. If you’d like, put the template on the wall and send me a photo, from far enough back that I can see most of the wall, I can help you figure out higher/lower from there… kylie@kylieminteriors.ca

      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi. I’ve been procrastinating putting up my big clock. I was going to put it above the fireplace mantle but it’s opposite from my front door & i just read for Feng Shui, it’s bad luck to do so 🙁 So then i was going to add it to my foyer/entrance way but also read it’s better to have a mirror in there instead to make a room look bigger. Any ideas? I have no decorative blood in me. Please help. Thank you!

      1. Post

        You know, that’s funny Edith as I’ve had a similar struggle! I wanted to put a round MIRROR opposite my front door, but the same applies as for clocks – you shouldn’t. HOWEVER, I can’t remember what I read/watched, but I learned that if you hang a set of bells (like Jinglebell style) somewhere nearby (for me, it might be on the handle of the cabinet beneath where my mirror would go) that this can OFFSET this energy.

        I can’t find anything online to support this, but i wonder if you want to a store that sold this type of thing, if they might have some insights???

    1. Post

      Hi Marianne, I’m going to say probably not, the shapes are too opposite to be lined up on top of one another…

  5. I just adore oversized clocks! I feel it really adds something so homely to a room when decorating.

    Recently, I’ve just bought two clocks. One for my bedroom and one for the kitchen that’s a tad bit more oversized. Honestly recommend Thomas Kent Clocks to anyone out there looking for a chic, but affordable clock! https://www.thomaskentclocks.com/

  6. Hi, Kylie! I just discovered your blog and love the wall clocks shown. I have a 6 1/2 foot wall between French doors leading to a front porch. There are two chairs on the wall with a tray table between them. I want to put a clock on the wall above the chairs but am hesitant to do so because I’m worried I’ll pick something either too small or too big. I wasn’t going to put anything else on that wall. What size would you recommend? I have a mirror over my fireplace and don’t want the two to compete with one another. Help! Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  7. Hi Kylie,
    I love clocks, especially all the Farmhouse ones that are everywhere now. Is it ok to hang one in the bathroom?
    It is 23 1/2 dia.

    1. Post
  8. I would love a wall clock in my front room! First home, on the smallish side 2100 sq. feet. Living room is nice and long, I have a Moroccan feel with the rug, pillows, etc. Any suggestions on a type of clock that would go well with that?

    1. Post
    1. Post

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