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Girls Bedroom: Black is The New Pink

Posted on January 11, 2016 by KylieMawdsley


Teen or Tween Decorating Ideas:  Girls Black, White and Hot Pink Bedroom

If you’d asked me 9 years ago if I’d ever paint my little girls room black, I would have said ‘not bloody likely!’  Fast-forward 9 1/2 years later and you’ll find me knuckle deep in black paint, red wine, and loving every minute of it!

That’s right, I painted Cassie’s room black.  Not ALL of it (I’m not THAT crazy), just a feature wall, which was just enough to give me the high contrast, high energy look I was wanting to create for her.

Cassie’s Room: Before

young girls tween bedroom decorating ideas using icy moon drops by benjamin moore light blue and cil duo paint

I actually really liked the in-between look with light blue/green walls and hot pink accents.  However, like mother like daughter, Cassie asked if we could change her room around – well, you don’t have to ask me twice!

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Cassie’s Room:  After

Tween or teen color and decorating ideas. Black and Benjamin Moore Simply White with hot pink accents and photo gallery wall. Ikea Kallax units by Kylie M Interiors

With the shiny vinyl polka dots, graphic drapes, toss cushions and bedding, her room is a fun mix of pattern and pizzazz!

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Teen or tween paint palette with black and white and pink. Benjamin Moore Simply White with decor and photo gallery wall. Ikea Kallax unit by Kylie M Interiors

The photo gallery wall is one of her fave things in the room, showcasing Doug, Henry and her BFF.

Teen or tween decorating and paint colour ideas. Black feature wall with Benjamin Moore Simply White and pink accents. Dog cushions for fun! Kylie M Interiors

Every girl’s room needs a lil’ pug hug.

The white paint colour is Benjamin Moore Simply White.  The black is black.

I decided to try Sherwin Williams Opulence for the white walls and I BEG you NOT to ask me how many coats it took to cover the previously light blue walls….oh if you insist…8 FREAKIN’ COATS OF PAINT!  I was about to lose my mind by the time I was done…long story short, I should’ve used Benjamin Moore paint.  End of story.

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The Function Junction

And it’s not just the colour palette that makes her room fabulous, it’s also the multi-purpose desk area!

Using Ikea Kallax units (formerly Expedit), I created a desk area with room for storage, books, treasures and more.

I also re-used the EVER handy Raskog Cart which holds her pencils, felts, papers and colouring books.

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Teen, teen girl decorating. Ikea Kallax, desk, trofast cart and corkboard for organizing. Kylie M Interiors Decorating and Consulting

Ideas to organize kids art and school papers. Fabric corkboard and clipboards. Benjamin Moore Simply White and Ikea Kallax. Kylie M Interiors

I bought an extra large corkboard (approx. 30×40) and wrapped it with a fun polka dot fabric to pick-up on her gold vinyl polka dots on the other side of the room.  She now has a place for drawings, schoolwork, memorabilia and photos.

The clipboards are from the Dollar Store (holla, holla, shoppin’ for a dolla’!)  I unscrewed the clips and glued scrapbook paper on to jazz them up a bit!

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Tween or teen color and decorating ideas. Black and Benjamin Moore Simply White with hot pink accents and photo gallery wall. Ikea Kallax units by Kylie M Interiors

So what do you think?  Maybe you wouldn’t do it, but do you like it?  I’d love to hear from you!


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affordable color consulting, online decorating,e design and virtual services. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Color Specialist


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  1. I love it!! Just the motivation I need. Did you sell the house picture in the before photos? I have a horse crazy girl.
    Well done Kylie.

    1. Oh Beth, you have NO idea. I swear I was going to lose my mind. My 1 day project turned into a 3 day one and I was SOOOOO done by the time that 8th coat went on and STILL it wasn’t the exact colour I wanted – but one can only paint and drink so much wine before they just have to stop 😉


  2. It looks great Kylie! I really liked it before, but now it’s so much more grown-up and that desk unit is the bomb! Such a lucky girl to have a rockin’ mama like you 🙂 I don’t see Cassie’s dresser anymore though, where does she keep her clothes? Also, what’s the black paint colour called?

  3. So pretty, Ky!! I love all your ideas and designs! Now a more serious question….how does your 9 1/2 year old keep her space so stinkin’ clean and organized??!! I need some of that magic!
    xo Di

    1. Thanks Di! Well you see, I’m kind of a tyrant and if the room ain’t clean, momma aint’ happy!

      Plus, I think it REEEEEALLY helps that there are specific places for everything, so it’s not just ‘clean up/put it away’ – it’s ‘put it where it belongs’.

      Plus I keep a wet noodle handy if all else fails 😉

      Hugs, Ky

  4. I’m so excited to find this bc I Just painted my 11 year old daughter’s room Kendall Charcoal. Looks great with her white furniture.
    I really love your paint recommendations. Just used Colonnade Gray in a north facing room, and I love it. About to use Abolone in my moms bedroom.
    Your advice can’t be beat.

    1. Susan, thank you SO much. I get so many questions, that is just so refreshing to just get some good feedback on the advice and guidance on my site – THANK YOU. And I’d LOOOOOVE to see some photos of your daughters room 😉


    1. Good question! On a wall that receives NO natural light, it will be at its most dense and dramatic, whereas on a wall that gets direct sunlight, it will lighten up slightly (while still being black). On a direct light wall you’ll want to pay even MORE attention to sheen as a glossy black wall with sunlight can be very garish and will expose any drywall flaws. I’m a big fan of a flat/matte finish with black paint to reduce this a bit. Overall, I like to find a wall that gets a ‘happy medium’ of light – indirect sun is best for me!


  5. This sounds like a trend! I just painted my 12 year old’s room SW Framboise, but everything else inher room is black and white. White furniture, black and white bedding and baskets, black Ikea Raskog cart, black mirror. She likes gold as the accent.

    When I painted my older daughter’s room 5 years ago, the big color was turquoise. How do trends happen even in little girl’s rooms??? How do they know? In both cases, my girls picked the colors.

  6. I just found this post via pinterest and love it. Quick question, how did you attach the tabletop desk to the kallax shelf? I would love to do something like this.

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